Flexsteel vs Lazy boy

Overview of Flexsteel

Flexsteel is an old organization that has been in existence since 1948. It was created after the Rolph & Ball Furniture Company came alive and purchased it. Since that day, they have made their goal to create durable furniture. They build reliable, comfortable, and stylish products.

The company has over 100+ years of manufacturing experience, giving them an edge in optimization. They work hard to ensure they maintain a commitment to craftsmanship. Their products are tested rigorously. This testing ensures that their products have the highest quality standards. For quality assurance purposes, every item that leaves the factory is backed by materials and construction warranties.

Where to buy

Flexsteel furnishings mainly sells its products through major retailers. You will most likely notice that the shipping time for new products is constantly changing depending on your choice of retailer.

It is also vital to remember that the route you choose when purchasing also influences any return options you get.

Overview of Lazy Boy

La-Z-Boy started its operations in 1927. It has a very humble origin story, with the owner beginning operating out of a garage in Monroe, Michigan. Their favorite first product was a reclining wood-slat chair. This release was viral and gave the company a solid base to take off from. They commercialized the recliner and made it famous worldwide. 

As time has passed since then, La-Z-Boy has continued to develop high-quality recliners across the globe. They are exceptionally comfortable items that are carefully crafted. Buying one of these recliners will come with over 90 years of research and development experience. Their customer service is also exemplary among other brands in the industry. They provide outstanding service to their customers while offering employees an inspiring environment to thrive in.

Where to buy

To purchase a product from this company, you will have to buy from your local retailers. These delivery partners may end up taking ten weeks to bring your item. Depending on your location, you should also expect to pay $105-$183 for delivery. Once you purchase a product from the company, you will only have three days to return the item. La-Z-Boy does not accept returns in general outside of this period. For a triumphant return, it is also vital to be in a new condition. 

Price Range Comparison

FlexSteel products will cost you $699 to $3299, and Lazy Boy products will cost you $699 to $2999. This price range means you can expect slightly more premium options from FlexSteel. It is also important to note that you will pay almost $200 for delivery in some cases when buying from Lazy Boy. 

Range of products

These two manufacturers produce a similar range of products. You should be able to purchase sofas from them or any other household furnishings you wish to buy. 


If you buy a Lazy Boy, you will have a 3-year warranty on its foundational elements. These include the mechanisms and structures that form the sofa. Unfortunately, the contract is limited. The company will only cover labor costs. You will cover these costs yourself if you need to replace upholstery, mechanisms, or the frame.

The warranty on a Flexsteel sofa is only on the foundational elements. This cover is valid for one year after purchase and is limited.


Lazyboy is superior in terms of quality, beating Flexsteel. This advantage is because of both manufacturers’ type of filler and material makeup. The Lazyboy recliners are designed to have a cushion that provides more comfort because it is filled with a contour-type of foam. The Flexsteel is commonly filled up with stuffing that is not as modern. The contour foam filler in Lazyboy recliners keeps the cushions in shape and prevents shifting no matter the pressure or weight exerted on it daily.

Flexsteel has worked hard for many years to perfect the quality of its craftsmanship. They have been relentless in their pursuit to design durable products. The main problem they suffer from with their quality is the service. They do not perform in-house deliveries, which means everything comes through a third-party retailer. The third-party retailer will be responsible for everything from shipping to delivery and returns. They cannot control the quality of their partners’ interactions with the customers. Therefore, you must check the delivery options available from the retailer you purchase from.

La-Z-Boy promotes making solid sofas. Their chairs are very well made, and you won’t notice any fading or peeling for many years. Their durability is quite outstanding, and the quality is difficult to replicate for their competitors. The main problem you will experience with this brand is that you won’t get any free shipping, returns, or trials. These will cost you almost $200 if needed.

Shipping cost and times

Both companies do not handle their shipping. They have decided to leave it in the hands of third parties for cost purposes. For this reason, you will have to pay for the type of delivery you want. If you need the item urgently, you can pay up to $200, and the sofa will arrive in around eight weeks. For longer delivery, you will pay a minimum of $105, and this could take ten weeks to arrive. 

Flexsteel vs. lazy boy sofas

The frame construction of a recliner is an area that is very defining concerning its overall durability. After a quick review of the different options, you will find that the Flexsteel comes with a three-frame construction. This frame is outperformed by the Lazyboy, which has a four-frame construction. A three-frame structure could cause reclining mechanisms to break over time, creating unnecessary repair costs. The parts are often difficult to find, which is the opposite of the LazyBoy option. If your Lazyboy ever gets broken, there are always Lazyboy parts available for quick repairs.

Is Flexsteel better than Lazy boy?

Both recliners are excellent options for daily home use. You will appreciate the flexible operating mechanisms that are available in both sofas. If you choose the Lazyboy, you will get a dual locking footrest. This mechanism adds comfort and moves with the release of the handle. Overall the choices available in this post are premium options. The brands both have their benefits and styles, but it often comes down to individual features when making a decision.

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