Blue Leather Sofa

Are you looking for a blue leather couch? Mixing blue and leather would definitely create an amazing feeling in your home. Leather is generally known to add the spice known as “sophistication” to any decor. It has a rich and expensive look, and the fact that it is natural it creates a timeless blend. 

Leather though maybe a bit expensive when compared to other fabrics, it is one of the best investment choices one could ever make. It’s hypoallergenic, easy to clean and very easy to maintain. Its natural properties generally shield it from physical and visible damage. That’s why it lasts longer than regular fabrics. If well maintained, a leather couch can even get you to 25 years. Now let’s talk about the color blue.

Blue is the color of the sky and the ocean, these two are somehow the most peaceful natural settings but at the same time can cause the most damage. Blue on a sofa will generally create a warm and soothing feeling, it’s very easy on the eyes and will help you relax, however, mixing blue with random colors may set off the wrong balance and create a wave of havoc, but don’t worry it’s why we are here. We are going to help you find the most suitable blue leather sofa for your home. 

In A Hurry

Are you in a hurry to find the perfect blue leather sofa? Lucky for you here we have a quick guide for. We have collected some of the best blue leather sofas out there in the market. Ranging from sectional sofas, l-shaped, loveseats to a single armchair. We will go through each one individually until we find the one for you. So follow up and keep up, if you find something you like, the link is provided, why waste any more time. So let’s go through some of the best ones out there and find you that dream sofa you’re looking for. 


After long hours of research looking for the best, and only the best blue leather sofas for you, we found this Iconic Home Da Vinci right-hand sectional sofa. It comes in 20 different colors and if you want more than one blue color you may as well get another shade. It’s definitely an iconic model for any sofa structure and its very versatile. After thoroughly looking at it we realised that it was a good design for both home and office use and wherever it would be used, it would be the shining star in that room, so it had to be our top picks. 

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Divano Roma Furniture Bonded Sectional Sofa

Divano Roma Furniture EXP230-BLU

Here we have a beautiful sectional sofa that comes in 5 different colors. It comes in 2 shades of grey, white, black and blue. It’s a space-saving and configurable sofa that would be perfect for any small apartment or any small space in a large house. With this piece, you will be adding a modern and chic feel to your interior. 

It’s a low profile couch and will blend in easily with the rest of your furniture. Looking at this sofa you will note that it is a modern contemporary couch that will offer you luxurious and sumptuous comfort at the same time adding style to your home. 

If you have a big house, it can be an additional sofa piece in either a bedroom, children’s TV room, or even a sheltered foyer. It’s the perfect sofa choice if you enjoy having a few friends over or if you would love to snuggle up with your pet on a daily.

So basically this small sofa is a leather sectional couch that comes with a reversible chaise lounge which you can move around from left to right to centre or even detach it from the couch completely and use it as a footrest or a table.

The sofa has a hardwood frame complemented by chrome metal finished legs. All is that upholstered in durable bonded leather. Though assembly is required it is very minimal and all instructions and hardware required will be provided for.



Armen Living Winston Loveseat

This majestic loveseat piece comes in blue bonded leather and walnut wood finish. Its a classic sofa and it somehow always finds a way to be the staple of the centrepiece in the room. If you are looking to add refinement to your home, then there you have it, this is the one you have been looking for. This sofa is aesthetically pleasing as the teal blue is very easy on the eyes. 

The antique design gives off a very rich setting which will definitely make your living room more luxurious than it already is. Its vintage look is preferably for those who understand the style and can match it with the surrounding as mixing and matching with this look may instead create something not so pleasing. The arms and back are at equal height giving the sofa an all-round look with a very deep setting. Though vintage is the main theme on this couch, it does have a few trinkets on it to add a touch of modernism. 

Looking deeper now, this couch is basically an antique blue loveseat meaning it will normally accommodate only two people. The inner arms and backrest have a button-detail design with the arms slightly half scroll design. The back of the couch is tufted, and the legs have this bun design finish that is quite eye-catching. the sofa generally has a nailhead trim on the arms that are in fact antique nails to accentuate the quality f the price of the sofa.



Iconic Home Da Vinci Right Hand Sectional Sofa

Coming to you in over 20 colors is this Iconic Da Vinci sectional sofa. It’s basically a modern take on the traditional Chesterfield sofa. It comes with a sectional chaise making it as beautiful as it is functional. It’s tufted on both the inside and outside of the frame, giving it a beautiful design detail that can be seen from any angle in the room. 

If you want an iconic furniture piece in your house then yes this is definitely what you are looking for. It will have everyone impressed and amazed by its beauty and sophisticated look. This is the perfect sofa for those hot summers when you just want to sit back, lounge and enjoy a cold drink or beer whilst watching a movie or reading a novel. It’s the perfect couch to have friends over and have endless midnight chats with.

Looking at this sofa more, It is a right hand facing sectional sofa. It can easily be the best seat in the house or office because of its timeless design and look. It comes with a chaise sectional and 3 accent pillows, making it even more perfect for a living room. It is upholstered in premium PU leather which has a rich and substantial feel. The design is modern and transitional providing you with aesthetic versatility which can be used literally in any door. The cushions are plush and filled with multi-density foam to give you and your guests supportive comfort.



Great Deal Furniture Jameson Tall Wingback Club Chair

Coming in two colors that is teal blue and black is this beautiful and yet very classic club chair. In any room you put it in this single sofa chair will definitely make a statement. It the perfect sofa for entertaining and relaxing. you could play a game of poker with your friends or even enjoy a nice cold drink all by yourself whilst seated in this beautiful piece. 

It offers an intelligent design to your living room, bedroom or even office and yet with its simple yet expensive look, it will have all your guests drooling over it. It’s a supportive sofa that will cradle you in with its back and side securing not only comfort but support as well.

This sofa is a simple, classic and elegant piece with leather upholstery. The sides of the arms have an intricate nailhead trim design. It features wing backsides that give it the intelligent look that we are fussing over at the moment. The seat cushion is quite firm but it offers great support and comfort. Generally, this sofa has dark wood legs that have a powder finish gives it a very sturdy support system, Its dimension is set at 30.7″L*303.3″W*41.31″D with a comfortable seat depth of 17″



Cozy Sofas Leather Loveseat With Wood Frame

This beautiful sofa comes to you in dark blue, with one purpose, and that is to spoil you with luxury and amazing comfort. It’s made from leather so imagine the firmness that will be hugging you as you relax and sit back. It’s a basic loveseat with a wooden frame and metal legs, designed for two people to sit close together but depending on the size and age of people who will be using this couch, it can fit more people. 

If you’re looking to start up an apartment, or start building your dream home with your lover then this sofa will be the perfect fit for you. Especially with the right complementary furniture it will bring out the best for you. 

In deeper detail, this love seat is semi-soft completely doing away with any possibility of sinking in the future. The legs are angled from top to bottom. This sofa has tight a backrest as well as arms with a flared design. It can be used as a settee, regular sofa or can even work as a sofa bed depending on your preference, but all that matters is that this sofa will bring you the comfort you seek in your space



Buyer's Guide


For any genuine leather material or product smooth or perfect edges indicate that the leather is faux leather, whereas rough and uneven edges are more visible in genuine leather. You could also try a sniff test, genuine leather has a very musty and natural smell whereas faux leather will hold a plastic-like scent as chemicals are involved in its manufacture.


A sectional sofa is more expensive than a regular standard sofa. It also takes up much space compared to a regular sofa. However, unlike sectionals, regular sofas cannot be customized nor are they as versatile as sectionals. So it really depends on you and what you find appealing. Regular sofas are more suitable for small spaces and sectionals can be positioned to fit into any room from large to small. However, the decision remains up to you and what your budget holds. 


Sometimes leather may appear as if it’s peeling off or cracking on the surface. However, leather does not crack or peel, in most cases if it is pigmented or it has an applied finish or colorant, that is what will be peeling off or cracking.


Genuine leather will last about 25 years or more unless in the case of natural casualties such as direct sunlight, fire or floods. Also depending on how you clean and maintain it would be wise to avoid cleaning with fabric chemicals or water.


There is no fixed size for a sectional sofa as they come in different shapes and sizes and can be altered to suit the room size. However generally speaking any sofa should not be in length with the wall, there should be an 18″ space allowance between the sofa and the wall from all angles. With that in mind i’m sure you can come up with an approximate sofa size for your room. 


There are mainly 4 types of leather; full-grain, top f]grain, corrected grain and bonded leather. Full-grain is used without perfecting or polishing, all inherent imperfections and blemishes are maintained and it the most expensive leather out there, used on products such as saddles and so on. 

Top grain is pigmented and polished to give off a rather attractive look. Correct grain leather is what we refer to as genuine leather. It is sanded and polished to remove blemishes and other natural imperfections. Lastly, bonded leather is made from leftover hides and is mixed with other materials as well so it may be the least durable leather type out there,


Usually, a dry soft cloth will do, just to wipe any build-up, but if you want to deep clean your leather sofa then you could create a cleaning solution by mixing equal parts of water and vinegar or simply buying a commercial leather cleaner, in this case, make sure to wipe the sofa with a damp cloth and don’t make the wipe completely wet


A sectional couch is made up of 2 or more sofas that can be joined together at different angle bring out a different shape or longer couch. If a couch is not sectional then it had a fixed shape and cannot be altered or geared

Final Thoughts

We are done!!! The journey was long, but we made it, undone and unharmed. Thank you for letting us help you find the leather sofa of your dream. Blue is such a beautiful and calming color. You’ll find yourself floating through your days. We’re glad to have helped you, hoping you found what you were looking for. Enjoy your shopping and enjoy the wait as your order will be arriving. Happy Shopping!!! If you are still undecided on the colour, here is another one, Orange Sofa Our 5 Favourites

Best Leather Sofa UK

Are you in the UK looking for the best leather sofa out there? Well, here we are at your service. Leather sofas are such an impressive addition to any household. Getting yourself a leather sofa is definitely in of the most time-efficient investments you could ever make. With a leather sofa, you are guaranteed easy maintenance, easy cleaning and a very long service period.

Leather is basically known to last up to 25 years before it starts wearing down. It may be a bit pricey but at least you know you won’t have to replace it anytime soon. Leather is like skin, it radiates differently depending on the care given to it.

black leather sofa with cushions

However besides that a leather sofa, of whatever style, will always qualify to be a classy set-piece, any house with a leather couch automatically has a reputable decor. If you’re looking to add classy elegance to your home, and you want there to be a hint of sophistication then you are definitely in the right place. You can never go wrong with Leather, it’s always right, whatever colour, whatever theme, Leather will always blend fully.

So without wasting much time, let’s get started, but first let’s set a few leather rules that you have to keep in mind. Like stated before, leather is like skin, it will radiate accordingly to the care given to it. There are commercial leather conditioners out there, that helps keep the material soft to avoid cracks and an ugly appeal.

As there are many sprays you can use to keep it shining and healthy and if you keep this up, your leather sofa may actually last you longer. Lastly, leather should not be placed in a place where it will always be directly in the face with sunlight, avoid that to slow down its ageing process, and maybe it will last so much longer than anticipated for it, so now that’s done, let’s move on.

In A Hurry

You are here then obviously in a hurry, and you definitely need a quick guide to find your dream sofa. Here we have a quick guide to some of the best leather sofas out there. we will go through each one individually checking in detail if it will be able to situate your needs, so let’s go on and not waste any time.


After much research and thinking we saw this Dallas brown corner group sofa deserving to get the spotlight. It’s a very beautiful sofa that will offer you much of what you need. It’s large and comfortable at the same time very stylish and sophisticated. The neutral colour will allow it to fit into any room and blend in with any decor.

From bright rooms to dim ones, this sofa will definitely have you craving to always be in that room. It’s quite firm and hence very comfortable, and on the bright side, it’s the perfect sofa for hosting movie nights or book clubs with friends, you can have as many snacks as you want with this couch and you won’t have to worry about any remaining stench as the leather is both easy to clean and repels smells. It’s basically a group sofa, for large numbers, maybe 8 or so, having a good laugh and catching up. we just had to put a highlight on this.

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This sofa bed here comes to you in either black, brown or grey. It’s a good addition to your living room with its classy and elegant look. Everyone will surely love this sofa. It is classic yet trendy and will either match your current decor or will actually add more style to your living room. this Venice will bring a touch of class literally to any home.

The look and style are just so contradictory, it’s simple yet so classy, the colours are plain but the outlook is nowhere close to being plain. you could definitely host a party just because of this sofa. It has a very versatile look as you can tell that it would be the perfect piece if you want to chill and watch a movie with your buddies or have a few drinks with your friends.

The best part is that it is leather so you don’t have to worry about spills and cleaning because it is waterproof and very easy to clean. You just need a soft dry cloth and you wipe away any dirt and build up.

Looking at this trendy bed sofa, you can already feel the luxury it comes with. It’s finished in faux leather over a hardwood frame. This sofa bed is basically for occasional use, otherwise it is not recommended for heavy-duty use. The arms are removable to make ample space for you to lie down and sleep on it as a bed. its dimensions are set as follows

Overall Dimension: 180cm*88cm*88cm (LDH)

Bed Dimension: 180cm*105cm

Sadly it can only be ordered by those staying in England and Wales or Mainland Scotland, so if you are staying in another place you are advised to not order.




Here we have a two-seat sofa recliner. It comes in three colours that are it can come in brown, black or cream. the materials used to make this sofa are all durable and will guarantee that this sofa will definitely offer you long service. Do you ever have those days where you just wake up tired? 

Being tired after a busy day at actually make you feel more exhausted the next day. so imaginer having this leather recliner sofa at your disposal. It’s a two-seat recliner generally meaning you can buy this as a couple, or maybe you will want to share it with your roommate or your very close friend. It has very puffy hands to offer you and your hands a very relaxing feel when you rest your hand on them.

The clearance from the floor is almost 1.5″ making it quite low but at least you know no giant spiders will be able to hide under it. The back cushions have a divisible design making them look like rolled cushions, but that is exactly what makes this sofa so trendy.

In deeper detail, this recliner comes to you with a wood and metal frame upholstered in cushioned bonded leather. All the coverings on this sofa as well as the fillings are fully fire retardant ones so that they either meet or even exceed UK safety regulations. It’s basically a luxury sofa for when you need those long relaxing Saturday afternoon naps.

The springs installed in the cushions make sure that the noise is reduced when reclining and there is no need for a power source to recline on the sofa. All in all its a manual recliner sofa, and a great one for that matter.

It’s the perfect addition to your home especially if you happen to suffer from anxiety issues or other stress disorders, this leather recliner will definitely help you ease your anxiety and help you relax. Lastly, since the upholstery in leather, this sofa is very easy to clean and maintain as you only need to wipe it with a dry soft cloth, it is a non-stick to dust and the likes




Coming to you is this Dallas chocolate brown PU leather sofa. It comes in two colours that are brown and black but is definitely worth the buy. It’s a cosy large sofa that can accommodate 8 or more people depending on the sitting arrangements and their sizes. It’s a very beautiful piece and adding this to your home will give your interior an amazing feel and vibrant set.

This sofa be it in black or brown is capable of filling up a whole room, but since it’s an l-shaped sofa it will fit well at the walls and will be very space-efficient and fully functional. With its large size besides offering comfort, two people can actually cosy up and take this mid-day naps comfortably without intersecting each other.

Though it is a large leather sofa it still complies with the British fire regulations as it holds all required certifications held by the law to prove it. It’s a soft and rather firm couch that lasts longer than your regular l-shaped sofa. With this sofa, you at least know that you have pure leather.

In deeper detail, this large and comfortable corner sofa is brown leather. The seats are super thick and filled with high-density foam wrapped with fibre to give it that round shape and extra comfort. It comes with a matching footstool, which can act as an extra seat and give you the ideal setting for the perfect lounging set up. but you would have to purchase the stool separately.

The back cushions are silicon fibre-filled and the leather used on this sofa is very durable and very easy to clean. this means you may as well just wipe the dust-up with a soft damp cloth and you are good to go with your sofa looking as good as new. Plus the couch will still offer you a very long service time. The back cushions are removable and are helps in place by a velcro strap. This beauty comes to you in 3 sets that have the following dimensions:

Sofa dimension: 235cm*235cm*90cm*90cm.

Once delivered to you, don’t worry about assembly it will all be dealt with for you. 




Coming to you in five colours that is brown, cream, grey and mahogany is this beautiful two-seat leather recliners. It’s a premium, brown bonded leather recliner that is lever-activated, making it very easy to adjust to any position. The good thing about this sofa is that it does not require any electricity or power source.

It is smart and classy with a very trendy puffy look, again as is the law this recliner and all its covers and filling are fully retardant and will either meet or exceed the UK’s safety regulations.

This sofa recliner was basically designed with your comfort in mind, from all its features top to bottom it’s made to be very convenient and very lavish as well. If you want comfort, luxury, elegance and sophistication, all with a very stylish appeal then this couch is definitely what you need to satisfy those needs.

In deeper detail, this sofa has a smart bustle back design with round tightly padded arms all this for your optimal comfort. This well-padded sofa has foam pocket spring seat cushions and fibre-filled back cushions. It can only be delivered to Scottish Highland and Offshore, isle of Sally and Eire. So if you are not in any of these areas you are advised to not make an order. In case you make the order and it cannot be delivered.

Once you make an order, with this sofa the tracking and all other precautions are done online so don’t worry about your sofa. It’s a durable sofa recliner that will offer long term service and will definitely not disappoint you in any way. once you make an order it will be set as a two-man delivery to any room of your choice and unpacking will be done per your request, with all this being free of charge. Dimensions are set at 147cmw*96cmh*98cmd.




This tan-brown right-hand sofa comes to you straight from Carlton Brands. Its brilliant choice for any room as it comes in either black or tan brown. If you’re looking to enhance your decor or style then this sofa should be a perfect fit. It’s a right-hand firm leather corner sofa, that is space-saving and functional and perfect for you if you enjoy having people around and long night conversations.

There’s really not much to say about this sofa except that it’s a brilliant choice for literally any room as it comes in either tan or black. It has superb stitching and is very much strong and durable. It’s made from high-quality material and will guarantee you a long life span and incredible service. Its dimension is set as follows; 265cm* 230cm* 82cm, it has a seat height of 41cm and a seat depth of 58cm. 



Buyer's Guide


For any genuine leather material or product smooth or perfect edges indicate that the leather is faux leather, whereas rough and uneven edges are more visible in genuine leather. You could also try a sniff test, genuine leather has a very musty and natural smell whereas faux leather will hold a plastic-like scent as chemicals are involved in its manufacture.


Sometimes leather may appear as if it’s peeling off or cracking on the surface. However, leather does not crack or peel, in most cases if it is pigmented or it has an applied finish or colourant, that is what will be peeling off or cracking.


Genuine leather will last about 25 years or more unless in the case of natural casualties such as direct sunlight, fire or floods. Also depending on how you clean and maintain it would be wise to avoid cleaning with fabric chemicals or water.



There are mainly 4 types of leather; full-grain, top f]grain, corrected grain and bonded leather. Full-grain is used without perfecting or polishing, Top grain is pigmented and polished to give off a rather attractive look. Correct grain leather is what we refer to as genuine leather. It is sanded and polished to remove blemishes and other natural imperfections. Lastly, bonded leather is made from leftover hides and is mixed with other materials as well so it may be the least durable leather type out there,



Leather is very easy to clean and maintain, the easiest way would be to wipe the sofa with a damp cloth and not make the wipe completely wet. However, there are commercial cleaning agents out there that are designed specifically to clean leather materials. 



Most commercial leather cleaners come with a scented solution to cover the natural leather scent, however, using the white vinegar solution could help as it also combats the smell.

Final Thoughts

Let us finally take a breather we are done here. These leather sofas in the UK, are the best out there definitely. Buying one of these will not leave you disappointed at all. Plus most of them follow the UK’s safety regulations, meaning you are very safe and at the same time you will experience the highest level of luxury and comfort all the more appreciating the aesthetic appeal it will bring to your home. 

Leather is such a precious material. It’s a lot of things all packed in one material, comfort, luxury and style, what more could you need. Well with all that being said, I believe this is where we part ways so you can go ahead and buy the couch that mostly took a piece of your heart. Enjoy your shopping and good luck!

Pet Furniture Covers for Leather Sofas

Do you need a cover for your leather sofa? Are your pets really wearing that expensive sofa down? Yes, leather is very strong, but even the strongest warriors give up at some point. If your pets have claws then I’m sure you’re starting to see some scratches and cuts and it’s really getting to you. Well, that’s probably why you’re here, isn’t it? You need a cover to protect your precious sofa.

Well, don’t worry, you’re not the only. Pets are everywhere and so are claws. You’re really not the only one going through this traumatic phase. Seeing your favorite couch, especially if it’s the majestic leather, wear and tear all because of a fluffy animal that you love. It’s like watching your two favorite teams play against each other. You have no idea which one to support and betray, am I right?

dalmatian laying on sofa

Well, luckily someone out there invented furniture covers for exactly that. I mean you’ve probably tried everything to keep your pet off the couch. A dog bed, or banning it from the house. But somehow that clawed monster still finds a way back to the couch. Well, let’s talk furniture covers that have been made specifically to suit leather sofas. As we both know, leather is a smooth and slippery material.

Getting a random cover would probably make no difference. If you have a leather sofa, keep in mind some fabrics will slip off and fall to the ground and leave your couch as bare as the potato in your vegetable rack. Also since we’re dealing with clawed pets that have either been scratching your couch or have been shedding all over it or maybe both let’s look out for tear-resistant, easy to clean covers to make life easier for us right? So without wasting much time, let’s save our expensive leather sofa.

In A Hurry

Since you’re in such a hurry to save your sofa from the furry monster causing more damage right at this moment. You’ll probably need a quick guide to see the options that await you. Lucky for you, here it is. Readily available all for you and your couch. Let’s hurry and not waste time. Your couch has probably had enough by now, let’s go!!!


Before we start, let me introduce you to this Gorilla Grip original velvet slip-resistant cover. It comes in different sizes, small to x-large for all your sofa types and sizes. It’s a non-slip cover meaning no matter how much your pet moves or plays around on the sofa, it will never set its paw on that leather surface that you’re trying to protect. Besides its gorilla grip patent, it also comes with thick straps that help and aid it to stay in place. It’s also comfortable and easy to clean, plus it has a stylish design that will definitely make it look like you were decorating instead of saving your couch.

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Coming to you in different sizes and 15 different colors, this is a quilted furniture cover that will protect any couch from stains, tears, scratches as well as weathering down. We chose this for leather couches since they tend to slippery. For your couch this cover comes with an anti-skid back meaning that no matter who and what, not even wind will make this cover slide off your couch.

It’s designed with all your worries at heart, it will be your sofa’s personal guard from cats paws, canine teeth, bird poo, hamster tethering this cover will let no harm come to your couch and all you have is just secure it onto your couch and your good to go.

This anti-slip cover is suitable for various sofas of different materials and fabrics. Compared to any slipover cover you may come by, this one is designed specifically to stay in place and not shift unnecessarily. It has a silicon rubber paw design underneath it for a firmer grip. Plus all in all  just looking at it you know you’re going to be covering your sofa in sophistication and elegance.

It’s comfortable and flexible so don’t worry about having to sacrifice your comfort all, and the best part is that it has 2 storage pockets on either side so you can store your remote controls and other things you may deem necessary. Constructed with 5 layers of fabric, this quilted furniture protector also features a sanitized protective finish to keep your furniture looking and smelling fragrant. It’s 100% waterproof, so don’t worry about spills and pee seeping through to your couch. It’s all accounted for and your leather is safe.




This easy-going reversible cover comes in different sizes and 16 different colors. Since it’s reversible you can flip over the cover for a new look after the current one has lost its feel and. Unlike some furniture covers, this one may tend to be a bit slippery since both sides are fabric but it does, however, come with straps for a firm grip on your couch so don’t worry about it sliding off as well. No matter what type of sofa you have, whether it’s a loveseat, recliner, or a normal couch. You’ll definitely find the right size for you.

Let’s have a deeper feel of this couch. It has an elegant quilted surface and is made from thick colorfast microfiber. It’s water-resistant and won’t let any liquids flow through or ruin your couch. It has elastic straps that keep the cover in place and two foam pipes that are tucked into the grooves on two sides to secure its position. It’s easy to clean and wash, however mild laundry detergents are advised and no bleaching at all costs.




This Slipover cover comes in different sizes 9 different colors to suit your interior or match with your sofa. Unlike the other covers, this one will cover your couch top to bottom it’s non-slip and has no elastic straps but the bottom is elastic so that’s why the straps are not necessary. With this couch cover, you’re offering your sofa full protection head to toe with no opening except the bottom part which is elasticized to keep the whole thing in place. 


The material used for this cover is cozy soft and very stretchy. It’s super flexible and will easily shape the outlay of your sofa skin to skin. It will not only cover your sofa and protect it, but tucked properly it will be your sofa’s second skin. Every angle on your sofa that you want to be set out there will definitely pop out with this cover.

Let’s get deeper now. This slipcover is made from quality velvet. It’s trendy-watch will have your home looking elegant and sophisticated without the worry of having to continuously clean the couches. It’s conveniently strapless and Non-slip with an elasticized bottom to make sure that no matter what movements occur your couch is always protected from head to toe.

The velvet plush material is super comfortable for you and your dog and will definitely have you thinking why you hadn’t done this sooner. It also easy to care for, easy to remove and easy to wash. Within a few hours of washing, you’ll be able to protect your couch once again. 




Finally, we have the majestic gorilla grip. With this cover, neither it nor the couch is going anywhere. It’s a definite non-slip cover that will protect your couch day in and day out.

Made from velvet it’s the softest cover you can buy out there that’s guaranteed to protect your couch from all harm without scratching your leather. It’s a functional piece that offers the very best protection for your furniture from pets, stains, kids and even yourself.

This cover is designed to stay in place, no millimetres moved, hence the name “gorilla grip”. The underside has a paw design marking to give it a cute feel. The cover is smooth is silky and smooth adding a cool feel to your couch.

The coziness will have you wanting to buy another one. Besides the gorilla grip, it also has one strap that you out at the back of the couch and one under the seat so that at all costs it does not shift. You can play and cuddle with your pet all you want to make shifts or move the couch, but this cover will stick to your couch like glue ensuring that your leather lasts longer and no harm comes to it ever.




Do you want to switch your normal recliner to a leather recliner? Well here is your chance, this PU recliner cover will give you just that. It’s perfect for all sofas, especially leather sofas as it will still give out that refined and sophisticated look even when covered.

It’s not a full-on leather cover, but it looks, feels and smells leather plus it’s super-stretchy to accommodate for both settings of a reclining sofa. It comes in 6 different colors and will suit and interior giving your home that intense sophistication your want.

With this cover, not only is your sofa protected from dirt, fur and paw stains, but it’s also given an elegant look. Normally covers take away the natural feel is a couch but this will protect your couch whilst maintaining the style your couch gives out.

Made from 50% polyester, 10%spandex and 40% PU, This cover is extra stretchy and has a shine just like real leather, offering a soft and comfortable feel to your couch. It has a pocket on one side for convenient remote storage and doesn’t slide off your couch. So whether it’s you or your dog in that recliner. Your sofa is safe 



Buyer's Guide


All materials are prone to damage. Just like how you coat the wood to keep it from wearing down, it’s the same way you cover your couch to prolong its term of service. So yes, covering your couch will protect it from so many disasters that can occur. From the dangers of having kids playing with scissors or to your pet’s claws, to your clumsy self spilling coffee or wine and staining it. A cover will not only protect your couch from physical damage as well but from losing its visual appeal as well. It will last longer, wear down slowly, and you won’t see stains as often and your cleaning habits will be reduced to maybe once a month or never actually. 



Like every other natural material, the leather may be resistant to some natural elements. However, too much of anything can and will make anything sick. For instance, too much sun can wear your leather soda down so much it’ll look 20 before it’s even 5. So the best way to protect your leather couch would be to cover it. Especially if it’s prone to the sun’s UV rays. It will need more protection than sunscreen can provide. Also, apart from natural elements, leather will start to show signs of giving in and breaking with time and this can be even faster is it’s continuously cleaned. One way to stop this would be to get your couch a cover that will protect it from both damage and dirt so that you go easy with the cleaning products on it.



Cracks on leather are usually due to dryness. Leather is made from animal skin after all. So it’s still skin. Dry skin will crack if it’s left to dry up for longer periods. The best way would be to moisturize your leather on a regular. Either with polish or leather conditioners out there they will the leather soft and more durable plus will give it a smooth and soft feel. So definitely no cracks will appear. Also, some cracks are cuts. Make sure to avoid using sharp objects on your leather. 



If you want to clean your leather couch at the same time making it less slippery and getting rid off that strong leather smell. The best if you don’t want to use commercial products would be the white vinegar solution. Use equal portions of water and vinegar and wipe the couch down. Make sure to dampen the cloth so as to not actually make the sofa wet. 



Basically animals get more attached than humans to their counterparts. They will always prefer somewhere where they feel safe and comfortable and if it’s on the bed with their human or on the couch, then best believe that’s going to be their favourite spot in the house. Some pets, especially dogs may get protective of their humans and may choose to either sleep in a position where they can easily watch over their humans. At times when their human is not around and they miss them. They may decide to nap where they can smelly their human and the scent is strong, explaining why you may find your dog on your bed or on your spot on the couch



If you have a dog in the house, in fact, if you have a pet that has claws you may need to resort to leather and microfiber couches. They are stronger and more resistant to tears and punctures also they are easy to clean and you and I both know that pets can be messy at times. Leather is quite resistant to a lot of things, from liquids to scents, so in case you forget to bathe your dog, no doggy smell will linger even if your dog takes a nap on the couch. Microfibers are quite resistant to a lot of things as well, and they are very easy to clean.

Final Thoughts

I guess we’re done here, you’re satisfied, I’m sure your pet is satisfied with the new look as well, I’m certain your couch is more than happy for the retirement from pet fur, paws, muddy and clawing, I’m sure the new look will definitely meet your standards, and I’m sure your kids are just as excited for the extra padding on the couch as well. At least now you can rest and never have to worry about cleaning the couch.

Just take the cover, throw it in the washer, or vacuum it and strap it back on. Easy-peasy like lemon squeezy. There you have it, let us call it a form of decorative protection. If you’re happy, then your couch is happy and so am I. Sadly this is where our journey ends. I hope you have a great shopping spree

Leather Corner Sofa: You Need One Of These

Homelegance Platina

What if I told you it’s possible to make your home look and feel like a palace. I’m talking classy, elegant, sophisticated and comfortable. Well what if I also said its possible to redecorate your interior without actually redecorating?

You’re probably thinking “how do you redecorate without redecorating”, well I have one word for you, “style”, your style says a lot about your taste and how your mind works. It’s what defines you from everyone else in the world. “ a distinctive appearance”, that’s how they define it, so tell me what’s your style?

dog sitting next to a sofa

Do you ever have visitors that tell you “you have a beautiful home”? That’s usually untrue and unconfirmed until they see your living room. Every house has a defining feature, could be the yard, the paint or the architectural design.

But when it comes to your interior best believe your living room or lounge is the defining room. Whatever style you’re hoping your interior will showcase will be defined by how your lounge or living room is set up. Which then brings me to my next point. 

When someone enters your living room the first thing they’ll notice before all your family photos, trophies or even the wallpaper and lampshades is the couch. A couch will always be the distinctive feature in the room.

It says a lot about your lifestyle and taste and I know we want to make an impression and get those comments when visitors come by. So, again, what if I told you it’s possible to redecorate without actually redecorating, it’s all in the couch I tell you. Get the right couch and I promise you, your home will become a palace. With that being said I have two words for you, “leather” and “corner”. 

In A Hurry

With this guide we’re going to look at a random corner couches(leather) that will obviously have the impact we want for your interior. We’ll look at different brands in detail, check on their styles and colors to see which ones actually suit your fancy.

Don’t worry if it gets too much, just relax and we’ll guide you through them all. Without wasting much time, let’s look at some of the Leather corner couches we have out there, please let’s enjoy this journey whilst we’re at it, we’re going to make that cozy home a cozy palace soon enough. So let’s get started, shall we? 


After looking hard and comparing all the sets. We realised that our favourite pick is none other than….. Drumroll Please!!! THE BEST CHOICE 3-SEAT SOFA.

It comes in 2 neutral colors that will fit in any interior, plus it comes with a bench that is multifunctional. I don’t know about you, but this definitely takes the trophy for us, from it’s style, function and versatility, it definitely deserves to be our favorite.

Our Reviews


This small sectional corner sofa is one I’d describe as ideal for a stylish room or apartment. It comes in 2 colors neutral colors that is black and brown meaning they will fit in with almost any if not all interiors. Made from faux leather this L-shaped sofa also has with it a reversible chaise lounge meaning you have an extra seat, a footrest and a table. 

The science now is in the seat cushions, they have pocket coils that are individually wrapped in specially designed foam to give you that specially comfort. The soft leather not only gives a soft feel but it’s also very easy to clean but I won’t go into detail with that, you just wipe the dirt off with a dry cloth and you’re good to go. It’s the perfect couch for a small living room or maybe you have a small space that you want couch-filled, then there you have it. It’s exactly what you need.

Now this sofa is a reversible sectional sofa that comes with a chaise lounge. Sitting at dimensions of 78.5L, 30.3W and 35H in inches, it’s able to hold a weight capacity of up to 710lbs for a small sofa that’s quite impressive really. The cushions are spring filled, so it might be a tad bit firm but very comfortable and you won’t even have to worry about any sinking for a long time, unless it’s time for refers, but that’s probably years from now. So, will this do for a long term investment?, Yes Obviously!! 




This L-shaped corner sofa is made from soft faux leather  coming with a 3 seating capacity it’s perfect for any room size ranging from small to large. It has sponges in the seats that offer maximum comfort allowing to even to take comfortable naps when need be. If you’re a busy person and spot cleaning isn’t really something that can fit on your calendar  then lucky for you this sofa is water and dirt proof. It’s super easy to clean you can just wipe it down with a soft dry cloth and it’s good to go. It’s also a multifunctional sofa. 

Besides sitting, you can convert it to an actual bed for full blown sleep sessions and night rests. The conversion is very simple and will take you about 3 seconds. It’s almost instant, just pull the corners  get your blankies and you’re done. If you’re not sure which corners I’m talking about, don’t worry the whole thing comes with a set of instructions. This will be an amazing addition to your lounge or living room allowing you to also exercise your creativity. 

Looking deeper into detail, this couch has a modern low-maintenance style. Made from wood and metal mechanisms it will last long. It comes with a cushioned back and firm padding, giving you relaxed sitting  one end of the sofa is a long lounge chaise sectional allowing you to take those naps and rests whilst waiting for your pizza to be delivered. It’s the perfect sofa for modern-contemporary styles with 2 matching accent pillows. 

Dimensions are set at: 107*75*34.6 inches, and minimal assembly is required




Coming in 2 colors; black and white, this 3-seater made from faux leather is designed to grant you and your family or friends maybe even pet optimal comfort. The versatile design gives it a modern-contemporary style that will blend and suit and interior décor.  If you’re like me and you prefer watching your Tv shows in a relaxed kick-back position this might just be what you need. 


It comes with a cushioned ottoman bench giving you either the most comfortable foot rest or an extra seat when additional guests or whatever you want to use it for. The attractive and expensive look it gives off makes it a lavish addition in your living room. In fact, it will make it the perfect centerpiece for any room you decide to put it in. Designed with durability in mind this sofa is easy to clean, just wipe the dust off and you’re done. So your weekend cleaning hours won’t include spot cleaning a sofa. 


Going deeper now, this sofa is a 3-seater with a modern-contemporary and modular design.


It can fit into any interior at the same time allowing you to configure it into different positions until you find the one suitable for the room it’s meant for. Sitting at dimensions of 84.2*56*33 inches it’s able to withstand a weight capacity of up to 600lbs. With durable construction and material this low-maintenance sofa promises years of service with very limited wear and tear.  So how about it? 




Well, lookey, what do we have here, a sectional futon sofa bed? Well I start by stating the obvious. This sofa will obviously give you so much more comfortable time in the living room watching your favorite TV shows, I mean just look at it. A futon leather bed, I’m speechless. Okay so maybe overreacting, however this L-shaped sofa is made from solid wood so it’s stronger than your regular pinewood frames and will probably last longer than those. 

The seat and back cushions have a high resilience sponge meaning it’s more elastic and comfortable  and just like the frame will last longer. What makes it so great is the fact that it comes with an adjustable headrest, so you can set the perfect angel for your eyes and the Tv. I’m sure if you get this one, everyone who comes over will be bugging you with questions on where they can get their own. Let’s see what else it has to offer. 

Let’s start with maintenance, it’s a low-maintenance, easy to clean sofa that’s both dirt and waterproof(just wipe and move on with your day). The cushions are firm and comfortable, and yes that means no sinking but instead full back support. You can change the sofa to a bed, in case you have unexpected visitors come by. Besides that the longer chaise is versatile, could work as a footrest or extra seat, but most importantly those day-time naps will be ones to remember. The best part is all this require minimal assembly, just attach the legs and you can start breaking it in. 




Made from wood and leather this black sectional futon will bring not only comfort to your home, but will add a shine to your interior as well. It’s valuable sofa that you’ll definitely fall in love with from day 1. It’s suitable for almost any living space be it small, medium or large. Though it’s a small sofa, I’m sure with the right surrounding and additional furniture it will fit right in. 

Call it a futon, call it a sofa sleeper, or just a sofa, it won’t change the fact that this futon is multifunctional. In just a few minutes, like 5 is actually a lot you can switch it from a regular to a bed, I mean who wants to wait a whole hour just so they can sleep.

The design is generally elegant and simple with a tufted back-rest, slim track arms and black legs. It’s a versatile sofa that comes with a chaise meaning you can put the chaise on any side and at any position to satisfy your visual sense. With all this said I think it’s time we take a deeper look into what it offers really. 

Starting with the style, it’s has an elegant mid-century vibe to it. The backrest is multi positional meaning it can be reclined to lounging and sitting positions. Made from durable wood, okay let me say “robust durable wood” instead, this futon will be your bestie for a whole lotta years to come. It’s weight limit is approximately 600lbs and it sits at the following dimensions (in inches) :

Sectional futon sofa: 83L*55.5W*31.5H

Futon Bed: 50.5L*43.5W*16.5H

Chaise bed: 65.5L*26W*16.5H



Buyer's Guide


Corner sofas are very functional as they allow for space people to sit at the same saving your living room space. This makes them adequate for small to even large room depending on the size you choose. 



Sectional sofas come in different shapes and sizes and you can customize its positioning to better suit your space. When it comes to saving space that depends on which kind you buy, the number of seats it has and its width, but generally the fact that they are versatile makes them better than a regular sofa when it comes to saving space



The best decision would be to put the chaise closest to the solid wall, where people don’t usually pass by. Choosing the side with the least traffic is best for a chaise, since it normally protrudes it would be an inconvenience if put on the side people normally pass by. 



Leather is durable and will last longer. It’s waterproof and stain resistant making it suitable if you have kids and pets as its just a wipe and move clean fabric. Depending on the grading, leather is strong and quite difficult to scar or scratch and so for a house with kids and pets, especially those that have claws it would be very beneficial and maintenance will be very low. 



If you want to change your leather upholstery its best to go to a specialist who have genuine experience. Changing the color or your leather couch is possible as leather can be coated or pigmented. However with regular paint it may not be possible hence the whole process requires specialists and those who have the right equipment. 



Leather does not require much when it comes to its maintenance. There are commercial solutions specifically designed for leather that one can buy. Following the manufacturer’s direction would be best. But generally with leather, simple vacuuming and wiping with a dry cloth to remove any build up would leave it clean and shining. However, if you feel like doing a deep clean on your leather couch, you could try the white vinegar solution, by mixing equal parts of white vinegar and water you just dampen a soft cloth in the solution and wipe the couch. 



When it comes to leather though the look is very satisfying and the comfort you get is worth it, the smell may be as disdainer. Naturally leather gives a slight odor which fades with time but if you feel like you need the smell to go faster, you can clean the sofa regularly with scented leather solutions or wipe it down with a whiter vinegar solution. Not only does vinegar remove stains and dirt from your couch but it will also settle the leather odor bit by bit.

Final Thoughts

Look at us, we made it!! Well there you have it folks, your one way ticket to making your home a palace. I told you it’d be easy, take my advice and don’t back down, get yourself that corner sofa and enjoy all the benefits that come with it being leather. Here’s to a happy house, elegant style and a sophisticated finish. A low maintenance piece, durable material with cozy seating. Even I’m jealous. Anyways, I’m done with my part here, happy shopping and enjoy the comfort that awaits, with that I take my leave “Your Majesties” *wink*

Best Leather Sofa Bed

Are you looking for the best sofa bed made of leather? I am sure you have done a bit of poking around and found that leather has some super great qualities. It is recognized as one of the best materials for seating. This is because it is soft, flexible and very comfortable. Also, it is very durable and so makes for a great fabric to withstand extensive use. 

Leather has become a household favourite, as it exudes luxury and opulence. It shows just how far the sofa has come over the centuries. From pieces of furniture meant only for the rich, to regular features in living rooms across the world. Today sofas come in different shapes, sizes and covered in different materials. People have their preferences based on their personal needs. These preferences also include sofa beds.

The sofa bed allows you to save space unbelievably and it solves all your hosting issues. A good one will double up as both a good sofa and a good bed. It will not compromise on either one. You do not want to get a sofa bed that short changes you on either side. This was known to happen with previous models. The great news is that modern sofa beds have managed to improve the design immensely. Now they are covered in luxurious material such as leather.

In A Hurry

Are you in a hurry and trying to find out what the best leather sofa bed is? It is pretty easy to get entangled in all the reviews and blogs and wads of information out there. Here are some of the key things to look for. Look for versatility. Make sure that it transitions smoothly from one to the other.

Check on the mattress size and make sure it gives you the extra bedding size you are looking for. Also, make sure that it is comfortable enough. Ensure that the leather is genuine. When it comes to leather, the knock off versions can have some pretty hot side effects, literally hot. You want your guests to have a comfortable night’s sleep that is not engrossed in the smell of knock off leather.

Our Top Pick

We have done our research and one of our favourites is the Ashley Furniture Signature Design - Zeb Sleeper Sofa. This modern charcoal queen sofa sleeper has a beautiful modern look and is comfortable both as a sofa and as a sofa. The upholstery is soft and the cushions are wrapped softly as well. The pull-out mattress is made of memory foam it provides better airflow for a cooler night's sleep. It boasts of a supportive steel frame which means you do not need to worry about the amount of weight it can hold up.


Ashley Furniture Signature Design - Zeb Sleeper Sofa

A bi-crease twin adjustable foam sleeping cushion sits over a strong take casing and effectively stows away. Incredible for grown-up visitors, a bi-overlap full flexible foam sleeping pad sits over a strong take edge and effectively stows away. Set this lounge chair in a front room to rapidly change into a bed for medium-term visitors. 

Incorporates bi-crease sovereign size adaptable foam sleeping pad. Measures 82 W x 38 D x 38 H inches. A couch sleeper or chaise is ideal for causing an additional living space to have significantly greater adaptability. A sleeper couch is an ideal sit for a studio condo or any room that is crunched on space. Ideal for various visitors, a bi-overlay sovereign flexible foam sleeping cushion sits over a strong take edge and effectively stows away. 

Nobody will have the option to tell your family room can serve as a room with polished and emotionless sleeper sofas. Cushions are enclosed by delicate polyester/nylon upholstery. Haul out adaptable foam bedding gives better wind current to a cooler evenings rest and sits on a steady steel outline. The straight track arms and fresh box pads are a demonstration of the “toning it down would be best” tasteful. 

At the point when utilized as a haul-out bed, pair with white pads for a perfect, current look. Simple to adhere to guidelines included. Fits through entryways 32 inches or more extensive; High-versatility froth pads enveloped by thick poly fibre. Planned and produced by Ashley Furniture Industries. The confided in hotspot for upscale furnishings, lighting, mats, adornments and sleeping pads. For each taste and spending plan



Yaheetech Futon Sofa Bed

Is it accurate to say that you are hoping to spare space? With the Yaheetech tufted split-back futon you can transform any little living region into an extraordinary multi utilized one. Because of its snap rattle multi-work highlights from siting to relaxing. This Mid-Century present-day look squared tufted structure with calfskin and strong chrome legs. With Yaheetech futon couch bed, you can have a flexible and down to earth piece. 

There are 2 cup holders under the armrests to hold the cups, which can be collapsed when not being used. The different armrests on the two sides are delicate and agreeable and can likewise be utilized as pads and pads. The great metal legs have a high burden-bearing limit and base footpads forestall sliding and scratching the floor. 

The surface calfskin is wear-safe and tear-safe, and the inside is loaded up with high thickness wipe, which isn’t anything but difficult to crumple. Tilting backrest fits in with the propensity for the human body, enabling you to completely unwind. Multifunctional: the home chair sofa can be changed into a fast visitor bed for guests by expelling the armrest, and leaning back the backrest.



FDW Sofa Sectional Futon Sofa Bed

This sectional lounge chair is an incredible expansion for your family room. Blend and match the included seats to make whatever shape works best for your space. This sectional highlights delicate PU and additional extravagant pads, to give you the best involvement while unwinding in your own home. The majority of your loved ones will ask you where you got such a sleek, agreeable lounge chair so they can get one all their own. 

It is made out of a strong wood that is more grounded than the pinewood you find on generally couches. The pad wipes utilized on the sitting territories are versatile, increasingly agreeable to sit on and last more. The PU calfskin makes the couch simple to clean. Cleaning it will generally carry out the responsibility. 

The headrest is flexible. This enables you to position it in an agreeable position. It is additionally simple to assemble. There are 2 Matching Accent Pillows thick froth pads that are removable.



Modern Sofa Bed Sleeper Faux Leather

Regardless of whether you’re a bustling proficient needing an ideal little space answer for your condominium or home, or cool and practical furniture for your quarters or first loft, DHP has you covered. The Emily futon is a striking piece that mixes a cutting edge look with a position of safety style. 

The tufted upholstery includes an exemplary touch and is accessible in false cowhide, material and velvet in an assortment of hues. Furthermore, the chrome legs include an energizing burst of sparkle that is ideal for any living space! 

On account of the Emily advantageous split back, you and your visitor can without much of a stretch change the futon to your solace level—regardless of whether that is sitting up to talk or relaxing back to watch your preferred motion picture. 

You can likewise lie the two sides level for an open to resting spot for medium-term visitors. Its little profile implies your futon can fit pretty much anyplace while continually owning a major expression! for genuinely great seating space and significantly all the more resting room, this futon is matched with the DHP Emily chaise lounger. 

Sit up; recline and rests in complete solace with this in vogue sectional or utilize the Emily chaise an emphasize seat anyplace for an incredible spot to peruse, rest or basically appreciate a snapshot of calm. This is the ideal answer for additional seating and dozing space! 

Our one of a kind and utilitarian furniture differs from futons (couches that change into beds), upholstered and metal bed outlines, cots, daybeds with trundles, sleeping cushions and that’s only the tip of the iceberg! Consider it a futon or consider it a couch sleeper, this DHP item helpfully and effectively changes over from love seat to bed in a moment or two. With a simple and fast get together, and current plans at moderate costs, what’s not to cherish?



DHP Delaney Sofa Sleeper in Rich Faux Leather

Our final pick is made out of Faux Leather. We thought we would get that out of the way so those who are after pure leather would not be strung along. The most prominent feature of the sofa bed is the contrast in stitching that is used. 

It is raised across the seat of the sofa as well as on the backrest. Overall, you will find that the look is both modern and sophisticated. For those who do not fancy cleaning, you will be thrilled to know that this sofa is easy to clean. A simple wipe will usually do the job. It does not let water sip through it easily. 

The wooden construction is such that you are guaranteed a durable sofa. It also means that it is stable for both sitting on it and for laying down. As with the assembly, the conversion is simple. You can switch from a sofa to a lounger and to sleeper in no time. It has a generous weight limit of 600lbs. 



Buyer's Guide

When it comes to the mechanism, sofa beds are designed differently. You will find the sofa that has a cushion that simply folds back down into a bed and you sleep on the same material that you sit on when it is a sofa. 

The other type you will find on the market is the more traditional pull out frame where the cushions are removed to pull out a mattress and a frame. The former is usually cheaper, but not as comfortable as the latter. The latter, however, can have a totally different material for the mattress, one that is made for mattresses. 

Leather sofa beds are great if you are looking to provide comfortable bedding for surprise guests, but also have a luxurious looking sofa during the day.  They give your living space a clean modern look and allow you to maximize the space without shortchanging yourself on comfort. 

Today, leather comes in a variety of colours depending on the finishing process so the choices are truly all up to you. The wide range also allows you to choose the sofa bed that suits your budget as well as your taste.

You can find leather sofa beds that sit a different number of people, this leaves the final decision up to you depending on what you intend to use it for. You can find two-seaters or three-seaters. 

The smaller ones are obviously great for space-saving, whilst the three-seaters are an amazing solution for easy comfort and convenience, and they also allow room for growth if you have a young family that is still expanding. You can decide how comfortable it should be when sitting and also as a bed. You do not need to compromise. The leather sofa bed can offer you the best of both worlds.

How wide is a double sofa bed?

Most wide sofa beds measure approximately 140 com. You can find sofa beds in the standard size or as wide beds. It all depends on how many people you would like to sleep on the bed. 

What should I look for when buying a sofa bed?

Think carefully about the style of the sofa bed you want. They come in different versions.  You can get a futon which is the simplest version. Most are made of a single cushion on a metal or a wooden frame. You then unfold this to make a bed. 

You can also find sleeper chairs which are great if you do not have a lot of space. Just remember that this chair will be slightly wider than standard chairs. Another style you can find is a pullout couch. It is the most traditional choice because it is great as both a sofa and a bed. A good one is comfortable in both forms. 

You will also want to think about the size of the mattress you want and the mattress type that will best suit you. Look for a sofa bed that complements the space you have and the existing furniture as well. It will also help you to keep in mind how many guests you will want to sleep on it at a time.

What is the best type of sofa bed?

The best sofa bed on the market is the one that is comfortable for you. Comfort is subjective so this means the sofa bed has to be comfortable according do your standards. Also, get the sofa bed that you can afford. The budget is important in this process. Ultimately the best sofa bed is the one that provides versatility and is great as both a sofa and a bed.

Can you sleep on a sofa bed every night?

Sofa beds are not made to be used as beds every day. They are best used for short term use. This is because the mattress has to be made pretty thin to fold into the sofa without any lumps or bumps. 

Can you put a normal mattress on a sofa bed?

A normal mattress is not normally used on sofa beds because it would have to be folded and put away at the end of each use. Thicker traditional mattresses are not made to fold and so it is best to stick to the mattress made for a sleeper sofa.

Final Thoughts

There are so many options on the market for leather sleeper sofas today. It is important to know which one will work better for you and what you intend to use it for. We hope that our top picks help you make your decision. Happy shopping!

Best Leather Sofas: 5 You Must See

Are you looking for the best leather sofas on the market? Choosing a new lounge suite or even if it is one sofa, can be a daunting task. It is almost bittersweet in some cases. You know you need seating, but at the same time, it can cost you a pretty penny. You have to factor in various things so that you can make a decision that makes sense for you and your family. 

  1. Do you need to replace a sofa that has seen better days?

  2. Or perhaps you are moving into a new place and you now need to get a sofa that will ie in with the new space

  3. Or maybe you are looking to switch from one type of sofa to leather. 

The use of leather dates back as far as man has been coming up with ingenious ways to make life easier and cushier. It is one of man’s earliest and most useful discoveries. Leather was used as protection from the natural elements.

ImageNameWhat We LikeLink
Divano Roma Furniture Reclining Sectional SofaCan accommodate up to 6 average adults on one sofa
Very minor and easy assembly is required
Homelegance Cinque 113″ x 85″ Leather Reclining Sectional Sofa
It is very easy to assemble.
Has a powered recliner.
It has a USB port and lights.
Rivet Brooke Contemporary Mid-Century Modern Tufted Leather Sofa Couch
It has a lovely leather feel.
The sofa is very easy to assemble.
Comes with 2 cushions.
Stone & Beam Bradbury Chesterfield Modern Tufted Leather CouchThe sofa is aesthetically pleasing.
Makes a perfect centrepiece in your home.
Homelegance Falun 120″ Power Reclining Sectional Sofa with USB PortIt is a very wide sofa.
It is incredibly comfortable.
It has a USB port.

When people would hunt, they would skin the animals and use the hide as clothing, footwear and also shelter. Ancient Greeks are credited with developing tanning formulae using tree barks and leaves soaked in water to preserve the leather. This was the first record of tanned leather. These ways of tanning are still being used today.

Are you looking for the best leather sofa for a living room or any other room that needs a touch of this mighty material? Leather naturally has a rich look and smell and unlike the normal fabrics we are used to it lasts longer and is durable.

It’s a known fact that not everyone has the time to spare vacuuming or brushing out regular sofas. On the plus side, the leather is very easy to clean, not forgetting that it is stain resistant so spills won’t be much to worry about anymore. With its pH level coming close to that of human skin, leather will not absorb any smell so if your smoker buddies come over for a chill session you won’t have to worry about the smell staying in.

When making the decision to buy a leather sofa, make sure you consider if it will blend in with the existing style as leather is known to add a rich sophisticated look. Also be aware that leather is low maintenance, hence cleaning methods will differ from those of regular fabric sofas. It would be wise to check on the cleaning agents you will use as some may actually damage the material and deform its natural look. 

Like any natural product, leather will age with time, you may start to see some color discrepancies and scratches may start to appear more visible than before. Lastly, and this is the most important of all if you want to own a leather sofa or any leather furniture piece, as it is a natural product being hit by sunlight for long periods of time will make it age quicker and it may end up losing its natural texture and vibrant look.

In A Hurry

Are you looking for the best leather sofas on the market but you are in a hurry? Here are a few factors to look out for. First of all, you will need to know how many people you intend the sofa to sit in, this way you can get the right size. Size counts. When you lock down the purpose of the couch (besides the obvious one) then you will also know what type of sofa you need. There are various shapes and sizes for different uses.

The most important thing to also ask about is the type of leather. The type of leather will clue you in as to just how soft it is. We know you are looking at the leather more than anything else. But since leather can last a lifetime, make sure that the frame of the sofa is strong enough to last just as long. We have done our homework and found the top picks on the market.

With that being said let’s give you a quick guide to some of the best leather sofas in the market. Noting of course that we have different types of leather sofas, from genuine to artificial, bonded and so on. Let’s also keep in mind the following as we go through this guide:

  • The current style of our decor and let’s choose something that will blend in with it.
  • as well as space we’ll be working with, we wouldn’t want to buy something that will crowd up a room or that will look too small for the room as well. 
  • These sofas will come in different shapes, sizes and style choose what you feel is most comfortable and suitable for your needs as they tend to be multifunctional as well.

Now let’s go through some of the leather sofas available.

Rivet Brooke Contemporary

Our Top Pick

Our favourite is the Rivet Brooke Contemporary Mid-Century Modern Tufted Leather Sofa Couch. It has a solid wood frame with brass legs, an elegant contemporary-style design that also pairs well with vintage or mid-century-modern home decor. It has a simple design with bolster arm pillows and can be assembled in 15 minutes or less..

Divano Roma Furniture Reclining Sectional Sofa

If you are looking for a sofa that could make an incredible centre-piece for your living space. You may just have your eyes on a true contender. It has an imposing look of luxury. Fortunate it is not just in the area of looks that it excels. When you do get to use it, you will realise that this is a well-made product that is worth its place on our list.

Depending on the colour scheme that you are going for, you can pick between the black and the brown. The black one has a matte sort of look to it, while the brown is somewhat mahogany. Let us consider what else one can look forward to when they purchase this sofa.

This leather sofa is a 20″ deep end reclining 6 seater which means that only the end seats are cut out fully for the reclining effect. It comes in 2 colors that are brown or black. It has a durable bonded leather upholstery with overstuffed seat and armrests for maximum comfort in the paddings and can support up to 6 average adults. 

The dimensions are set at 38″H* 48,62″,69″W*37D. It comes with instructions on how to assemble as well as the necessary hardware. Assembly can be done by one person, although multiple persons would make the job a lot easier. We have left the best feature for last. The two seats at either end of the sofa have a leg raising feature that allows you to put your feet up and rest easy.



Homelegance Cinque 113" x 85" Leather Reclining Sectional Sofa

As modern sofas go, this is a class act. True to their name, Homelegance brings some elegance into your living space. They have gone with a modern contemporary style of design. This sofa comes in a lovely grey colour that sits well in various colour schemes.

All of the outer material is 100% leather. This is no ordinary sofa. It comes with some smart features. The first of these is the USB port, which of course is increasingly becoming indispensable to our day to day lives. One of the far most seats is a powered recliner. To allow you the pleasure of just letting your hair down to relax, there are three headrests that you can adjust. Whether you are looking to lean backwards to slightly forwards, the headrest helps you with this.

The sofa can take a maximum weight of up to 300lbs on each of the seats. The sofa weighs 348lbs. That means most adults will sit there comfortably without issue. Each seat depth is 23” with a height of 18”. When you order the sofa, it will be delivered to you in two boxes. Once you have both boxes, there is some assembly required. Don’t worry, it is nothing like Ikea assembly. The instructions are fairly straightforward. Bring this modern-looking sofa into your home. Did we mention that the recliner provides leg support? Well, that is another benefit of this amazing sofa.



Rivet Brooke Contemporary Mid-Century Modern Tufted Leather Sofa Couch

If you are looking for a more classic looking sofa, this is a great option. It delivers a contemporary look into your home. There is a fabric version of this sofa. It is identical to the leather one. For the purpose of this post, we will only focus on the leather one.

This brings a mid-century sofa into your home to improve the decor. As with other sofas of this kind, this has various crisp lines all over the body of the sofa. It is cognac-coloured leather upholstery sofa. Whatever your current design is, this is a sofa that will blend in well with everything around you. It makes a perfect centre-piece or an additional piece to your home. It is a sturdy looking sofa as well as the feel. You are guaranteed to have a sofa that lasts for a while. 

The frame of the sofa is made entirely of wood. Each of the legs of the sofa is made out of brass. There are two bolster arm pillows that add to the comfort of your sofa but also add to the overall look of it. Once you have received the sofa, you can put everything together within 15 minutes. For peace of mind, you have a 30 day period in which you can return the sofa if you are not pleased with what you receive. That is highly unlikely. There is also a 1-year warranty cover period.



Stone & Beam Bradbury Chesterfield Modern Tufted Leather Couch

Stone & Beam make amazing couches. This is one of their masterpieces. It is a modern chesterfield sofa that enriches your home. The rich brown leather couch is well upholstered. One of the key things that you will notice is that it has a high back and arms which is not a common feature among modern sofas.

This is the sofa that you will have found in the classic olden times. The sofa’s width is 92.9”, a 39” diameter and a height of 30.3”. The frame of the sofa is made entirely of a wood frame. The entire body of the couch is made out of leather. It mixes both the modern with the classic touches. Stone & Beam has taken that classic design and restyled it with a classic design. Durability is not in doubt. 

The assembling of the sofa is very easy. There are 4 legs that are very easy to attach. You have the peace of mind in knowing that there is a 30-day return period. There is also a 3-year warranty cover. The seat height is medium. Seat depth is somewhat deep as well. You get seat lean support while allowing you to relax as well. The upper part of the sofa is hand-tailored. There are various tufts and buttons. The overall construction is sturdy. 50% of the sofa is made out of recycled wood.



Homelegance Falun 120" Power Reclining Sectional Sofa with USB Port

If you would like a softer leather, this might be the one for you. As with other Homelegance sofas, the quality is not in doubt. This brings together the two key things, style plus comfort. One of the worries that we all have when there is a soft sofa, is that there is a no-sag seat construction.

It ensures that you are not only comfortable but also given the support that you require. We absolutely love the power reclining system. The recliner provides support in whatever position it is that you recline it to. 

At the push of a button is a recline that lets you lay back. As with the other Homelegance sofa, this also has a USB port. We all love to lay back and plug-in our devices. The leather gel has been used to ensure that the sofa is comfortable. There is a somewhat spongey feeling to it in your palms. That is what your body will love. The material used here is easy to wipe down when cleaning.

You will have noticed just how wide the sofa is. There is room for the whole family to come together. Or, perhaps for you to just lay across the entire thing alone. There are 7 pieces to this sectional.



HONBAY Convertible Sectional Sofa

This beautiful L-shaped wood and leather sofa comes in either 2 colors, that is black or brown. It comes with a removable chaise/ottoman which may act as either a small table or a footrest depending with one’s choice of use at the time. It’s a space saver and is recommendable for condos, bungalows, lofts and/or apartment spaces. 

It has a sleek modern look given off by the square armrests and thick leather cushions. With it.s design it gives off that contemporary appeal hence will blend even in simple settings. This sofa has a hardwood framing which helps sturdy and support it. It comes at a capacity of 710lbs and is  also set at dimensions of 78.5”L*30.3”W*35”H.

Like we said before, leather is low maintenance, for cleaning purposes you just need to dust it with a soft dry cloth if you feel the need to use cleaning agents you may have to look on which ones will be safest for the sofa.



Rivet Aiden Tufted Mid-Century Modern Leather Bench Seat Sofa, 86.6" W

Our final pick is from Rivet. This is our second one from the manufacturer. It is a classic looking leather sofa that carries a mid-century look. You know, that long fixed bench seat that is well-cushioned. There is a removable cushion that acts as a set. Two cushioned provide back support. You also have two extra cushions that can add to the armrests or add to the aesthetics.

All of this sits on tapered wood legs. They provide just the right elevation for you. The entire upper material is soft top-grain leather. There is a soft hardwood frame to keep everything in place. You are assured of durability. 

The legs are screw on ones. This makes it very easy to assemble. There are no tools or skills required to do this. The fact that you can remove all of the cushions makes it much easier to clean the sofa. A few wipes are all you need.

You also have that peace of mind in knowing that you have a 30 day free return period. This is added to a 1-year warranty cover that is also included. The seat is of medium height. The cushion seat is on the firmer side, not too firm. The seat depth is on the deeper side. There is a great combination between a relaxed seat and one that is upright.



Buyer's Guide

Leather has grown to be a favourite material, due to its durability and comfort. These factors make it an excellent choice for seating material. It has also been the most preferred when it comes to making saddles.

As time progressed, furniture makers realized how great leather was for dining chairs. Besides the unparalleled comfort, leather is easy to maintain and does not absorb food odours. 

Years down the line, as the world moved forward, the original leather seemed too hard and there was no need for softer materials for car seats, shoes that looked fashionable, and for different colours for upholstery. Today, modern technology has played a major role in the leather industry.

It is still the most preferred material when it comes to seating, whether it is in a car or your living room. Leather offers some great advantages and so it remains popular and the obvious choice when you want luxury.


For any genuine leather material or product smooth or perfect edges indicate that the leather is faux leather, whereas rough and uneven edges are more visible in genuine leather. You could also try a sniff test, genuine leather has a very musty and natural smell whereas faux leather will hold a plastic-like scent as chemicals are involved in its manufacture.


Sometimes leather may appear as if it’s peeling off or cracking on the surface. However, leather does not crack or peel, in most cases if it is pigmented or it has an applied finish or colorant, that is what will be peeling off or cracking.


Genuine leather will last about 25 years or more unless in the case of natural casualties such as direct sunlight, fire or floods. Also depending on how you clean and maintain it would be wise to avoid cleaning with fabric chemicals or water.



There are mainly 4 types of leather; full-grain, top f]grain, corrected grain and bonded leather. Full-grain is used without perfecting or polishing, all inherent imperfections and blemishes are maintained and it the most expensive leather out there, used on products such as saddles and so on. Top grain is pigmented and polished to give off a rather attractive look. Correct grain leather is what we refer to as genuine leather. It is sanded and polished to remove blemishes and other natural imperfections. Lastly, bonded leather is made from leftover hides and is mixed with other materials as well so it may be the least durable leather type out there,



Usually, a dry soft cloth will do, just to wipe any build-up, but if you want to deep clean your leather sofa then you could create a cleaning solution by mixing equal parts of water and vinegar or simply buying a commercial leather cleaner, in this case, make sure to wipe the sofa with a damp cloth and don’t make the wipe completely wet.



Most commercial leather cleaners come with a scented solution to cover the natural leather scent, however, using the white vinegar solution could help as it also combats the smell.

How long is a sofa guaranteed for?

The amount of time a sofa will be in your home is purely dependant on the sofa you buy. Various factors can influence this. For example, the material the sofa is made from is one of the major factors. Some materials are not as durable as others. The regular sofa is made of a frame, padding, and material that covers the entire thing. It is the quality of these materials that spell out how long it will last.

How long will a leather sofa last?

Some genuine leather sofas come with a lifetime guarantee. If it is treated right and you take good care of it, you should have your grandchildren sitting on it before you can start to see any signs of ageing.

Is a leather sofa better than fabric?

At the end of the day, it is more about personal preference than anything else. You will need to weigh the pros and cons of both and see which one suits your lifestyle better. Leather, for example, is easy to clean, which means if you have children around, it will be pretty easy to wipe off any spills and stains. If you were to get a sofa covered in material

How can you tell a good leather sofa?

There are several factors that can tell if you have a good leather sofa or not. You can, for example, check the back of the furniture. Here you are looking to see if there is a single piece of leather or there are several stitched together. If you see a large piece of furniture covered with one piece of leather then you can be almost certain it is fake. the average hide is about 3′ by 6′.

How do I condition my leather sofa naturally?

Do not be in too much of a hurry to use harsh chemicals on your leather sofa. The first port of call should always be to reach for a damp clean cloth and wipe the sofa down. This will remove any top dirt and also help you see what remains and what will not be cleaned by a simple wiping down. 

If you have managed to get tougher stains on your leather, there are a couple of tricks you could do. For protein-based stains like the type you get from food and blood, try to usee a paste of 2parts cornstarch and 1 part lemon juice. 

To keep your sofa looking lustrous and gorgeous, you can use coconut oil to wipe it down. Use a clean dry cloth to rub the oil into the leather, just like you would on your skin.

Final Thoughts

A couch is a personal piece of furniture that most families share a lot of memories on. You want to make sure that you have a good sofa that will serve you well. When it comes to choosing a new couch, it is more abore about personal preference than anything else. Leather has great advantages that come with it, and different sofas are made of this super luxurious material. We hope that our top picks help you choose the next member of your household. 

With all that being said, we hope our picks help you make a decision that will satisfy your visual and comfort needs. We understand that sofa shopping may be a bit hard and confusing as you have to figure out which material you want, the style and size and other variables that come with the task, but if your preference is leather I’m sure this guide will help you find what you’re looking for. Enjoy your shopping!

Happy shopping!