How can I Clean my Fabric Sofa Naturally?

Are you browsing the market for the best natural cleaner for a fabric sofa? You don’t get natural cleaning from even some of the Best Cleaners for Fabric Couches.

As long as the couch is not wrapped in plastic, it will always accumulate dirt. People with children and pets will agree that a sofa in the house won’t remain clean. A couch will accumulate dust and dirt, especially between the crevices.

The goal is always to have a fresh, soft and sanitary couch. We want to avoid any cleaning errors that will result in the sofa losing value, including discolouration and thinning of fabric.
Achieving this is possible with the methods we are going to investigate in this article below.

Cleaning with Baking Soda

This process should take you about an hour to complete. It is one of the most simple on the list but one of the more timely. It is well designed to deal with any foul odours, light dirt and pet hairs.

When going about this process, the most efficient way is to take off any seat cushions and put them somewhere else. Now we want to get a sieve and place enough amount of baking soda in there, and this should be equal to about a tablespoon.

Once done, we want to go over the entire surface off the sofa, lightly hitting the seafood in the teaspoon. This should allow the sieve to disperse baking soda on the whole couch evenly. Do not forget about the cushions. Make sure that you also cover these with baking powder on both sides.

Once complete, we will get out a very soft brush and begin massaging the powder into the fabric. Try to do these inconsistent circles all over the entirety of the surface.

Once this is done, you want to get out a spray nozzle container and fill it with water. The plan after that will be to spray the entire surface of the couch with some water. Do this about two or three times from about 30 centimetres away.

Leave the couch to rest for one hour to deal with all the foul odours successfully. After an hour, we get out our vacuum cleaner and attach the upholstery attachment. Begin to perform short side to side strokes of the entire surface of the couch. This will work wonders to allow us to get rid of all the powder from the surface of the sofa.

Cleaning with Lemon Juice

Lemon juice has high acidity which can break down dirt stains in a similar fashion to what baking soda can do. It adds a lovely lemon-fresh smell, which deals with any odours plaguing your sofa.

The first step to take will be placing 10mls of lemon juice into a cup of water. You can also add a tablespoon of white vinegar to this mix. Next, we’re going to want to add half a tablespoon of dishwashing liquid to the mixture. Once done, we’ll get out a soft brush and lightly dab it in this concoction.

When this is complete, we can then scrub the entire surface of the couch. The benefit of this is that you do not need to use a vacuum because the mixture is not for deep cleaning. Instead, you should make use of this mixture when you want to freshen up and rejuvenate a couch. It is a very soft cleaning mix that will handle light stains and foul odours.

Cleaning with olive oil

This is a natural mixture that is useful to protect fabric in the long term. Its rejuvenating powers come to life when combined with vinegar and essential oils. Mixing 1/4 cup of olive oil, half a cup of white vinegar, and one or two drops of a sweet centred essential oil will create something quite helpful for you. Place all this in a spray bottle and then lightly glaze over the entire surface of the sofa.

Once complete, you can brush over the coating with a light brush. When this is done, you can place it out into the sun to dry oil ensure that the area where the sofa is, is well ventilated. Once again, this is not one of the best tactics you can use to do a deep clean. It is nice and simple to do quite frequently. It works well to help maintain the freshness and glow of the couch.

Steam cleaning

Steam cleaning is one of the most popular ones that people use today. Use a steam vacuum cleaner. Connect the upholstery attachment to the steam vacuum cleaner and begin to go over the entire sofa. Do this in short side to side strokes that will help to generate a high frequency on any stains that look tough.

Often the best way to get excellent results is to combine this with precleaning. The precleaning will involve the use of one of the mixtures listed above. These will make getting rid of stains much easier, and it will also help cement the new rejuvenated and fresh smell.


Can I put baking soda on my couch?

It is safe to put baking soda on your couch.

How do I clean my sofa myself?

The easiest way to do this is with a steam cleaner.

How do you clean a couch without leaving watermarks?

Make sure you thoroughly brush over the couch evenly after cleaning. Ensure that the whole couch dries evenly.

How do you wash fabric that cannot be washed?

You can brush over it with a fabric cleaning solvent and then brush over it again with water.

Can I use laundry detergent to clean my couch?

Usually, it is safe to use laundry detergent on your couch if it is highly diluted. You should check the instructions tag that comes with the fabric couch. This will often be found on the cushions, explaining what you can and cannot use.

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