Best Kid Sofas 2018 : A Mom’s Reviews and Recommendations on Children’s Couches

Has your kiddo outgrown his or her crib? Well! Then it’s high time for you to think of providing the next-level-comfy space for your little darling. Kid sofa is an amazing choice in this regard as it creates a unique platform for them to live their dreams. It creates an exclusive fun station for them to sleep, stage their favorite characters, savor the delicacies, hop, and dance and do all sorts of gala activities.

Hence, the idea of buying a neutral sofa that meets the demands of your entire family doesn’t sound wise. Are you still doubtful? Wait! Being a mother of three kids and a passionate lover of living room accessories, I can explain to you a little more!

If you're looking for the best kids sofa, you're in the right place. Here is the reviews of top rated toddler couches.

I feel that at various points of watching your little one grow, you are likely to feel that giving a roomie for your kiddo is so important. In fact, seeing your kiddo having fun and frolic all the way would indeed be a treat for your eyes. Kid sofas come with visually pleasing possibilities with enriching expressions and cartoon designs exclusively for your kids.

However, getting the right kids sofa is not a smooth business. I have done immense research on them and noted down all the aspects of it in regard to shopping. I would share some of these insights with you as these valuable tips would ease your shopping tremendously.

If you’re in a hurry, I have cut short your work of reading this daunting (but of course helpful) article. Below are the top three low-priced kid couches that are tested and approved 100 % kid-friendly by a real mom! If you are too busy to read the entire article, glance through these amazing models of Marshmallow!

Best– Marshmallow 2 in 1 Flip open Most Affordable-Marshmallow High back Chair
With its charming designs and expressions, this multifunctional sofa is the best kid sofa your kid will ever get.  Your kiddo is going to love its soft cushiony effect. This most budget-friendly sofa doesn’t come short of awesome features. It is an easily portable and lightweight kid sofa with lot of preschool characters in its design.
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Why Should You Buy an Exclusive Sofa for Your Little Ones?

I’m pretty sure that you may tend to be skeptical about buying couches for your kids. In the first place, kid sofas might sound as an additional expense. Secondly, it might not look like a necessity. But, trust me it’s very important to have one such couch for your child at home. If you are not convinced yet, I have narrowed down some of the benefits of having a toddler sofa at home.

  • Give Space for Your Kids

    By providing a couch for your kids, you are actually creating an exclusive room for them to be explorative.  I think, giving an individual space would enhance the early development of the child and help him or she grows independent.

  • Explore Your Kids’ Aesthetics

    Getting a good kid sofa chair will be a great idea. This makes sure that your kid enjoys good comfort while sitting.A sheer number of theme-based sofas available on the market helps you discover the persona of your children. These sofas are loaded with their favorite cartoon stars that include Disney characters like Mickey and Minnie Mouse, Snow White; and superheroes like Spiderman and Batman. In every way, they cater to the fulfillment of their fantasies and dreams.

  • Stop Worrying about the Wear and Tear

    Since jumping, scrawling, rolling, bouncing dancing and a lot many enthusiastic activities are synonymous with kids, buying a single sofa for the entire family doesn’t sound advisable. Kids couches are specially designed to withstand the tear, scratch or snag that can happen to your sofa.

  • 100% Mom-friendly

    It’s not only kid-friendly but also 100% mom-friendly as they come with easily removable and washable slipcovers. Thus, it offers a perfect solution to the worst nightmare of all the mothers- stain!

  • Engage Your Kiddo in fun-filled activities

    A kid sofa can create a planet for your little ones and they may fix it as their playtime area. Having a shelter of their own, they would be immersed in plenty of entertaining activities which help you save some of your valuable time.

Now that we have seen the reasons to have the best sofas for your kid, now let us get down into the real business.

My Top Seven Kid Sofas for your Little One

With so many bestsellers with amazing patterns trending on the market, choosing the outstanding sofa can be a daunting process. Don’t worry! After investing 30 days of time and energy in the extensive research regarding kid-sofa, I have narrowed down some of the finest kids sofas for you. You can check them out below!

1.      Fun Furnishings 55232–  Explore Your Kiddo’s Favourite Color

Dimensions 16L x 26W x 11H
Model Flip Sofa
Weight Capacity 50lbs
Age Limit 2-5 years old
Colors Red, chocolate, hot pink, pink and blue
Material Microsuede fabric and polyurethane foam cushion


In every wonderful way, Fun furnishing offers full justice to its name as it carries a distinct note by providing a fun station, cozy napping spot, cushiony comfort and colorful world for your sweet little kiddo.

Fun Furnishing brand
is emerging as an important name on the furniture market by living up to the dreams of the customers in every way. Its flip sofa that is designed exclusively for kids who are in the range of 2-5 years old is so innovative and durable.

Of course, the most amazing merit of this model is that it is delicately crafted to perform dual functions- seating as well as napping! It can be an adorable fun station as well as a sleeping chamber for your little one!

On top of that, it excites your kid more with its amazing range of vibrant colors that include bright red, chocolate, hot pink, blue and pink.

One of the foremost features that you should look for in a kid sofa is the comfort of the cushion. Fortunately, the microsuede fabric and polyurethane foam offered by this fun furnishing brand provide a cozy and cushiony environment for the kid.

Wait! You are not done yet! It also offers a splendid solution to the worst fear of a mother- stain! It’s so mother-friendly product that its slipcover can be easily washed with mild soap and water in a matter of minutes.

  • Easily washable
  • Super cushiony effect
  • Available only in plain shades
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2.     Marshmallow Fun Furniture– Brings Life to Your Kid’s Favourite Preschool Characters

Marshmallow fun furniture grabs the attention of the customers with its visually appealing themed designs and a growing commitment to quality.
Dimensions 16.5 x 26 x 15.2 inches
Model Flip-open sofa
Age Limit 2-4 years
Print Preschool cartoon characters
Material Soft plush
  • Easily and machine washable
  • Easily removable cover
  • Zipper may be jammed if it is used very often

What Prada is to fashion, Marshmallow fun furniture is to the kids sofa world! Its 2-in-1 flip open fun furniture sounds to be a treasured possession for your kid as it gives life to your kid’s favourite cartoon heroes including Disney characters and super hero figures.

Mickey Mouse, Minnie mouse, Disney princess, Spiderman, Dora, Disney cars, Sesame and a lot many characters are lined up on the list to make their way into your kid’s world! Trust me! They are not far from the fantasies of your kid.

Besides the enriching cartoony expressions, it offers a wonderful platform for all the fun activities including jumping, hopping, sitting, playing, and lounging. Kids will surely enjoy flipping the sofa seat over to turn it into a lounger.

 Finally, there is one more aspect that brings a smile on every mom’s face. It comes with an easily removable and washable slip cover to make the parents’ job lighter.

3.      Jaxx Zipline – Best Multifunctional Kids’ Furniture

With the much anticipated contemporary design, excellent multi-functionality, and outstanding body support, Jaxx zipline turns out to be a must-have asset for your kid.
Dimensions 40 X 20 16 inches
Model Loveseat with twin ottomans
Age limit 2-6 years old
Colors Aqua, Blueberry, Cherry, Fuchsia, Grape, Lime, Mandarin
Material Micro suede polyurethane foam
  • Multifunctional
  • Easily washable
  • Durable
  • Available only in plain shades

Jaxx Zipline Modular Kids Loveseat with twin ottomans is one of the outstanding furniture for preschoolers that add color and vigor to your kid’s room. The first and foremost feature that fuels the interests of the customers is its unparalleled design. Its 3-tiered multifunctional design gives scope for a variety of fun activities.

The ottomans serve multiple purposes and can function in tune with the mood of your cuties. For instance, if your little one feels like drawing, the ottomans can be stacked and folded to convert them into a perfect table. Isn’t that sound exciting for your kid?

There is much more to treasure! The soft polyurethane filling is supreme in quality so as to provide excellent sleeping as well as seating support for your preschooler.

To add color to your kiddo’s world, this Jaxx Zipline comes in an array of unique colors that include aqua, blueberry, cherry, fuchsia, grape, lime and mandarin.

In every way, it opens up diverse possibilities for your cute ones to explore their world and makes a perfect addition to your kid’s room.

4.    P’kolino Little Reader Sofa– Offers the Best Stability

Dimensions 40 X 20 16 inches
Model Loveseat with twin ottomans
Age limit 2-6 years old
Colors Blue, Green and Red
Material Microsuede and high density foam
  • Multifunctional
  • Super support
  • Extra pockets
  • Doesn’t come with printed designs

P’kolino Little Reader sofa gives unique space for your kid to read, sleep, bounce and enjoy to the fullest of their spirits. The stylish and modern design makes it a sleek piece of home decor worth flaunting.

This multipurpose couch offers a trendy seating platform for your kiddo and its extendable surface creates a matchless napping environment for him or her.

The best feature of this quality furniture is, of course, its construction. It is constructed so marvelously that it is not likely to topple over easily. Moreover, it has a wide base to balance your kiddo perfectly.

The pleasing possibilities have not come to a close! This P’kolino product is pretty much exciting with adorable pockets to keep toys and books. This leaves the mom least worried about the scattered toys and books which ruin the beauty of the living room.

  P’kolino Little Reader hits a wave on the market with its smart and stylish outlook, classy construction stain-resistant fabric and excellent stability. Grab this quality assured product in no time!

5.    Marshmallow Furniture Children’s Foam High Back Chair– The Most Pocket-friendly Gift for a Toddler

Dimensions 12.8 x 14.5 x 20.8 inches
Model Comfy Chair
Age limit Above 18 months
Print Preschool characters
Material Polyester and polyurethane foam
  • Easily and machine washable
  • Comfortable backrest
  • Lightweight
  • Recommended only for toddlers

Does a kid-sofa seem to burn a hole in your pocket? Well, then, rather than dropping your plan, just re-adjust your budget and go for Marshmallow comfy furniture. This high back comfy chair is exclusively designed for kids to explore their favorite cartoon themes.

It’s so lightweight that your toddler can easily place it anywhere he or she likes. Being portable, your child gets attention every so often and in addition, he or she would develop an emotional connection with this comfy chair.

It is one of the outstanding peak sellers on the market at the minute as it offers soft cushiony seating support for the kid to sit and watch their favorite cartoons.

Without burning a hole in your pocket, Marshmallow comfy chair brings all the favorite Disney and superhero characters of your toddler to life to make it a cuddly companion for the kid.

6.    Marshmallow Furniture 2 in 1 Flip Open Sofa – This is the Best

Dimensions 29.2 x 16 x 14.5 inches
Model 2 in 1 flip open sofa
Age limit Above 18 months
Print Preschool characters
Material Polyester fabric
  • Easily portable
  • Multi-functional
  • Lightweight
  • Easily and machine washable
  • No zipper is included

This new Marshmallow two-in-one flip foam sofa is interspersed with innovation and cutting-edge thought. With its stunning innovative multi-functional design, it breaks the rules of all the conventional sofas for kids.

In fact, this playful sofa sounds to be a perfect companion for your kiddo as it offers versatile seating arrangements by opening into a bed as well as folding back into a sofa or chair. It is an all-rounder gift for your kid as it can serve multiple purposes at the same time- napping spot, day care, fun station, bed room and so on.

In every wonderful way, it is an amazing and easily portable platform for all the activities revolving around the kid throughout the day. The charming designs and expressions add color, vigour and fun to your child’s world so delightfully.

Marshmallow 2 in 1 flip sofa is indeed one of the magical crafts in the kids’ world by which you can transform a restless kiddo into a playful one in a matter of seconds.


7.    Marshmallow High Back Chair– Cozy Chair for your Little One

Model High back chair
Age limit Above 18 months
Print Preschool characters
Material Polyester fabric
  • Easily washable
  • Visually appealing designs for kids
  • Not recommended for kids above 3 years

By creating a comfort zone for your little darlings to watch television and snack their delicacies, this Marshmallow high back comfy chair finds its way into the kids’ universe.

No more stains and ink marks! This wonderful Marshmallow model has reimagined the dreams of a mom too. With an easy cleaning mechanism, it gives a spotless charm to the couch in no time.

The kid can easily carry it around anywhere he or she prefers to play as it is extremely lightweight. With a variety of themed designs, this brand has become the new symbol for amusement for kids!

If you are looking for an innovative kid’s craft where comfort meets fun, then look no further than Marshmallow high back comfy chair as it features all the preschool characters and coziness for your little one.

How to Find the Best Sofa for Kids

Let me tell you! Enthusiasm for buying something new for your home is all very well. However, when it comes to making a choice, what makes an appropriate sofa for your kid is still way off the mark for many customers. Wading through a diverse range of kid friendly sofas can make you perplexed easily. I have made an elaborate note on the parameters for buying couches for kids and I am pretty sure that it may ease your selection process in a wonderful way.

1. Get the Dimensions Right

  1. Seating space
    Toddler sofas come in multiple sizes and shapes in accordance with the number of kids in a family. Hence, if you have two kiddos at home, make sure that there is enough space between the arms of the sofa to accommodate both of them. Also, if you have a single child at present and you wish to have one more kid in future, ensure that you are buying the right sofa that meets the future demands too.
  2. Room Size
    Make sure that the dimensions of the sofa match the dimensions of your room. You should have enough clarity regarding the layout of your living room before making your purchase. If the shape or size of the sofa doesn’t fit the living room, it may be an invitation to disappointment. If you do not have enough space for a small couch, go for a sofa chair that is less space consuming.
  3. Shape and Style
    Kids couches come in multiple shapes including round shaped, L-shaped, flip and flip open, comfy chairs and so on. Round shaped sofas take up a lot more space in comparison to flip sofas.

2. Beauty Should Go Hand in Hand with the Quality

Try to get stylish and top rated children's couch. Beautiful couches will make your kids happy and will give them a great childhoodPerhaps, one of the biggest mistakes people make when they invest in a new sofa is nothing other than being carried away by the mere aesthetic appeal of a grand sofa. The following aspects would decide the quality and functionality of a good sofa.

  1. Go for the Right FabricFabric is an important consideration when you buy a sofa for kids. The material should be tough enough to withstand the wear, tear, wrinkles and snag caused by all sorts of fun activities by children. I personally vouch for microfiber as it has great potential to withstand the stain. Although leather sounds to be an easy cleaner fabric, it is a poor choice for kids. The reason is that it isn’t resistant to the scratches and ink marks produced by them. Wool is also one of the advisable options as it is less prone to wrinkles, scratches, and snags. Vinyl is easily washable material, but comfort may be compromised.
  2. Kid-friendly Frame
    The life of a kid-sofa is a lot dependent upon its frame. Hardwood frames are sturdier than softwood frames. However, wooden frames are not recommended for kids as they may bounce and fall and invite injuries. Similarly, plastic and plywood are also capable of harming your little one. Before you dash for the purchase, sit on the sofa and ensure that it provides enough support when you lean against it.
  3. Well-connected Joints
    Joints play a vital role in the functionality of a kid-sofa. Firstly, you should make sure that the frame is well connected to the legs for a firm foundation. Secondly, ensure that all the joints are connected by wooden dowels, metal screws, brackets and nails. Since kids may jump and hop on the sofa, do not go for a sofa which is reliant on glue, nail, and staple alone as they offer weak support.
  4. Check the Spring System
    If your kids couch is a long-term investment, then eight-way hand tied spring system is the best. You will love the amazing amount of strength it offers. However, this system is quite expensive as it requires a lot of craftsmanship. If you consider kids sofa as a temporary investment you may go for sinuous spring system. It comes with a‘s’ shape. Before making the purchase, ensure that the springs don’t wiggle while the kid plays on the sofa.

Get that kid couch which not only makes their life comfortable, but colorful too.

3. Style Statement of Your Kid

Kids sofas come in a diverse range of patterns and designs to redeem them from being commonplace. It can turn into the central point of attraction in your kid’s room. Comfy chair, toddler flip sofa, plush chair, character couch, children’s flip open sofa and so on are some of the models exclusively designed for kids which serve multiple functions in an amazing way.

An overview of the things to note before purchasing the kid sofa :

  • Not the entire length of the sofa, the space between the arms decides the space for your kiddos
  • Make a note of the measurement of your room before buying the sofa
  • Microfiber is the best kid-friendly material as it is stain repellent and easy cleaner
  • Wooden frames are not advisable for kids couch
  • Ensure that the joints are dowelled, screwed, nailed, blocked and glued for better strength and durability
  • More the number of springs, the more durability of kids sofa

Conclusion: Did You get the Best Kids Sofa?

Here is a quick overview of the best kids sofas we have reviewed:

Kids Couch Brand Marshmallow High back comfy chair Marshmallow 2 in 1 Flip open Marshmallow Flip open
Dimension 12.8 x 14.5 x 20.8 inches 29.2 x 16 x 14.5 inches 16.5 x 26 x 15.2 inches
Age limit Above 18 months Above 18 months 24 months to 4 years
Material Polyurethane foam Polyester fabric Soft plush
Print/Plain color Printed preschool characters Printed preschool characters Printed preschool characters

After skimming through this article I hope you might have realized the necessity of any kids sofas for your adorable toddlers and preschoolers. Kids couches are perfectly designed for the right size of your kid. You know it very well that it provides him or her the best seating comfort. Rather than merely a comfy chair or sofa, it can be a stunning room decor for your home too. Rich fabric, versatile cartoon expressions, and sturdy base make it an ideal item for holidaying as well.

So, hurry up! Be it a birthday or any of those special first-time activities of your kid, next time, surprise your loved ones by gifting them an adorable kid sofa!