Cornerstone Wood Amish Classic Bent Arm Mission Futon Frame Oak

Unlike regular sofas, futons are actually great for long term sleeping arrangements. How does the Cornerstone Wood Amish Classic Bent Arm Mission Futon Frame Oak sound? In this case, you have visitors over and they are staying for like a week or more, at least they don’t have to crowd up on the couch in your living room. 

So if you want to get a futon, at least now you know that it’s affordable, practical, space-saving and multi-functional. This is where it wins over a regular couch. You’ll find that with a regular sofa you can just set it out in the living room and no matter how cramped up you won’t have any issues.

Cornerstone Wood Amish Classic Bent Arm Mission Futon Frame Oak

With a futon, however, if you don’t have enough width in a room then you can’t stretch the bed and obviously it will seize its functionality as a futon. 

Now with this futon right here each full or queen futon frame is American Made with Solid Wood Construction, Mortise and Tenon Construction, and Solid Joinery Hand Made in Pennsylvania by Amish Craftsmen so you definitely know what you are in for. 

This beautiful classic solid Oak Bent Arm mission classic is made to last a lifetime. All of the lumber used by our expert Amish craftsmen is regionally sourced and our responsibly managed forests make our wood truly a renewable resource. 

The trees chosen for lumber are carefully selected by farmers with an eye toward the health of the rest of the trees, and the continuation of their family’s legacy in forestry.


  • Is a very comfortable piece of furniture
  • Can convert to a bed easily
  • Is easy to clean and maintain
  • Has a sleek and modern design


  • Is not waterproof or stain resistant



Well, one thing this sofa is, let us call it beautiful. With its sleek and modern design, this sofa definitely qualifies for an award when it comes to looks. Calling it beautiful may not even be enough to fully explain what this futon is. 

This futon is now available

Cornerstone Wood Amish Classic Bent Arm Mission Futon Frame Oak

However, it is very stylish which is the best way to put it. It has these amazing color prints in the mattress that just brings out the beauty of the sofa. If you are looking for that futon that will transform your home to something amazing then this futon here is what you need in your space. 

It comes contemporary styled but it can definitely work with any interior or even exterior. This is the futon that you will want in your bedroom by the window. 

It is also that futon that you want to see in your hallway when you get back from work. Worse off if you are looking for a futon that you can put on the patio as you enjoy the sunset, this here will give you what you are looking for.



When it comes to size this here is a regular futon that you would find in most futon shops. It will fit perfectly well in any room or any space that you set it in. However, you may have to consider an allowance space seeing as since it converts to a bed it will need to stretch out. 

This futon can be used for seating by roughly two or even three people. However as a bed, I would say it is more comfortable and appropriate for one person but if you want to go ahead with two people, no one can blame. 

Everyone would want to sleep on this futon. So if you have a small apartment or an office you want to fill up. If you have a bedroom you are trying to design or if you just want a secondary furniture piece in your home. This futon right here will do the trick for you.


I always believe that something feels how it looks. So if it looks hard I wouldn’t expect it to be soft. Now when it comes to this futon what you see is what you get. From my eyes, I see a very comfortable futon that will have you napping constantly, and that ladies and gentlemen, is exactly what you will get from this futon. 

Available in full or queen sizes this futon will provide both the look and the feeling. It comes with an Easy Opening & Closing Sofa Bed so you won’t actually take up much time when converting it to a sofa. 

American Made Furniture so you definitely know that it is not only stylish but comfortable as well. This is one of those pieces of furniture that will never disappoint because they are just incapable of it.

Durability and Price

Each full or queen futon frame is American Made Furniture, Solid Wood Construction, Mortise and Tenon Construction, and Solid Joinery Methods. Each frame is hand-rubbed with a natural linseed oil finish to protect and display the natural grain and color of the wood. 

With Natural Hand Rubbed Linseed Oil Finish and no VOC this futon is very safe for Organic Homes. With High-Quality American Oak Utilizing Strict Standards Of Sustainable Forest Management and Mortise and Tenon Construction with Solid Joinery Methods, this futon comes with a lifetime warranty because they know that there is no way this futon could ever disappoint you. 

The best part being that even though it is such a beautiful futon that is not only comfortable but is also strong and durable. This futon still comes at a very affordable price that can’t even distinguish its functionality. Don’t waste any time and get this futon right away. It is definitely worth it.


I guess at this point it’s pretty much safe to say that I approve. This futon has really set a deep and great margin for all of us. I wouldn’t be able to imagine this futon not being in your home. 

From its style, durability and even the comfort it provides this futon is definitely a winner. So get yours now and see your home transform into this amazing sanctuary with this beautiful and functional futon.

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