Daryn New Wave Contemporary Leather Match Sofa

Considering getting the Daryn New Wave Contemporary Leather Match Sofa? Are you looking for a contemporary sofa for your living room? Well, here you have it. This is a contemporary leather sofa called the Daryn New Wave. And to be factual it is a very wavy sofa on the looks. It’s a great sofa that comes with layers so to say, giving it an almost pudgy look that makes it look soft and pudgy. 

The sofa in general is a good quality sofa that could definitely serve as an amazing seating spot in your home. Imagine cozying all up to this sofa on a cold winter night right close to the fireplace with your favorite novel playing that vinyl and a glass of wine.

Daryn New Wave Contemporary Leather Match Sofa

This sofa is definitely a mood setter that will create a warm feeling in your home which is something very rare especially when it comes to leather sofas. They are usually sophisticated and elegant ones. 

Well getting deep with this sofa If you’re looking to add an eccentric conversation centerpiece to your living room, then I do believe you may have just found it! Daryn is an ultra-plush and enticingly eccentric low profile, high back sofa. 

It is designed to give off a serious GoodFellas Vibe! Meaning that even when you feel at your lowest point sitting on this sofa will certainly help change a lot of things. 

It comes upholstered in hand-picked Top Grain Leather Match meaning the durability is one to drool over. Besides its cute look, it also features shiny, slanted chrome legs to really pull together the vintage aesthetic of this piece.


  • Is a very comfortable sofa to sit on
  • Has a very eccentric and eclectic look that will fit in with the rest of your home
  • Is very easy to clean and maintain
  • Is a strong and durable sofa


  • Is not as visually appealing



When it comes to aesthetics this sofa may not be the best especially if you are quite particular when it comes to looks. It’s not an ugly sofa but its also not the most beautiful sofa out there. It has more of a cute look. The layers make it look chubby for a sofa. Plus that will help it blend in more with the whole contemporary styling that it has. 

Daryn New Wave Contemporary Leather Match Sofa

It comes in four colors with two shades of grey, white and brown. The leather definitely makes up for its chute and chubby look as it makes the sofa more grounded. Without leather, this sofa may have qualified to actually fall under the term ugly. 

It comes with slanted steel legs that all together give it a steady and sturdy-feeling. It has a light look and so you can imagine that it will actually be very light to carry and move around. All in all the sofa is contemporary styled and fits well in modern settings and decor.



Coming at a dimension set at (Hx W xD):40″ x 87″ x 39″ this is not the biggest sofa on the market but not the smallest as well you can easily take a beautiful nap on it and wake up just fine. 

Also, the width is enough for two and maybe three people. So if you want to have friends over this sofa will work just fine for you and your buddies to bond over some drinks or watch a very cool movie while in the same blanket. 

The sofa is the perfect fit for all room sizes, however, because of its chubby look, it may work more in medium-sized rooms unlike small rooms as its look may actually crowd up the room. The sofa is generally a good size and will work well even in commercial areas like waiting rooms or offices.


Though it may not be the prettiest sofa to look at, for a leather sofa this one here comes off a bit fluffier than the regular sofas that we are all used to. Unlike other leather sofas that come with a firm feeling, this sofa is actually very soft. Now I am not saying it is very soft but comparing it to other sofas out there, it is definitely worth considering as soft. 

Now it comes with that leather upholstery meaning that you can expect it to have a cool sensation on your skin. Leather is generally cold in average temperatures, but don’t worry though it will be painful to sit in the first few seconds especially in winter it will generate your body heat quite fast and all will be well. You can then go back to cuddling with your puppy on that sofa.

Durability & Pricing

Durability is nothing to worry about when it comes to this sofa. You see with the leather upholstery already you know that your sofa can stand up to approx. 15 years and it will still look new. But that is just the upholstery. 

Looking at other things such as the sofa’s frame it is made with a strong wood frame that if treated well, will last you a long time. I mean basically anything that is treated with caution will last longer than it is originally supposed to. So if you are very careful with this sofa you will find that it will actually last longer. 

However though top grain leather is very strong and durable you should make sure that you don’t sit on the sofa where direct sunlight can get to it as that usually disrupts the leather at a faster rate. Leather is always an expensive part of a sofa. 

So don’t expect this sofa to come at a cheap price. It is actually pretty expensive but if you really want it, you can save up and get it. The process is still very much possible.


Well, in conclusion, I have to say though the look on this sofa is not the way to work with, it is still a great sofa that will definitely have a part to play in your home, so give it a chance. Check it out and see what it can do for you. 

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