Shabby Chic Slipcover Counter Stool

Are you thinking of getting the Shabby Chic Slipcover Counter Stool? Nowadays everything needs protection. Especially when it comes to furniture. I mean with just a simple application, similar to the fitted sheet on a bed, and your counter stools are protected. 

The elastic holds the slipcover in place even with constant movement from the user. Machine washable and some have stain resistance. Now not all of them are the same but I mean hey, come on, what matters is that some protection is put on that counter stool. Now what we have here is a slipcover from Shabby Chic. It’s a simple cover that looks like one you would expect to find in an old antique mansion. 

Shabby Chic® Furniture - Swallow Slipcover Counter Stool - More Colors

It doesn’t come with a sewn-in elastic helm to ensure that it is slip-resistant. So you’ll just have to make sure you minimize movements on the stool so that it does not shift or move. The lightweight nature means you have an easy time when putting it on. It is easy to care because it can be easily cleaned. Being resistant to wrinkling and tearing, this is a great chair slipcover. 

The overall look is simply covering the back and the seat cushion. This won’t only protect your stool but anyone who sits on it as well from maybe splinters and dust. No one likes having to stand up just so you can dust yourself off. The cover comes in different shades and you can contact shabby chic in the case that you want to personalize them for your counter stools. 


  • Is very easy to put on the counter stool
  • Comes in different shades
  • You can customise the style
  • Is machine washable
  • Is easy to put on and remove 


  • Is not waterproof or stain resistant 
  • Does not have an elastic hold


This is a high-quality piece of material that features a classic stylization. It is a slipcover created for use with counter stools and bar stools alike. When you talk about style, you never get it wrong with this high-quality slipcover.

It is made with a soft printed fabric that gives you a very soft touch for maximum comfort. To ensure that you get the best size for your chair, it is advisable that you measure the size of your chair. This cover is very stylish and it is made of durable materials so you can expect it to last longer than all other covers out there. 

When it comes to clean, it is super-easy hence you can keep your counter to the highest hygienic standards. You will find that it is made in a way that makes it easy to put on to help save you time for concentrating on other essential activities. 

The different color options available also offer the variety for any user to choose from. This means that you will be able to pick the color of your choice without being compelled to go for something unappealing to you.

Feel and Durability

Well this cover is made from your very own natural cotton fabric. Coming in nine shades plus the option to customise the color you want. I think it’s pretty durable. I mean it is designed to protect and serve a counter stool why would they make it weak. You can sit and shake and huggle on the cover and it still won’t nudge. 

However the worst part is that it can easily slip off given that it doesn’t actually have any elastic holds on the ends. You are basically just covering the stool and adding the stool parts to a pocket that has been designed for it. 

The fabric used on this cover is not stretchy so if you try to force it on a counter stool that is too big for it, well let’s just say you’ll have to find out on your own. Being machine washable takes away the hassle of hand washing which is tedious and time-consuming. Also that means it can handle a whole lot of washes without the color actually fading away in terms of color. 

Size and Price

If you want to keep your stool protected and decorated, then you should consider getting the right c slipcover. The chair slipcovers are great when it comes to protecting the chairs from dust, stains, and pets. However, not all chair slipcovers can offer this to maximum satisfaction. 

This stool here comes to you able to take in stools with the following dimension 19″W x 24″ D x 39″H. It’s a great cover especially if it fits very well on the stool. Now when it comes to the pricing, it is quite high as compared to other better covers that you may find in the market. It’s not a bad cover at all. If you can afford it I don’t think you’d have a hard time with it nor would you complain about paying such a price for it. 


To keep your expensive counter stools from wearing out too quickly from constant use. You find that it is recommended that you use slipcovers to help protect them from so many disasters that are just waiting to happen. 

I mean how many possible damages could come to a counter stool. From spills, cuts and dirt? All these can be easily avoided but then. Some people just prefer to keep themselves and their stools on edge, something about that adrenaline rush. 

So why not stop this risky idea and get your counter stool a cover so that you can enjoy it for the longest. Anyways looking at this slipcover I would highly recommend it if you are trying to keep your stools looking new and fresh. 

Especially if you know they can easily be affected by dust. Although the price may come off as a bit high, it is way better than having to replace the stools instead because they no longer look good. So get this cover and make them last longer.

Shabby Chic Slipcover Bar Stool

Considering getting the Shabby Chic Slipcover Bar Stool? Bar stools are exposed to all sorts of things throughout their lifetime. Whether It’s a clumsy who spills their drink on the stool or one of the drunk girls who drops her matte lipstick and boom you have a permanent stain on your expensive bar stool. 

These are the risks we can account for and they definitely are the risks that we should account for. No stool should ever have to go through that. Lucky for you I brought a solution for you. 

To keep your expensive bar stools from wearing out too quickly from constant use, getting one with a washable slipcover helps. Just a simple application, similar to the fitted sheet on a bed, and your bar stools are protected.

Shabby Chic® Furniture - Swallow Slipcover Bar Stool - More Colors

Now the slipcover we have here from Shabby Chic is a very simple cover that comes specifically for those bar stools that are shaped like chairs with a back and all. The cover does not have an elastic hold but instead comes with pockets that are set for stools that have a dimension of 19″W x 24″ D x 45″H. 

Made from the regular cotton cloth it comes in different shades and you can customise your own cover especially if you want different colours for different stools. It is an easy put easy cover that will take you less than a minute to put on and remove in your stool. The best part is that if you feel like you have to wash them, they can handle being thrown in the washing machine. 


  • Is very easy to use
  • Comes with a simple put on and remove method
  • Will protect your stool from dust, dirt and stains


  • Is not waterproof of stain resistant 
  • Is easy to tear

Why Buy a Slipcover? 

When it comes to furniture we do everything we can to make sure that it stays new. Or at least looks new. There are a lot of things that you should know especially if you have no idea why you need to get a slipcover in the first place. Below is a guide for you and everyone else who is facing such problems 

Reasons for buying a slipcover

  • To protect furniture from dirt, dust and stains
  • To make your furniture last longer and look new always

Slipcover shoppers generally fall into two categories: those looking to protect their furniture from pets, children, dirt or spills and those who want to give their old furniture new life. Deciding what purpose your slipcover will serve can help you when looking at both material and price.


Slipcovers can be made from cotton, wool, polyester, spandex and linen almost any fabric or blend. If you’ve determined that your furniture will be getting heavy traffic especially for bar stools, look for durable slipcovers made from heavy cotton. 

It’s also best to go with a dark-coloured slipcover or one with a pattern that can hide stains if you’re buying a slipcover to protect your furniture. If you prefer a slipcover that fits like a second skin and looks stylish, try a thin slipcover made from a stretchy cotton-spandex blend. This style of slipcover offers the most options in terms of looks and texture since it comes in fabrics like faux suede and corduroy.


You may also want to consider whether you want a one-piece slipcover or one with several pieces. One-piece slipcovers offer a wider variety of sofa sizes and can easily be removed for washing. 

A slipcover set with individual pieces for each cushion will fit better and offer a more seamless look. Slipcovers fit best on round-arm furniture with rectangular seat cushions, although you can now find slipcovers for hard-to-fit furniture, such as T-cushion sofas and wingback chairs. 


Before purchasing slipcovers, you’ll need to measure your furniture so you can find a slipcover in the right size. To find the correct measurement of your furniture, measure from the outside edge of one arm to the outside edge of the other arm. 

Buyer’s Guide

You can purchase a slipcover for a basic round barstool, with no back, just about any place housewares are sold. They slip over the barstool, using an elastic band to secure them no muss, no fuss, no problem. If you would rather, you can construct your own, using yard goods to create a circle with a hemmed area on the edge. Thread elastic through the hem, and you are good to go.

You can increase the sophistication of your basic or backed barstools by using real or faux leather to create the slipcovers. You can purchase them ready-made, or make them yourself. Your local leather shop might have a staff person who can help you with technical details such as the best way to stitch leather upholstery.

How do you decorate basic bar stool slipcovers

You can improve on those basic bar stool covers by adding pleats, ruffles or other decorations to the basic seat cover. Cover the stools with tartan and add a pleated fringe to invoke images of Scots and bagpipes. Give your barstools a gypsy air by adding multi layers of ruffles to the basic seat cover.

How do you make slipcovers for bar stools with backs?

Barstools with backs can also be slipcovered by using a slipcover intended for kitchen chairs of similar shape and type. 

Match the covers to your drapes, or use a complimentary colour so they act as an accent in your kitchen. You can even pad the backs of these barstools to make them a little more comfortable.

How to keep slipcovers clean?

If your barstools are more likely to support a group of pint-sized buckaroos instead of adults, you can combat the jelly hand stickies, cereal spills, and peanut butter smears by buying or creating washable bar stool covers. 

Should this describe your barstool occupants, you might even want two or three interchangeable sets of barstool covers, just so you can quickly change out the covers used by the Peanut Butter and Jelly Gang before more adult occupants settle in for their repast.

Final Thoughts

Well, that’s pretty much it. If you really want to protect your barstools, get this cover and watch them last longer than any other barstool out there. Why keep putting your stools at risk when you can save them? 

Our Favourite Affordable Sofa Footstool

Fabric Storage Ottoman

First Hill Callah Rectangular Fabric Storage Ottoman with Tufted Design

What we have here is a rectangular fabric ottoman that comes 5 colors. This ottoman serves to be an amazing footstool be it in your home or office. It comes extra-padded for more comfort and has top lid hinges which you can use to open up the storage space that you can use to store your books, blankets, pillows and any other thing you might feel you want to store. For strength and stability, the ottoman features solid-wood feet. 

Apart from this obvious, this ottoman works as a multifunctional piece that will give you not only a footrest but an extra seat in the room as well as a coffee table. Fact that it has a storage compartment just makes it all the better seeing as if you have things that you readily need when you are relaxing you can always store them in there.


  • It comes in 5 different colors
  • It is multi-functional and can serve as a footstool, coffee table or a seat stool
  • Is soft and very comfortable for sitting or resting feet
  • It is very stable as the legs are quite strong and sturdy


  • The upholstery used is not waterproof or stain resistant 
  • It can be broken easily if too much weight and pressure are set on it.


Well just by looking at this small fabric ottoman, you can tell that it has a simple modern design. With the cushioning being, button tufted you will find that it will work well for many interiors from contemporary to modern household sets. It comes in 5 colors so you do not have to worry about it being an outstanding piece in your home.

You’ll find that it comes in charcoal, black, espresso, granite grey and brown. It has a simple rectangular shape making it all the more suitable for multi-functioning. 

For a small and limited room, this ottoman would be the perfect footstool to get as it comes with more than meets the eye. It has a modest design but at the same time its enough to bring change to any room.

You will find that with the storage compartment you can add in things such as air centres in the case you always want the room smelling good. In your office, it could work as an extra storage shelf (hidden). In a large room, it will set out a different kind of flow and will stand out as an aesthetic and stylish piece of furniture.


It basically measures 24 by 18 by 18 inches (LxWxH) meaning if you have a small office you can use it as a coffee table increasing its functions. Due to its rectangular shape, you’ll find that you can use this ottoman as a footstool for more than one person. Either in that side by side sitting or opposite sitting. This ottoman is the perfect footstool for any home, easy to manage and easy to carry as well. It will fit perfectly in small rooms and at the same time, it will make a beautiful aesthetic piece in a big room. 


Made from fabric this Ottoman or stool, in this case, has a warm feel to it. The extra padding that comes with its design makes it extra soft and very much comfortable. Your feet won’t feel flattened or cramped at all. The best part about it is that because of its size and extra padding, this stool can act as an extra seat in a room, or can even work as a mini coffee table. Buying it gives you not just a stool for relaxing but an extra furniture piece as well.


For strength and stability, the ottoman features solid-wood feet that have an amazing design as well. It’s made from solid wood that is strong and very durable. This guarantees that it will not fail, break or crash anytime soon. It’s made with linen covering that gives it a warm feel apart from the linen being very strong and hard to year. The extra padding offers great support to the whole structure meaning it can withstand everyday use as either a footstool, table or sitting stool.  


Though the price can change either up or down at any time. Currently, this beautiful piece will cost you just over a hundred dollars.  Which is quite reasonable given that it’s a 3 in 1 deal. I mean how many footstools offer this much comfort at the same time working as more than just a footstool. Not forgetting the storage compartment which offers more than just a simple service to you and your home. 


All in all, if you are looking for something that will not take up much space but will offer the right practicality then I say go for it. This piece apart from just being a comfortable footstool. It is also a comfortable seat stool and can act as a coffee table with a storage compartment. Its size is perfect if you have a small room you want to fill up. At the same time, it’s just as perfect for large rooms because of its full aesthetic look. I would go for it. More comfort and more storage space are what this ottoman is yelling out. 

In conclusion, this footstool would be a great idea in your home space, bedroom, lounge or just any sitting area. With it, you get more than just a footstool and it will serve a purpose for a long time. The best part is that you can get yourself one that matches with your sofas or a color that completely blends with your room or interior. 

How can you regret getting a multi-functional stool that will surely stick with you for years to come? From utility to comfort this ottoman is definitely the stool you’re looking for. So I guess this is where I leave you to make the decision. Enjoy your shopping and be sure to think it through. 

Best Stool for Guitar Playing

Are you looking for the best stool for guitar playing? Well, it’s safe to say you’re in the right place because we understand musicians a lot more than you think. Music is what makes the world go round. Imagine a world without music or without the sweet serenade of the strings on most harp-like instruments. 

That’s preposterous and even harder to imagine. As a general musician, you need something comfortable that will give you comfort and support so that your mind is solely on making music and not the aching backs. Worse off, if you’re either a learner or if you compose and need a lot of practice. 

Image NameWhat we LikeLink
Is volatile and easy to store and carry
Can carry up to 200 pounds
Has high-density foam to prevent deformity on the seat
Comes with an instrument holder
Comes with a footrest
Has a vinyl top that is comfortable
PRO ROCK GEAR PLAYERS GUITAR STOOL AND STANDIs foldable and easy to carry and transport
Has an adjustable yoke with safety lever
It is stable and durable
Has rubber legs to prevent slipping
Comes with a guitar stand

Here we are looking at some of the comfortable stools out there that will give you almost everything that a guitarist should have when playing. Noting that holding a guitar is not the easiest even when practising especially with the posture one will be in. It’s no wonder why most guitarists end up with aching backs. 

See, I told you, we understand musicians. So today we’ll be going through some of the best stools that are designed for musicians, especially guitarists, to give them the comfort and support they need to keep those fingers tuning and wiggling.

In A Hurry

Are you in a hurry to find the best stool for guitar practice? Well then come on along. We have a quick guide for you that has 5 of the best stools out there. Each with its own unique property that will obviously be of great help to one handling the guitar. So without wasting any second let’s see what we have for you and find you only the best. Just because it’s for guitar practice doesn’t mean it doesn’t have to look elegant or stylish. Throw that idea out the door and let’s get you something worth your money


This is a simple guitar player stool that comes with a guitar stand to make sure you don’t have to walk around carrying your guitar every time that you want to practice. If you are looking for something that is easy on the eyes and as well as on the body then this story might just be the one for you. It includes an adjustable neck yoke with a safety lever lock. If you play an acoustic or electric guitar, the guitar stand will be a perfect fit for both. The stool is convenient and volatile and you can keep it in your bedroom, studio or any other room you want. The size is convenient and will not disrupt much of anything at all. Just by looking at it you can easily tell that it’s stable and durable, but let’s just look further into detail and see what else it has.


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This here is an all in one guitar stool and instrument stand. It collapses for easy storage and transportation. I guess that being the best feature for any stool for musicians right? It has a cradle and sturdy yoke that has a detachable latch that is covered by EVA rubber to protect your precious guitar from any damage or scratch. 

Also to prevent you from slipping while you are sitting on the stool are the rubber feet. They will provide assurance that you will not slip and slide or fall whilst playing your guitar. It’s a black stool throughout and will probably blend in with anything you set it around, including your guitar or yourself.

Looking at it in detail, this stool is perfect for any practising or performing guitarist. Firstly as already alluded to before its an all in one guitar stool and stand. It’s collapsible and can be stored easily for volatility and transportation. It has four non-slip legs to protect you from falling as well as protecting the floor you set it on from scratches and the like. 

The seat cushion is foam filled to the guitarist enough comfort to have them going for long periods without any aches and so on. The footrest which is quite convenient for any guitar player is set at the low of the legs. Everything besides the seat cushion has a black powder coat finish giving your stool a black seat with a very elegant look. The stool height is 28′ with a width set at 9′. The whole thing being aluminium constructed is strong and able to hold up to 200lbs.


  • Has a comfortable seat cushion
  • Is volatile and easy to store and carry
  • Can carry up to 200 pounds
  • Will not slip or slide on floors


  • The seat height is fixed

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Coming to you at an incredibly reasonable price is this amazing donner guitar stool. With this piece here you won’t have to run and get your guitar before performing or playing because it also has a hold. It comes with a guitar holder keeping your guitar close to you always. Combining a professional practice bench and guitar stand we have this effective and functional Donner stool. 

With this stool, you are guaranteed long hours of playing and practice without any aches, pain or exhaustion. It’s supportive and very comfortable allowing you to concentrate on your music instead of developing cramps and aches. With this seat, you will make good music in luxury and comfort and only the best.

It has a high-density sponge to prevent your guitar stool seat from deforming even after prolonged hours of usage. It’s more than just a stool and is specifically designed to keep your guitar close to you when performing. Also, any place in contact with your guitar is covered in good quality cotton padding to prevent any breakage or scratches to your guitar. 

It comes with a non-skid design in which the sleeves prevent your stool from shifting while you are performing. The high-quality steel bracket has an X-style making it even more stable. All in all this stand stool is stable and safe and the guitar bench comes with a lever to adjust it so as to prevent any collisions and friction. It weighs a rough 8.82 pounds and can stand up to 250 pounds, its dimension is set 14.2’*5.1’*37.6′


  • Has a non-skid footing
  • Has high-density foam to prevent deformity on the seat
  • Comes with an instrument holder
  • Has leather covering


  • It cannot be folded

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There’s really not much to say about this stool as the name clearly states it all. What we have here is a foldable stool with a built-in guitar stand from Stagg. It’s a very sturdy stool that folds pretty well making it quite easy to transport or store. 

The size that it folds to is quite convenient making it a very easy stool to use. The stool has an X-style for the legs making it very strong and durable to heavyweight. For under a hundred dollars, this guitar stool would help you and allow you to play your music with ease in comfort and style.

Looking further into detail, this guitar stool with a built-in guitar stand weighs about 4041 pounds and is set at a dimension of 14’*36’*5. It stands at a height of 25.4′ and the diameter of the seat is 14.2′. It has a black vinyl top that will offer comfortable seating as well as a footrest at the lower part of the legs. 

The legs are very strong and sturdy with rubber ends to prevent sliding and slipping through. It’s strong enough to have a weight capacity of about 300 pounds and will not deform in any way. All in all the stool is comfortable enough and convenient enough for you to write and play your music.


  • Is foldable and easy to transport
  • Comes with a footrest
  • Has a vinyl top that is comfortable
  • Has a guitar stand for convenience


  • The seat is cushionless

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This is a simple guitar player stool that comes with a guitar stand to make sure you don’t have to walk around carrying your guitar every time that you want to practice. If you are looking for something that is easy on the eyes and as well as on the body then this story might just be the one for you. It includes an adjustable neck yoke with a safety lever lock. 

If you play an acoustic or electric guitar, the guitar stand will be a perfect fit for both. The stool is convenient and volatile and you can keep it in your bedroom, studio or any other room you want. The size is convenient and will not disrupt much of anything at all. Just by looking at it you can easily tell that it’s stable and durable, but let’s just look further into detail and see what else it has.

So first the stool includes an adjustable neck yoke with a safety lever. It has a yoke which can slide under the cushioned stool when you’re playing or performing to make it more comfortable for you. It has a guitar stand in which the cradle can fit most acoustics and electric guitar models. It’s foldable and is very easy to carry around. The whole process of folding it is very simple and instructions may at times be given. It’s a durable stool that is strong and has a weight capacity of 300 pounds.


  • Is foldable and easy to carry and transport
  • Has an adjustable yoke with safety lever
  • It is stable and durable
  • Has a guitar stand


  • Seat height is not adjustable

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Here we have an all in one guitar stand and stool from Tiger. It’s a foldable accessory making it very convenient and easy to travel with. Its collapsible design makes its storage simple so you can actually get a case if you don’t like leaving it out. The guitar stand makes it very convenient for the layer as you won’t have to make double trips to leave and get your guitar. 

Now about the stool, not only is it durable and convenient but it is also comfortable, safe and stable. It’s designed perfectly for those who perform for long periods as the cushions are padded and soft and will definitely allow one to sit even for the longest of hours. Now let us see what else it has to offer.

Looking at it, you can tell that this stool is manufactured with strong, durable steel making it ideal for homes, studios and live performances. It has a superior padded seat which will provide excellent comfort to the guitarist for long hours. the soft suede material stitched into the cushion will protect the neck of the guitar from scratches and any damages to the guitar. 

The steel legs have rubber feet to protect the floor surfaces as well as to provide the stool with a grip and avoid slipping when performing. All in all its a lightweight guitar that is strong and can withstand the wear and tear of everyday use. When erected its set at 69cm*44cm and when folded it will seat at 90cm*36cm


  • It is foldable
  • Has rubber legs to prevent slipping
  • Comes with a guitar stand
  • The seat cushion is padded


  • Seat length is not adjustable

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Buyer’s Guide


Looking at a guitar you see the curvy shape on its body right? It’s generally hard to hold or play the guitar whilst carrying it or holding it even if it has a belt for you to carry. So you see that when most artists are performing whilst sitting they use a footstool or footrest when sitting. 


Generally sitting and holding a guitar is a bit uncomfortable so a footrest helps in correcting a player’s posture to reduce pain. With a corrected posture obviously one will play better and the music will be more impressive. A footrest can also reduce injury to the back, and help you increase your practice time. However, in case you are not into footstools, there are instrument you can use to help you


The best height for a stool depends on one’s height as well. A stall person will not be comfortable with a stool that sits quite low for them, as well a short person will not be comfortable with a stool that’s too high for them. The best to determine the best height for you is to check on how the stool sits for you. It should be comfortable and should allow your feet to reach the ground when sitting up straight.



When in a seated position, make sure to use a strap in case your guitar slips from your hand. So firstly find a comfortable and adjustable stool that you can set at the most comfortable height for you, making sure that your legs can rest flat out on the ground whilst sitting. Secondly make sure that you sit up straight and that your legs are flat on the ground and depending on the hand you use, set your guitar on your lap and angle it upwards. Set your foot on the footrest and start playing.



Let’s start with the reasons that make a guitar stool a good one for you. For any guitar stool a footrest is required to aid with your posture and with your music as well. Secondly, a guitar stool should be adjustable and in the case that it is not adjustable it should at least have footrests to help you set your legs. A stool shouldn’t be too high or too low for you as that may result in uncomfortable sitting and case back pain and aches. Lastly, look for a stool that’s foldable at least it will be easier to transport and store.



A guitar stool, unlike a regular stool, is made precisely for instrumental practice. Some are made specifically for long hours of sitting with adjustable settings to change postures and reduce pain. For guitarists they need proper sitting posture if they are to manage to lay for long hours. So a guitar stool is basically a stool that is specifically designed for a guitarist to aid in their music and physical posture when sitting. Giving them options of volatility to make them easier to travel with.

Final Thoughts

Well that was new and interesting, wasn’t it? Who knew you’d find so much style on a simple stool for practice. But like I said, just because it’s not a big piece doesn’t mean it doesn’t have to be stylish. It:s believed that the mind works better when it’s happy. Get a stool and make it your happy place and turn that joy to knots and chords and let’s hear the music!! So I guess we’re done here. Hoping this guide was of major help I have to leave you to make your decision. Wishing you best enjoy your shopping.

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