What should I sit on while playing guitar?


Classical guitar sitting position To be sitting in the classical guitar position, you will need the butt of the guitar to rest between your legs at an upward angle. Traditional literature considers this to be the correct way to make use of a nylon-string classical guitar. It is also an effective method to use with … Read more

Are Stools Good for Guitar?

What is a guitar footstool for? A guitar footstool is an excellent option to invest in if you want to promote a straight back. It can help realign your shoulders and wrists to prevent any unnecessary injuries. It can be a crucial addition, to help create good posture. If you are a musician who has … Read more

Shabby Chic Slipcover Counter Stool

Are you thinking of getting the Shabby Chic Slipcover Counter Stool? Nowadays everything needs protection. Especially when it comes to furniture. I mean with just a simple application, similar to the fitted sheet on a bed, and your counter stools are protected.  The elastic holds the slipcover in place even with constant movement from the … Read more

Shabby Chic Slipcover Bar Stool

Considering getting the Shabby Chic Slipcover Bar Stool? Bar stools are exposed to all sorts of things throughout their lifetime. Whether It’s a clumsy who spills their drink on the stool or one of the drunk girls who drops her matte lipstick and boom you have a permanent stain on your expensive bar stool.  These … Read more

Our Favourite Affordable Sofa Footstool

First Hill Callah Rectangular Fabric Storage Ottoman with Tufted Design What we have here is a rectangular fabric ottoman that comes 5 colors. This ottoman serves to be an amazing footstool be it in your home or office. It comes extra-padded for more comfort and has top lid hinges which you can use to open … Read more

Best Stool for Guitar Playing

Are you looking for the best stool for guitar playing? Well, it’s safe to say you’re in the right place because we understand musicians a lot more than you think. Music is what makes the world go round. Imagine a world without music or without the sweet serenade of the strings on most harp-like instruments.  … Read more