Cosmo Mid Century Modern Leather Match Gold Accent Club Sofa

Considering getting the Cosmo Mid Century Modern Leather Match Gold Accent Club Sofa? Are you looking to bring style and gusto to your home or office? This sofa right here may just be your best option. Think of a sofa that can be both visually appealing and just as comfortable for your body. 

This is a sofa that offers support in the most luxurious way possible. Like all club chairs trust me, this sofa is set to have heads turning and people rushing to sit on it. It has a classic look that allows it to fit in and blend with almost any interior you set it in.

Cosmo Mid Century Modern Leather Match Gold Accent Club Sofa

Bring a little bit of Mad Men into your home with this dashingly dapper Cosmo Sofa. Upholstered from a buttery-soft leather match, this unique piece comes in (2) classic Mid Century hues that Navy and Cognac. 

The Cosmo sofa features slinky gold legs that create a striking accent against the rich leather, and will seamlessly blend into your preferred decor. A low, club-style profile makes Cosmo a perfect piece for creating an elevated atmosphere without sacrificing modern comfort


  • Is made from leather hence waterproof and stain resistant
  • Is easy to clean and maintain
  • Is a stylish sofa that is also comfortable
  • Can be used in a home or work environments


  • Is not as spacious as regular sofas



When we talk about looks I have to say that this sofa definitely deserves a high five, if only it had arms. This two-seat leather sofa comes with an elegant and sophisticated aura that could dim up any hype in the room and set an exemplary form of control.

Cosmo Mid Century Modern Leather Match Gold Accent Club Sofa

The dark colors dim the accent in a room and make it seem like a boring set-piece but that is quickly overlooked because of the booming class and elegance that it will bring to you. This sofa comes in navy blue or brown cognac making it very acceptable in almost every set up out there. 

It chooses to feature more of a natural set up, every color that exists either influences a natural warm feeling or it gives out a calm balanced aura that will definitely make you home seem calm and very peaceful.



You will want this sofa to be more of a loveseat than a regular sofa. It comes at a cute size that will definitely have you drooling and wanting to snuggle up on it every day. Unlike any other sofa, you will have out there, you find they all come in different shapes and sizes. 

This one comes in one definite shape and in a full space-efficient size. With this cosmo sofa, you will find that it looks like a regular sofa, to be specific it can classify as a two-seat sofa or a loveseat sofa. 

It comes at a reasonable size so that it can fit with any room size and room shape. Here we have the two-seat sofa that comes at the following measurement with a dimension of (Hx W xD):34.2″ x77.1″ x 32.6″.


When it comes to comfort I think I have to applaud this sofa. You will find that not only did they design a sofa that would offer you amazing comfort but they also decided to make everything else suited to comfort and support you. 

The seat cushions are supportive and medium-firm; however, the major comfort flaw with this sofa is the back cushions. While the number of cushions varies depending on the accents you throw in otherwise the whole back tends to be quite flat and the thickness is constant when compared to the seat cushions. 

If you were looking for a sofa to cuddle up on or snuggle up and read a novel then I guess we have found it. The sofa does not come with any covers but you can definitely have ones custom made that are removable and easy to wash.


When it comes to price, I know for a fact that leather will never disappoint. Being a natural material it will last longer than all other synthetic sofas and it will still look just as good as the day you bought it. With a strong wooden frame, this sofa will be the heirloom of your family. 

Coming to you with a steady and sturdy feel what more could you ask from this sofa. As we all know leather is waterproof and stain-resistant. When it comes to cleaning you do have to be very careful as too much water could ruin the natural look of the leather. 

At the same time, it would be wise to use a leather conditioner just to keep it moisturized and shining. Plus adding a scented leather polish would really help with the leather smell.


You know how under normal cases regular leather sofas tend to be a tad bit pricey. Well, this leather sofa like the rest of the sofa is just like that. Coming with a high price tag. I have to say that it is expensive but can be affordable depending on how you are willing to bend your budget. 

However looking at the style, durability and to some extent even the size of the sofa, I would say that this sofa could definitely cost more and we wouldn’t mind at all.


When it comes to the sofas, what matters the most is that your needs are met and you are comfortable with the sofa you have. I would recommend this sofa to anyone who would want a luxurious feel of comfort in their home however it isn’t a state of emergency nor is it a must. 

The price does come a bit too high and if it isn’t suitable for your budget then you should not stress yourself one bit. Besides the high price, I am certain that you will fall in love with everything else about this sofa. 

From its looks to the form of comfort and style that it will serve up in your home. This is the sofa you need when you want something simple but you still want to show off the classic taste that is in your mind.

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