Franklin Recliners vs. Lazy Boy

Overview of Franklin Recliners

Many consumers around the globe do not directly know of Franklin Furniture. Despite being one of the largest privately owned furniture manufacturers that currently operate within the United States, this invisibility is despite being one of the largest privately owned furniture manufacturers. Franklin furniture has been working in the industry for over 40 years. They manufacture most of their products in Mississippi. The company is quite significant in its workforce, employing over 1300 workers. It is a specialist furniture company that has worked tirelessly to perfect its reclining furniture. 

You can find almost any type of recliner you are looking for in many variations. The range of variations stretches so vastly that you can find models that offer custom lifts, extra storage, hidden tables, and cup holders if you specifically ask for them. Some of the leading products provide you with heat and massage mechanisms or varying reclining positions. Tech lovers will appreciate the recliners with iPod docking stations.

You will no doubt appreciate the impressive build of the recliners. They put most of their focus on ensuring maximum comfort, innovation, affordable quality, and minimal maintenance. Their products are intelligently stocked with state-of-the-art features spanning Lumbar support, USB charging ports, rocker, swivel gliders, and many more.

This company makes almost all parts for their recliners, including manual and power mechanisms. This method means they can guarantee quality. The only disadvantage to this brand is that genuine leather is not available as an option.

Where to buy

Local Furniture Outlet is one of the most popular sellers of any Franklin furniture products. They are online and reliable. They often offer discounted prices on selected recliners during different months. With some of these offers, you will get free shipping too. The store also provides a warranty on all products you buy from them.

Overview of Lazy Boy

The first popular modern reclining chair was presented to the world by La-Z-Boy’s founders in 1929. It sparked significant demand in the market, which led to its rapid growth. They are now worth well over $1.5 billion and have opened in 5 regional manufacturing locations around the united states. The company is top tier, and its variety is wide. They have over 200 different reclining designs available in their portfolio. These can be further customized by choosing from over 1000 fabrics and leathers. They are a modern business that uses high-quality mechanical and power mechanisms. They produce almost all their internal parts on their own domestically. However, many of the fabric is imported, meaning it is more unique than any other local sofas. For easier

This brand mainly produces furniture with “tight” seats and back cushions. This design means that you will not reverse it or remove any cushions. This design will struggle to repair if the sofa starts to sag. The only option available to the consumer will be to replace the upholstery, which will cost you a large sum. The warranty will not cover the cost of this because it’s considered “normal” wear and tear.

Where to buy

La-Z-Boy has spent many years designing an extensive network of La-Z-Boy Home Furnishings and Décor stores. This development means you can get your furniture from anywhere in the United States relatively quickly. You should also be able to purchase their products from any one of their hundreds of La-Z-Boy galleries. These are mainly based in the larger franchise stores. The benefit of these is that you will get in-home design assistance.

Product Range

Both two furniture manufacturers work wonders to produce beautifully designed products. The range of items they offer is quite significant, and this is deliberate. They provide everything from simple fabric recliners to leather chairs with remote-controlled reclining mechanisms. This move is an effort to cater to the various consumer needs in the market. Having researched furniture from all over the world, both brands hold their own when it comes to style as well. Their products range from classic contemporary frames in rich brown colors to minimalistic chairs characterized by bold shades and chic patterns. You will notice that these two companies are pretty equal in their product range.

Price Comparison

When we compare the price ranges of these two products, there is only one distinct winner: the Lazyboy. You will find this brand to be cheaper than the Franklin recliners. When you hold all factors such as quality constant, Lazyboy offers slightly more value for money. The value it brings is dependent on a wide range of factors. Therefore, it remains to be seen whether it is worth paying more for a Franklin chair. Specific customers will prefer their designs over those of LazyBoy.

Quality Comparison

Lazyboy offers a higher quality build than what you will find from Franklin furniture. This result is the case because of the reliability of materials provided by the brand. Lazyboy offers consumers a higher-quality frame that is sturdier. When comparing the reclining mechanisms of both brands, it is apparent that Franklin recliners are prone to breaking and are less reliable than Lazyboy chairs. 

Warranty Comparison

Both companies offer a limited warranty on their products. This protection will only cover the labor costs of the recliners if they require repair. This cover is functional if the repairs are more significant than the normal wear and tear. The rest of the costs will fall upon the consumer. 

Shipping costs and times

You can expect your products shipped by Franklin furniture within two working days. Depending on the store you purchase it from, the furniture should arrive within 48 hours. Unfortunately for LazyBoy purchases, these can take up to sixty days to arrive. 

Which is better

Choosing between the two brands is difficult because they have advantages and disadvantages. When buying a LazyBoy recliner, you will struggle with any repairs because some essential items are imported overseas. Spare parts are a nightmare to find for this brand. On the other hand, Franklin recliners are miserably unreliable at times. Some customers have mentioned that their chair started malfunctioning within the first year of purchase. They have also noted problems with the quality of the fabric. Therefore, it is not easy to say which is the best option, but the Lazyboy seems to be the better choice for quality and reliability.

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