Do bathroom blinds need to be waterproof

Yes, since there are higher chances that they get wet. If they do not get wet, the bathroom gets humid when in use. Choose waterproof blinds for bathrooms. Waterproof bathroom blinds are for safety reasons. Non-waterproof blinds absorb moisture in the air, causing several problems and reducing the blind’s lifespan.

Chances are high that your bathroom gets steamy. If it has some windows, they are at a distance from the bath, meaning you still need non-waterproof blinds. Bathroom blinds need to be waterproof if there is a chance of the bathroom becoming moist and humid. There might not be direct contact with water, but steam makes having waterproof blinds worth it.

When using a non-waterproof blind for a well-ventilated bathroom, dry off any moisture that builds up on it if the bathroom is in use for longer than usual or becomes steamier. The only exception applies to huge, well-ventilated bathrooms with windows far from any liquid that might splash them. 

Bathroom blinds are in different styles and finishes, including roller blinds, vertical blinds, and faux-wood blinds. Some blinds cannot be waterproof, making them a poor choice for bathrooms. You might have to sacrifice blinds like Roman blinds. They are luxury fabrics and not waterproof ( They absorb more water than any other blinds. 

When using non-waterproof bathroom blinds and their fabrics get damp repeatedly and never get the chance to dry out, it builds moulds. Non-waterproof blinds are prone to get damp, which ruins their appearance, causing the smell. It results in the blind falling apart.

Waterproof blinds do not hold the moisture that permits mould and mildew to grow. They have a mildew-resistant finish. It is rare for a waterproof blind to develop a film of mildew. Wipe it clean away as the fabric of the blind itself does not absorb water.

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Choosing waterproof blinds for bathroom windows

Using waterproof blinds is a choice, but there are other features to consider before you pick one. Consider the shape of the window, its location, space, and the colour of your bathroom walls. Sometimes your bathroom has some cabinets that you might need blinds to complement. Take time to assess your bathroom’s climate and decide between heat retentive for colder bathrooms, or those that will minimise heat. Consider the thermal characteristics of your bathroom blinds.

Lighting is another factor to consider. If your bathroom gets a lot of direct sunlight, consider blinds that block the sun without removing all the lighting. Your bathroom can be small and dark, meaning you need a lighter bathroom blind that protects your room without making the room smaller.

Privacy is one of the factors to consider when choosing waterproof blinds for bathroom windows. A bathroom needs privacy, but that does not mean blocking out all light. Check if the waterproof blinds withstand conditions like humidity to avoid dealing with damage due to mould and moisture.

Avoid using wood since its combination with damp or humid environments causes stain, warp, and even twist in the long run. If you still want the look of your bathroom, some Faux Wood blinds look like wood.

Choose a suitable fabric. Like wood, cotton, linen, and silk, not for bathrooms. They absorb moisture and it takes time to dry. Any blind can be used in a bathroom, but roller blinds perform better. Roller blinds can be pulled up, out of the way of splashes and stains and window sill items, without hindering the shade from the sun and privacy.

Choosing waterproof blinds for shower window

Waterproof blinds gather steam when taking a shower. You can have elegant shower blinds that complement any design in your bathroom and prevent any moisture build-up on our blinds. Moisture resistant blinds are for areas with high moisture, such as showers. 

Any 100 percent waterproof window treatment material can be used in the shower. Choose from: PVC shutters, vinyl roller blinds, cellular honeycomb shades, and plastic mini-blinds.

Using water-resistant blinds for bathrooms

You have some roller blind fabrics coated with anti-fungal treatments, making them moisture-resistant and suitable for wet areas. Make sure the blinds in your bathroom are durable. Water-resistant blinds in wet areas of your home must be waterproof and steam resistant. 

Wood absorbs moisture and quickly buckles and breaks. For your bathroom, look out for blinds made of synthetic materials or acrylic-coated fabrics. Durability is another factor to consider and these window treatments should allow for privacy and light control. You can still enjoy all the natural light, fresh air, and openness the window provides, keeping your bathroom fresh.

What type of blinds are best for a bathroom

Faux wood blinds are for bathroom window coverings, vinyl roller shades, and aluminium blinds. These options can withstand the humidity and moisture in a bathroom without compromising privacy and style. Since every homeowner has unique goals and priorities when choosing window treatments, you are free to choose any option. 

Aluminium Venetian window blinds are resistant to water and condensation, and easy to clean. For durable and affordable blinds for the bathroom, mini blinds may be your top choice. They are coated aluminium, resistant to moisture and mildew, and can withstand tough use. 

They are easy to wipe down and disinfect. They are of the smaller size of the slats, which fit very well in bathroom windows which tend to be smaller than windows. If your bathroom windows are odd dimensions, you may opt for custom blinds.

Vinyl roller shades are also one of the best options as they repel water. That makes the blinds more moisture-resistant. Allow them to dry before rolling them, so the layers of vinyl do not trap moisture.

Are Venetian blinds suitable for bathrooms?

Aluminium Venetian blinds are great for bathrooms, as they are mould and mildew-resistant. They can withstand humidity. Metal Venetian blinds should be from high-quality aluminium and high-grade plastic. Materials like steel are likely to rust when exposed to moisture. Metal Venetian blinds at Blinds Direct are 100% aluminium, meaning you can use them in your bathroom without worrying about rusting ( 

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