How Much Does it Cost to Reupholster a Couch

With a bit of luck, you can reupholster your couch for under a hundred dollars. The cost increases based on the material you may need to get, and if you choose to pay someone for the work. Having a coach in your home is a blessing. A safe space. An area in your living room that is filled with pleasant memories of a person you once were. What it also often has is scratches, pet fur and a nagging feel that you need to do something to spruce it up. What exactly though? How can you get your couch back to looking like you don’t live with monsters? Well, you can upholster it!

Once upon a time, my friend came over to visit me with his pet dog. Whilst we were in the kitchen having a beer, he was in the living room having dinner. Came out to find all my couches on the floor. I sighed in relief because I knew this was the push, I need to give my old friend a makeover. So, I set out to find out how I would go about reupholstering my couch. Besides, it has sentimental value that a new one wouldn’t have. That’s the beauty of a piece of furniture you love.

What materials would I need? How long would it take? Most importantly I was worried about how much it cost. How much fabric I would need and if it had to be new fabric. This mattered to me because I wanted to know whether I would be better off simply purchasing a new couch. How much would a new couch cost? This is a big issue I think a lot of people are facing right now and with everything going on in life now people may just not have the time. I enjoy doing some repairs, so having my sofa reupholstered by someone else wasn’t on the cards. Well hopefully with this information the procrastination will end today. Enjoy the project. Get quotes from a carpenter to decide where you time is best spent.

List of things that you may need to use:

Here is a list of things you will most likely need to buy. The list isn’t full proof, but it will give you an idea of the most important things.

  1. Staple Gun

You will need this to staple the material to the sofa structure when you are done adding it to the couch. You can use a hammer if you want to buy this could result in you wasting staples by accident. You do not need a permit to buy this it’s available in most hardware stores.

2. ½ inch steel staples

You can get these at basically any hardware store. You will need to take care not to drop any on the floor and step on them because they can cause a nasty injury. You will need to use about 40 per yard.

3. Flathead screwdriver

Often the wooden structure that holds the couch together will need to be briefly disassembled in order to securely fit the new material you want to use on the couch.

4. Liquid Stitch Glue

This will be used to secure the stitches on your couch in the areas in which the staples cannot reach.

5. Upholstery Twist Pins

For the top of the couch, people often do not use staples because guests or themselves are likely to put their hands there therefore they could get hurt or damage the couch. People normally use twist pins for this part. 

6. Fabric

The fabric you choose will be a personal decision. Find a material store that sells high-quality material in order to ensure the couch lasts quite long. Find out the cost per yard. Measure the furniture to decide how many yards of fabric you will need. Measuring your sofa to see how much fabric you will need per cushion is essential. A cushion sofa will require reupholstery on the frame as well.

Step by Step Process.

  1. Stand the couch up vertically

To begin you will need to put the couch up in such a way that you can easily unscrew the legs of the ouch. All four of them will need to go. After this, you can remove the dust cover that is at the bottom. Be careful because if you do this in the lounge you will need to be prepared for the dust to fall out.

2. Remove the Staples

At the bottom of the couch is where you will find the main staples that are attached to the structure of the sofa. You can do this will a pair of pliers or just a knife if you do not have one. You will not be using these staples again so avoid losing them on the carpet and ensure they are disposed of. 

3. Remove the upholstery

At this point, we will begin to remove the fabric. This must be done in a careful manner which avoids damaging the stuffing of the couch because we will still need this after. 

4. Cover the springs with batting

You will now need to cover the springs and arms of the couch with batting. This is a sheet-like material that will protect the wood and springs of the chair from any moisture seeping through the couch.

5. Adding fabric

Now you will begin to add the fabric to all the cushions. Seeing as these can come off, they are much easier to add. Avoid using staples here but rather you will have to sew these on. After that, you can begin to staple the fabric to the sections of the couch at the bottom. It is common to build your way up. Ensure that you have the correct measurements for the fabric or else you will need to adjust as you go, and this will need more staples.

How Long it will take

For a beginner, this is not a one-day job that’s for sure. You can expect this to take you a couple of days depending on how much time you allocate to it daily. If possible, get an extra pair of hands to help. Professionals can get through it in a few hours. That is reflected in the cost.

Things to look out for

You will want to avoid leaving any of the staples or pins used exposed. Even if it is in a place where no one can reach it such as under the couch. You will never know when something could happen. You should also avoid rushing the job. Try to perfect it because if not you will just end up sending the couch to a professional. The repairs need to improve the furniture that they are replacing, otherwise it is not worth the trouble.

Is it worth it to reupholster a sofa?

Yes, reupholstering a good sofa is worthwhile. There are some incredible pieces that you cannot get in the same quality any more. If you love you sofa, and want to keep it,re

Is it cheaper to reupholster or buy new?

Is it less expensive to reupholster a couch? That depends on the type of couch that you are reupholstering. As a general guideline, it is worth remembering that upholstery is charged on a project to project basis. There is no baseline cost, except for labor. The upholstery fabric will determine how much you are charged. Delicate material that requires more attention to detail cost more on average. Large sofas or pieces that cannot be taken to the furniture reupholstery repair shop may cost more. You would be charged a call out fee.

Is it hard to reupholster a couch?

It can be hard to reupholster a couch if you are not experienced. The average person will need to allow themselves plenty of time for an upholstery project. Other than labor, the pros have skills that you may not have. To give yourself the best chance, make sure you have the right tools and material.


To end this, it would be a good idea for you to get a tailor to check if the measurements you have are correct when planning to reupholster your couch. Be prepared to spend time and a bit of money on the process. Take care to ensure that safety is always maintained i.e. ensure all nails, pins and staples are accounted for constantly. You should be good to go. I believe the best way to learn is to try and so do not be disappointed if you get it wrong a couple of times.

The key thing is how much you save from repairing your sofa instead of buying a new one. If you are hiring someone factor in how much you pay them per hour as part of the price to reupholster. A good job could last you up to 10 years. It will be as good as new. What was the average cost of the material you used? Where there any labor costs included? How long did reupholstering a couch take you?

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