Catnapper vs Lazy Boy

Overview of Catnapper furniture

The Catnapper Swivel Glider Recliner is an excellent seating option for all recline lovers worldwide. This specific chair option has cuddly features which consumers appreciate because they are restful. Many consumers would argue that it will make you feel lazier because it is so comfortable. Firstly, this seater was designed to be solid and sturdy. It is made with a rock-solid metal and wooden frame that is quite durable. With this quality, you will likely struggle to find a more reliable option on the chair market.

It has a snuggly feeling that promotes extra coziness. Coming home to this chair after a long day at work will be calming and revitalizing. This recliner was designed to fit your space seamlessly. It is straightforward to place this object in the room because of its welcoming nature. Your room aesthetic will also benefit from the plush cushioning of this sofa design. This extra generosity is well appreciated by people who want the chair to stand out in the house.

The Jackson Furniture company makes the Catnapper. This brand has been successfully manufacturing furniture for more than half a century. Their reputation precedes them positively. The quality of chairs they produce works well because they have deep cushioning designed with inner springs. The armrests are well-padded and are significant. This addition can provide the consumer with a feeling of a mattress. This feeling will make your chilling time a lot more enjoyable.

Features Of Catnapper Recliners

The chair can handle a large weight capacity of 300 lbs. This capacity is due to the sturdy metal and wooden frame. It has a bigger build with a dimension of 40 x 42 x 43 inches. This is great for people of bigger body sizes. The chair was modeled from high-quality synthetic and microsuede fabric. The price you pay for this product is good enough to safely handle most of your reliability concerns. The recliner is built to last and will not fade or break down for around 5 – 8 years, depending on how you maintain it. The chair is backed by a comprehensive 5-year warranty which is the final nail in the coffin of your worries.

Overview of lazy boy furniture

La-Z-Boy recliners are top tier when it comes to comfort among the various recliners in the world. This brand of recliners is well known for its ability to provide an intimate and cozy experience for its consumers. It has been designed with additional patented features to make it more durable. Due to these trademarks, it is highly improbable you will find the same features in other brand options. To back up this quality, the recliners also offer the consumer longevity. Many La-Z-Boy sofas come with exotic fabrics that provide a feeling of snugness. These fabrics include a well-padded back that gives you a good relief from your neck and back pain. It has excellent lumbar support for your body as well.

The chair has a calming rocker that lets you rock and swing on the chair if it is not in the reclined position. Consumers like this little rocking addition because it helps them think. The versatility of the chair gives you an adjustable tension. This adaptability is designed to provide additional support for your body in any position you sit on the chair. The locking mechanism on the unit will automatically keep you in your selected place until you pull the lever.

Features Of Lazy Boy Recliners

The chair can handle around 300 lbs. of weight without breaking a sweat. The recliner was designed to be comprehensive and comfortable. It has a total dimension of 35 x 32 x 40 inches. This recliner model is very modern and brings something different to the table. The manufacturers chose to stay away from microfiber material and decided to go with 100% polyester. This decision was made to provide you with a cooler sofa in hotter climates. This fabric is premium and of high quality, meaning it can give you the ultimate comfort sensation. One of the top features you will find on this chair is its reasonable price.

Similarities between Catnapper and Lazy Boy

  1. These chairs both provide Posturepedic support for those suffering from back problems.
  2. Brands are both well-known and respected globally.

Differences between Catnapper and Lazy Boy

  1. The Catnapper option weighs almost double the Lazy Boy.
  2. The Catnapper is made from microfiber, while the Lazy Boy is made from polyester.


You will pay more for the Lazy Boy than the Catnapper. The price difference can go well into the hundreds of dollars.


The Lazy Boy has a limited lifetime warranty, while the Catnapper offers consumers a 3-year warranty.


The Catnapper is significantly heavier at 115 lbs. The Lazy Boy only weighs around half this at 63 lbs.


The Catnapper is made from a wooden and metal frame that is heavy and durable. The Lazy Boy is much lighter and less reliable. 

Advantages of Catnapper furniture

  1. The chair works wonders to help you minimize any back pain by helping to support your back.
  2. The complete design of the chair promotes balance and sturdiness because of the metal and wood frame.
  3. It allows people to rest their arms when they feel tired because of the softly padded armrests.
  4. It is very comfortable to lay on because the chair sits flat on the floor.
  5. It has a locking mechanism that is straightforward in terms of operation, allowing you to safely rock and swivel.

Advantages of lazy boy furniture

  1. This recliner is relatively light and easy to move around the house for placement. It weighs about 63 lbs.
  2. The fabric they chose on this option is polyester, and this can hold up well in warm conditions. 
  3. Expect to be more relaxed and composed while resting because of the 3-stage footrest that works efficiently on the chair.
  4. The manufacturer added additional padding to lessen tension and improve any back pain.
  5. The manufacturer provides a limited lifetime warranty. This guarantee inspires confidence in the quality of the product.

Problems with catnapper recliners

  1. The chair is quite heavy and difficult to transport around the home. You will find these types of chairs weigh around 115 lbs. Many consumers feel this is impractical and makes the sofa hard to move.
  2. The microfiber material on this chair is not suitable for warmer climates. This is because it will make you feel hot and uncomfortable.

Problems with lazy boy recliners

  1. The footrest can be pretty noisy when you begin to extend it.
  2. The back padding is substantial, which may be uncomfortable for those used to soft chairs. 
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