Compact Sofa: 5 That You Must Check Out

Are you looking for a compact sofa? Do you need something that can fit into a small living room, bedroom or a home office? Something that can be loud and have a big impact but still be small in size. If that’s what you need then compact sofas are the way to go. These sofas are perfect for small spaces and still offer the required comfort. Though coming out as small a compact sofa will still speak volumes about your style, and it’ll still be an investment in your life.

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Now if you want to maintain your interior’s essence, not to worry compact sofas come in different shapes and styles so we can definitely find one that will suit you and your home. Since they come in all these varieties, let’s use your imagination and with our guiding tips and products, let us hope we manage to find you exactly what you’re looking for.

Note that for a compact sofa there are so many styles to pick from. A few could be modern styles with a contemporary edge. Whilst others can turn out to be very traditional and classic it’s all up to you, the final decision is yours and you have all the time in the world to make it.

In A Hurry

However, if you’re here that means you want to get this done and over with. You don’t want to waste time looking for a sofa. That’s why we’re here, with our guide we’ll help you get an idea of the product you want. Let’s start off by saying welcome and try to enjoy this journey, let your worries go and let us help you. Together we’ll walk through a few selected compact sofas of different brands, styles, colors and functionality. So let’s begin now, shall we? 

Remember to use your imagination and visualise the sofa right there, where you want it. It’ll lessen the chances of making the worst sofa choice. So let’s go!!


The Futon lounger sit and sleep sofa is our top pick. If not for its elegance, it would have been the sturdy structure to do the trick. It is a well-made piece of furniture perfect for any home.


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This Futon lounger sit and sleep sofa comes with a simple and elegant look fit for small living space or a bedroom. It’s perfect If you constantly take naps or full-blown sleep sessions on the sofa making it the ideal piece in a college dorm or studio apartment. It’s a comfortable furniture piece that offers a relaxing set whether you’re in sit mode or sleep mode and what makes it better is the fact that you can change it to a bed. 

So if you have that one friend who always knocks out when they come for drinks, don’t leave them on the floor you have an extra bed now. Or if you prefer spending your Friday night cuddled up in front of your Tv then voila!! meet your new cuddle buddy. 

Unlike most sofas this futon comes ready to be geared up into any of the 3 positions; sit, lounge or sleep. The full piece includes 2 pillows and a metal powder-coated wood frame, the 5 to 6-inch mattresses rest on wood slats, giving both the mattresses and you the support needed. It is set at 3 dimensions for the 3 positions it can gear into and they come as follows:

Sit Dimension; 66”*33”*31”

Lounge Dimension; 72”*33”*31”

Mattress Dimension; 79”*32”* 5 or 6”

The mattress and pillows have a suede finish and are made from 100% polyester blend, and the mattress fill is 80% blended cotton and 20% foam. There are so many fabric choices you can choose from if you want to order one with a different you just call and let them know.


  • Perfect for naps and sleeping
  • Can be set into 3 different positions
  • Can be an extra bed
  • Comes In different colors
  • Firm and comfortable


  • Is not waterproof.
  • Prone to stains

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This sofa comes with a simple look, nothing about it is too loud or attention-grabbing, but it is very smart and elegant. The perfect loveseat if you are someone who enjoys wine whilst snuggled up in a blanket listening to some golden tracks. Made from reliable fibre if you’re planning to keep this sofa in your life then yes, what are you waiting for, buy it already. 

It’s the perfect couch for movie-nights with a  loved one or game night with friends and drinks. It offers a relaxing and soft embrace because of its multiple layers of cushions. The polyester covering will last you up to years meaning you have more years of this soft, comfortable and relaxing piece in your home. 

This piece here comes in 2 colors, either you’ll get a soft grey color or grey with a hint of green. It’s a 53.5-inch sofa with classic flared arms, tufted in a mid-century styling. The stress-free fabrics on it are durable as well as easy to clean, which is exactly why they were chosen for this particular sofa. It has a strong wood frame that is wrapped in cozy foam cushions giving you the comfortable firm feel you want. Now the question is, could it be the one? if so order yours now and let’s wait for that delivery


  • Easy to clean
  • Durable fabric
  • Fabric won’t tear easily
  • Has a strong wood frame
  • The sofa will last long
  • Easy to assemble


  • Is a compact loveseat may not be comfortable for long naps

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The Honbay convertible L-shaped couch is a modern linen fabric sofa that comes as a solution for small spaces, studio apartments and home offices. It will give any room a refreshing style at the same time demonstrating your unique taste of style. Looking at it, you can tell that it is the perfect combination of function and fashion and that is the very look we want in our living room. 

Adding to the comfort it gives, this couch is easy to clean (dry cloth and wipe) and the durable linen fabric will not let you down anytime soon. It has a strong footwork structure allowing it to hold at most 660lbs. Adding to style it’s a sofa with a reversible chaise lounge so think of all the cozy positions you can get it into at the same time keeping your small space neat. 

This convertible sofa come in either dark grey or beige and is made from fabric and wood. The cushions that you will sit on have a nice and firm feel and you will never have to worry about sinking in which we all know the most dreadful experience when it comes to sitting down. 

It’s a space saver and at the same time is reversible perfect for trying out different styles without occupying much space. The chaise lounge is reversible meaning you can use it as part of the sofa, a table or rest the positioning will entirely be up to you. With its weight capacity of 660lbs, this sofa comes at dimensions set at 78.5l*30.3w*35h in inches.


  • Firm and comfortable
  • Made from durable fabric
  • Can stand up to 660lbs
  • Has durable legs
  • Has reversible chaise lounge
  • Can be switched to different positions to suit your space and style


  • Requires assembly
  • Is not stain resistant

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The Lottie 2-seater couch is exactly what you need if you what something small but with a big impact. The sofa grabs attention more than it grabs space. When it comes to this sofa, size doesn’t impact its style nor its ability to light a room up. It has a Mid-Century design with a curved contemporary style making it suitable for almost any small space interior. 

For the price it holds, this 2-seater is a grab, it’ll make for an incredible addition to your interior, it will last you long and the fact that it doesn’t sit directly on the floor makes it an even better piece if you’re serious about cleaning. So if you’re looking for something that will add style and comfort to your home, something that looks expensive will a simple classy style, then you should definitely go for this sofa. 

This Lottie 2-seater comes in 5 colors, you can choose one that will suit you between a toast brown shade, silver, wine red, navy and grey. This Mid-century styled sofa has button detail on the backrest and angled solid feet made from light wood, making enough room just below the sofa in case you want to clean, vacuum or sweep. 

It seats at dimensions of 127W*75H*79D IN cm. However, with this piece, be careful not to randomly clean it as it requires professional cleaning, although vacuuming or sweeping of some dust wouldn’t do much harm now, would it? You’d also be very pleased to know that it comes with a 10-year guarantee, so why not order now and get yours as soon as possible!


  • Is very comfortable
  • Very compact and perfect for small spaces
  • Has angled wooden feet
  • Comes in color of choice
  • Can blend with simple and professional interiors
  • Affordable


  • May be too small for comfortable naps

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If you need something with an easy but expensive look. Something that will definitely offer the softest touch allowing you to sink in its warm embrace, a Westbury 2-Seater could be your best choice yet. It’s back cushions are feather filled with the seat cushions being half-filled with high-density foam and half-filled with feathers.

Besides you not completely sinking when you sit seeing as it offers a semi firm-semi fluffy feel, it comes with an enveloping design offering you that body-hugging comfort we all seek after a long day. 

For such a sofa, to keep it looking good and feeling good it requires a professional upholstery cleaning and for the fabric there are professional cleaning services that can do that for you, if you want or need their services in the future you can just contact the company and they’ll give you the required details.

The frame for this sofa apart from being guaranteed for 5 years but only against manufacturing defects is made from kiln-dried wood which is hand-constructed for durability. The seat cushions are made from high-density foam as well as feathers, hence offering that firm comfortable feel when you sit. 

The back cushions are filled with feathers making sure that your back is supported by a warm and soft embrace. The fabric is 100% polyester hence quite resistant to scratches and tears and if you feel like you want custom fabric, you can contact the company but additional costs will apply.

Dimensions: 170L*96D*41H in cm


  • Made from polyester fabric hence durable
  • Frame comes with a 5-year guarantee against manufacturing defects
  • Comfortable with feather filled back cushions
  • Has an expensive elegant look
  • You can get custom fabric for the sofa


  • Cleaning may not be as simple

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Buyer’s Guide


Sofas vary in size but for a standard sofa, it would have to be 6 to 8 feet long and 32” to 40” deep. Also keeping in mind that the actual depth of a sofa’s seating area will be reduced by the depth of the sofa’s arms and the depth of the back as well 


Generally speaking, a compact sofa is a small sofa designed for small spaces, so if the 2-seater is small then yes, it will be a compact sofa. However, compact sofas can come as recliners or even sectionals or in other designs and styles as well. 


Sofa fillings are either made from foam, fibre or feathers. Each filling will leave its own feel, some from a firm and stiff others to fluffy and soft. 


Since a sofa will probably be used every day for different activities it will need durable material. The most common would be cotton and linen as they can last longer in most cases. However, though expensive, top-grain leather will last even longer and will take a while before showing signs of wear. 


Microfiber couches are easy to maintain and clean especially for spills and stains. They are string and can withstand heavy usage and are resistant to most casualties. 


On average a sofa will last about 15 years depending on the framing and material used. However if heavily used and poorly maintained it could last for 10 or even less years. It also depends on the upholstery, quality leather will get you up to 25 years or more if properly maintained. 


You should consider changing your sofa when it no longer gives you the comfort you need or when its now a liability and too many repairs are required. You should also consider replacing it when the cushions are now flat or at least before the cushions start sagging. While it’s still in saleable condition at least you get something out of it. 


If you like moving things around a lot and you like redecorating regularly especially in a small space then a futon is better. Futons are more versatile and are also cheaper when compared to regular sofa bed. But if you want a full on setting for a house then a sofa bed would be ideal, its best when you’re it amongst other furniture pieces so you get something that will blend in directly.


Some sources describe a sofa as a wooden bench that’s covered in cushions and blankets saying that the term “sofa” comes from the Arabic word “Suffah”. These may seat 4 or more people. A couch on the other hand, by different sources, is described as a comfort-driven piece that normally accommodates maybe 2 to 3 people. They also say a couch has no arms and in terms of size is always smaller when compared to a sofa.

Final Thoughts

To sum it all up, when buying a sofa of any kind you should have an idea of what you want, how you want to use it and what you expect from using it. You need to know the size you want, the shape, the style, the fabric and even the color. All these will come together and give the perfect sofa that will not only suit your style but will blend in with your interior as well leaving you satisfied. We have done our part and sadly this is where we part ways, hopefully this guide was of use. Enjoy your shopping and Good Luck!!! 

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