Shabby Chic Fifi Tufted Ottoman

Classics are now coming back and this ottoman here is proof that we all need to know and believe that true classics always make a comeback. This here is an old-school tufted and floral patterned ottoman

The style it dishes out is amazing and because of that this upholstered ottoman is a versatile piece of furniture, with the potential to function as a coffee table, footstool or bench, and the fabric coverings make it more decorative and comfortable-looking than your average coffee table.

Shabby Chic Furniture - Fifi Tufted Ottoman

Ottomans not only offer comfort, but they are also a great storage solution, especially for small spaces. Who wouldn’t want a hidden storage solution that doubles as an accent piece and a footrest? Of course, not all ottomans have storage compartments, and sadly this one is amongst the ones that don’t have storage space. 

This rectangular almost square ottoman is 27’ inches long, making it a subtle statement piece in any living room. It’s available in several stylish fabrics, from which you can choose from. This floral ottoman stands proud and strong and I mean that in the literal sense. 

The tufted look really does add a bit of flare and modernity to its flaccid classic look. If you are looking to add style to your living room this is definitely it. Coming with a stance that moves to prove bigger ottomans wrong this little one here is definitely worth the thought.


  • Is a comfortable ottoman
  • Has a stylish look
  • Can function as an extra seat in your home


  • Does not have a storage space
  • Is not waterproof or stain resistant



When it comes to looks this little ottoman here can easily leave one speechless. It has a classic and beautiful look that comes with different shades of style. The floral patterning definitely gives it a feminine touch when it comes to class. 

Shabby Chic Furniture - Fifi Tufted Ottoman

The tufting certainly offers a modern way of representation. The slightly curved legs are very transitional and can work with almost anything that you have to offer. In your home, this ottoman here won’t be as loud because of its size, but it definitely won’t be hanging around in the background.

It comes in different shades of floral patterns and you may as well order a customized one if you are not a fan of the ones already available. 



When it comes to size this ottoman is not as big as the other ottomans that we are used to. It has a cute size so to say. One that you will definitely enjoy. It comes at a dimension set at 27″W x 21″ D x 18″ H making it a very low ottoman cable of working as a footrest as well.

You can fit it in any room you choose to and the best part is that it won’t take much of your space. It can be used as an extra seat in your home given that all other chairs and sofas are taken. However, it would be wise to check for any stress calls as it may just collapse if put under too much pressure.

Adding an ottoman to a living room may seem superfluous, but if you have space for one, it is actually a genius piece of furniture. Either way, Ottomans can add depth and variety to your decor. Even if you have a cramped living room, an ottoman can be a practical addition.


With this ottoman beauty, comfort and function have all been mixed into one piece and have produced what we have here. Hand made in the USA with solid wood legs and frame and a cushioned upholstery for comfortable seating I am betting that this ottoman could change your life. 

Though obviously it cannot compare to a sofa because it does not have armrests or backrests this ottoman is definitely worth being called a comfortable space when compared to all the other ottomans out there.

Now I’m not saying you can sit on it all day and expect to stand up without a cramping leg, bit as compared to sitting on the floor. It is definitely worth calling comfortable.


Being handmade to certain specifics and looks adds a bit of depth to the piece’s design and this ottoman here has been through just that. With a solid wood frame and legs, you can expect durability and stability from this ottoman right from the day you buy to the day you lose it. 

The padded cushioning is quite tough and the tightening because of the tufts definitely means that the upholstery is tough. However, that doesn’t mean that it won’t tear if a sharp or hot object is used on it.

Also since the upholstery cannot be removed you’ll have to spot clean the stains off. Please be sure to use and follow the guidelines given before you ruin a perfectly great ottoman.


Such a small ottoman this one comes off a bit pricey. However, generally, it is affordable but its how much value you are willing to put on its quality and looks. To me, I think the price tags are perfectly fine. 

The ottoman comes with an amazing design that will add flair to your home. Plus it is very beautiful, with a functional and comfortable feeling. Any price tag they put on it is definitely worth it and I am sure they knew what they were doing, to begin with.


In conclusion, I have to say, it’s such a bummer that this one doesn’t come with a removable cover. Also, the fact that it’s a tab small is a bit bothersome. Otherwise, besides all that, it’s a great purchase that you will surely love and enjoy.

So why waste any more time, get yours now. You can fit it in any room you choose to and the best part is that it won’t take much of your space. It can be used as an extra seat in your home given that all other chairs and sofas are taken. So many uses for this beautiful ottoman.

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