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Dogs are such fun and loveable creatures aren’t they? That is of course until you see the monsters they actually are when it comes to your couch. They probably have innocent intentions always when they get on the couch and leave that paw-shaped mud stain on the armrest. Let’s not forget when they get bored and they see your favorite cushion as a chew toy and glorious doggy moments when they feel like digging for treasure and think they’ll find a treat under your couch. 

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Don’t you just love dogs and their little wild imaginations? You swear you could just squeeze the life out of that furry creature(literally). But no let’s not get to violence, you just need a couch protector specifically for dogs and you can let it live it’s dog life while you live your human one. Dogs live by instinct don’t blame them when they ruin your couch. Some voice in their head probably suggested the crazy idea to scratch until all the stuffing is out. But right now, let’s talk about what you can do to protect your couch instead.

Are you looking for a couch protector for your dog? That’s the best way to go. Let your dog be and protect your couch at the same time. Let’s go for something stylish, strong and resistant to a whole lot of problems that come with having a dog in the house. Maybe your dog sheds fur or loves playing in the mud. 

Maybe it’s like shifting around when on the couch, or for some maybe it thinks there’s a bone hidden in the couch and is very determined to scratch and digs until the couch opens. If you’re here you either want to avoid all that I’ve stated, or you’ve had your fair share of experiences but that doesn’t matter, let’s get you that couch cover so you can be at ease in that house without accidentally locking your dog outside on purpose.

In A Hurry

Without wasting much of your time, here’s a quick guide to come of the best couch protectors out there. Don’t kick your dog out, it might be a monster to the couch, but it’s all out of instinct and fun. It’s a playful creature, don’t take it away from its home, instead of protecting the couch, and see how much your dog will change and behave. Probably that voice that keeps telling it there’s a bone in the couch will disappear or will lead it outside.


All things being considered this slipcover couch protector was the best from all that we viewed. It’s not only quilted but it’s also waterproof and machine washable. It’s one of those easy maintenance covers all the while offering the best protection to your couch. From all pet forms and from your kids as well, and at times maybe even yourself this cover will not let any harm come to your couch both physical and visual your couch is in a safe haven finally so please do check this out. It will not disappoint you in any way


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Coming to you in 24 different 2 tone colors and in all sizes is this sofa shield reversible protector. It’s the perfect protection for all your furniture, however, it’s not recommended for leather, as it may slip off leaving less protection for your crush. Unlike some covers this one will definitely be of high quality and will last-long we all know sofa covers appear to be the same, but this one here has a higher thread count and therefore will provide for you and your dog that extra-comfy feel that you want when you’re on that couch. 


It’s really the plushiest and thickest sofa cover. you can find out there. So if you’re trying to avoid a cover that’s too small or too thin or those other ones that have a scratchy feeling, then let’s go for the sofa shield, you can’t go wrong. 


Though no recommended for leather because it’s slippery, it comes with a 2-inch strap inch will secure it into place so that it doesn’t fall off. It comes in small to x-large oversized. All you have to do is pick the one that suits your sofa and a design that will suit your interior. It comes in different colors plus the fact that it’s reversible you may as well just change to the other side of the other color is starting to bore you. 


It’s like buying two covers for the price of one. So add that minty fresh look to your living room, and keep your couch safe. All covers are tried and tested, and luckily for you this one is quite resistant to liquids. Depending on the density, your couch will be slightly protected from stains, plus the cover is machine washable so don’t worry about keeping a dirty cover. Just throw it in the washer on laundry day, let it dry and you’re good to go. Mind the straps, overstretching them may lead to actual breakage 


  • Comes in different colors
  • Comes in different sizes for different sofas
  • Is reversible and both sides have a beautiful design
  • Is easy to clean and maintain


  • Is not fire-proof or tear-resistant

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This sofa cover comes in 9 different colors and different sizes as well ranging from small to extra-large. Made from stretchy and soft velvet material, this cover will have your dog dozing before the biting instinct even kicks in. If you want style and comfort, then there you have it, this will fix all your problems and give you what you need. This cover clings to your sofa like a second skin, people may not even notice that there’s a cover on it. 


Its stretchy material makes sure that it doesn’t tear when you stretch it over your couch. So it’ll last you for a long time. From the different sizes and colors it comes in you can choose which one would suit your sofa more, from recliners, single sofas, multi-seaters, and oversized sofas, you just take your pick and let the cover do the rest. Another worry might be about your interior but push it aside because like most of these colors are neutral and will easily blend with your interior.


In detail, with this cover, you will enhance your home with a sophistication that will outweigh any regular room. The velvet covers come in very bold and neutral colors that will definitely accentuate your interior. It’s very comfortable, you and your pet would probably want to snuggle on that couch all day and do nothing else. 


Which can act as a plus since your pet won’t even have the audacity to cause any more damage to your couch. The good thing about velvet is that you can wash it, and it won’t fade or lose texture at all. So don’t worry about having to wash it. Just throw it in the washer and you’re good to go. Unlike other covers, this one is conveniently strapless, but still has a strong grip and an elasticized bottom so it won’t slip or fall off your couch.


  • It is conveniently strapless
  • It is made from quality velvet
  • It is soft and comfortably warm
  • You can choose from different colors


  • Is not waterproof or resistant to stains

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Let’s check the main points firstly; waterproof, quilted, non-slip and washable. There’s never been a better combination for any sofa cover. Protection, comfort and looks, what more could you ever want? In fact, what more could you expect from a sofa cover. This cover comes to you in 7 different colors and different sizes that will fit from small to large. 


This is something you could describe as a functional sofa cover. It’s different, unique and will have you wondering what took you so long to find it. With this cover, you’re bringing to very couch an unprecedented feeling. It’s highly recommendable for leather couches so don’t worry about slips and all. 

It has an even stronger grip if your sofa happens to be sofa. Let’s talk about your furry pet, are you tired of always having to deal with pet hair when cleaning the couch, this cover clearly solves that problem and will even protect your couch from stains, wetness, bites, chews and all those things that have you worried. 


Talk about style and design this cover brings both to your home. The puppy paw print backing keeps the cover steady and still  so it doesn’t shift unnecessarily. The paw prints are silicon rubber and provide leakage protection as well as avoid slips. I’ll say this again, from being waterproof, non-slip what more could you possibly want or need on a couch cover. 


To make things even better, it’s easy to wash and clean, just throw it in the washer with your laundry and it will come out looking as bright and as new as the day you bought it. The quilted surface will give your couch a new and better look. Putting protection aside, it will leave your furniture with a fresh look and aesthetic appeal as well. With the right color, you could improve your interior, this here, is the right cover for you, with the style and protection you need. 


  • It is highly recommended for leather sofas
  • Has a grip and will not slip off
  • Has a quilted surface
  • It is waterproof and easy to clean


  • May not be as resistant to sharp objects

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What we have here is a reversible 2-tone cover. It comes in 15 different color matches. The size is optional, depending on if you have a chair-25”, loveseat-46”, sofa-66”, oversized sofa-78”,recliner-23” and an oversized recliner-28”, 70” as well as L-Shaped shaped. This will give you sofa an elegant look bringing brightness and aesthetic appeals to your living room. 


Not only will it make your sofa look more beautiful but it will offer protection from a lot of damages that could be rummaging through your pet’s mind. Forget your worries, buy this cover and know that automatically your couch is in a safe haven and it’s fully protected. 

From different sizes and looks, this cover opposes cheap quality. 


Made from thick microfiber with an elegant quilted surface, this cover is very much waterproof. You can double the use since it’s reversible with 2 different colors. Don’t worry about it sliding off since it’s smooth on both sides, it does come with elastic straps that will secure it in place as well as two foam pipes that you can tuck into the grooves on two sides of the couch. With this cover, rest assured your couch is protected and left with an aesthetic appeal.


  • It is comfortable and cozy
  • Made from thick micro-fiber hence protects your couch from certain liquids
  • It is made from high quality material
  • It’s Reversible and sides can be switched
  • Has elastic attachments


  • Elastic Straps can break if over-stretched

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Getting couch covers for sectional sofas is one of the hardest tasks. But lucky enough OstepDecor is here to save the day. Coming in pieces and not as a set this cover is actually a multi-purpose cover. Besides protecting sofas it can be a floor rug, baby play-mat, window bench-mat or a floor pad. 


It’s made to be thick and heavy so that it stays in place to protect your furniture. It’s a velvet cover, so you are guaranteed a super soft and cozy feeling when you sit. However, though your couch will be fully protected picking pet hairs may not be the easiest thing to do. 


Looking deeper, this couch cover is very easy to install, it’s smooth and soft and perfect for both leather and fabric sofas. The velvet is thick padded and has non-slip backing silicon rubber that also aids its steadiness. All in all, it’s multifunctional and suitable for all seasons. It will protect your couch from spills, tears, stains, pets and many other dangers that both humans and animals may bring to your couch. 


  • It is smooth and soft
  • It has a silicon rubber backing to prevent slipping off
  • It’s quite stylish giving your couch a firm look
  • It’s a multi-purpose and multi-functional couch cover


  • Is not fire-resistant and may tear is handled with sharp objects

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Buyer’s Guide


Dogs are very lovable creatures. However, some of the things they do though with innocent intentions may send our tempers spiralling out of control. From staining our couches, biting on the armrests, digging and scratching everything till they reach their goal (pheeew) that’s actually a lot. But if you want to protect your couch you’re going to either ban your dog from the house, get it it’s own dog house and bed. Or you could get a cover that will be the sacrificial knight of your couch. A cover will go through everything that your couch is supposed to go through, blocking all stains and damage that may affect your couch. 



No dog should ever sit on human furniture. There’s furniture specifically designed for dogs. Sofas, beds, heck dogs even have a house built for them. However, what can you do when those puppy eyes look at you and you can’t chase it from your couch or bed and all you can do is just cuddle and snuggle with it. Dogs are protective and get attached real quick. So your dog may have its own bed or even its own house but it will still want to cuddle with you always. So it’ll constantly be on that couch or bed that you don’t want it on. 



Depending on the type of couch you have in your house. Some covers may slip off or slide off easily. The best option would be to have some straps installed so you can hook it from the back and keep its place or you can get a few with a grip at the bottom so they don’t slide off easily. Some covers, however, come with both straps and the non-skid grip so you can have the best of both worlds. 



There are many different ways to keep your couch cushions looking plump and healthy. You could go with them to professional manufacturers so they can mend them and fill them up, or you go DIY and cut out some foam squares and stuff them into cushions until you get the feeling that you want. 



Like mist animals, gods hate having their bodies handled or changed or experimented on. If you want to give your dog Mani-Pedi, good luck. if you’re lucky it will let you, however, it might as well become aggressive if you try to force it. The end result is what matters, it might end up liking the idea of hating even more.

Final Thoughts

So how are you feeling? Finally, your couch is safe, your dog is happy and obviously you’re happy right? After all this, I mean who wouldn’t be happy. Now your couch is going to serve you for a longer time and whilst other people’s couches wear down and age down you will still be having that crispy look. Looking all young and fresh all the while looking all stylish and matching your interior. 


If anything, getting a cover to protect your couch is one of the best ways to keep your couch for longer without having to change your lifestyle in any way. I hope you found what you were looking for. I’m certain you feel like this is the best thing you’ve ever done for your couch and trust me it really is. Enjoy your shopping eyy, and enjoy the new look and feel of your couch afterwards.

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