Harley Mid-Century Low Profile Velvet Sofa

This beautiful sofa just yells “take me home” before you even deeply analyze it. This velvet sofa is definitely the one you have been looking for. It comes as a modern styled sofa that will suit any small or large space that you’d want to cover up bringing out the most of its shine in any room you set it in. 

It has a neutral look, making sure that it’s suitable for informal and formal settings. With that said you can use this sofa either in offices, hallways, entryways or you can use it in a home office. On the other end, you can use it in the living room, bedroom, or foyer back at home.

Harley Mid-Century Low Profile Velvet Sofa

If you’re looking to accentuate the style in your homework area this sofa is definitely what you need to be looking at. You can really add this sofa in any room and see it glam up your style. 

This upholstered velvet sofa is perfect for a mid-century style living room or a modern room. Coming to you upholstered in soft and durable velvet fabric with 2 decorative pillows in the same fabric this sofa can definitely be the touch up that you room needs. 

Featuring a thin and sleek low profile frame with a tufted line on the back cushions and a thin chrome finish metal legs. You should really consider giving this sofa a trial run and see where it may take you. 


  • The sofa is very comfortable and smooth to the skin
  • It is very stylish and van sit well in any interior
  • Comes with different shades of color to choose from


  • The velvet can easily be cut off by sharp objects
  • It is not waterproof or resistant to stains



When it comes to looks, well there so much to say in so little words but anyways, looking at this sofa you will feel its soft and smooth feel on your skin giving you room and time to imagine what the sofa will feel like in your actual skin. 

By looking at it this sofa qualifies to be nominated for the smoothest looking sofa. It has a simple design, there’s really not much uniqueness but it’s a good sofa if you are looking for something that can add bounds of comfort and coziness to your home. 

Harley Mid-Century Low Profile Velvet Sofa

It sits low on slanted chrome legs that give it a steady balance making sure no one topples when they decide to sit on it. It comes with two seat cushions and three back cushions all of the same material. 

The best part is that it comes in five different yet beautiful shades. You can get it in two shades of grey, black, blue, and brown all of which can blend in well with any interior that you decide to set them in.



Well in terms of size this sofa comes as a two-seat sofa but it can manage three grown adults quite well. Any more people may end up being a bit too risky to know what will actually happen and we wouldn’t want to know and ruin the sofa because of a hunch. 

Anyways this sofa clearly comes at a dimension set at 87.4″W x 30.7″ D x 35.4″H inches. It’s quite wide and if you are at any height below 5’9 then you are going to enjoy the comfortable naps you will have on this sofa. 

As I said before it is not a big sofa at the same time it is not a small sofa and you really don’t have to worry about taking up much room in your home. However, if you do have a small room you are trying to fill up then this may not be the best option for you!


Velvet is soft and soothing. I mean we even have these warm and comfortable clothes that we wear that are made from velvet. It’s that sofa that can give you that same feeling with added cushioning and comfort. 

This sofa is general because its warm and velvet feel is already comfortable in the eyes of many. Now the cushions are slightly firm which is good because they can easily bend and support every contour and curve on your body. 

Allowing you to sit fully well knowing that your body is in good support and health. So just take a time out and think if this sofa is what you need to make your home that cozy dreamland that you want.


When it comes to durability this sofa won’t win an award but it certainly won’t disappoint you. Velvet though it is tough and strong when it comes to tearing it cannot resist sharp objects and so if you have kids that like playing with knives and scissors, that’s definitely going to leave a scar. 

At the same time Velvet is not that material that you would want to keep pets on as pet hair may be a bit hard to remove. Likewise when it comes to cleaning the sofa using a hard brush and a lot of water may cause some problems for you as it can lose its fluffiness and look like a wet dog. 

However besides all that the sofa comes on a strong wooden frame that can take any weight up to a certain level. The legs are slanted for good reasons and will probably give balance and steadiness to your sofa.


Well, this sofa is not cheap, but it’s not expensive. It’s generally affordable. It’s that sofa that you can save up for and still be able to maintain. It is definitely worth every cent that you put on it and you are guaranteed to not regret this purchase.


Well, ladies and gentlemen. We have come to the end of the show the journey was interesting,  but as the saying goes all great things must come to an end. If you feel like you need something that will give you a calm and cozy set up in any room then I highly recommend this sofa.

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