Elran vs Lazy Boy

Overview of Elran furniture

Elran is a brand that has spent a lot of time perfecting the manufacture and distribution of its furniture products. They offer consumers a very high standard of quality upholstery furniture. Their product range includes a fleet of stationary and motion sofas, sectionals, and reclining chairs. Elran has directed all their efforts to make furniture mainly used in the living room. 

They design furniture options to spruce up your lounge, but that’s about it. They do not produce much else, making their range quite limited in this regard. Regardless of this, they make good on what they do create. Much of Elran’s furniture is made with leather and without sacrificing quality. Their graceful design provides consumers with a sleek, stylish, and modern appeal. With a wide range of style configurations, you can customize many Elran products directly to your liking. These variations include any fabric or vinyl options.

Overview of Lazy boy products

La-Z-Boy is widely considered the brand that founded the iconic recliner. This product was their golden ticket, and as such, the brand places a significant focus on seating furniture. La-Z-Boy delivers high-quality seating products that are both stationary and sturdy. They specialize in designing upholstery living room furniture, including many options such as sofas, sectionals, loveseats, and reclining chairs. The brand’s range of products is beautiful for people who wish to control their design process. The La-Z-Boy company also has a diverse range of products for other home sections. The company also manufactures furniture that you can use in the bedroom, kitchen, and dining room. All upholstered products at La-Z-Boy are customizable in fabric, leather, upgrades, and accessories. They provide consumers with a timeless approach to their content and work to give ‘comfort first’ furniture.

Price comparison

When comparing the two price points for these brands, you will notice relatively similar. The Elran and La-Z-Boy products fare quite evenly and fall within the mid to high price range. The cost associated with buying Elran products is determined by the local retailers who mass buy from Elran. This means that you will pay different amounts depending on where you buy the furniture. The manufacturer’s location will play a big part because of the cost of freight involved. 

On the other hand, La-Z-Boy products are only distributed through their extensive supply network. La-Z-Boy has spent a long time developing this chain, and they make the most of it. There are a few cases where the furniture is sold through alternative licensed and approved dealers. These dealers can be trusted to provide you with original products but at a markup. The independent retailer and not La-Z-Boy set the retail price.

Material comparison

Elran has worked to perfect its production methods. They can constantly offer high-quality standards to their consumers through their products. Continuous innovation has helped to enhance the performance and fluidity of their products. 

The frame found on most of Elran upholstery has been created with premium-grade spruce plywood. It is cured with excellent craftsmanship, and therefore over the years, it won’t warp or crack. The frame is well reinforced by using an engineered wood called TimberStrand. This reinforcement is paramount to reducing the impact of extra weight. The systematic locks on the framework to balance and maintain the motions.

The mechanisms are very durable because they use a thicker grade metal. They are intelligent and designed to be self-tapping screws. These are well integrated and will overtime work to reduce the risk of loose mechanisms.

The high-quality density foam is an excellent ingredient required to promote maximum comfort in the seat cushions. This innovative material is based on compression foam that has been pre-crushed. It makes the material remember its structure and remain flexible. The springs will not sag over time because they are linked by a metal rod to ensure the pressure is not concentrated in one place.

Most La-Z-Boy pieces are handcrafted to provide intricate and intimate quality levels. They primarily operate in the United States, with five manufacturing plants. These plants are supplied with parts that are made in the US and with some that are imported. The material used on their chairs brings together different formulas that combine to form an engineered wood frame. This frame is further strengthened through the use of steel supports and fabric. 

The areas of comfort on the chair that require cushioning range between the typical base level cushion offering. You will find options at the top of the spectrum, such as ComfortCore® Gel seat cushions. This material is made from Airform™ and gel-infused foam. This material is made from comprised double-picked blown fiber fill. 

This is the standard for most products, except their dining and bedroom furniture pieces. The products made for this zone are created with solid wood construction. You can expect a reasonable amount of longevity from these products in most cases.

Shipping costs and times

Most Elrans products are shipped through their authorized retailers. You can expect a waiting time of 12 – 16 weeks from these sources.

Lazyboy offers its consumers a top-tier delivery service called “white glove.” It costs $99, and the company delivery men will even set it up and guide you on using it. 

Customer Support

Both brands are top customer service operators. Reviews of this both Elran and Lazyboy show mixed results in terms of durability, but they score high for customer service and delivery.  


If you buy a product from Elran, you will receive one of their three warranty options. The 1-year, 2-year, and lifetime warranty options. Each option covers different things ranging from the mechanisms to the labor and fabric repairs.

Elran recliner sofa

Elran Furniture produces a stunning range of recliners and chairs. They are specialists in motion furniture, with the added advantage being they deliver relatively fast. Their prices are industry competitive, ranging from $200 to $2000, allowing for a wider market reach.

Lazy boy recliner

La-Z-Boy has a range of just below 300 different kinds of top-quality recliners. You will be able to purchase one in the field for between $569 – $3400. The price difference is mainly due to the additional features you require. Some pricier recliners will come with power-lift recliners with stain-resistant fabrics and upgraded cushions.

Where to buy Elran products

Elran uses a wide range of authorized dealers to sell its products. Find out from your local dealer to see which range of Elran products they have for sale. 

Where to buy lazy boy products

You can find La-Z-Boy Furniture across North America and in multiple worldwide destinations. They have an extensive distribution network that helps speed up your purchase.

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