Couch Under 400: 5 Options You Must See

Are you looking for a couch under $400? Though it may seem farcical to get a good couch that will actually last you long with just $400 or less, it’s actually more than possible. So many brands are overlooked because their prices are low and so many brands are also overestimated just because they are more expensive. 

Well, let’s switch things around then, just because something is cheaply priced does not mean that it’s made from cheap materials, and just because something is expensive doesn’t mean it’s high quality.

Maybe you want to buy a furniture piece but you have a limited budget and you’re wondering if you’ll actually get something reasonable. Well, I’m here to tell you today that nothing is impossible. 

With a budget of 400 dollars, we can definitely get you an amazing couch. We’ll find you the best, and I mean the best in terms of everything. From the look, style, design, brand, and durability, with just a budget on the line we will definitely find something affordable and to match your standards.

In A Hurry

Are you in a hurry to get yourself a couch under $400? Well just follow through with this guide and in a moment you will have your sofa. 


HONBAY Convertible Sectional Sofa Couch

After careful consideration during our research we found that if you’re looking for a sofa within a budget such as 500, you might as well give it the best shot possible. To us, it showed great potential and offered more than any regular sofa out there. 

It’s a small sectional sofa that comes with a reversible ottoman, giving you both the sitting and lounging option. Besides it being affordable, we also realized that it would give you the chance to test yourself as you can configure it to different positions that will both meet your taste and enhance your living room. So yes, this was and is our top pick.


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Best Choice Products 3-Seat L-Shape Tufted Faux Leather Sectional Sofa


Well, here we have one of the most amazing sofas out there. It’s designed with an l-shape hence the name, but the chaise lounge and ottoman can be moved around to spice up the look a bit. 

So if you feel like maybe you want to lay back and relax with your feet level, you have the footrest, if you want to however take a nap, then the lounger is available. Here is a classic sofa that will help with functionality and space-saving. It’s definitely a great sofa because it’s constructed with a durable, heavy-duty hardwood frame and inner springs for stability and durability. 

Bear in mind that it will not deform any time soon. It comes with the classic l-shape design that we have grown to love and adore because of its space-saving tactic and functionality.

All in all this sofa is very easy to assemble as it comes with very simple instructions with all required hardware being provided for. Please don’t worry it won’t even take much of your time. It’s a sectional sofa that you can configure until you find the position that suits you well.


  • Is a very comfortable couch
  • Allows you to continuously change configurations until you find one to suit your taste
  • Made from heavy-duty hardwood making it strong and durable
  • Is easy to clean and maintain


  • It is not fireproof and can succumb to extreme weather elements

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Lifestyle Solutions Collection Grayson Micro-fabric Sofa

Lifestyle Solutions Collection Grayson Micro-fabric Sofa


This Micro-fabric sofa features a traditional style while still maintaining a contemporary look. It comes with a wood frame upholstered with 100% polyester microfiber material. The legs come as real wood with dark colors leaving a clearance from the bottom of the couch to the floor of about 5′.

The seat cushions and back cushions are filled with high-density seating foam and back foam allowing your couch the capability to withstand heavy use and long time service. 

It comes with sleek arms that give it a classy look that flows out to any room it sits in. It’s symmetrically crafted with a beautifully tailored back cushion not only making it comfortable but appealing to the eye as well.

Basically this couch is a heavy-duty couch that will not give in or disappoint you. It is set at a dimension of 80.3’*32’*32.68′ with a weight capacity of 790lbs. Assembly is required but it’s very minimal and will not take much of your time.


  • It’s a heavy-duty couch that will not easily give in
  • It is very comfortable
  • Has a neutral style that will easily blend in


  • Though resistant to water, microfiber is still not 100% Waterproof or stain-resistant

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HONBAY Convertible Sectional Sofa


It’s a linen fabric couch definitely worth the buy. With this one, you will freshen up your home. It’s mostly designed for small spaces such as apartments, studios, condos, and so forth. It’s basically a demonstration of your unique taste and style and will have your guests and friends crowding at your home. Made with durable stress-free fabrics, this couch comes with a uniform look and a reversible ottoman automatically making it multi-functional. 

With this couch you have more than just a regular sectional couch, its ottoman can function either as a footrest, table, lounger, or extra seat giving you more space to sit and talk with your friends. 

The wood legs are oval cones, shaped like that so as to reduce damage to your floors, and the clearance though not as big, it is enough for you to at least lift the sofa up in case you feel you want to clean underneath. It a great sturdy couch that has a very low chance of disappointing you, it is set at a dimension of 78.5L*30.3’W*35’H with a weight capacity of 660lbs.


  • Is a reversible sofa configurable to different positions
  • Comes with a multi-functional reversible ottoman
  • Linen upholstery is easy to clean and maintain


  • Clearance from the floor may make it harder to clean underneath the floor

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Lilola Home Lucca Linen Reversible Sleeper Sectional Sofa Steel Gray

Lilola Home Lucca Linen Reversible Sleeper Sectional Sofa


The design for this sofa is classical with it being an l-shaped corner sofa. If you are not happy with a certain look you may as well make configurations until you are fully satisfied with the way it looks in your home. 

Coming to you in brown is this right-hand sectional sofa from Lilola. It is a stunning sofa that will have your living room glowing with style. It is very comfortable as it’s made with premium quality materials. 

It’s made from a solid wood frame and has a steel gray upholstery that will add an infinite set style in your home. It’s a set consisting of 3 sections. The best part about this corner sofa is that it can easily transform into a sleeper within seconds. 

The process of transforming it all together is very easy. It is a great sofa to have in your home if you either don’t have or want a bed as yet or if you want something that overnight guests can use.


  • This sofa comes with a modern style and looks to fit any decor
  • It can easily convert to a sleeper
  • It is space-saving and very functional


  • Though sectional, the configurations may be limited

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Buyer’s Guide

Getting a cheap quality sofa is one of the trickiest things to do when it comes to quality and durability. Below is a guide that should help you determine if the sofa is good for you. In most cases, a sofa may look nice, but that’s probably all it can do for you. It may not even last


Check the Fit

There is no sense in considering a couch if it doesn’t fit you well. Seats should be comfortable for all members of your family. If you’re buying a recliner sofa, make sure it is comfortable in all the different positions. The primary fit consideration is the depth of the seats. 


Select deep or shallow seats, depending on your height the couch back should support your back adequately with your feet flat on the floor and the backs of your knees just slightly forward of the lower seat cushion. And if the couch is where you like to nap, make sure to layout on the couch and see if it is long enough for comfortable snoozing.


Evaluate the Frame

Upholstery fabric and cushions can be replaced when they get old and worn, but no couch can be considered a good piece of furniture unless it has a solid, quality inner frame. If your goal is to buy a good sofa, start by learning about the frame. Cheaper sofas may have frames made from particleboard, plastic, or metal, but a good-quality couch will have a solid hardwood frame preferably a “kiln-dried” hardwood frame made of oak, beech, or ash. 


Pine frames are cheap, but they often begin to warp and wobble within five years or so. The legs of the couch should be either integral parts of the frame or held on with screws or dowels. Avoid a couch if the legs are merely glued on. 


One easy test for solid frame construction is to lift one front corner or leg of the sofa off the floor to a height of 6 inches or so. If the other front leg doesn’t quickly rise off the floor, too, it’s a sign the frame is twisting and is therefore weak. Any sofa that visibly twists or creaks under this test is one you should avoid.


Ask About the Joinery

Although the method by which the frame parts are held together may not be immediately evident, the salesperson or printed technical specifications should have this information. Look for frames that are joined with wooden dowels, double wooden dowels, wooden corner blocks, or metal screws and brackets. Never buy a sofa that is assembled with only staples, nails, or glue, although these may be used to provide additional reinforcement.


Test the Arms

A sofa with a good hardwood frame assembled with dowels or corner brackets should be a quality piece of furniture, but it is still a good idea to forcefully test the arms of the sofa to make sure they are very tight, with no give when you lean on them. In a family with active children, the most common area of failure on a couch (other than the upholstery) is the arms. As you test the couch, push hard on the arms, and look for any sign of wobble. Avoid any couch that isn’t rock-solid.


Consider the Springs

The springs that hold up the cushions on a couch come in three levels of quality. Least expensive (and least durable) are those that don’t spring at all, but just webbing or mesh. Avoid these couches if your goal is a quality piece of furniture. Most couches use what is known as serpentine springs, sinuous pieces of snaking wire that span the gap between frame members. These offer good support, but they may sag over time if the metal isn’t heavy-gauge.


Luxury sofas are fitted with what is known as “eight-way hand-tied springs,” which are very comfortable but also expensive. Some experts dispute if hand-tied springs are any more comfortable than good serpentine springs, but you can be the judge of that. Feel the springs through the upholstery. Good springs will be quite firm and spaced close together for good support. There should be good support without too much give when you sit on the couch.


Feel the Padding

The frame and all the corners of the couch should be well padded. Run your hand over all corners to make sure you can’t feel the edges of the frame through the upholstery. If you can, the upholstery may wear through quite quickly, and your couch will not be very comfortable to use.


Test the Operating Mechanisms

If your couch is a recliner or sleeper, make sure to operate the mechanism repeatedly and aggressively to make sure it operates smoothly and easily. Reclining, or motion furniture is generally more expensive, and you are paying for a functioning, smoothly-running mechanism. Don’t overlook any mechanical glitches or rough operation you notice these will only become more pronounced after repeated use in your home.


Evaluate the Upholstery

Quality upholstery may not be critical to the sitting comfort of your sofa, but it is critical to its visual appeal. Although it might not catch your eye right away, mismatched patterns or stripes will give you the sense that something is “off”. Stripes that match at the seams make a sofa look well finished. 


Patterns should be centered, and all seams and welts should run straight. Uneven welting and seams that are pulled to one side or another mean that the cover was badly tailored. With fabric upholstery, higher thread counts indicate a denser weave and more durable fabric.


Check the Cushions

Seat cushions should be firm and resilient and fit snugly within the sofa frame. The cushions should regain their shape after you press down and let go. A cushion that stays put when you press down will be flattened in no time, end up looking unsightly, and feel uncomfortable when you sit on it. Cushions that do not fit snugly will also lose their shape quickly and the edges will start looking unsightly.


There is considerable debate over which type of material is best for sofa cushions. Polyurethane foam is the most common material used, but it is important to find a balance between a firm foam that is long-lasting but maybe too hard, and a soft foam that is comfortable but may break down too quickly. 


High-resilient (HR) foam is a step up, making for a comfortable and long-lasting cushion. Very expensive couches often use goose down mixed with feathers, but you will pay dearly for this luxury, and the cushions will need to be plumped frequently.

Final Thoughts

Trust us when we tell you that all the above sofas are a great choice if you are looking for an affordable couch to add to your home. They may not be the best on the market. However, if you are looking for something you can comfortably sit on for a while you work on something, then these sofas will work great for you. 

Besides all that, sofas are generally very hard to buy. Making your own choice may result in some pretty deep disappointment. However, if you want to get something that will definitely work for you home then go through this guide and you will be sure to find something

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