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Storing clothes can be difficult with limited closet space. For a fashion lover, with a collection of clothing and accessories, you may need extra storage, a wardrobe, an armoire, or a chifferobe. These options are almost similar to the extent that you may struggle to choose one. 

When selecting the right piece of furniture, know what you plan to store inside and the size you need. An armoire and a chifferobe have the same goal of storing items. Their differences will lead you to prefer one of them over the other. For your clothing and personal items, this article has some information to explain the differences between these storage options.


A chifferobe is a more versatile storage space that allows you to move the piece of furniture around as desired. Unlike the armoire that only allows you to hang your clothes, a chifferobe has multiple drawers, shelves, and a side reserved for hanging clothing. That makes it the ideal piece of furniture for rooms with limited or no storage space. That happens in apartments or offices.

Chifferobe is a combination of wardrobe and chiffonier. A chiffonier is a piece of furniture with a series of drawers. They may be beside one another or stacked on top of one another, with a mirror on their surface. A chifferobe has better storage options, giving you diverse storage.

A chifferobe has similarities with an armoire and wardrobe as it stores clothing, like a portable closet. However, an armoire and wardrobe are used interchangeably with a closet-like system or piece of furniture housing clothing. A chifferobe combines the long hanging space for clothes with a chest of drawers. Sometimes some doors enclose both sides, or the door covers the hanging clothes part.

A chifforobe has only one swinging door. It is another version of a chest of drawers, featuring an attached mirror on the top. Its design is more modular than an armoire’s. You can easily find chifferobe in modern styles rather than traditional styles.


  • Versatile
  • Portable
  • Diverse storage
  • Multiple drawers


  • One swinging door 


Armoires are clothing storage named after the French term armoire because this is where weapons were once stored. However, it remains under the wardrobe category. You can move an armoire around the room.

It can be easily added to a room if you do not have closet space and need a little extra storage to prevent some of your items from being crammed into a closet. An armoire is similar to a closet in the way the space is managed. A closet has rods for hanging clothing and one top shelf above the rod for any items you wish to lay flat ( An armoire is similar to this, in that behind its two front doors are rods for hanging clothing only.

An Armoire is designed as a tall, narrow closet-like piece of furniture with lockable doors for the storage of firearms, creating an armoury. It is freestanding, built from wood, and has one or two doors and a hanging bar. It sits in space as a piece of furniture.

Armoire is a French word with French origins, referring to a place to store your tools. You may build an armoire to store your woodworking tools, but if you are waiting on your closet space, you may use the armoire. The first storage armoires were chests, but they did not fit into anything. That is why they became taller, freestanding closets.

Add shelves, or drawers, to your armoire, but it is not a requirement. If you create drawers next to your hanging space, that will turn your armoire into a chifforobe. Like in fashion, where there is no standard length of your skirts, you should be the only one to figure it out. That should be your starting point. When making your wardrobe,  it is up to you to figure out what you would want to store in a wardrobe. That is how you can determine which kind would be the best fit.


  • Spacious
  • Versatile 
  • Smooth
  • Secure


  • Not affordable

Favourite Features



The chifforobe features five drawers with intricate inset detailing and knobs. The cabinets are equipped with a hanging rod and removable shelves so you can store all of your precious belongings. The thoughtful details include elegant moulding on each drawer. Each drawer is accented by crystal knobs and French-inspired curves.

Ball-bearing drawer glides

It features a smooth and secure glide. It has self-closing, ball-bearing drawer glides and under drawer supports that make opening drawers smooth and easy ( Its anti-tip kit is for additional security.


The painting makes breathing easy for the unit. Since chemicals have no place in the unit, it uses a non-toxic multi-step painting process that is lead and phthalate safe.


The chifferobe comes fully assembled. That is convenient not to waste your time. You can spend less time building and more time enjoying your little closet.



It has a large two-door cupboard.


It comes with movable and contains shelves, hanging space, and sometimes drawers. An armoire has space to hang clothes, but some also have shelves or drawers in addition to that space. It features adjustable shelving behind doors, hanging rods; drawers that sit on metal glides; metal pulls.


A new coat of paint on an old armoire changes the whole look. Choose a shade you love. Since armoires are traditionally-styled, the best kind of paint for an armoire might be distressed. Soft and neutral colours, slightly textured with patina, will match the antique theme an armoire stands for.


It features a two-door cabinet and two drawers that offer storage and organisation space.

What could be better


  • More doors would have been convenient.


  • It could have been more affordable. 

Similar Features

  • Both are large, freestanding wood cabinets for storing clothes with one or two doors.
  • They have a hanging bar, and some have cases and shelves.
  • Both an armoire and a chifferobe are tall, closet-like chests accessed by swinging doors.

Key Differences

  • A chifferobe has drawers, and an armoire does not. 
  • A chifferobe does not contain a hanging room on both sides as an armoire does.
  • An armoire is more restrictive than a chifferobe.

The verdict

The above storage units are almost the same, but there are differences in design, space, and hanging options. That makes it easier for you to make your best pick. They are both large, have shelves, and are tall. For minimal restrictions, the chifferobe may be your best option. If you want a hanging room on both sides, you may take the armoire. I think by now you have made your decision. 

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