Evelyn Classic Convertible Leather Match Sofa

Considering getting an Evelyn Classic Convertible Leather Match Sofa? Imagine introducing a sofa to your home that you can turn to two chairs or join it to form one. Which is exactly what this sofa can bring to your home. This is that sofa that is designed to fit in even the smallest of places.

You can change the outlook of your home whenever you want, you can also change the look in your living room by just either separating the sofas and using each piece as an individual set up. If you are looking to add a little bit of pizzazz to your home, look no further, this sofa is definitely it.

Evelyn Classic Convertible Leather Match Sofa

With this sofa comes the elegant style that you can add to your home. This Evelyn Sofa is easily convertible from sofa to accent chairs and smoothly fits into even the smallest of spaces. 

Evelyn Upholstered in Top Grain Leather Match Sofa sits on a finely-crafted, low profile wooden frame, and features sophisticated Victorian-style legs. That adds more of a classic feel and vibe to the sofa.


  • Is a very stylish sofa
  • It is comfortable to sit on and take naps on
  • Is easy to clean and maintain
  • Comes off as waterproof and stain resistant


  • Is not resistant to sharp objects or heat



As you look at this sofa you will find that it is a very smooth and simple sofa. The Evelyn classic sofa is that sofa that is known to be the classic hit of the furniture world. With this sofa having simple straight lines that suit the classic modern home closure. 

This sofa in particular comes in top grain leather and you will find it in three colors that are white, grey, and a smooth light shade of brown. It is the perfect sofa seeing all its colors come ready to blend in with any setting you add it to.

Evelyn Classic Convertible Leather Match Sofa

All its colors are neutral and can be the perfect achromatic piece for you because you can fit it in any room no matter how bright or dark your accent light may be. Besides that all colors can easily fit in and trust me when you set this sofa in your living room, you will notice the difference just there and there. 



When it comes to sizes, This Eveyln sofa doesn’t work well with small spaces. I mean it could probably fit in if you have a small apartment but it would probably crowd up the whole room. 

You will find this sofa fits perfectly well in a big room where it can settle down well and not be a big pushover to the rest of the furniture. 

Like in a small room it could probably still fit, but the problem comes when you start to feel as if it’s crowding up your space and you don’t actually notice its beauty and uniqueness anymore. So to be sure here are the measurements (Hx W xD):35″ x 88″ x 34″.


When it comes to things such as comfort you better believe that this Evelyn sofa or any Leather sofa will never fail you. This sofa is made from some of the best resources out there. It is designed to give you comfort as it serves its purpose. 

The seat cushions filled with high resilience foam and polyester fiber wadding provide great seating comfort. That means you can sit, lie down, take a nap, or even a full-blown session and when you wake up you won’t even feel an ache or a bone out of place. 

That’s not all though, the sofa can bounce right back to shape as soon as you stand up and when you sit in it again, the same warm comfort rushes to you again.


Coming to you with a leather upholstery I am sure you can imagine what such a sofa’s durability would be. Leather is basically that one material that will last you more than 25 years if taken care of properly. 

With the right conditioning and proper moisturizing. Being made from Particleboard. The sofa’s frame is strong enough to undertake some heavy usage by you or kids and pets as well. Also, the leather upholstery does not need you to clean it with a lot of water as that may destroy the sofa’s natural look. 

Also, make sure to keep the sofa away from direct sunlight as that will destroy the sofa and make it weaker. The frame also does not need you jumping on it as that may weaken it faster. 


Coming at a moderately high price this sofa is still slightly affordable. I believe this is a fair price for such an incredible sofa. I mean from its aesthetic form, this sofa could have definitely gone for a higher price. 

The durability is quite impressive and all in all the comfort it serves is truly one to live for. I would say this sofa is definitely worth so much more, but as an affordable piece, it is so worth it.


In conclusion, if I were you I would want to get this sofa in my home as soon as possible. For the simple fact that I think it meets all my needs. I mean it is comfortable, and though not cheap it is still affordable, so why wouldn’t you go for it? 

If you are moving from a small home to a larger home then I would suggest this sofa especially if you have kids and pets. Trust me, this sofa will be your hero. What you will love most about this is its ability to just sit in a room, grab all the attention but still manage to remain calm. 

It’s not the sofa you’d expect to shout ‘I am here!!’ At the same time, it is the sofa that you will just notice without a blink. If you are looking to renovate your home and modify it then this sofa is definitely the one you need.

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