Do divan beds squeak

Do divan beds squeak?

Divan beds can begin to squeak depending on the materials, the sturdiness, the mattress, and the top used to develop the product. These different variables are vital to answering the question of whether the Divan bed’s squeak. 

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The most common factor which causes beds to squeak is an unsound base. It is often because a bolt or joint has come loose on the base in such a case. The support structure is heavily affected by the tightness of the details. 

Metal is often the best option you can choose when selecting a material for your bed. This is because it combines both the benefits of being sturdy and light. Frames designed like this often use varied materials but have metal lining holding them all together. 

Wood is the second most sturdy material that you can buy for your bed. It has these same benefits as a metal frame except that it is much heavier. This advantage is only the case if you have made use of high-quality wood rather than plywood that is weak and hollow. 

Another factor that could lead to your bed squeaking is placing too much weight on it for a consistent period. Sturdy divan beds are made to handle a weight of between 250 kgs – 300 kgs.

Are divan beds firm?

The design of this bed has been made so that the frame is solid. This design makes the mattress feel a lot softer and helps ensure that your weight distribution is done evenly. This action means that you can expect better support for the mattress. The bed is more than likely to remain together in the long term because of the inbuilt spring-based system.

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Apart from having a very sturdy nature, the divan bed mattress will last longer than a regular one because of the added structural support. This bed type will commonly have much fewer joints and moving parts than what you will find in your average bed frame. These joints and nuts have a more significant potential to break down and, so, will become a liability one day. 

How to stop a divan bed from squeaking?

You must perform different checks to determine where the squeaking noise is coming from.

Check for the links

The premium options that you can buy from this brand will often have sections linked with a metal bar. These are fixed bolts at the top and bottom end to keep the two areas together. This design is the most common cause for squeaking in a divan bed. The repair process will need a simple tightening procedure.

Stabilize the headboard

You must ensure that the headboard you are using has been correctly mounted and tightened. This action should prevent it from rocking while you sleep. This rocking process is what will make your bed begin to squeak.

Check your mattress

If you have had the mattress for a long time, then there is a possibility that the springs in your mattress have begun to see the end of their lifetime. It isn’t easy to repair this type of squeak, and your best choice of action would be to replace the mattress.

How to stabilize a metal bed frame?

Take off the frame

The first thing that we want to do is use a wrench and screwdriver to take off the frame. This move will require carefully removing all the bolts and screws that connect the bed frame to the mattress. 

Lubricate the joints

You need to buy a lubricant that is petroleum-based to grease the interlocking connectors of the bed frame. This will help to stabilize any squeaky springs within the frame.


Once you have finished stabilizing the bed frame, you must tighten all the screws and bolts. Ensure that there is no room left to allow the bolts and nuts to begin squeaking.

How to stabilize a wooden bed frame?

Remove all the nuts and bolts.

You need to strip it down to gain access to 2D sections of the frame we wish to repair. 

Refocus the center beam

Once you have gained access to the center beam, we must stabilize it. This part is the section of a wooden frame that is most likely to need repairs.

Check all the legs are even.

Making sure that the legs are even should also be a top priority for you. This move will help prevent any rocking and help to keep the wooden frame stable.

Reconnect the joints

The last thing you want to do is reconnect all the joints and tighten them. Make sure that they are fully drawn, and there is no other room for them to move.

What causes the divan bed to squeak?

  • The links may have come to lose cause the bed to move around.
  • The headboard may not have been connected correctly.
  • The mattress might have broken down springs and needs to be replaced. 

Fixing a Squeaky Frame?

  • It is crucial to ensure no loose bolts within the frame. Perform a thorough check to ensure this is not the case
  • Make sure that the frame is well lubricated. After many years there is a high chance that the structure has lost grease. In this event, the links will become rusty and slowly break down.
  • Check to ensure that all the legs are sitting on an equal footing. Uneven footing will indeed cause the bed to squeak. 

Fixing a Squeaky Floor?

Find Gaps

Find and fill any gaps on the floor. The separate pieces moving against each other will cause the foot to squeak. To fix this, you will need to put a shim in to the gap.

Construction Adhesive

This action will help to plug any of the holes that are not visible. These gaps are between the spaces of the subfloor and the finished floor. You can also make use of floorboard lubricants when performing this task. 

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