Affordable and Cheap Sectional Couches

You will agree with me when I say sectionals are the most trendy couches in the market. That is precisely why most of us like to have a good quality, but the cheap sectional couch in our home.

Ever wondered what makes the sectional couches the favourite of many? It is the comfort, style and the freedom to arrange the sections in a different manner. These sectionals are becoming a masterpiece in common living rooms these days.

You can find good quality couches among cheap sectional sofas. It's up to you to find them

I know what you have in mind now.

Do sectional sofas come cheap too?

It normally happens to people when they shop online or hit the furniture shop and look for sectional sofas. The colour and style of the sectional appeals to your eye and the way it feels on your back, it’s like you’re sitting on the clouds.

However, when you see the price tag and realize your favourite sectional is way out of your league, that’s a real heartbreak.

Well, thank me later for you won’t have to feel that disappointment anymore. I’ve put together a list of the best cheap sectional sofas for you that I came across when I was shopping for furnishing my new home downtown.

Before we talk the real deal, let me introduce you with about two of the most affordable sectional couches in the market.

Under 500Under 300
Homelegance Phelps Contemporary sectional

This is the perfect addition for a contemporary décor. The Chocolate and Grayish Brown colour finish is a perfect match with any colour theme.

The linen fabric makes the sectional with reversible chase look elegant and stylish.

Its soft cushion will make you feel at home like your personal cocoon. The cushions are polyester made, thus cleaning this cheap sectional is not a problem at all.

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Divano Roma small space sectional:

Although the couch costs less than $300, it is designed for comfort and style. The modern linen fabric and the plush cushions make the sectional easy on the eye.

If you are a person who loves bright colours, you should explore the palette of this sectional.

Get ready to go crazy because it’s available in vibrant yellow, rose red, orange, light grey, green and apricot. Too much of choice, isn’t it?

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Now that we have seen the two best inexpensive sectional sofas let’s have a look at the things that matter while making a choice to buy one your own.

How to buy a Cheap Sectional Sofa

It’s not a hard task to buy an inexpensive sectional couch.

You can get one from your nearby stores or from any of those fantastic and trustworthy online stores.

But, ensuring the quality and comfort of these products will always be a tricky business.

Going for how it looks and buying it in haste would only make you regret it afterwards.

This is why I have compiled this checklist for you. I’m sure that the points discussed ahead will help you in finding an excellent and low-cost sectional sofa.

Let’s start:

  • Sturdy and long-lasting. While buying a cheap couch, this is the first and most important thing you need to check for. Just because the price is low, you don’t have to compromise with the quality of the sectional. Check what material the sectional is made of and how long does the material usually last. You should not forget to check if the sectional frame is sturdy enough to be friendly with the weight of people sitting on the sectional couch.
  • Easy on your back. Everyone seeks for comfort while sitting on the sectional couch. You should not neglect the comfort factor. The back and seat cushions shouldn’t be too hard or too soft. Sometimes cushions tend to slide whenever you take a seat. Beware of such sectionals. Before buying, do check for yourself if the cushions are firm enough to hold in place when you sit on them. If you’re someone who is looking for comfortable couches, I would recommend you to check Comfy Sofa Studio’s comfortable couch reviews.
  • Size of the sections. Larger sectionals look pleasant to the eye but would leave you no free space in your smaller apartment. If you want to arrange the sectionals in a custom way, the size of the sections would matter a lot. Always check if the sectional couch has a love seat and two, three or more sitter sections. Some sectionals come with a standalone ottoman. Check for the individual specifications and chose a sectional that satisfies your need, taste and fits in your room like a charm. (You might want to have your room measurements handy while looking for it).
  • The fabric of the sectional. Cushions made with soft crafted fabric always give extra comfort and a luxurious appeal. The high-quality fabric makes these sectionals even last for years. Make sure the fabric of the sectional is easy to clean and resistant to as many materials. With pets at the house, you don’t want to get scratches on your sectional; therefore check if the fabric is scratch-resistant too.
  • Look and style of the sectional. Again just because you are going for a discount sectional couches doesn’t mean you have to compromise with the looks. Even in a small budget, you can get the best contemporary, modern sectionals and that too in a palette of unique and eye-catching colours. There are always cheaper competitors with unique designs, manufacturers that are new to the market.
  • Warranty and Protection plan. This is the part you need to take into account. Some of the best couch brands offer the warranty along with the product itself while others offer it at an extra price. There is a gamble when it comes to the warranty of the sectional. There are many sellers who offer a warranty for only a few parts of the sectional sofa and not the complete warranty. So if you want you can always get a protection plan by paying some extra bucks over the sectional. You should also check for the individual product if the complete warranty is offered or is reserved only for the parts of the sectional.

Designs of Sectional Sofas

Now that we have talked about the different features let’s look at the various design features of sectional sofas.

  1. Stationary: These types of sectionals have no moving parts or added features. They usually come cheap, but the problem is that these sectionals can’t be rearranged. Some sectionals can, however, be detached so they could be transported.
  2. Reclining: This comes with one or more reclining seats. You will have to check for the individual specifications if one or more seating positions are reclined.
  3. Modular: These types of sectional sofas can be rearranged as per your desires. The sections also vary in size. The modular sectional sofa gives you the liberty to rearrange the shape of the sectional sofa in a U shape, L shape, curved or symmetrical.
  4. Sleeper: These come with a bed and mattress that can be pulled out. The folding bed makes it easy to have an extra bed at home whenever you desire along with the sitting space. This is very helpful, especially when you have unexpected guests who want to stay a little longer.
  5. Convertible Sectionals: These can be converted to a flat surface, which can be used as a bed. The cushions of the sofa act as the mattress. A folding bed and a separate mattress are not required. You can quickly convert your sitting space into a comfortable bed whenever you wish.

Cheap Sectional Couches Reviewed

We have come to the most crucial part of this article.

Keeping in mind the comfort, style, quality and look, I have listed out our top picks below. The 9 products I have listed here are sure to make a change in your life.

Let’s check out their features and reviews.

#1. Homelegance Phelps Contemporary Sectional

Phelps is the perfect couch for a contemporary look. The microfiber and polyester cushion covers make it sturdy and long-lasting. Stuffed cushions feel like your personal cocoon.

It comes with a reversible chaise; you can put it on either side of the sectional sofa.

Yeah, this will do wonders to your home if you’re living in a small space apartment.

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ProsCons Key Specs
  • Sturdy build and durable material
  • Can hold great weight
  • Easy to clean because of removable polyester cushion covers
  • Shallow width of the sectional.
  • Dimension: 56.7 x 78 x 35.8 inch
  • Colour: Grayish Brown / Brown
  • Material: Fabric


Crafted in high-quality Microfiber, this awesome sectional is very strong and lasts years. This is our top pick when it comes to low priced sectional couches.

Tufted cushions covered in polyester fabric, refined track arms, and exposed feet; it is perfect to go with the contemporary décor.

With its reversible chaise, the sofa gives you freedom of assembling it on either side of the sectional. You can even keep the standalone Ottoman near the chair or in the middle of the room as you wish.

The cushions are soft and firm. This means they won’t slide when someone sits on the sectional couch. The thick seat and stuffed back cushions feel soft on your back and inviting. You will be tempted to lounge on the sectional every so often.

With the removable polyester cushion covers, cleaning this cheap sectional is easy. There’s no worry of the stains either as the cushion covers can be machine washed.

You don’t have to worry about the assembling part either. The assembling of this sectional couch is very easy with the instructions. and the respective images are given in the manual.

The sectional is large enough to fit three people easily and comfortably. With its sturdy build, it can hold up to 200 lbs of weight at a time. Tall people often face the problem while buying a sectional couch: what if the chaise is not long enough? Well here’s the best thing for tall people. The chaise of this sectional is long, even a six feet tall person can sit on it with their legs spread in front of them.

Homelegance Phelps is the perfect sectional couch for the whole family to sink in. This will fit perfectly in small apartments, bedrooms and children’s room.

I am sure that the stylish look and great comfort, will make you fall in love with this beast.

#2. Divano Roma Small Space Sectional

With its unique and vibrant colours, it is the perfect sectional for an eclectic décor. Crafted with intricate details, it is guaranteed to last long. Soft and overstuffed cushions will give you the feel of comfort and firmness.

Perfect for studio apartments, office, bedrooms and children’s rooms.

One of the best deal for sectionals in a lower budget.

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ProsCons Key Specs
  • Made with high-quality sturdy material
  • Easy to put together
  • Firm cushions will leave your back stiff if laid on for a prolonged period
  • Dimension: 76 x 28 x 50 inch
  • Color: Yellow/ Orange/ Rose Red/ Light Gray/ Green/ Apricot
  • Material: Linen


Carefully crafted in modern linen fabric and upholstered on a hardwood frame, Divano Roma Small Space sectional is made to last for years

The soft linen fabric, straight arms, exposed feet and a unique Apricot colour is a perfect aesthetic combination. However,  if you are worried about the stains on a light-coloured couch, you can always choose from dark colours. If you’re planning to buy this couch, you have eight amazing colours to choose from.

This sectional couch is available in yellow, orange, rose red, light grey and green. You don’t see these colours in a sectional sofa that often.

The sectional also comes with two matching pillows made with same linen fabric. The overstuffed back cushions and thick seat cushions feel comfortable for anyone who wants to straighten their back. However, if you sit on the sectional for too long, you might get a stiff back as the cushions are a bit firm.

The sectional needs an assembling but it is quite easy to put together. With its small size, it is a necessary addition to your studio apartment, office, bedroom or children’s room. This one makes it to the list of the best sectional sofas under $300.

#3. Bobkona Seattle Microfiber Loveseat

Great comfort, sturdy material, and stylish look; that’s one way to describe this couch. It can hold up to 250 lbs and feels very sturdy. The stuffed cushions feel very soft and comfy on your back.

This is a tiny sectional couch yet spacious for those who’re looking for the perfect sectional for their small-sized homes.

BOBKONA Seattle is a nice inexpensive sectional sofa
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ProsCons Key Specs
  • Sturdy build
  • Comes with extended parts warranty
  • Capacity to hold extra weight
  • Wouldn’t say it’s a long lasting product.
  • Dimension: 34 x 84 x 35 inch
  • Colour: Chocolate
  • Material: Microfiber


Manufactured with microfiber plush fabric, it has the inner filling of poly fibre. The high-quality material and muscular build make the sectional strong.

With its the thick seat cushions and stuffed back cushions, you will feel yourself among the clouds. This sectional couch comes with the three matching pillows. With its straight arms and exposed feet wrapped in plush microfiber, it is perfect for traditional décor.

The 2 piece sectional includes a sofa and a loveseat. The chaise is reversible so you can assemble it in the left or right side of the sectional as you wish. Sitting on this sectional isn’t as limited as it holds weight up to 250 lb at one time.

Easy to clean, the cushion covers can be removed and washed. This sectional couch doesn’t come assembled. Although the instructions are provided with the product, I would recommend you take someone’s help while assembling. It will not only save your time but you will need an extra helping hand anyways.

The 2 piece sectional also comes with a parts warranty. So by chance, if something breaks or damages, you can get it repaired or replaced within the warranty period. It is perfect for small spaces and easily fits into small apartments, bedrooms and kids’ room.

#4. Poundex Compact Reversible

Faux leather cushions and microfiber upholstery, what a bliss! There’s no compromise with the strength and durability when it comes to this couch from Poundex.

This is a space saver and undoubtedly a great addition in small apartments, bedrooms, and office.

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ProsCons Key Specs
  • Made with strong material and reliable upholstery
  • Comes with a protection plan
  • Ottoman can be assembled with the chaise
  • Back cushions slide off at times
  • Dimension: 81 x 58 x 32 inch
  • Colour: Chocolate
  • Material: Microfiber


What’s better than an elegant low priced leather couch?

Poundex Compact reversible is not just known for its strength and durability but its faux leather and microfiber upholstery too. The chocolate colour blends in perfectly with the colour theme in your house.

It comes with the reversible chaise and leathered vinyl ottoman. You can either use the Ottoman separately or assemble it to the sectional along with chaise for a sophisticated look.

Not very firm, the cushions feel soft and soothing on your back. Reversible chaise and a leather-like vinyl Ottoman, which you can assemble with the chaise. Easy to put together and lightweight so it can be moved easily even in a condo.

The thick and soft cushions feel very comfortable and soothing on your back. The cushion covers are removable and can be machine washed. The sectional couch is light enough so that you can easily move it in a condo.

Don’t like how the sectional are arranged? Here’s something you’ll love: this sectional can be easily disassembled and moved around. So you can rearrange the sectional as you like. Use your creativity and see how this sectional comes out to perfectly fit your décor and your taste.

The sectional couch comes unassembled; however, it is pretty easy to put it together. This sectional sofa comes with a protection plan so you can get the damage repaired or replace the parts within the legitimate period.  It is perfect for small spaces and easily fits into small apartments, bedrooms, offices and kids’ room.

#5. Life Home Modern Contemporary Upholstered

This sectional is a perfect combination of comfort and style. It is guaranteed to last for years. Within the low budget, you get the adjustable chaise along with the comfy sitting space.

You can easily assemble the sectional with the instructions given in the manual.

Truly affordable and praiseworthy!

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ProsConsKey Specs
  • Zippered washable cushions
  • Strong and durable
  • Cushions feel soft
  • easy on the back
  • Meager weight capacity
  • Material: Linen
  • Dimension: 77 x 53 inch
  • Color: Brown


Made with Brown Linen fabric, this Life Home sectional is strong and long-lasting. With straight arms, exposed feet and high-quality linen fabric, it portrays a modern look.

It looks sober yet lavish to have this sectional sofa in your living room.

The fluffy back cushions and soft seat cushions feel like a cocoon. By the look of it, you might think that the sectional is small, but it is spacious enough for three people to sink in comfortably.

The chaise of this sectional can be assembled in not only right or left but with the middle seat. The zippered linen cushion covers are easy to clean and can be machine washed too. Although it requires minor assembling, with the instructions given in the manual, it is easy to put the sofa together.

Owing to its small size, it is a perfect sectional for studio apartments, offices, and bedrooms. With the stylish look and comfortable feel, it is a great sectional under $300.

#6. Modern Living Reversible fabric sectional

This sectional with the reversible chaise will be your personal masterpiece at home or in office.

With the instructions given in the manual, you can assemble the sectional easily and lounge with comfort whenever you want.

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ProsConsKey Specs
  • Made with the sturdy and high-quality material
  • Feels extremely comfortable
  • Parts warranty included
  • Stiff cushions
  • Dimension: 78 x 54 x 34 inch
  • Color: Beige/ Dark Gray/ Light Gray/ Red
  • Material: Linen

This is something made of handpicked linen fabric which is upholstered on hardwood frame. From what it looks, it is designed with keeping the comfort and durability in mind. The sofa is available in four astounding colours; beige, dark grey, light grey and red. Most of these colours look so soft yet bright. Get creative and make your home stand out with this colourful sectional rather than having those same cliché black and brown sectionals.

Linen Fabric is known for its sturdiness and with the hardwood frame, the sectional become extra strong. The cushions are firm yet soft on the back. The reversible chaise can be put in the left or right side, as per your wish. The sectional sofa doesn’t come assembled but with the instructions provided in a manual, you can put it together in no time.

The sofa is truly a space saver too. You would find it easy to fit this sectional in tight space. Moreover, this sectional also comes with a warranty for its parts. If you see anything damaged within the warranty period, you can get it repaired or replaced.

Nonetheless, it is a perfect sectional couch for a modern décor theme and with its conspicuous colours; your home will look unique and stylish in every way. It will work like a charm to have this sectional in small living rooms, bedrooms, and offices.

#7. Divano Roma Century Modern Reversible Sectional

This affordable sectional is perfect for the modern look of your apartment.  It is upholstered in Microfiber, which makes it durable and last for years.

With reversible chaise and standalone Ottoman, it gives you the freedom of having the chaise or an Ottoman as you desire.

Its small size makes it easy to fit in office, bedrooms, or guest rooms.


Cons Key Specs
  • Strong and durable
  • Reversible chaise, sectional comes with standalone Ottoman
  • Easy to put together
  • Little stiff on the back
  • Dimension: 54 x 78 x 34 inch
  • Color: Gray/ White/ Black
  • Material: Brush Microfiber
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A spacious sectional, with straight arms and exposed feet, it is a perfect addition in your contemporary home. Crafted in mid-century modern linen fabric and upholstered on a hardwood frame, this sectional is guaranteed to last for years.

Moreover, it is also available in a variety of colours. You will be floored by the vibrant and unique colours of this quilted stitched sectional sofa. Without any doubt, I can say that this is one of the perfect low priced sectional sofas for the eclectic décor. The two overthrown pillows made with same fabric perfectly match with the sectional couch.

The seat cushions are stuffed with memory foam and the back cushions overstuffed for extra comfort. Although it requires an assembling, with the steps provided in manual, you can put it together in less than 10 minutes.

The reversible chaise allows you to put it on either side of this affordable sectional couch. With the great comfort, rich look and range of colours, this also makes it to one of the best sectionals under $300

#8.  Divano Roma Modern microfiber sectional

This sectional is a perfect combination of comfort and style. It is guaranteed to last for years. Within the low budget, you get the adjustable chaise along with the comfy sitting space.

You can easily assemble the sectional with the instructions given in the manual.

Truly affordable and praiseworthy!

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ProsCons Key Specs
  • Very soft and comfortable to sit on
  • Strong and long lasting
  • Vibrant and diverse colors to choose from
  • Unique design
  • Back cushions are hard. It takes time and continous usage for them to soften up.
  • Dimension: 76 x 29 x 28 inch
  • Colors available: Green/ Beige/ Dark Blue/ Dark Gray/ Light Blue/ Light Gray/ Orange/ Red/ Sky Blue/ Yellow
  • Material: Linen

Upholstered with high-quality microfiber, this cheap sectional is primarily designed to last long. The hardwood frame at the bottom gives the sectional a sturdy base. Straight arms and exposed feet with a sleek steel finish make it look sober yet lavish.  If you have white walls, the grey colour stands out against it perfectly and matches with almost any décor theme.

With the reversible chaise and standalone ottoman, you can arrange the sectional in any way you wish to. You can put the chaise on the left or right side of the sectional or use it as a standalone ottoman in the middle, the choice is yours.

As for the comfort, with thick seat and back cushions, this sectional feels soft and comfortable on the back. The cushions are firm enough so they won’t slide when you sit on them but also a little too firm for lounging on this sectional for hours. It will feel amazing then but you might end up getting back pain. The reviews around the internet also say this sectional feels a bit stiff. This sectional needs assembling, of course. However, that isn’t so big a deal since you can do it just by following the instructions in the manual.

Specially designed for small spaces, this sectional couch is perfect for small apartments and spacious enough for three people to sit comfortably at a time. Best deal at a low price. 

Home Contemporary Upholstered sectional

This is the perfect build of high-quality linen fabric stuffed with heaven.

This cheap sectional feels quite comforting and long lasting

Homelife Sectional is a great, yet inexpensive sectionals
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ProsCons Key Specs
  • Large enough to lay down
  • Not over soft, firm and comfy on the back
  • You can take a nap on it too.
  • High-quality fabric
  • Back cushions are stiff for some people.
  • Dimension: 77 x 53 inch
  • Colour: Light Beige
  • Material: Fabric

Made with high-quality Linen fabric and upholstered, this is a perfectly styled modern sectional couch with comfort. The low cost sectional is large enough for you to lie down on the sofa and cosy enough to make you fall asleep.

I have to tell you that it needs minor assembling, but the instructions are very easy to follow. I would say that this is one of the most affordable and stylish sectional couches.

The light beige colour edition feels easy on the eye and immediately attracts everyone’s attention. With this soft colour, straight arms and brown exposed feet, this sectional is perfect to fit in your modern living room. I can guarantee you every guests’ amusement on such a masterpiece.

The thick and stuffed cushions feel soft and comfy to sit. The cushions are firm enough so you won’t feel them sliding every time you sit on the sectional sofa. The reversible chaise allows you to assemble it on either side of the sectional. The sectional is large enough so as you can lay down on it and enjoy watching your favourite shows, or read your favourite book. The sectional is as cosy as it can get, don’t blame me for falling asleep on it when you have work to do!

Although it needs minor assembling, just by following the steps in user manual you can put it together in minutes. Its smaller size makes it easier to fit it in tight spaces. A perfect addition to studio apartments, offices, and bedrooms.

Found an Inexpensive Sectional Sofa that You Love?

You might already know how precious sectionals are for the home. A sectional sofa is not only a comfortable sitting space, but it also provides a conversation sitting too. With its sections, you can rearrange the sectional couch into a shape you desire.

Finding a cheap couch is always a tricky business. If it is a sectional, the difficulty is even more. But I  believe I have helped you in not letting the big price tags to let your hopes down.

With these best and most affordable sectional couches, it won’t be a difficult task to make your home look stylish and unique.