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Let’s talk new and innovative which is exactly what this sleeper is. The design is a bit unusual but I blame it on my unimaginative mind. What we have here is a new look, on something we already know off. Who knew you could design a sleeper sofa in a completely different way. 

Anyways what won’t change is that with this sleeper you manage to watch movies or talk to a friend you can even read a book or take a break with the family, email, or sleep.

This sleeper here creates a space for everything in your life. Coming through with moveable cushions this Vissle purple sleeper sofa makes your room comfy and it is the perfect piece for sitting on and lying down.

This sofa is comfortable regardless if you want to sit, lean back, or lie down. It comes with a side table but those are sold separately and are optional. The loose back cushions make it easy to adjust the seat depth and back support. 

You get support in the right places with the help of individually wrapped pocket springs that work independently and closely follow your body. The sofa quickly and easily transforms into a comfortable and spacious bed, all you need to do is remove the cushions. The large storage space under the seat has plenty of room for things like bedding. 


  • Can easily transform into a bed and a sofa
  • Is very comfortable and suitable for large spaces 
  • Has a unique design
  • Can be rearranged in different ways


  • The material used is not waterproof or stain resistant 
  • The design is quite specific hence cannot cut across design lines



As I have stated before, the design is a bit peculiar but again I blame that on my lack of imaginative skills. The sleeper has a  unique and non-traditional design line that is balanced by its decorative cushions. 

Sadly it cannot cut across any transitional lines so it’s best suited for modern and futuristic decors. An achromatic accent would make this sleeper come to life in the most attractive way so I suggest a neutral background if you want to make it work with this sleeper. 

One of the things I believe you’d like most about this sofa is the versatile cushion and the fact that they can be placed anywhere depending on the situation. It generally looks pretty good for a sofa and could easily pass off as a designer. I applaud the design in being ever so minimalist with subtle details. 


Flottebo comes in two common sizes, we have the 90cm and 120 cm. With a width of 200cm, I would say that this piece of furniture won’t be the most ideal one for a small room. So let’s say it is not ideal for small spaces like studio apartments, or those startup rooms.  

It might not be the most practical in terms of space. However, it could be the perfect addition for offices or large studios as it does seem like a nice waiting room couch. The best part about this sofa is that if you place it in the middle and you have a waiting room couch for 6-8 people. 

Place them on the edge and it’s a giant movie lounge, so literally you can make it into anything to suit your space. This Vissle purple sleeper stands at the following measurements; Height including back cushions: 31 1/8 “, Width: 78 3/4 “, Depth: 47 1/4 “, Seat depth: 36 1/4 “, Seat height: 18 1/8 “, Bed width: 47 1/4 “, Bed length: 78 3/4 “.


I like the fact that with this sofa you can sleep, sit or even lindown and the amount of comfort you feel is still the same all around. Now the interesting bit is that at first glance the cushions may seem to be a bit uncomfortable and stiff. 

But once you take an all for the team and actually take time out, you’ll find that the sleeper is super comfortable in and out and that you should definitely stop judging a book by its cover. So you can easily lean on them comfortably while being engrossed in a movie on a lazy Sunday afternoon. The Polyurethane foam of the mattress makes it fairly comfortable after all.


When it comes to durability I know for a fact that Ikea can never fail you. This sofa bed will last you a long time and will definitely set things out for you. The materials used in its construction help keep it sturdy and strong and allow it to endure the heaviest of use. 

The sofa frame is made from molded layer-glued wood veneer and adhesive resin as a coating. You will find the mattress filled with polyurethane foam 2.0 lb/cu.ft with the wadding being 65 % viscose, 30 % polyester, 5 % modacrylic. The fabric upholstery is non-woven polypropylene with a pocket spring unit of steel. At this rate, everything used on this sofa should last you more than ten years. 


This uniquely designed sleeper will cost you just about $499.00. If you are on a tight budget of course you could either decide to save up on more or go for another choice right. However, this sleeper is a tad bit pricey. 

I mean the design is unique, it does have some semantics that one would love in their home, and the fact that it is dual functional just sets a nail where it is supposed to be. I feel however that to some extent, for a sleeper the price is slightly high but with all leading factors, the price may be the best suit for this ‘designer’ sleeper.


If you are wondering whether to buy this sofa or not, the final choice is really up to you. I would recommend this sleeper if you have a beautiful home with futuristic decor and you want to add something more decorative. 

I would also recommend this sleeper if you feel like you have a larger than you want to fill up. At the same time if you have a studio apartment or you just recently moved I would advise you to start with necessary pieces. This piece here is more of a luxury sofa.

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