Best Leather Sofa for Dogs

Leather is one of the most popular materials in the home. It’s a versatile material that can be used for furniture, accessories, and even apparel. It looks good and is also durable. Many people love to use it for furniture, and we will happily show you how to decorate your home with it.


This has been designed as a small dog or cat sofa that has been made from pleather. It is indeed a cute and comfortable contemporary couch that offers a bit of style and beauty to the life of a pet. This has been designed from wood entirely and can sustain relatively small dogs. The maximum weight of this product is around 15lbs. 

The seating area of this chair is about 18 inches which makes it unsuitable for the more giant breeds of dogs. There is an excellent benefit to purchasing this sofa because it is pretty luxurious. The sofa’s material is made from something that the paws of a dog cannot easily scratch. This will therefore mean that the dog will not likely destroy the couch very quickly. 

This is a common problem faced by many pet owners who purchase furniture for their animals. It is just off the ground, which many dogs prefer because their nose does not have to contact the ground. It is helpful for dogs or cats, depending on whichever you like. The material has been designed in such a way that it will not quickly gather fur. This means that to clean the chair, all you need is a mild detergent and a damp bath. 


  • Comes with a straightforward cleaning routine. 
  • Material cannot easily be scratched. 
  • maximum weight of 15lbs


  • Relatively small.

 Furhaven Pet – Plush Sofa

This is a superb Posturepedic option for your pet that has been designed in a pet-friendly manner. It is a bed rather than a couch, and it boasts a high loft cushion that allows for a cozy headrest. The bed’s sleep surface has been made to provide your pet with a very luxurious plush faux fur. It has been made with a micro suite formula regarding the material, which supports easy-to-touch fabric. 

In other words, it makes the product exceptionally comfortable for your pet because their fur can sit comfortably. Bodyweight distribution has been scientifically engineered to allow your pet’s body to improve blood circulation. This is because of the ultra foam included at the base and edges off the bed. It is also very excellent for the neck support of the animal. 

Fortunately, this bed is much bigger than many of its competitors and can support even the biggest dogs. In terms of cleaning, it is one of the few products that has been designed with an easy cleaning solution. The entire bed is completely machine washable, making it very simple and easy to keep hygienic for your animal.  


  • Easy care cleaning routine
  • Posturepedic design for better blood circulation
  • Made from plush faux fur.


  • Relatively expensive.

Keet Fluffly Deluxe Pet Bed

This is one of the more luxurious and premium options that you can purchase for a smaller animal that you own. It has been handmade by the manufacturers, and in doing so, they have crafted a high-quality product. It is made from a strong wood frame that is likely to support your dog for quite an extended period. The upholstered leatherette material is pet-friendly. 

I mean that the manufacturers have designed the fabric not to taste nice to chew on. Therefore, you can trust that the material will last quite a long time. It has been designed to incorporate memory foam into the cushion, which means that as your pet enjoys the sofa, it will not begin to look deflated after some time of use. 

The pillow is covered with a mink fabric that feels very soft and comfortable. It does have a zip on it, allowing you to put it in the washing machine every time you think it needs a clean. This will help to deal with any fur that has remained on the cushion to keep it hygienic. It can handle pets that way up to 25lbs.


  • The cushion cover has a zip and is machine washable. 
  • Upholstered leatherette fabric is high quality. 
  • The cushion itself is made from memory foam. 


  • Only for small dogs.

Enchanted Home Pet

This option is one of the low-budget alternatives you consider, which will keep your dog cozy and snuggled up at night. Is it a tiny sofa in the traditional sense and has 2-inch legs on all four sides of the item? It is not very big and has a maximum length of just over 17 inches. 

This means that it has been designed for smaller and more fluffy dogs because of the material used and the weight it can support. It can handle a dog that weighs up to 10lbs. As you can imagine, this is very small for a dog, which is also why it is very cheap. 

It comes in a suede finish that is Brown. Therefore, your dog will most likely have a lot of fur getting onto the couch over time. The good thing is that you can take off the couch cushion and wash it in the washing machine. 


  • The cushion is removable and washable.
  • Free from draft
  • Relatively affordable


  • Max weight of 10lbs.


I love my dog, and she is one of my best friends in the world. Whenever I am home, she is always so happy to see me, and it always makes me happy to see her happy. The only problem is that she can be a little bit messy. She will chew on random things and will sometimes even get into the trash. She is not a bad dog, just a bit messy. I love her, and I don’t want to stop seeing her, but she is a dog, and she will chew on my furniture and make a mess on the floor. I need a sofa that will protect my furniture and keep my floors clean.

Best Dog Sofa: 5 Incredible Options

Looking for a sofa for your dog? Welcome, that’s exactly what we’re on about today. Dogs like humans also seek to rest and relax in comfort. Unlike humans they work with what they can, if the floor is the best option, then you’ll find your dog on the floor. If it’s the couch with your lap as the pillow then best believe your laps are going to be very busy laps for a while. On the plus side, you get to cuddle with your furry pawed buddy. 

On the minus side, you’re going to have to brush fur off yourself a lot, your couch might soon have tear marks and if it’s the rainy season, should I tell you about that paw-mud mark you’re going to be introduced to one day? Dogs are friendly beings, there’s no love like a dog’s love they say, well how about you return that love and get your dog it’s own sofa?

dog on a sofa

So, if you want to show your dog that extra love, let’s talk about dog sofas/beds. Unlike human beds, these aren’t those one size fits all unless you get an extra large size that can be used by all prior sizes. You have to consider your dog’s size, breed, and habits. Then also consider yourself, I mean you’re the one who’s going to be maintaining it after all. Your dog will just nap and sleep and live its life.

You, however, have to clean it and replace it when it’s now worn. A known fact about dogs is that they have 3 sleeping styles, if you know how your dog sleeps, it’ll make things easier for you. If it’s a leaner, stretcher or curler will definitely have an impact on the sofa you get and if your dog will actually like it. You can however get one that will support your dog in any position and any style. With that being said, let’s get started.

In A Hurry

Obviously, this might be a stressful task just like furniture shopping you’ll have to get something that fits in with your interior. If you need a quick guide, we’re here for you and your dog. We want you both to enjoy relaxing nap sessions and restful nights so don’t worry  we have your dog’s needs in mind, and we also have your back on this. With this quick guide we’ll be sure to get your dog one of the best sofas out there with minimal searching. Lets whoof this!

Before we go, let’s go through a few pointers that will make this a whole lot easier

  • Take note of your dog’s sleeping style 
  • Keep in mind it’s size, if you’re not sure  measure from nose to tail-end to get an estimate of the sofa size you’ll need
  • If it has a teething habit, and chew almost anything in its way
  • Is it a nervous pee-er
  • If it will likely mud-paw your house on regular occasions 

I think those are the best pointers we will use in finding the perfect sofa for your dog. So let’s get started.


Over time, whilst looking at some of the best Dog Sofas out there, we came across this Furhaven Orthopedic Chaise-Lounge Sofa,. It comes in all sizes, from small to jumbo size, so whatever size your dog is and whatever breed, it’s guaranteed maximum comfort, support, and full on air-circulation. So why not right? It’s a snuggly soft sofa, that actually has a classy design and neutral color. It’s perfect if you’re a smart-conscious person. It’s perfectly machine washable so don’t worry about spoiling it. It’s designed for just that and will not disappoint you or your dog. 


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This snuggle bed is perfect if you have a small to medium sized breed. It’s perfect for any sleeping style, be it your pup is a leaner, stretcher or curler. This sofa just like its name has an enchanted look. It blends with very classy interiors but you could also make it work with other interiors as well.

It has a 3 side support wall meaning your pup is supported and has a head rest as well a neck rest for some dogs. Finally a replacement for your lap!! Aren’t you the lucky one. You can take a breather now and let everything flow. Also like the name, it’s a pet sofa, so its not limited to dogs only, if you feel like you want to get the cat sibling a sofa as well  then go ahead it would be a perfect match as well.

Looking further into detail, this sofa comes with 2” legs that raise the sofa from the floor so your dog won’t feel a draft. The chevron ultra plush look is quite popular as it suits modern house designs allowing your dog to nap and rest in luxury. The best part is if your dog is a teether, this sofa comes with toy storage space, so you may as well buy your poodle toys and let it bite on those instead.

Its dimensions sit at 27” by 15” by 15”, and can carry a capacity of 10 to 12lbs. Perfect for that little poodle you love so much. The cover for the sofa is removable and washable so if your dog messes it up or stains it, you can just throw it in the washer and it’ll be as good as new.


  • Doesn’t sit directly on the floor to keep your dog from feeling a draft.
  • Is stylish and can suit almost any interior
  • Has a storage space for your dog’s toys
  • Perfect and accommodates any sleeping style
  • Cushion covers can be removed and washed
  • Is comfortable for your dog


  • Is mostly designed for small sized to dogs and a few range of medium sized dogs.

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This seater right here comes in a wide range of sizes from small to jumbo, and is perfect for all breeds. Like the name says, “traditional”, it has a traditional sofa design that features 3 sided fluffy bolsters allowing it to support your dog in anyway even if it has those weird sleeping postures it’ll be in safe comfy hands. Making things juicy, this bed not only has a quilted surface but a foam base that will support your dog’s joints.

So, if Pawy has arthritic pain not to worry, this sofa will ease those joints and let your dog rest in peace. Buying this sofa for your dog will guarantee that it won’t have to count sheep, or even count backwards before its in dreamland. The sidewalls and the pin sonic quilted surface are all your dog will ever need. Finally the couch is all yours, and you can finally turn as many times as you want on your bed without worrying about kicking your pawed friend. So why not get it for your peace and your dog’s comfort.

Let’s see what else we have here. This quilted sofa comes in different stylish colors you’re bound to find one that suits your house perfectly. For your dog, it offers a headrest, meaning a replacement for your laps is already in check. The side walls offer great support in any style your dog decides to sleep.

The orthopaedic foam mattress will make sure that your dog’s joints are full supported and if it’s arthritic pain will be eased allowing your dog to rest peacefully. The surface on which your dog will be sleeping is quilted hence easy on the nose. The cover is removable and can be machine washed meaning you won’t have to fuss much if your dog does happen to go for a mud bath before bed. Dimensions vary with sizes but they stand as follows:

Small: 20 * 15 * 5.5

Medium: 30* 20* 6.5

Large: 36* 27* 6.5

Jumbo: 44* 35* 8

Jumbo Plus: 53* 42* 9.5


  • Comes in all sizes
  • Comes in different stylish colors
  • Easy to remove and wash
  • Orthopaedic foam mattress
  • Perfect for all breeds


  • Material is not tear resistant, may not be a good choice for dogs with teething behaviors

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First thing to be said about this sofa is that it’s luxuriously soft. Made from a two-toned plush faux fur and suede bolsters this sofa will have you wishing you were a dog as well. The L-Shaped bolsters support your dog’s back at the same time offering it unimaginable comfort. For any sleeping style at any time of day this sofa would be perfect.

The chaise-lounge shape makes it an exquisite addition to your interior, I mean if you sit and nap in luxury shouldn’t your dog do the same? All sizes have an Orthopedic foam mattress but the jumbo plus comes with a solid slab Orthopedic foam for greater support and comfort. Let’s get deeper in detail, the L-Shaped dual design allow your dog to try out various sleeping positions with the necessary support for its paws and neck. The foam mattress offers great support for the joints, so arthritic or not, your dog will have a peaceful and restful naps.

The faux fur mattress topping and suede finished bolsters are easy on the paws and the nose, so no sneezing and tearing, just naps, luxury and comfort. To top things off the covers are removable and can easily be thrown into the washing machine without harm. So what do you think? Will your dog loves it just as much, because we definitely do.


  • L-Shaped and perfect for home interiors
  • Is comfortable
  • Orthopaedic for arthritic joints
  • Comes in all sizes and various colors
  • Comes with support for neck and head for your dog
  • Easy to wash and remove


  • Is not tear resistant, hence may not be suitable for dogs that love biting or have teething behaviours.

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Coming to you in all shapes and colors, this orthopaedic sofa will guarantee your dog solid and luxurious sleep. It’s designed with extra care and the poly-filled bolsters create a safe place for your dog to rest their head, whilst providing hip support and maximum bone support. To guarantee this comfort, the mattress is made from human grade mattress foam which is just as comfortable for humans as it is to dogs.

If your dog suffers from joint issues, maybe it’s a large dog and it’s getting slower by the day, it’s not as jumpy as it was. This bed may be the solution to that. It’s tried, tested and proven to be durable as well as long-lasting, and we’re certain your dog will love it just as much as it loves you. What we’re looking at here is a sofa with a waterproof liner and human grade foam mattress. It’s orthopaedic, joint issue or not, your dog will be supported and provided with great comfort. The surrounding cover has a zipper design and can be removed easily as well as washed.

Topping it off, the covers are non-slip, non-skid and fur resistant, so if you’re feeling lazy to throw it in the washer, just shake the fur off and we’re good to go. The design is perfect for literally any home interior, it’s simple and soft so don’t worry about mismatching, it’s the perfect one.


  • Orthopaedic, and good for arthritic dogs
  • Comfortable
  • Easy to clean and remove


  • May only be targeted for dogs and not all house pets

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Just like the name, this is a basic pet sofa. Coming to you in either medium or large it’s a good sofa for your dog, or any other house pet for that matter. For your dog, it provides cushioning support and works to reduce pressure points, so if your dog has odd sleeping postures at least with this sofa you know no harm is done.

Do you ever wonder if dogs want to feel secure when sleeping? Well this couch, your dog is guaranteed definite security with the 3 walls, also it’s provided with a headrest and pillow whilst feeling completely secure. Let’s see what else this sofa can offer your dog.

Coming at dimensions of 36” * 29” * 9”, this cozy sofa- style bed for your dog has a foam mattress to provide optimal support to your dog.  The whole bed is covered in a water-resistant and removable cover that won’t cause much trouble for cleaning.

It has bolsters and 3 sides that will not only provide pillow-like comfort but also give your dog a sense of security. Just like us wanting to sleep feeling safe and secure your dog would love it just as much. So lets surprise our dog and get this amazon basics sofa for it.


  • Simple and will suit and house style
  • Easy to remove and wash
  • Has water-resistant covers, making stains less of a problem
  • Big enough for small to large dogs
  • Can be used by any household pet


  • Sits directly on the floor, so your dog will feel drafts

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Buyer’s Guide


Warm season grass is the best and most suitable grass hay for a dog. Wet grass would probably make for a cold wet dog which could cause a number of health problems for your dog. So if you want to hay bed your dog, dry and warm grass is the best from. 


A lot of things make for the best bedding for your dog. Depending on the season if it warm  something that’s cool and allows full air circulation, if it’s in the cold and rainy seasons then something warm and cosy, a number of options are, hay and straw, saw dust, linens and rugs. 


If you want to keep your dog from feeling a draft, then yes, keeping it a few inches off the ground could be a good idea. However if your house is insulated there’s really no need, as the cold air won’t radiate or get to your dog. Or if the bed has a solid base and cold air can’t seep through you can keep the bed directly on the floor. 


It’s usually best to replace your dog’s bed when it’s now flat and doesn’t look as comfortable as before. A worm out bed may do more harm to your dog than the floor. At least once a year you should replace your dog’s bed, unless it’s a durable bed that can last longer. 


Where you dog sleeps is dependent on its instincts. Dogs are protective and territorial especially to “family”. So your dog may sleep where it feels convenient and most suitable to protect and watch over you and rest as well. Could be close to house entrances or by your dog or right next to you or in your room. So it’s entirely up to the dog. 


The easiest rule to follow is the month to hour rule, if your puppies are 3 months old then crate them for 3 hours, and it’s wise to create them in the evening so they learn to sleep at night as well.

Final Thoughts

A happy dog makes for a happy house. Having a dog is like having that best friend you know you can trust at all times. They may not be able to talk back, but they surely do listen. Never underestimate a dog’s love, if you’re a pet owner then you know what I’m talking about. These furry creatures become family and always take a space in our hearts. 

Like humans they deserve comfort and joy in their short lives, and what more to spoil your dog than with one of the best pet sofas out there. We know what’s in your heart and we completely understand why you’d want the best and only the best for your dog. We did our research, and hopefully you’ll find the perfect match for your pawed family member. Enjoy your shopping, and cheers to a happy household. 

Large Dog Sofa: Top 5 Picks

dalmatian laying on sofa

Are you looking for a dog sofa for your large friend? Is your dog one of the large breeds or has it grown an extra size and has started taking too much space from your cuddle couch? Well don’t worry, just because your pawed friend has grown a size or two, doesn’t mean you have to move him to the floor. 

puppy resting head on sofa armrest

You can get him one of the best sofas for dogs out there, in a large size obviously. Besides all the above reasons, your dog could be suffering from joint pain, arthritis, and it’s normal, don’t blame yourself. According to research, 80% of all big dogs either suffer from arthritis or have joint dysplasia, all the more reason to get your dog the most comfortable and supportive sofa.

Large dogs have it harder than a regular-sized dog. Their joints fail them earlier, most of them start to slow down early and we call it natural ageing but that’s not the case. Just like humans, as they age, they do get slower but with large dogs, their joints and muscles tend to give out earlier than an average dog. I mean look at how active dogs are, with its extra weight of course muscles and bones will start failing them at some point and that’s when the trouble starts. 

You’ll see your large dog start to limp, at times it’ll be less jumpy or always sleeping. It won’t jump on the couch like it used to, may even resort to sleeping on the hard cold floor. They can’t even show their pain, maybe a whimper there and there but that’s it. Most reported cases that went with their dogs to the vet were told one common course of action to take, amongst others as well. They were told to get their dog, a comfortable bed or sofa.

Back to human and dog relationship, when humans have aching backs, joints or muscles doctors normally recommend orthopedic mattresses right? Who’s to say it’s not the same for dogs. Dogs also need a bed to lie in. The same comfort humans need, is also the comfort a dog needs. They need more than just a mat, more than just a blanket. 

Why not get your dog one of the most comfortable sofas out there. Watch your dog age at a slower pace, enjoy the jumpy tail-wager for a while longer. Get your dog one of the best sofas and lucky for you we’re going to show you the best, and nothing but the best sofa for your dog.

In A Hurry

Perhaps you’re in a hurry to give your dog the best care and rejuvenate his jumpy character, don’t worry we’re here for you. We care about your dog as much as we care about you. We understand that if your dog is happy, you’re happy and if you’re happy then we’re happy as well. We promise to help you find the best for your dog so trust us to lead the way and we’ll have you done in no time. If you need a quick guide, you have it, let’s get started so we put a smile back on your dog’s face


After thorough research, with nothing in mind except to find you the best dog sofa/bed. The Big Barker 7” pillow top certainly matched our needs and definitely scooped our hearts in the process. The comfort it gives is immeasurable. It’s made to match human standards and is tried and tested by both humans and dogs. If you want to give your dog back its golden years or you want him to rest comfortably. Trust us, go for this one you will not be disappointed.


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Are you ready to modernize your pet? Is this whole sleeping on the couch thing getting a bit too out of hand? Large dogs can take up a whole lot of space and we know that. Well, PetFusion comes to you with its ultimate dog bed. Finally, you can reclaim your couch and your bed letting your dog have its own lush and comfy space. This solid memory foam bed is perfect for dogs of all ages, but especially the mature ones that need joint support and comfort. 

Coming in all sizes and colors this bed will suit any breed and any household so don’t worry about style, just choose a color that fits your interior and you’re set. Unlike most dog beds, this one is designed to last longer as it’s designed especially for large dogs. With premium materials and quality construction, this bed will do you and your large pal justice. 

With waterproof lining, this bed comes with a removable outer cover, making it easy to clean, spot and remove fur as well. It has a smart design with bolsters that act as a bed rest or wall for your dog giving it a sense of security as well as support. The material used is water-resistant and tear-resistant, so don’t worry about your dog’s teething habit, it won’t ruin anything at all. 

The premium materials used on this bed will offer your dog full support and comfort especially if it suffers from joint and pressure point problems, it will improve your dog’s health and mobility, and it has a calming effect that will definitely reduce your dog’s anxiety so those nervous peers will be no more. It’s just the ideal bed for your large breed, so come on, spoil your dog and get this bed.


  • Made especially for large dogs
  • Water-resistant and tear-proof
  • Easy to spot fur and clean
  • Will improve your dog’s health
  • Has a calming effect on dogs to reduce anxiety


  • Is not fire-resistant or resistant to other weather elements

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This is a large Orthopedic bed that comes with a 7” pillow/headrest. It’s designed specifically for large dog breeds, but may be used for other household pets if deemed reasonable. With this bed, you and your dog are guaranteed maximum support and comfort with the notion that this bed will not flatten out. It’s big enough for a human to have a restful night, so imagine what it will be like for your dog instead. 

This bed, I mean this large bed, is made from therapeutic American made foam, hence your dog will never sink and chances of it flattening within a 10-year span are 0 as it has proven to sustain 90% of it shape within that period, talk about long-lasting. 

It’s a durable bed that comes with a 7” pillow top, providing your dog with the perfect headrest or paw-rest at times. Your large dog is not limited to any sleeping postures, it can go through its wildest dreams in any posture but will still be support head to tail. So let’s get deeper into detail with this bed. 

If you want this bed, please be prepared for a long-time investment because this bed will not age nor flatten out any time soon it comes in 3 sizes, Large, X-L and Giant X-L. That’s why it’s specifically for large dogs. Calibrated for big dogs with American made therapeutic foam, it won’t flatten anytime soon. 

Since large dogs suffer most from skeletal problems because of their weight, this bed will help your dog’s joints rejuvenate making its joints last longer than they normally would. If you want your dog jumpy and happy as it was in its younger smaller days, try this bed, and see let it work its magic.


  • Calibrated for large dogs
  • Made with therapeutic foam
  • Will last over 10 years and not lose shape
  • Will rejuvenate your dog’s joints and offer skeletal support
  • Comfortable even for humans as well


  • Not suitable for smaller breeds and there are no sizes for smaller breeds

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Coming in multiple sizes and colors, this sofa will accommodate any dog with and sleeping habit. From stretching to leaning to even curling this bed will still manage to grant your dog the support and comfort it needs. It’s made from high-quality memory foam mattress and washable colors that are fur-resistant so even if your dog is a shedder, just shake the fur off and you’re good to go. 

Another great feature about this bed is that it’s made with your dog’s interests at heart. We know dogs love to play as much as they love to sleep, so this bed here comes with a free toy for your dog to chew on or play with until sleep takes over. So are you still wondering if this bed will do? Let’s check other features out then

The thick memory foam bed makes it comfortable for all dogs since it will support all joint and pressure points, but it’s especially great for those dogs with hip dysplasia, arthritis and other structural pains and aches. You can easily combat accidents and stains as the covers are easy to remove and wash making it easy to keep your dog sleeping in a clean bed. 

It comes in various colors, for various interiors so don’t worry about mismatching your home, just choose any neutral color that comes to mind and your interior will not be disturbed at all. Sitting at different dimensions for different sizes, this sofa will definitely have your dog wagging more frequently.


  • Comes in all sizes and various colors
  • Made especially with your dog’s skeletal maintenance in mind
  • Comfortable and supportive for any sleeping position
  • Covers are water-resistant and machine washable


  • Can be affected by extreme weather conditions

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This Orthopedic bed comes to you with a modern style so you already know it will suit your house’s interior. It comes with a fluffy bolster and a wrap-around gusset so your dog is both warm, cozy and comfortable. The added bonus is it’s an Orthopedic bed with memory foam, so you’re guaranteed that won’t flatten out any time soon. It has ample sleeping space for your large dog, so whatever posture your dog is in, it will be well catered for. 

This modern sofa comes with 3 couch arms, providing your dog with a pillow, headrest and paw rest as well. Before we look at the features in detail kets note that this bed is also a non-skid, so no matter how much your dog moves or plays around the bed will at most just move an inch. 

Now for the features, this bed is made from faux linen fabric. The outer cover is stain resistant and will not absorb liquids easily so if your dog happens to be a bedwetter, it won’t seep through. The bed is also versatile and can be put in any room or crate without much of a hustle. Since it is made for comfort, the memory foam will provide the perfect amount of softness and support and its capable of soothing the aching joints of your furry baby. 

It comes with a 3-sided zipper design on the outer cover making for easy removal on laundry day, and it’s just as easy to put back on. Don’t worry about it flattening out, it actually designed for heavy use, so will last you quite a long time. Watch your dog sleep in peace and wake up fully rested and happy with this PetSure bed.


  • Comfortable
  • Water-resistant and will not absorb any liquid
  • Does not stain easily
  • Easy to wash and remove as well as outback
  • Soothes aching joints allowing your large dog restful nights
  • Has a modern design fit for any house


  • Is not fire resistant, nor will it stand all weather elements at extreme measures

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Well this dog-bed, is definitely a bed inclusive of a bed rest. This makes is one of the best if your large dog is a leaner or a stretcher. It’s made for literally almost every dog out there. A drooler, shredder, arthritic or even the ones recovering from surgery this bed would do justice for your dog. 

Made from premium materials, this heat-sensitive bed will support your dog’s bone structure all the more allowing for it to have restful naps and relaxing nights. Like any bed, even for humans, it can be used for a long time, but it comes with extra covers in case your dog is a bit more careless. It’s generally an Orthopedic bed designed with your dogs’ comfort and health in mind. 

Further details entail that this bed will work as a prudent preventative measure for younger dogs of breeds known to suffer from joint dysplasia. It’s a bed basically designed to keep your dog’s joints stronger, younger and able for longer durations before age takes its toll. 

It’s also a therapeutic bed that will provide support and comfort to dogs suffering from different skeletal problems; hip joint problems, arthritis, patellar luxation and so forth, just know whatever your dog’s condition is, this bed will be of great help and support to it. 

Made with high-density memory foam, this bed comes in removable, waterproof covers that are fur-resistant, easy to remove and easy to clean. You can either shake the dirt off, vacuum or throw in the washer that’s how easy they are. 

Dimensions: 40” * 25” * 6”

Headrest: 4”


  • Comes with a headrest
  • Covers are water-resistant and fur-resistant
  • Covers are easy to clean
  • Is an Orthopaedic and therapeutic bed
  • Comfortable and offers support
  • Suitable for any dog breed


  • Is not fire-resistant
  • Is not so suitable for small weight dogs

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Buyer’s Guide


Just like humans, dogs need beds too. For naps during the day, and actually resting and sleeping at night. For a variety of reasons getting your dog, a bed is one of the best things you can do for it. On the plus side, if your dog has its own place to rest and nap, it won’t rest and nap where you don’t want it napping. 


The norm would be to replace it at least once a year or when the mattress and cushions flatten. It would really be uncomfortable for your dog if certain parts of the mattress are stiff while others are flat out the same with the floor. 


During summer times, or when the heat is a bit tough dogs will look for a cooler spot to rest on. So if the bed or sofa feel a bit stuffy for your dog, it will resort to the floor or the porch where the air seems to be moving more and the setting is cooler


Dogs are very sensitive and protective when it comes to their family. So if your dog’s bed is in the living room and you sleep all the way upstairs your dog might not be as restful during the night. However, putting the sofa or bed closer to you will have your dog more secure as it’s able to watch over you and sleep comfortably at the same time


If you feel more comfortable with your dog, then why not, there are really no rules when it comes to sleeping with pets. If you want to have your dog close and you feel more comfortable with it, then, why not. However, your dog may decide to change sleep venues there and there. So it’s up to you and your dog and how well your sleeping arrangements suit individual needs. 

Final Thoughts

Let’s look on the bright side of getting your dog a bed. The reasons could be depressing especially if you have a large dog breed. However, if your dog is still in perfect condition, let’s look at the benefits of getting your large poodle a sofa.

  • Your couch and bed are definitely free and safe if your dog has its own sofa.
  • Dog sofas and beds keep your dog warm and comfortable.
  • Sofas will support your dog’s joints, pressure points and muscles, making sure your dog is youthful and active for a while longer
  •  Like humans, dogs need their space, with a dog bed or sofa, your dog can take time out and have their own space.

Getting your dog its own sofa could possibly be the best thing you could ever do for it. Apart from feeding it, your dog will be more than grateful for this. Enjoy your shopping! 

Large Dog Sofa Bed

dog laying on sofaAre you tired of your furry friend always taking up space on your bed or couch? Is it raining and the paw shaped mud stains aren’t really adding glamour to your couch. Maybe your dog has seen better days and jumping on couches and beds isn’t really an option any more. 

A straight solution would be to get your dog its own sofa bed, depending on the amount of comfort you’re willing to give it. They can vary in shape and size. Most if not all are designed to accommodate the different sleeping styles dogs use, from curled positions, stretched out positions to leaning positions. So don’t worry about the right choice of sofa bed for your dog, it’ll be as comfortable and as grateful as it was with you on that couch or bed.

An average adult dog can sleep for 15 to 17 hours a day, whilst puppies need about 22 hours a day unless if they need to feed. I know right!! And I thought I slept a lot. Well knowing this wouldn’t you want you furry best friend to sleep and nap in sumptuous comfort? In their advanced years you know they’re either not feeling so well or they’re having some joint problems. It’s aging and time there’s not much you can do to stop the pain accept offer the best comfort for it to have restful nights and naps

Like the typical sofa, shopping for a dog sofa is just as stressful. You may be particular with your tastes and styles, or simply worried about your dog’s comfort. You can’t sit on a dog bed to test the comfort, nor can you ask your dog what it’d want. The best way would be to assume and hope your dog will love it and set out to buy the best you can find out there.

In A Hurry

Since you here I assume you want to find the best sofa bed for your dog as quickly as possible. You really want your dog to move from your space but at the same time you want to provide it with the best comfort and support it needs? You’re probably worried its joints will hurt, or it would rather sleep on the floor or move back on the couch but don’t worry, here is a quick guide to some of the best sofa beds out there for your large furry friend. It won’t be able to resist, and might find it more comfortable than your sofa or bed you’re fussing about. So let’s take a look and see the best out there and find you what your dog needs. 


Our absolute favourite is the ENCHANTED HOME PET LIBRARY SOFA​. It is shaped like a proper human sofa. We also love the fact that it is elevated off the ground. That means the dog is kept warmer in the colder seasons. 


Our Reviews



Is your dog suffering from joint pains, and is it getting harder for it to jump on your couch or share you bed with you. Maybe it’s even resorted to sleeping on the floor just so it can lessen the struggle for a nap. Well don’t stress, here we have an orthopedic bed that will provide not only comfort but joint, bone and pressure point support to your dog. It comes with 3 walls to give your dog the best support in any  sleeping position and from any angle. 

Finally you can watch your dog sleep comfortably. You don’t have to feel sorry for it anymore it will be in perfect and comfortable hands now. You can now have that cozy sofa spot on the couch all to yourself guilt free watching your dog in it’s own cozy corner. If you’re particular about your interior and you feel that this dog bed will ruin it, don’t fuss, this bed comes in different shades, you may as well choose the one that suits your interior. Now go ahead  and spoil your dog. 

Further detailing is this bed comes in different shapes and sizes from small to jumbo and like we said it comes in 5 different shades; brown, red, silver, grey and navy. It has zipped covers hence is easy to remove. The fact that it can be washed in a regular makes it super easy to maintain and clean as well. It comes with orthopedic memory foam mattress providing your dog with joint support. It has a quilted surface and offers a sofa style for your dog to rest and nap in both luxury and comfort.


  • Easy to clean and has removable covers
  • Has orthopaedic mattress
  • Supports aching joints and pressure points
  • Is affordable
  • Will blend with any interior
  • Has 3 walls that offer support and a head rest


  • Suitable for indoor use only
  • Is not waterproof

Check Price and Reviews on Amazon



Do you ever feel like maybe your dog deserves to relax in elegant style? Do you want your dog not only napping but lounging as well? Let’s take a look at this enchanted home pet sofa. It’s traditionally designed with tufting, covered buttons and brass nailhead accents. 

If your best friend is a lean sleeper then this is the perfect choice because it has extra cushioned arms that aid in supporting your dog’s head and neck. If you’re a clean freak and you hate seeing a speck of dirt then don’t worry about wearing this sofa down with washes. It’s made a strong fabric that can hold multiple washes without fading or wearing down. This sofa will make sure your dog is comfortable and warm as the 2” solid legs help avoid your dog feeling any draft. 

This classic dog sofa sits on 2” turned wood legs and comes with a storage pocket for bones and toys for your dog. The cushion covers are removable and are easy to clean as they can be machine washed. It’s made from plush fabric offering a slightly firm but comfortable feel. Dimensions for the bed are set at 40.5”*30”*18” and it comes at you with a seat depth of 33”*24” making it ample for medium to large sized dogs of any breed. Comfortable


  • Suitable for any breed
  • Has an elegant style
  • Does not sit directly on the floor
  • Zipped covers that are easy to remove and clean
  • Has a storage pocket


  • Suitable for indoor use only
  • Prone to staining

Check Price and Reviews on Amazon



If you’re worried about your best friend’s joints and you want it to have best nights of canine life, then you need to look at this Pecute dog bed. It’s the perfect bed if you have a medium or large sized dogs but it can work well for small dogs as well. This orthopaedic bed  will allow your dog to sleep in a variety of positions and styles without having to worry about joint pain or pressure. 

It is specifically designed to support your dog’s cervical region hence protecting the spine and making sure it is well aligned. So like most beds this doggy is suitable for all breeds and sizes, from a mastiff, pitbull, pugs and labradors, all of them can experience the spacious comfort that this bed offers to them. 

In further detail this bed comes with a double sided design where on side is soft and warm making it perfect for autumn and summer seasons. The underside is made from ice silk fabric which is cool and breathable giving your dog full comfort even in hot summer seasons. The memory foam mattress of this orthopaedic bed is made from 100% environmentally friendly material. Besides it being high density the material is also suitable for long-term use without as much as an ounce of deformity


  • For all dogs sizes
  • Orthopaedic
  • Long lasting
  • Suitable for all seasons
  • Set to protect your dog’s spine.
  • Made from environmentally-friendly material


  • Allergens may be present

Check Price and Reviews on Amazon



If you want to spoil your dog with comfort whilst looking to protect its spine then this doggy chaise lounge should be a perfect fit. It’s L-shaped and not only attractive in form but in functionality as well. This ultra plush, snuggly soft bed will cushion your furry best friend in an egg crate orthopaedic foam mattress that will soothe joint aches, and improve air circulation, at least now the snoring will be toned down. 

It’s L-shape comes with a dual-sided design giving it ample support for its head and neck to rest on. It comes in different size to accommodate all dog sizes and breeds so of yours is a big or large breed don’t worry, large and jumbo sizes are available. With this sofa, cleaning is not a problem it also comes with a dual zippered design allowing easy access to the mattress if it needs changing or if you simply want to wash the covers. If you feel like you have already found the perfect sofa for your dog, let’s see what else it has to offer. 

Coming at diff sizes, a jumbo and jumbo plus size sofa comes at dimensions of 44”/53” * 35”/42” *8”/9.5”. With the regular large coming at 36”*27” *6.5”. It has a 2 color tone design varying from the color you pick. The zipper design allows it easy access in case you want to change the mattress or filling or you just want to wash the covers to give you dog a clean space. It’s the perfect space for any sleeping position but especially learning styles as it offers full support in the hip joints. Unless your dog has a teething or biting habit, this bed will last long in your home. 


  • Orthopaedic bed for pets
  • Soft and ultra plush
  • Improves your dog’s air circulation
  • Dual sided design offering head and neck rests
  • Comes in all sizes and different colors
  • Has zipped covers that are easy to remove


  • Not suitable for dogs with biting habits as fabric may tear

Check Price and Reviews on Amazon



If an average dog naps for about 17 hours a day why not make sure that it at least naps in comfort, style and protection. This orthopaedic bed has the perfect memory foam that offers your dog maximum comfort and joint supports by keeping pressure aligned. Unlike regular doggy beds this comes to you with fireproof foam material which reduce the burning time or even delay the burning, that is, of course, in case there’s a fire. 

This bed has so many features that will benefit your dog  also making things easier for you. For example the removable cover material used to make this bed is waterproof making it stain resistant and easy to wash. Filled with PP cotton all the covers are breathable so your dog will still nap comfortably even during those hot summer nights. Before I forget as an additional feature specifically for your dog’s entertainment, this bed also comes with a squeaker toy in the case that it has a teething habit you’ll be more than glad for this toy. 


Other features entail that this bed comes at dimensions of  32”*22*7” with a sleeping area of 24”*16” making it a good size for small to medium or averagely big dogs. Filled with PP cotton which is two times more resilient than regular cotton material is breathable keeping your dog well aerated and comfortable. The memory foam offers joint relief and comfort allowing your dog to have restful nights and easy turnings. The look itself is simple and smart, no fallen furs or cotton balls can ever be found on the floor.


  • Comfortable and offers joint relief
  • Waterproof
  • Tear resistant and hard wearing
  • Removable covers hence easy to clean
  • Ideal for small to medium/averagely big dogs


  • Universal size may not be ideal for large breeds

Check Price and Reviews on Amazon

Buyer’s Guide


Depending on the age of the dog, they can either sleep for almost the same as an average human or more but never less. The average adult dog spends almost 17 hours sleeping if undisturbed. However this may be hard to notice as they can frequently wake up to play or snuggle up with their owner. Newborn puppies on the other hand can sleep for 22 or more hours a day waking up only to feed and as they get older they may need a few more hours to walk and play before sleeping again 



Don’t worry about getting a crate or a bed for a dog. Like humans dogs find even the oddest of places comfortable. So you can get either a crate or a bed and your dog will decide which is more comfortable could be the floor or the crate/bed. If not maybe you’ll see it frequently on one of the garden chairs.



Well though dogs can’t speak telling if a dog is in pain or uncomfortable is quite easy especially if you are close with it. If its uncomfortable it will either shift positions frequently or leave and find some place more comfortable to rest, or it could give you whimper and there so do something about it. 



Who wouldn’t want to rest and relax in a warm fuzzy and fluffy space, a dig would obviously love a fluffy bed. However some fluffy beds with time tend to lose shape and balance and may instead cause joint pains for dog.  Firm beds on the other hand are comfortable and most are orthopaedic and work well with older dogs. Firm beds are good in that they offer equal support to the whole body so it’ll be easier for your dog to shift or stand unlike on the fluffy bed. 



Its best to replace your dog’s bed after a year and when you can see that the mattress no longer holds your dog from the floor. However some beds are designed to last longer than just a year so when you can tell that your dog is no longer comfortable and the bed doesn’t have the same volume and look as when you first bought. That’s the best time to change. 



Getting your dog a bed is beneficial for both ends, and yes just like humans dogs need a bed. In any case if a dog has a bed it at least has a place to retreat to for a comfortable nap or when it just needs time alone and at the same time if it has a bed that will make sure you won’t find it sleeping where you don’t want it sleeping. 



Most dog beds are varied by size and not breed, as long as your dog can fit and nap comfortably that’s fine unless if certain material causes irritation to your dog then any bed is fine for your dog’s breed.

Final Thoughts

Well there you have it, all the best beds and sofas for your large fluffy friends. You know your dog best and you at least have an idea of what it needs. Don’t hesitate to spoil it with the best and most comfortable bed out there. If its old and having some joint pains, there are so many orthopaedic doggy needs out there. Classy, stylish, firm and fluffy you name it, it’s all there. I hope by now you know what to get your four-legged family member. Let’s spoil that pet!! 

Best Couch with Dogs: Our Top 5 Picks

2 cats and 2 dogs posing for photo

bulldog on a red loveseat

Are you looking for the best couch on the market when you have dogs? Most pet owners will have this and other aspects of their couch in mind. Pet hair will undoubtedly play a part.

Couch shopping can be an exciting time. It usually means you are moving into a new space, or there’s a new beginning of some sort. This may well be the most important piece of furniture you get. The couch that you choose plays a big role in how the rest of the room is structured and decorated. 

Pet owners will understand that it is pivotal in the entire room looking a certain way and giving off an air of who you are and the image you want to portray.  Factors such as the colour scheme and who will be using the couch, make deciding on the couch you buy a bit more weighty. 

When you are about to but a couch you need to consider your lifestyle and who will be using the couch. This will help you factor in the type of features to look for. For example, if it is meant for a bachelor, in a bedsitter, then you know that you need to get a couch that is easy to clean and can be used as a bed as well. A good sofa bed comes in handy in this situation. 

ImageNameWhat We LikeLink
Stone & Beam Kristin Round Arm Performance Fabric Loveseat Sofa CouchIt is a heavy-duty couch.
There is a 3-year warranty cover.
No assembly is required.
Novogratz Brittany Sofa Futon, Premium Linen Upholstery and Wooden LegsThe sofa is very comfortable.
The cushions have removable covers.
HONBAY Convertible Sectional Sofa CouchThe sofa is very easy to assemble.
It is reasonably priced.
Works well in small places.
Serta CR43541PB Copenhagen SofasThe sofa is very easy to assemble.
It has plenty of room for you and the dog.
Misty Mid Century Modern Tufted Velvet SofaMid-Century Modern Tufted Velvet Fabric SofaThe sofa is very easy to assemble.
There are 5 colours to choose from.

In A Hurry

Are you in a hurry and do not have the time to check on which sofa will work best for you and your pet? We have a quick guide for you. Stay away from loose fabrics that your dog can get his or her claws in. Also, stay away from fabric that is high maintenance such as velvets silk and suede. You want to look for tightly woven fabric. 

Also, you will do good with a couch that has the same colour as your pet’s fur. This way your pets can lie on the couch and the fur that is shed does not stick out like a sore thumb. Fabric such as leather is great because it is easy to clean and it is durable. The durability of the fabric you choose is an important factor. You want to get a couch that has strong and durable fabric. Another aspect to consider is pet hair. How will your sofa fare with it? Would it be easy to clean?

Stone & Beam Kristin Sofa

Our Top Pick

We have researched and found some of the best couches on the market today, for you and your dogs. Our favourite pick is the Stone & Beam Kristin Round Arm Performance Fabric Loveseat Sofa Couch. It has a classic style and durable build. It is specifically designed for heavy-duty use.


Our Picks and Reviews for The Best Couch with Dogs

Stone & Beam Kristin Round Arm Performance Fabric Loveseat Sofa Couch


With this piece, Stone & Beam sought to create a product that could make a great centrepiece in your home. With a width of 88”, there is ample room for you, a loved one and your dogs. Depending on how well behaved and large the dog is, you can have more than one dog at the same time. The structure of the sofa is made out of solid hardwood that is combined with a laminate wood frame. The exterior part of the couch is made of polyester and nylon.

There is an emphasis on performance. That is what these two fabrics deliver. From an aesthetic point of view, this is what the manufacturer has described as a “modern casual” look. This is to say that it is a couch that would fit right into a formal home setting as well as a more casual one. The best part about all of this is that the couch is made for heavy-duty use. Anyone with a dog will understand the importance of this.

Once you have the couch, it is covered by a 3-year warranty. This covers any defects resulting from manufactury issues.


  • It is a heavy-duty couch.
  • There is a 3-year warranty cover.
  • No assembly is required.
  • It is a versatile sofa that can fit into formal and informal settings.
  • It is a well-made and sturdy couch.
  • It is very comfortable.


  • Dimensions are slightly off.
  • Legs being broken in transit is a common occurrence.

Check Reviews

Novogratz Brittany Sofa Futon, Premium Linen Upholstery and Wooden Legs


Novogratz touts their brand as one that seeks to bring a boutique experience into your home with every piece of furniture that they produce. Having seen this sofa, we are inclined to agree. One of the main characteristics of this one is comfort. This is courtesy of the perfect cushioning that is on every part of the sofa. The cushions are covered with soft linen.

You are provided with incredible support for your back and the rest of the body. So, what makes it ideal for you and your dog? It has a sturdy wood frame that balances on top of four wooden legs that are finished off with rubber. 

Not only can it take the rigour of supporting you and your pet. It also delivers a comfortable surface for the dog. The upholstery on the sofa is stain-resistant and water-resistant. When it does get dirty, as it will inevitably do, you can remove the cushion covers to a wash.  


  • The sofa is very comfortable.
  • The cushions have removable covers.
  • It is very easy to assemble.
  • It is very wide.
  • Provides great value for money.


  • The cushions are inconsistent in texture.
  • Not as squishy as you would expect.

Check Reviews

HONBAY Convertible Sectional Sofa Couch


Do the words “firm” and “comfort” sound just about right for you and your dog’s couch? This is how one could accurately describe Honbay’s Convertible Sectional Sofa. It rids us of everyone’s pet pieve that is to sink into the cushions. Not these ones. They provide you with ample support. The surprising thing is that when you sit on the couch the cushions get more and more comfortable. If you are working with minimum space, this sits right in. It is a space-saving reversible sectional sofa.

The size also makes it very easy to move into your home. Whether you are placing it upstairs or downstairs. Once you have everything in, assembling it is incredibly easy. There is no experience required. You will not need any additional tools to get everything together. Depending on what colour scheme you have in your home, there are three colours that you can work with. You can go with light grey, dark grey or beige.

We mentioned the chaise lounge, right? Well, the sectional sofa has a chaise lounge to go with it. You also get some storage space through the ottoman. The design of the couch is a mid-century one. The outer part is made of the linen fabric. There is a width of 78.5”.


  • The sofa is very easy to assemble.
  • It is reasonably priced.
  • Works well in small places.
  • The quality of the product is exceptional.
  • It is a very comfortable couch.
  • There are 3 colours to choose from.


  • There are some quality control issues.
  • Some parts missing in the shipment.

Check Reviews

Serta CR43541PB Copenhagen Sofas


If the colours of the previous couch have whetted your appetite, this will be the main course. Perhaps even better is the fact that you get to choose your sizes as well. The material that makes up the couch is polyester. 

It is a soft material that is very easy to clean. With that comes durability. It has a velvety feeling to it as well. From an aesthetic point of view, this is a sofa that can fit into all sorts of settings. Whether you are looking to create a contemporary look or a formal one. It will do the trick. The sofa is built on a sturdy base of hardwood materials.

All of the support that you require will be provided by the supportive memory foam cushions. The good thing is that the more you use them, the more comfortable it becomes. You will also find that each person will find their perfect spot. 

The pillowed back cushions give you added stability and comfort. You will also be pleased to know that they are very easy to clean. That can be done by spot dabbing as well as wiping. 


  • The sofa is very easy to assemble.
  • It has plenty of room for you and the dog.
  • It provides you with a lot of comfort.
  • The cushions are made of memory foam.
  • The manufacturing is sturdy.
  • It is inexpensive.


  • The cushions are not reversible.
  • Not as deep as we would have liked.
  • The cushions lack quality control.

Check Reviews

Mid-Century Modern Tufted Velvet Fabric Sofa

Misty Mid Century Modern Tufted Velvet Sofa


Our final pick comes with a similar velvet fabric is our previous pick. As the name would have already given away, this is a more modern looking sofa. It comes in equally daring colours. The first thing that you will note is how sofa the velvet used on the couch is. 

It will be dear to you and your dog. This is a mid-century touch to the design. It delivers a combination of comfort and style. The size of the sofa makes it perfect for small spaces. There are various colours that you can choose from. These include teal, purple, navy, light grey and dark grey. All of this sits on 4 detachable wooden legs that bear a natural finish. There is a width of 74” which provide you with ample room to sit comfortably with your dog. 

You will need to assemble it all. Having said that, assembling it is incredibly easy. There are two cushions included with it as well. To add to it are two more rolled up cushions. These can be used as backrests to keep your posture up or add to your armrest. Surprisingly, dogs tend to take a fancy to these as well. 



  • Surprisingly smaller than it appears in images.
  • Somewhat harder than expected when you first sit on it.

Check Reviews

Buyer’s Guide

There are so many different types of couches on the market today and they are all made with different uses and people in mind. Putting aside the obvious reason for providing seating, couches have various features to cater to the ever-growing needs of people and their pets.

Dogs are called man’s best friend for a reason. Through the years, as different species have been tamed, they have slowly found their way into the hearts and homes of people. Most dog owners prefer to keep their “best friends” in the house, or at least give them free rein of the house. 

This means that the furniture is also subject to use by the dog. If you are a dog owner, you will need to consider how your dog interacts with existing furniture. This will help you choose a couch that will still be intact even after your dog sees it and “bonds” with it.

The thing about pets is that they have a way of doing what they want. Even if they know what is right and that your new white couch is off-limits, it is still not safe. To keep the peace you will need to make sure that your couch can withstand the force that is your pet. 

In the same way, you make sure your home is safe for your pets, you also need to make sure you protect your furniture. There are different couches in various types made of different materials that can offer both you and your pet peace of mind.

What type of couch is best with dogs?

The best type of couch for dogs is made of durable fabric that is tightly woven and is easy to clean. It needs to be made of fabric that allows the dog to get on and off the couch, without damaging it. 

The age-old argument here is, which fabric is better. And the answer is quite simple. The best material for your couch if you have a dog, is leather. It is durable, easy to clean and your pet can not get his or her claws in because it is too thick. However, this only applies if the leather is real. If it is an imitation, then it is thin.

Leather is also great because it has a way of repelling odour which you can not avoid if you will have pets on your couch. The downside is that leather is pretty pricey, more susceptible to scratches and has limited colour and pattern options.

Should you allow dogs on furniture?

It is all well and good to say you will not allow your dogs on your couch, but the truth is we all know that pets will do what they want and we still love them for it. The simple solution is to make sure that your furniture is protected, instead of crossing your fingers, hoping that your dog will behave in a certain way.

How do you pet-proof a couch?

Sometimes a new coach is not on the cards. But what do you do when you have just gotten a dog and you want to keep your couch clean and safe. A cheaper way of getting around this is getting a couch cover.

Are our leather couches good for dogs?

Leather is the best option for a couch if you have a dog. But you need to make sure that it is genuine leather if you want to get the benefits of leather. The leather is durable and easy to clean.

Why do dogs sit on top of the couch?

Dogs soon become part of your family and you will find that they will tend to want to do what you as the owner does. They will emulate some of your actions and sitting on the couch is one of those actions. They are called man’s best friend because they are just that. 

Final Thoughts

Pet owners will want a couch that you and your pet will have to be one that suits you both. There are so many options on the market, but when you see the one that is meant for you, it will jump out at you and you will know it. The right fit will be safe and comfortable for every member of the family. We hope our top picks have made choosing your next couch much simpler. Consider the colour side of things. 

It is important to be able to get a sofa that fits in well with the rest of your furniture. Space is also very important, make sure that you also take the width of the couch into account. We have outlined the great and the not so great. It is worth considering the things that you are not too keen on as well. There ought to be a perfect balance between what you like and what you do not like. That way you will end up with a couch that you are sure to enjoy. Happy shopping! 

Comfy Sofa Studio