Elio Mid Century Modern Leather Match Sofa

Class is a very hard thing to achieve when it comes to interior decors. Somehow this sofa here makes it seem like the easiest thing to do on earth. This sofa is one of class, elegance, and sophistication. It’s that sofa that will have you changing the way you walk, talk, and sit. 

It is a great sofa to have if you are looking to publicize that you are one for great taste and you are not afraid to compete. With the way, it is built and designed this sofa oozes ‘wealth and rich’ its that sofa that you would expect to see in one of the most expensive hotel suites, and even then it would shock you.

Elio Mid Century Modern Leather Match Sofa

Getting this sofa for yourself, be it for your home, office or private practice will definitely put you on a different level. So why not put yourself out there. 

Why not make yourself that person of class and taste that will have everyone admiring your space. This sofa is a basic streamlined classic. It is a Mid Century style Elio sofa and it comes to you upholstered with exquisite Top Grain Leather Match which sheds the class and unique taste in quality one might have. 

It features beautiful chrome legs that give it steady balance and sturdiness. Likewise, it sits atop a finely crafted hardwood frame that is not only well designed but is strong and durable and will last a long time.  This sofa qualifies to be a lovely addition to any larger living or guest room, office, or master bedroom.


  • Is made from top-grain leather
  • Is waterproof and stain resistant
  • The sofa is easy to clean and easy to maintain
  • The sofa is comfortable and very well designed


  • May not suit small living spaces
  • Is not resistant to all weather elements



When it comes to looks, one may need to game deep breathes, lest they forget to breathe. This is a sofa that will have your guests drooling in admiration. It is that sofa that will make you feel as if you are so much more and trust me, if you do get this sofa then you are so much more. 

It will turn your home into a classy and exquisite living suit. Whether you put it in your master bedroom or it is in the lounge this sofa will still have the same effect on you. It comes in five different colors with white being the lead on them.

Elio Mid Century Modern Leather Match Sofa

Followed by black, dark navy, brown, and grey. In terms of style, this sofa has a mid-century look that can fall on the lines of modern and transitional as well. Of Course with its style line up this sofa will likely not blend in with all style setups or home decors but it will definitely create a standard that may be hard to meet up for other people.



When it comes to size this sofa is definitely not the smallest sofa in existence. At the same time, it is not the biggest sofa to be made. All in all this sofa would not be recommended for small spaces because of its heavy look and design it would probably make your home feel very crowded in the case that you have a small home. 

However, it is the perfect sofa for rooms that are either medium or large. That is inclusive of master bedrooms and lounges. Or even private clubs and their VIP sections this sofa would definitely make a mean touch up. 

In terms of seating, it is your regular two-seat sofa. And like all two-seat sofas it can manage to work as a three-seat, but more than that may result in a risky approach. Now it comes in an overall dimension of (Hx W xD):35″ x 87″ x 36″ and you can tell it is quite wide. For sitting and napping this sofa definitely won’t give you any cracks and stiffs.


For a luxurious sofa such as this one, comfort is something that can easily be welcomed. With a luxurious sofa like this, you probably won’t even know what you are feeling when you sit or lie down. Leather is a cold material that warms up pretty fast and that may be the only uncomfortable feel. 

Besides that, the sofa comes with thick padded cushions on both the backrest and seat cushions giving it a stiff and support feel which is very welcoming and professional. All in all, I would say this sofa will give you a professional level of comfort. That rules out cozy and warm and beings in firm and luxurious.


When it comes to durability, questioning a leather sofa is impractical. It is a fact that leather sofas are known to last longer than any regular sofa. That is because leather is a natural material that is made from animal skin and will take ages to wear and tear to the extent if it having to be beyond repair. 

This sofa made from leather is obviously made with the notion that it will last long. Besides all that. This sofa sits on a hardwood frame that not only manages to stand strong for a long time but is also one of the reasons why this sofa is steady and sturdy. So in terms of durability, this sofa is set to last. Don’t even worry or fuss yourself.


For a sofa as luxurious as this one, it may not come off as cheap but luckily for you, the price is set at a reasonable margin allowing you to save up for it if you really want it. It’s worth all the cents to its name and you’ll be guaranteed a regret-free sofa. 


Well, so let’s say you are looking to add an extra piece to your home. I would really recommend this sofa because well I think it suits the part. Looking at it you can tell that it has a good look to it and also it is very comfortable. 

I think it would work very well for you. At the same time if you are looking for something to add to a bedroom or an office this comes as a recommendation. If you are however looking for something affordable along the lines of a loveseat I would recommend another. This serves more as a luxurious commodity, not a necessity.

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