Easton Classic Scroll Arm Chesterfield Sofa

Are you looking for a classic to compliment your home? Well then let’s get to it. This Easton Classic Scroll Arm Chesterfield sofa is the one and the only sofa to have if you are looking for something to put by your window or in your reading room so you can cozy up and cuddle with your 65 pounds put and clearly doze off of peace. 

It’s generally a cute sofa that can bring warmth and coziness, especially in a room that you imagine to be calm and peaceful. It’s that sofa that you would want to say you are planning to binge on your favorite series or read your long-awaited novel all night and still manage to nap easily.

Easton Classic Scroll Arm Chesterfield Sofa

It is not a compact sofa and is definitely not the largest breed of a sofa but for a medium space, I’m sure you could work something out with it. 

Now let’s kick it off with the basics. Easton is a classic Victorian Style Sofa that comes with these beautiful scroll arms that are starting to be a trend in all classic sofas. 

It has a tightly-tufted diamond pattern backrest, and button details throughout which just add on to the classic style and feel of it. You will find that it is upholstered in a carefully selected, soft linen fabric that won’t be as aggressive or as annoying to your skin. 

Plus it’s aesthetic and will bring a truly sophisticated gust of fresh air into your home or any room you decide to add it to. The cushions are velcro-attached and can be easily removed making cleaning and adjusting easier for you.


  • Comes with removable cushions making cleaning easier
  • Is a comfortable sofa to sit on
  • Has a classic and stylish design that will complement almost any interior


  • The material used in the upholstery is not waterproof or stain resistant



When it comes to looks I won’t say that this sofa can qualify to be a disappointment. It is rather cute for a classic sofa and would complement your interior very well. It comes in two shades of grey, a light one and a dark one both being achromatic make them neutral enough for almost any setting. 

The sofa is generally a classic. It doesn’t have a royal look nor does it look like the sofa you would find in those old classic movies and noirs. However, because if its tightly tufted diamond pattern that comes with button detail the sofa almost resembles the old-time popular Chesterfield. 

Except for the fact that it is not as loud nor is it as majestic as a Chesterfield. Rounded up, this beauty here will style up your home and introduce to you new feelings and new moments. 



Though not as small as any compact sofa out there. This sofa comes to you as a three-seat sofa that has three divided cushions. It can probably seat more than three people but since we are not as sure about its weight capacity sticking to three or four maybe the wisest idea here. 

Lest it breaks and you end up regretting your money. It comes in dimensions of (H x W x D):29″ x 86″ x 33″ and as you can see it is a big sofa but would probably not fill up a room like that. 

Judging from its dimension this sofa is likely for studio apartments and medium to large rooms and can function as the primary seat or secondary seat for extra people. In a small room, it may end up being too crowded. 


When you see a sofa this beautiful with scroll arms, and a tightly-tufted diamond pattern backrest, and button details throughout. The first thing that runs through your mind is obviously the amount of comfort it serves and if it will be worth it. 

It is upholstered in a carefully selected, soft linen and will bring a truly sophisticated gust of fresh air. With its linen upholstery you can imagine that may not have the softest of touches on your skin, nor can we say it deserves the award for being the softest sofa but it will definitely serve its purpose. 

Luckily the back cushions can be adjusted slightly as they are velcro attached and judging from the measurements if you are more to the tall side, taking a comfortable nap may not be as easy as we would have hoped. 


Being made from wood and a material composite of linen, not only does this sofa look great, but it will last just as long. Unlike sofas made from metal frames that may easily squeak and cringe the beauty here can hold it in for the longest. 

If you are a cuddler then that sofa is what you need. It will not squeak or break on you anytime soon. However, I will not claim that it was made and designed for heavy use as a bed and a sofa at the same time. That will probably lessen its life.


For a sofa of its style and size as well as durability this classic comes at very reasonable pricing. You won’t feel cheated nor will you feel as if it deserves more than it’s worth. 

Even though to the eye it is pleasing, questions have been raised on its comfort basing mostly with its height carrying capacity if someone decides to lie down. However, besides all that, this sofa is definitely worth every cent that’s been put to its name.


Well, there you go. The Easton Classic has been revealed. Its pros and cons. Now it’s all up to you to make the decision of buying it or not. I would highly recommend this sofa as a secondary feature in your home. 

Maybe in a library or a reading room just to make sure that you don’t overuse it as it’s not really for heavy usage. Also if you are still finding means of furnishing your home and you ate under a strict budget, letting this one slide wouldn’t be too much of a loss. 

All in all, it’s a good sofa that will be worth your money and worth your while.

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