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The Ikea Ektorp is a great sofa to have. That is until it has become quite dirty. A good sofa cover is one way to keep it clean. What sofa cover is a good one? You will find out shortly.

Ikea cover for Ektorp sofa

Are you in need of something that is simple and will cling to your sofa quite well? Then let me introduce you to this beautiful ektorp sofa cover. Coming to you in a beige that somehow represents a dark caaramel chocolate color this sofa cover will definitely set a new mood in your home. 

I can personally tell that this armrest will surely be worth your while and here is why. You will find that most covers are either throw overs and may look a little lumpy, but not this one right here. This one will cling to your sofa like a second skin and will not let that armrest feel exposed in any way. 

This Ektorp sofa cover is one of the most reliable sofa covers out there. Looking at it you can tell that it will stretch to fit your sofa and it’s more likely to stretch as you continue to use it without causing you much of any stress or damage. It’s a beautiful piece that will surely protect your sofa from the worst, be it pet hairs, coffee spills, and the likes. 


  • Soft and warm as well as comfortable 
  • Will stretch and not deform
  • Will suit almost any sofa


  • Is not water-resistant 
  • Is not stain resistant 
  • Can easily be torn


So of course looking at it just as an ordinary cover you won’t be able to reveal much about it. I have however imagined this cover on countless sofas and I will tell you that the results were more than pleasing. This Dark beige sofa cover not only transforms your sofa into a more aesthetic and shining piece but will also work to transform the whole room as well. 

Its a bright dull color and that’s an odd way to express the color but yes. It’s bright enough to set a different mood in any room at the same time its dull enough to not want to overtake anything in that room.

With this sofa cover, you are guaranteed a soft and mature look in your room and on your sofa as well as the elegance that comes with the beige being one of the most common and respected neutral colors. So don’t worry about the look, just trust that this cover will not disappoint and the outcome will be very surprising. 


Well seeing as though this cover does not come with a direct size its made from stretch fabric meaning it will fit on any sofa that it can stretch to. However, it has limits and you should know or at least estimate the limits. It would work well on a 2 seat sofa or three-seat sofa.

If you are lucky then maybe a love seat as well. Going further than a 3 seat sofa maybe somehow risking the fact that this sofa cover may just strain and tear or will not look as comfortable on your sofa as it would have if it were to fit in properly.


No, I do not have to tell you again and again how soft and comfortable this sofa cover is. Even by just looking at it you should be able to tell of its superiority when it comes to not only changing the look of your couch but as well as changing the feel of your couch. This sofa cover will provide your sofa with a warm feel and touch that will leave you cozing on that sofa like never before. 

I do not have to tell you how the dog will react because we already know the answer to that. It is cotton blended and made from only the best high-quality cotton.

We all know cotton is a warm and comforting material, especially when used for the purpose of luxury. This sofa cover will definitely be what you need and what you want as well. You will not and cannot be disappointed at all.


As it is cotton blended with other stretch materials such as spandex and the likes. This sofa cover will manage to stretch to an unbelievable size. You may be amazed at how well it will still fit your sofa. It will stay long and will even survive regular wash days without fading its color and all. 

I guess we can acknowledge that the best part about spandex being infused with cotton is that you come out with something that is soft like cotton and stretches well like your regular spandex. If you are worried that you may have to waste money buying this you won’t don’t worry, this sofa cover will definitely be what you need and will last you long enough to prove that point.


Well you will find this cover going for roughly around $40 but. It comes to you as just a cover with nothing else except a set of instructions which I believe will be as easy to understand as anything.

Given that it will protect your sofa and give it a dull shine, I think this cover is totally worth more. I mean looking at it you can just feel the change that it will bring to any room. 

It does not make sense when I say it but trust me this cover will bring a dull shine to your home. So definitely worth more than what it is right now. Which only makes this deal sweeter and better than any other deal before. So if you really want this cover then maybe you should get it on watch what I mean as it transforms your home. 


So it now comes to this huh, the final lap, the final run before we close it up. Does this sofa cover suit your needs? Does it do what you want it to? Will this cover protect your sofa the way you want it to? Will it still leave your home looking as stylish as before? Will I recommend it? 

The answer to all these questions is yes. This Ektorp cover does simply everything. From maintaining the set up in a home interior to leaving your sofa just as comfortable and warm as before. What else could you possibly ask for from a sofa cover? So yes, this sofa cover is definitely the one you need. Have you read our Ikea Soderhamn Review?

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