Classic Sofa: 5 Amazing Options

Are you looking to add an elegant classic piece of furniture in your living room? I believe there should be a proverb like “the sofa in the room, is the elephant amongst the furniture”. It’s a well known fact that the couch will always be the centre of attention in the lounge or living room that’s why finding that perfect couch is always a stressful task. There are so many things to consider when deciding on which couch to buy. 

You have to know the appropriate size for the room its intended for, the colors that will blend with the space, you also have to be very specific on the quality of material you need, the durability (groans) it’s such a stressful task, like high school all over again. The decision you make will have a long-term effect, now I don’t mean to scare you but imagine walking into a room everyday for the next 25 years and looking at that one mistake you made all because you didn’t take your time in thinking it through.

So since you’re here, i guess you don’t want to make that mistake. Now just so we’re clear, the choice is entirely up to you but do keep in mind that it’s your money, and you’re going to have to live with that decision for the next couple of years. Let’s walk through a few pointers you have to keep in check when purchasing a couch. 

  • Look at your budget and decide what best suits your budget and what you can afford. 
  • Now after looking at the range of products in your budget, make sure you choose the right fabric and make sure its genuine fabric we don’t want to have a couch that will tear, fray or fade color within a few months now would we.

In A Hurry

So you obviously want to get this done as quickly as possible but with the most satisfying results at the end of it. Here is a quick guide showing some of the classic couches in the market. Hopefully at the end of this you’ll have a pick or at least an idea of what you want and what you don’t want. So let’s go through our guide and see what tickles your funny bone.When you have your target make sure it will blend with your lifestyle, look on the color, the size, the type and how best you can maintain it, that is to say, will you be able to take care of it, afford repairs incase something does happen, remember we want this to be your best asset not a lability.


Our top pick is the Classic and Traditional Ultra Comfortable Linen Fabric Sofa. It is available in a range of colours. It is quite spacious.


Our Reviews

Classic Living Room Linen Sofa with Nailhead Trim


This classic living room sofa is quite simple with nailhead trim lining on the arms. It’s perfect if you’re a simple person with classic taste and a fetish for elegant features. In any room this sofa would probably force you to want to sit, relax and just enjoy a movie or a snack nothing too hectic, nothing too vibrant just a simple lifestyle with a calm routinely life. Now it’s time for the juicy part, this couch comes with a concealed storage space underneath the seat cushions, hiding the remote when you don’t want people changing channel will be the easiest task yet. You could also keep your movie and book collections in there, maybe non perishable snacks as well, it’s really up to you i mean it’s concealed who’d ever guess that you’re sitting on food??. So if you’re considering this couch lets look at its main features shall we.

This is a classic sofa perfect for medium to large spaces, for small spaces it would take up much room as it is quite wide.This sofa not only combines a neat and simple style but throws in an elegant look because of the nailhead trimming. It comes in 3 colors; blue, beige and a light grey shade. It also has a secret treasure box, an 8” deep concealed storage space underneath the seat cushions, for some it’ll make it easier to hide the remote when you don’t want others to change the channel and for some it will be perfect for storing book and movie collections unless you also have something to hide.(wink). It’s made from soft linen fabric and has 4 wooden legs making it easier to move and lift. It’s dimensions are set at 33”L*77”W*31”H. 


  • Has an elegant look for a simple and classic sofa
  • Has a concealed storage space
  • Easy to assemble and won’t take much time
  • Maintenance is manageable
  • Has wooden legs
  • Made from soft linen fabric


  • It’s quite low and may result in less comfort for tall people
  • Is not waterproof hence prone to stains

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Classic and Traditional Ultra Comfortable Linen Fabric Sofa


If you feel like you want to add a touch of style and comfort to a room, then we have a winner. This couch alone with its classic design yells elegance, can’t you already see yourself sitting in its plushness, drinking wine or having a simple chat with your friends or maybe texting that one special “friend”. This linen fabric sofa though it has a classic design, it throws in hints of tradition giving it that comfortable feel. So if you’re looking for style, comfort and class, maybe the search is over. Set well and with the right color choice, this couch will blend and fit into any decor. Now let’s look at other feature details you may need to consider before you make your purchase.

From Divano Roma Furniture this classic 3 seater comes in 5 colors; beige, white, grey, purple and sky blue. It sits at dimensions of 33”L*79”W*28”H with a seat depth of 33”. The armrests have a hall-scroll design which gives complete justice if you’re really going for that classic look.the back cushions are loose hence slightly adjustable to suit a position and looking at the sofa as a whole, one can note that it is upholstered in handpicked linen fabric.. If you want something simple and classic which can hold more than 2 people maybe you should try this one.


  • Width allows for one to take a nap lying down
  • Affordable
  • Gives off the classic look
  • Is comfortable with both back and seat cushions stuffed
  • Has slightly adjustable back cushions
  • Upholstered in handpicked linen fabric


  • Prone to stains as it is not waterproof
  • Easy to damage especially by sharp objects or claws

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Large Classic and Traditional Bonded Leather Reclining Corner Sectional Sofa


This is perfect if you are a social person who loves comfort. I mean its a 6 seater leather sofa with reclining end seats. What else could you possibly need? Basically it allows for family or friends to sit around together and relax, it’s perfect for a lounge setting especially if you are a Tv fan. Excluding the comfort it offers this couch also gives out classic look, with a touch of tradition as it sets to bring family closer, but the bonded leather upholstery and reclining end seats gives it a contemporary feel. 

This type of couch yells family and love, it shouts for a social setting like having friends over and watching a movie or a football match. It calls for having your family over and catching up on old times. Almost as if it’s trying to reach for those sentimental memories and bring them to the current time. Anyways let’s check on the features and see if it has  what we need.

If you’re looking for something classic with a plush of tradition and a pinch of modern then this sofa here is for you.this 6 seater sectional sofa is made from bonded leather with overstuffed seats and armrests to give you that maximum comfort we both know you want. It’s the perfect sofa for families who enjoy sitting together and it features 2 recliner seats on each end. It comes in either black or brown standing at; 38”H*48”/62”/69”W*37”D not forgetting the 20” seat depth.


  • Upholstered with durable bonded leather
  • Can accommodate up to 6 people
  • Has a 20” seat depth
  • Is comfortable and affordable
  • Has 2 recliner seats
  • Combines a classic and modern look and feel
  • Perfect for social settings


  • Made from bonded leather hence durability as compared to that of genuine leather is lower
  • It’s a once piece set that cannot be separated

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Classic and Traditional Ultra Comfortable Linen Fabric Loveseat


We are almost done, bear with me. Here we have very comfortable linen fabric loveseat. It’s a beautiful space-saving sofa that has a low wingback style and very cozy armrests. If you’re one of those who easily doze after sitting down then this sofa might just be for you. 

It’s a simple classic design that will easily blend in with your current decor hence a perfect non-stress addition to the living room or bedroom and to make it even better, since it comes in different colors you may as well pick the one that matches most things in the room its intended for. If you’re a person who likes one color furniture pieces then maybe try this one, besides the framework, the whole couch is made from one material from the armrests to the back cushions to the seating cushions it’s all one fabric material, but just incase let’s look at what else this sofa somes with

This ultra comfy loveseat comes in 4 colors; blue, beige and 2 shades of grey. If you are a fan of linen then you will love this sofa as it is upholstered in handpicked linen fabric. It also has loose back cushions of the same fabric giving it that unified look. This plush, cozy space-saving sofa has half scroll armrests firm cushions and sturdy feet to finish off that classy look that you want. If you’re looking for something to set in a small living room or any small area, then this sofa should be the one for you.


  • Affordable
  • Cozy for small spaces
  • Very comfortable with stuffed cushions
  • Sturdy and strong feet
  • Unified look and feel
  • Fits in small spaces
  • Comes in 4 different colors


  • Not a waterproof furniture piece
  • Prone to stains and tears from liquids and sharp objects respectively

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Classic Modern Scroll Arm Velvet Chesterfield LoveSeat Sofa


Are you looking for that sophisticated and classic look? Well this Velvet chesterfield loveseat may just set an impression on you. With a mid-century look mixed with modern designs it should be perfect for a living room area or even a bedroom. The tufted armrests help this couch set in a comfortable aura in any room hence is the perfect couch to have in any room you use for relaxation and resting. With the color and setting being up to you all I can truly say is that even by just looking at it, i can tell that any room it is set in will have a rich and classic look, so let’s look at some of it features and see what else this beauty has to offer.

Now this classic beauty comes in 5 colors; black, red, blue, grey and purple. It has a premium linen upholstery so you can imagine what the texture will be like against your skin. It also comes with overstuffed arms and a full on stuffed backrest,and we most certainly can not forget the tufted plush armrests which give you not only an elegant and classic look, but the comfort as well. The seat cushions are velcro attached hence can easily be removed giving you easy access when cleaning the sofa. It has a set of Victorian style wooden legs and if that’s not classy, we wonder what is. All in all, this beauty is a small sofa for small to medium spaces, unless you want it as a decorative feature in a large room then there you have it.


  • Easy to clean as seats are removable
  • Very comfortable
  • Color choice up to buyer
  • Affordable
  • Has stylish wooden legs
  • Suitable for small spaces as well
  • Has tufted armrests


  • Material is easily stained since its not waterproof
  • Soft fabric is easy to tear
  • Wooden legs may scratch your floors

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Buyer’s Guide


Though no material or fabric can ever be scratch or tear proof. Some material/fabrics offer have a higher resistance to tears and fraying as well as scratching. For example most stain and waterproof fabrics such as leather have a higher resistance when it comes to scratches, tears and fraying, also polyester is quite scratch resistant as well. If you’re worried about scratches and sorts, you could opt to buy a cover/protector for your sofa.


Changing a sofa cover will depend mostly on the type and brand of sofa you have. Some sofas come with removable covers and so you can change a cover if you wish to. Other sofas however, especially those upholstered with certain material say leather for instance, the covers cannot be changed unless you go with your sofa to those professionally qualified for such. Lest you get your sofa ruined and will have no choice but to throw it away.


Well sofas are meant for sitting, so unless it a convertible sofa, constantly taking naps on it will probably result in a few deformations such as sagging, flat cushions, or a weak frame, leading to a wobbly sofa or a deformed shape.


Well other than getting your pet its own bed so it stays away from your sofa, another option would be to keep your pets outside and ban them from staying indoors. But with different reasons others don’t sit well with this idea, so if you want to keep your pet indoors and protect your couch the best option would be to buy a sofa cover/protector. This will not only protect your sofa from your pets, but kids as well, and dirt, and at times oet fur which may be really annoying especially on fabric sofas.


Well comfort entirely depends on what a person seeks, but for a wide variety to choose from, you could try online shopping sites or you could visit any furniture store and try out the ones you think suit your taste. If all else fails, you could get recommendations from people.


If your sofa is of leather upholstery, there are commercial leather cleaning products you could try, or simply vacuum and wipe the dirt build up with a damp cloth. There are also multiple leather cleaning solutions you could make such as the well known white vinegar solution, but it would be best to check the manufacturer’s recommendations and follow suit. If your sofa is however of fabric upholstery, most sofa fabrics come with care labels, with a lot of ‘do not’ sigmas. The best way which is also the wisest would be to follow the are labels, if washing, dry cleaning and scrubbing are out, then the best would be to vacuum that sofa. You could also hire professional sofa cleaners to do it for you. 

Final Thoughts

Whoa finally!! I have to say the journey was tiring but we made it, we’re done now. No wonder it is so easy to abuse these couches, the things we go through to acquire them, they will never understand. Through the ups and the downs we managed to get here and hopefully you now have an idea of what you want and maybe what you don’t want, I believe finding the couch to suit your exact needs is now easier than when we started this journey. Happy shopping and i hope you find what you’re looking for, thumbs up to no regrets and no liabilities.

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