Where to buy a sleeper sofa?

Many consumers around the world have looked into buying a sleeper sofa. This purchase helps because it works to add an extra bedroom immediately. A sleeper sofa as an item of furniture can provide extra sleep room without the cost of actually building an additional sleeping area. The product works exceptionally for any unplanned guests. … Read more

How to convert a sofa into a sleeper

Can I convert my couch to a sleeper? It is not easy to change your couch into a traditional sofa sleeper. This process’s mechanisms do not exist on a sofa designed only for sitting. Many people often consider something similar and try to take out the back cushions to provide increased space on the couch. … Read more

How much does a sleeper sofa weigh

How much does a sofa sleeper weigh? This item of furniture is typically used as a sofa and therefore made heavier to prevent it from moving around your living room. You can therefore expect that the couch will weigh around 350 pounds. You will undoubtedly notice that some sofa sleepers will weigh more than others. … Read more

Genuine Leather Sleeper Sofa

mainstay loveseat sofa brown

Are you looking for a genuine leather sleeper?. Leather is generally known to add the spice known as “sophistication” to any decor. It has a rich and expensive look, and the fact that it is natural it creates a timeless blend. Leather though maybe a bit expensive when compared to other fabrics, it is one … Read more