Chenille sofa cleaning

Chenille and velvet sofas are beautiful, and they give off a luxurious look that will impress anyone that steps onto your furniture. Unfortunately, they are also known for collecting dust and dirt, which can make your living room look downright dirty. Luckily, there are a few simple things that you can do to keep your chenille sofa clean and looking new. 

How to deep clean a chenille sofa

Spot cleaning

  • Take fast action to dab the spill with a cotton towel.

Moving with haste to blot Chenille fabric in a spill will help you reduce the damage in the long term. We want to avoid the spot from drying because it will become more stubborn to remove. Blot the stain out as soon as it happens to prevent it from sinking into your fabric. It would be best if you didn’t rub the spot because this will cause the stain to spread. 

  • Brush the stain

This tool will be necessary to get rid of the physical material that is on the stain. Get a soft brush and slowly peruse through the fabric. Make sure to brush from side to side. This motion will help to prevent the stain from growing. 

  • Fabric Cleaner

The fabric cleaner you choose will help take care of the spot permanently. These can be found relatively easily in most stores. You will have to decide between foam and spray form. Foam is advisable for deep cleaning. You can scrub a stain out with foam. Make sure that the option you choose does not contain water. Water can cause Chenille to shrink. 

Brushing and Vacuuming

  • Brush the sofa

You will need a brush that is soft-bristled to comb over the surface of the sofa. This action will be essential to eliminate any dust on the surface. Perform the task in circular motions that are frequent. Generating some consistency will help get off the more stubborn dirt. Finding the balance in action will help avoid damaging your fabric.

  • Vacuum the sofa

You will need to make use of the upholstery attachment for this task. It is the safest choice and will protect the fabric. Use it on a deficient power level and peruse over the sofa. This action will help deal with most of the dust that we brushed off earlier.  

Using a vinegar solution

  • Mix the solution in a spray can

Using a vinegar solution is excellent because it is not harsh on the fabric. Mix ¼ cup vinegar, ¾ warm water, and a single tablespoon of dish soap. It is advisable to place this in a spray bottle. This move will help spread the solution all over the sofa.

  • Spray over the sofa 

Spray over the entire sofa twice and wait 10 minutes. This action will help to allow for the mixture to sink into the fabric. This method will refresh and rejuvenate the entire sofa.

  • Brush over the sofa 

Spray the sofa with some warm water. This action will help the material to absorb the solution. Then we shall use a soft brush/cloth to rub the mixture into the fabric. Make sure to focus on any stains that are not coming out. 

  • Let the sofa dry

Leave the sofa overnight to dry after you finish cleaning it. The appropriate waiting time is about 8 hours. 

Soap and water method

  • Place mixture in a bowl

Mix 2 tablespoons of dish soap with 1 cup of warm water. Beware of going above this recommendation because water can shrink Chenille fabric.

  • Lather the surface of the sofa

Using a soft cloth, scrub the entire surface of the sofa. Make sure to be more aggressive with the armrests and sitting cushions. These areas gather the most dirt. 

  • Dry overnight

Leave the sofa to dry for 8 hours. A moist sofa can cause the fabric to rot over time. 

Can you machine wash 

the chenille sofa covers?

Shrinkage is typical when Chenille meets water. There is a good chance you will hurt the fabric. Unfortunately, many people have discovered the shrinkage too late. At this point, you will find yourself unable to fit the sofa covers back on. You cannot machine wash Chenille sofa covers if they do not have polyester. 

How to wash chenille sofa covers

There is a setting on modern washing machines for very delicate materials. If you wish to wash Chenille covers, you must check the tag on the product. The manufacturer’s label will determine whether you can use this feature safely. 

How to protect a chenille sofa

It is vital to maintain your sofa consistently to preserve its value. It is good practice to vacuum the couch once a month to protect the Chenille sofa. This period is mainly dependent on how much traffic passes through the couch. Make use of a soft upholstery brush whenever you clean. This accessory should help deal with unnecessary dirt, pet hairs, and stains.  

Can you steam clean the chenille sofa?

It is not a good idea to steam clean your Chenille sofa. Most traditional sofa shampoos are too harsh to use on Chenille. The water from the steam further exacerbates this problem. This steam will potentially cause the material to shrink. Over time you will see a thinning of the material and eventually tears.

How to clean a polyester chenille sofa 

To achieve this, you can use a spot treatment. This option is a convenient method to use, requiring only a wash & stain bar and a wet lint-free cloth. Gently rub the material with the cloth and ensure you have wiped off all the dirt. When complete, check to ensure that no soap has remained on the fabric.

Chenille fabric disadvantages

  • Composition

This fabric is a premium option that can last for over ten years. This benefit is because it can resist pilling and wrinkling. Many people appreciate this durability because it justifies the relatively high price paid for this type of furniture. 

  • Softness

This material is made with a thick pile, which is very soft to the touch. This design is one of the main advantages of Chenille fabric.

  • Retain Heat

These are excellent in winter because they have a solid ability to retain heat. If you are looking for a sofa that can provide extra warmth in a cold location, this is a good option. 

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