James Chair Review

Let’s talk about antique styling which is exactly what we have here. An antique leather brown sofa that will definitely have heads turning in your home. Looking at this piece of art, what comes to mind? What do you see apart from leather? 

Well, this couch has a modern on-trend look, that will fit in with any, and I mean any décor.  It will accentuate your taste and style, at the same time adding its own stance in the picture. It stands on natural wooden legs that are angled and tapered from top to bottom.

Though it only comes in brown leather, this chair has a Mid-Century Modern look. It’s rather an elegant piece that will grab your guests’ attention and at times even your own. It’s perfect for any room really. Whether it’s the office, hallway, lobby, or bedroom this sofa will still give you the comfort and luxury that you are seeking. 

However, you should be careful with this piece, if you sit on it, you may never want to get up again, it’s just a warning don’t worry, I’m sure you’ll find the will to get up at some point. Just keep in mind, the comfort you’re about to experience, is sumptuous and spontaneous. 

With top quality leather and soft cushioning this sofa will definitely be one you would not want to get up from. I wouldn’t even blame you if you decide to hide it in your room away from all prying eyes. I mean I would definitely make it my precious as well.




Coming in an antique brown color this sofa or let us call it a chair definitely deserves a round of applause. Its styling is just out of this world and will definitely have you sitting on the edge at all times. 

The natural leather shading is one to appreciate the most, I mean it looks very subtle and even shows the imperfection marks of the natural leather. And you say that if you can see the impurities on a leather cover that means it is the purest quality. So already you know that this chair has that top quality leather upholstery. 

It has antique Brown Leather upholstery and the color itself is a whole topic on its own. The Antique brass nailheads on the arms and base are definitely a nail to the topic of looks with this sofa. The whole antique look is definitely a winner because you can fit it in any decor you have from modern, contemporary to even traditional. This chair will work with all of them. 


Coming at a dimension set at 29″ L X 31″ H and 34″ Depth. This chair is definitely a large one. Most chairs of this nature come at smaller sizes. However, this one is bigger and deeper than all regular chairs. Although with this chair at the same time it is still smaller than your regular sofa and can not support more than one person. 

It is a great sofa to add to any room really because it will fit in any room whether big or small. So if you have a small apartment, office, or home it will definitely fit. If you also have a very large room, office or apartment this sofa will definitely fit in as well. 

It’s not big enough for one to take horizontal naps, but if you have that rare talent and you can nap whilst sitting then this should work just fine for you.


When it comes to the feel of this sofa. A lot can be said but I will just look to the general stuff. This sofa is made from top-grain leather. What that means is that it will not have the smoothest of feelings when it comes to your skin. However, it will be smoother than any other leather out there. 

At first like all leather sofas that exist in the world. This sofa will have a cool sensation on your skin. This may be a bit too much in winter, but at least leather can warm up fast so you’ll just have to feel the cold setting on your skin for a few minutes. 

When it comes to comfort I have to say that this chair is definitely worth the look. Just by looking at it, you can tell that it is very comfy and soft. It has feathers, fiber, and a bit of foam giving it a soft and firm feeling which is very much unlike all the other leather sofas that exist out there. So all in all this chair is not only appealing, but it is also very comfortable.

Durability & Pricing

This is a leather chair made with the second-highest grade of leather. Of course, when it comes to durability this chair will definitely last you a whole lifetime. The James Chair simply has a compact design and is known to be used more than regular sofas. 

So if you get yourself a chair it’s obvious that you will sit on it more than you would on a regular sofa. Hence it is made with hardwood, which is not only hard to pierce but is also very strong and very durable. 

So with two of the most durable materials to be used in sofa manufacturing do you really think this chair will give in easily because I can guarantee you that it most definitely will not. However, it does come at a very high price but that’s okay because it is worth every cent. This is luxury, comfort, and quality all wrapped into one.


In conclusion, this chair is definitely a winner in my eyes and I am certain that you think so as well. From its looks that promise comfort and luxury to its quality, I would definitely give this sofa a go. Although the pricing is a bit too much this sofa can definitely own up to its pricing. 

Daryn New Wave Contemporary Leather Match Sofa

Considering getting the Daryn New Wave Contemporary Leather Match Sofa? Are you looking for a contemporary sofa for your living room? Well, here you have it. This is a contemporary leather sofa called the Daryn New Wave. And to be factual it is a very wavy sofa on the looks. It’s a great sofa that comes with layers so to say, giving it an almost pudgy look that makes it look soft and pudgy. 

The sofa in general is a good quality sofa that could definitely serve as an amazing seating spot in your home. Imagine cozying all up to this sofa on a cold winter night right close to the fireplace with your favorite novel playing that vinyl and a glass of wine.

This sofa is definitely a mood setter that will create a warm feeling in your home which is something very rare especially when it comes to leather sofas. They are usually sophisticated and elegant ones. 

Well getting deep with this sofa If you’re looking to add an eccentric conversation centerpiece to your living room, then I do believe you may have just found it! Daryn is an ultra-plush and enticingly eccentric low profile, high back sofa. 

It is designed to give off a serious GoodFellas Vibe! Meaning that even when you feel at your lowest point sitting on this sofa will certainly help change a lot of things. 

It comes upholstered in hand-picked Top Grain Leather Match meaning the durability is one to drool over. Besides its cute look, it also features shiny, slanted chrome legs to really pull together the vintage aesthetic of this piece.




When it comes to aesthetics this sofa may not be the best especially if you are quite particular when it comes to looks. It’s not an ugly sofa but its also not the most beautiful sofa out there. It has more of a cute look. The layers make it look chubby for a sofa. Plus that will help it blend in more with the whole contemporary styling that it has. 

It comes in four colors with two shades of grey, white and brown. The leather definitely makes up for its chute and chubby look as it makes the sofa more grounded. Without leather, this sofa may have qualified to actually fall under the term ugly. 

It comes with slanted steel legs that all together give it a steady and sturdy-feeling. It has a light look and so you can imagine that it will actually be very light to carry and move around. All in all the sofa is contemporary styled and fits well in modern settings and decor.


Coming at a dimension set at (Hx W xD):40″ x 87″ x 39″ this is not the biggest sofa on the market but not the smallest as well you can easily take a beautiful nap on it and wake up just fine. 

Also, the width is enough for two and maybe three people. So if you want to have friends over this sofa will work just fine for you and your buddies to bond over some drinks or watch a very cool movie while in the same blanket. 

The sofa is the perfect fit for all room sizes, however, because of its chubby look, it may work more in medium-sized rooms unlike small rooms as its look may actually crowd up the room. The sofa is generally a good size and will work well even in commercial areas like waiting rooms or offices.


Though it may not be the prettiest sofa to look at, for a leather sofa this one here comes off a bit fluffier than the regular sofas that we are all used to. Unlike other leather sofas that come with a firm feeling, this sofa is actually very soft. Now I am not saying it is very soft but comparing it to other sofas out there, it is definitely worth considering as soft. 

Now it comes with that leather upholstery meaning that you can expect it to have a cool sensation on your skin. Leather is generally cold in average temperatures, but don’t worry though it will be painful to sit in the first few seconds especially in winter it will generate your body heat quite fast and all will be well. You can then go back to cuddling with your puppy on that sofa.

Durability & Pricing

Durability is nothing to worry about when it comes to this sofa. You see with the leather upholstery already you know that your sofa can stand up to approx. 15 years and it will still look new. But that is just the upholstery. 

Looking at other things such as the sofa’s frame it is made with a strong wood frame that if treated well, will last you a long time. I mean basically anything that is treated with caution will last longer than it is originally supposed to. So if you are very careful with this sofa you will find that it will actually last longer. 

However though top grain leather is very strong and durable you should make sure that you don’t sit on the sofa where direct sunlight can get to it as that usually disrupts the leather at a faster rate. Leather is always an expensive part of a sofa. 

So don’t expect this sofa to come at a cheap price. It is actually pretty expensive but if you really want it, you can save up and get it. The process is still very much possible.


Well, in conclusion, I have to say though the look on this sofa is not the way to work with, it is still a great sofa that will definitely have a part to play in your home, so give it a chance. Check it out and see what it can do for you. 

Xavier Wingback Victorian-Style Leather Sofa

Are you looking for a classic sofa with a hint of historic design? Well, here it is. This Xavier Wingback Victorian-Style Leather sofa comes to you in top grain leather with the most exquisite style known to man. It is an amazing sofa that will definitely turn heads in your home. 

Xavier comes to you in four colors from which you can choose from and each color has the ability to set your home in motion. At first, this sofa may just look like a regular sofa with an old design, but once you take time to internalize the appeal of this sofa then you will start to understand its true value in your home. 

Well as a Victorian-style sofa you can use it in almost any modern set up. It can easily blend in with the surroundings and do some good up in your home. 

Xavier is generally a classic that can fit very well in almost any decorative style you have. With the right accent, this sofa can set fire to your living room, lounge, or even bedroom. 

The  Victorian-inspired Wingback Sofa comes with a tall, beautifully upholstered backrest and dainty legs that are made from wood and have the same Victorian-style setup. Xavier is crafted from exclusive top Grain Leather Match and will bring a truly effortless, classic chic into your home, office, or private practice.


  • Is a top grain leather sofa
  • Is strong and durable
  • Has a unique design
  • Can blend in almost any decor
  • Is easy to clean


  • Leather is very delicate in the sunlight


When it comes to looks this sofa definitely deserves its pum pums and awards. The classic all together says everything about this sofa. It is basically a classic vintage sofa that will pretty much change how you view your home. With its Vintage class, this sofa will set levels in your home. It comes in five colors, amongst them are brown, black, blue, green, grey and a darker shade of brown. 

From its name you can tell that the back has a wingback design that almost looks like three N’s that have been joined together. It has leather throughout and firm wooden legs that have that Victorian style. 

When it comes to style, don’t even get me started, with its Vintage classic look and the Victorian style, this sofa has managed to cut lines in being a modern sofa and being a historic heirloom. It can work well with almost any home you set it in. 


Sitting at a dimension set at (H x W x D):39″ x 83″ x 32″ this sofa may not be the biggest to exist, but it definitely is not small. With a width like that, anyone who is below 5’8 can manage to curl up to a very comfortable nap. 

The sofa is generally regular-sized but can fit well in small to large rooms. It’s a three-seat sofa that can obviously sit in more than just three people. However, because we don’t know its weight capacity, following the standard would be the best idea for it. It’s a sofa that you can easily move or clean under seeing as it has a clear allowance. 


Now when it comes to comfort this sofa offers more of a firm feeling than the natural soft feeling you may be used to. It’s not the sofa that you will sink into just like that. Especially the first days when it is still new and very tough. With the leather upholstery you can expect a cool smooth surfacing, especially against your skin. 

Leather is like that, you can take the longest nap and you won’t wake up with any lines unless of course, you were facing the seam. This sofa is overly stable. With the heavy solid wood frame, you can bet this sofa will not topple down when you exert a large amount of force on it. The wooden legs offer it the right sturdy set and balanced steadiness it needs 


Durability is not an issue here. This is top-grain and top quality upholstery. Top grain leather is one of the cleanest and one of the strongest leather grades out there just after genuine leather. It is tough and can withstand almost any weather element thrown its way. 

It can last you just about 25 years even without using any conditioners on it. Now imagine exactly what it can do if you actually make sure to use leather conditioners. Now even though leather is strong and durable. 

That does not mean it is fireproof, also it cannot stand direct sunlight so be sure to set it somewhere where there is very little contact with the sun. As for the frame, you have nothing to worry about. All-natural wood will definitely last you a while. 


As much as I hate to say it. This sofa definitely deserves to cost more than the price it is set at. Now, this doesn’t mean it is cheap. It is pricey but with all that it can provide for you this sofa could cost more, and all I am saying is that you would still understand because you get what you pay for and more. 


In conclusion, I have to say that this sofa is pretty impressive. I mean who would have thought that a sofa of its size could do so much in one’s home. It is a great sofa if you love Vintage class and aestheticism. 

Fact that it is Victorian style definitely sets it up as a very impressive sofa. I know for a fact that with this sofa in your home, you may not even recognize your own living room. Not to mention the level of quality that it dishes out. 

Who would not want such a classy, elegant, and top quality sofa in their home? Though it comes at a high price. I mean with sofas that are the general bet right. The more expensive it is the higher the quality.

Evelyn Classic Convertible Leather Match Sofa

Considering getting an Evelyn Classic Convertible Leather Match Sofa? Imagine introducing a sofa to your home that you can turn to two chairs or join it to form one. Which is exactly what this sofa can bring to your home. This is that sofa that is designed to fit in even the smallest of places.

You can change the outlook of your home whenever you want, you can also change the look in your living room by just either separating the sofas and using each piece as an individual set up. If you are looking to add a little bit of pizzazz to your home, look no further, this sofa is definitely it.

With this sofa comes the elegant style that you can add to your home. This Evelyn Sofa is easily convertible from sofa to accent chairs and smoothly fits into even the smallest of spaces. 

Evelyn Upholstered in Top Grain Leather Match Sofa sits on a finely-crafted, low profile wooden frame, and features sophisticated Victorian-style legs. That adds more of a classic feel and vibe to the sofa.




As you look at this sofa you will find that it is a very smooth and simple sofa. The Evelyn classic sofa is that sofa that is known to be the classic hit of the furniture world. With this sofa having simple straight lines that suit the classic modern home closure. 

This sofa in particular comes in top grain leather and you will find it in three colors that are white, grey, and a smooth light shade of brown. It is the perfect sofa seeing all its colors come ready to blend in with any setting you add it to.

All its colors are neutral and can be the perfect achromatic piece for you because you can fit it in any room no matter how bright or dark your accent light may be. Besides that all colors can easily fit in and trust me when you set this sofa in your living room, you will notice the difference just there and there. 


When it comes to sizes, This Eveyln sofa doesn’t work well with small spaces. I mean it could probably fit in if you have a small apartment but it would probably crowd up the whole room. 

You will find this sofa fits perfectly well in a big room where it can settle down well and not be a big pushover to the rest of the furniture. 

Like in a small room it could probably still fit, but the problem comes when you start to feel as if it’s crowding up your space and you don’t actually notice its beauty and uniqueness anymore. So to be sure here are the measurements (Hx W xD):35″ x 88″ x 34″.


When it comes to things such as comfort you better believe that this Evelyn sofa or any Leather sofa will never fail you. This sofa is made from some of the best resources out there. It is designed to give you comfort as it serves its purpose. 

The seat cushions filled with high resilience foam and polyester fiber wadding provide great seating comfort. That means you can sit, lie down, take a nap, or even a full-blown session and when you wake up you won’t even feel an ache or a bone out of place. 

That’s not all though, the sofa can bounce right back to shape as soon as you stand up and when you sit in it again, the same warm comfort rushes to you again.


Coming to you with a leather upholstery I am sure you can imagine what such a sofa’s durability would be. Leather is basically that one material that will last you more than 25 years if taken care of properly. 

With the right conditioning and proper moisturizing. Being made from Particleboard. The sofa’s frame is strong enough to undertake some heavy usage by you or kids and pets as well. Also, the leather upholstery does not need you to clean it with a lot of water as that may destroy the sofa’s natural look. 

Also, make sure to keep the sofa away from direct sunlight as that will destroy the sofa and make it weaker. The frame also does not need you jumping on it as that may weaken it faster. 


Coming at a moderately high price this sofa is still slightly affordable. I believe this is a fair price for such an incredible sofa. I mean from its aesthetic form, this sofa could have definitely gone for a higher price. 

The durability is quite impressive and all in all the comfort it serves is truly one to live for. I would say this sofa is definitely worth so much more, but as an affordable piece, it is so worth it.


In conclusion, if I were you I would want to get this sofa in my home as soon as possible. For the simple fact that I think it meets all my needs. I mean it is comfortable, and though not cheap it is still affordable, so why wouldn’t you go for it? 

If you are moving from a small home to a larger home then I would suggest this sofa especially if you have kids and pets. Trust me, this sofa will be your hero. What you will love most about this is its ability to just sit in a room, grab all the attention but still manage to remain calm. 

It’s not the sofa you’d expect to shout ‘I am here!!’ At the same time, it is the sofa that you will just notice without a blink. If you are looking to renovate your home and modify it then this sofa is definitely the one you need.

Emie Modern Leather Match Upholstered Sofa

Considering getting the Emie Modern Leather Match Upholstered Sofa? Looking for the perfect minimalist sofa well then you have it here.

This Emie modern sofa comes to you with the perfect design that will definitely light up your home in just seconds. Besides it being a minimalist sofa it also comes with a modern contemporary look that allows it to fit in well with almost any interior decor that you would have decided to add it to. 

With this sofa, you will be creating for yourself a very cozy spot that you can definitely warm up to every day and every night. Besides all that, this sofa comes highly recommended because of its spacious feel and its ability to accommodate a lot of people that naturally stated.

So when it comes to looks this Mid Century modern style sofa comes to you with wide track arms. It also features a sleek and simple design that would blend with almost any furniture that you may already have, it would be perfect for a minimal living room or generally minimal rooms. 

It comes upholstered in durable leather matches with high-density seat filling for long-lasting comfort. Featuring ultra-sturdy dark metal legs on a hardwood frame. Minor assembly is required but all Instructions and hardware are included.




As we should all know this sofa only comes in four colors, that is the old fashioned grey shades, brown, white and black. It’s a great sofa when you decide to view it in the minimalist manner. 

I still find it shocking that such a design that can be so transitional exists. I mean they used an old tapping from the historic sofas that we know and love as the traditional ones but they made the design so simplistic and cultured that this sofa can work in almost any interior.

The transitional side of this line is so shocking. Anyways let me not bore you with such details. Instead let’s look at what this sofa really has. You will find that it has wooden legs that complement its traditional outline and at the same time a lace front that keeps the base almost hidden. Such a sofa would be great for an indoor garden or a tea room exactly how they did it back in the day. 


This sofa is in the medium range as it can be classified under the regular size. At the same time, it can work very well in compact spaces however the problem comes when you have to take a nap. It may not be as comfortable because of its size. 

Using the proper calculation you can find the accurate measurement of space you would need to accommodate this sofa without having to crowd up the room. 

It comes as a two-seat sofa that has three back cushions and can probably support three people but that may just be the limit. It comes at a measurement of 81.1″W x 33.8″ D x 32.2″H inches.


With a frame constructed from Particleboard, Plywood, Fiberboard, Solid wood, Polyurethane foam 2.0 lb/cu.ft., Polyurethane foam 1.5 lb/cu.ft., Polyester wadding and Seat cushion made from Polyurethane foam 2.0 lb/cu.ft., High-resilience polyurethane foam this sofa may just be one of the most comfortable pieces out there. 

It looks like it should be something you can just sink into, and trust me you should try to do that. The seat cushions have a slightly flat shape which makes them slightly slanted when you hop on them but they are still worth it. Likewise, with the leather this sofa will definitely bring comfort to your home.


With the materials used in the construction of the sofa, I find the sofa to be very strong and durable. In designing such a sofa of course manufactures know that it will be a heavy-duty piece as it will be in use day in and day out. 

As a sofa during the day and as a bed during the night. In such a case they would make sure that such a piece can withstand the heaviest of use without falter.

You’ll find that with most sofas they have stronger construction materials such as solid wood, plywood, and birchwood together with certain parts that are glued together and screwed together for extra tightness and extra strength. 

As with new manufacturers they have been trying to make use of environmentally friendly materials and so you’ll find that most of the construction resources are natural and hence have not been weakened by any chemicals.


This sofa comes as a slightly high priced sofa that can convert your home to something else. I clearly find the pricing reasonable. I mean getting such a quality sofa with quality upholstery is bound to be pricey. 

You wouldn’t think that it’s too expensive once you evaluate what the sofa is really going to help you with. Let’s look at the space efficiency, extra napping area, and so forth. So yes, though the price is high I think it is worth it. If you really want something worth your money then this sofa is definitely it.


Now the question comes, should you buy the sofa or not. Let’s look at the points; firstly, so you are getting a sofa and a stylish design all in one at a pricey cost but not as pricey as getting a single sofa and that may not even be as comfortable. 

Two, you get to sleep or nap on a very comfortable mattress and you wake up without any back pain or neck aches. Three, this sofa comes with a durable certification, why would I not recommend such a sofa. It is definitely worth every cent so give it a try.

Hunter Contemporary Leather Match Sofa

Considering getting the Hunter Contemporary Leather Match Sofa? Are you looking for a sofa that can and will transform you home into something magical? Well, this sofa is definitely the one. Coming to you with its unique appeal and design, who would dare turn away at the chance to have such a sofa in their home. 

It’s that sofa that you will not be able to turn away from and at the same you will likely never want to stand up from it. It has a beautiful and unique design that is impossible to not fall in love with and don’t get me started on the comfort this sofa can serve.

If you are looking for a streamlined classic sofa then this Mid-Century Modern inspired Hunter Sofa is definitely the deal you will want. It comes upholstered with hand-selected Top Grain Leather match and features beautiful chrome legs that give it a steady and sturdy feel. 

You will be happy to find that it sits atop a finely-crafted hardwood frame that is not only strong but comes off as durable as well. This sofa is definitely a lovely addition to any living or guest room, office, or boudoir. it comes available in 5 classic shades to meticulously match your decor.


In short, the Hunter Contemporary Leather Match Sofa is a simple, comfy, elegant, and amazing sofa. The contemporary look makes it the perfect piece for a broad range of styles and personalities. It blends well with many different looks and can be adapted into many different decorative styles for any room.

The best part is that all these things make it easy to pull off a different look for every season while still keeping the same sofa. The Hunter design isn’t as risky as you’d think, and that’s precisely why you should have it in your home. 

You’ll find that since it’s a two-seat sofa you can decorate it in any way you chose to. It has these thick arms that would work well as great pillows if you decide to take a nap. Coming in white, black, navy, brown, and grey.


The Hunter contemporary leather sofa comes in a regular size depending on how you want it in your home. Generally, it comes in the standard size which allows it to fit perfectly well in a small, medium, or large room while maintaining its elegant style. So this hunter’s sofa comes at the following measurements; (Hx W xD):33″ x 82.7″ x 34.6″. 

From its dimension, you can already tell that it may not be the biggest sofa to use but it clearly is not the smallest. With its size, you can even take a very comfortable nap given that you are below 5’7. However, even if you are tall this sofa can definitely accommodate you and your long legs comfortably.


Looking at the way this sofa is designed I would say that they prioritize functionality more than anything. The Hunter sofa has mid-to firm cushions that provide ample support for many hours of sitting. 

The depth of the sofa offers plenty of space for leaning back and really reclining on the couch. All this allows for one to sit back, relax, and enjoy anything that they will be doing. Additionally, you will find it particularly comfortable when you lay back with your feet up. 

That feeling is truly a memorable one. The material used is leather and it has a nice smooth texture and feels good against even the most sensitive skins. Overall, I’d say the Hunter contemporary sofa is a solid choice in regards to comfort and feel and you will not be disappointed. 


When it comes to quality I don’t think this sofa is capable of disappointing you in any way. Like any other leather sofa, this sofa comes with a known guarantee that leather is long-lasting and I believe that should tell you something about its durability. 

It has a solid structure that is not likely to break down even when it has been unified with other pieces. When it comes to cleaning it would be wise to avoid a lot of water as that may ruin the natural appeal of leather. 

At the same time be sure to avoid facing the sofa with direct sunlight as this may cause softening and weakening of the leather. With a strong solid frame, this sofa is not likely to break down at any point


One of the things I loved most about this sofa is its design. It’s simple, yet with an elegant build that can complement almost any kind of look and style in your living room.

As I mentioned earlier, the design of this sofa is anything but risky. It’s simple and almost minimalistic however it’s still suited under a modern decor look making it easy for just about anyone to fall in love with.

Coming highly-priced I wouldn’t blame them at all and you’d be shocked that it’s pretty much an understatement of what it should actually be worth.

This is a sofa that will grow as you or your family grows. The design is perfect and the whole concept behind such idealistic designs is worth so much more.


Now comes the hard part. From everything stated before I believe that the sofa is very comfortable and has a very unique idealized approach to its design. I mean who would have ever thought there would ever be a sofa designed to grow or shrink by adding modules to it but anyway here we are.

I would highly recommend this sofa to anyone. The fact that it has a solid structure, even when it’s combined with other accents makes it even more attractive and worth it. 

Even though it may be quite pricey I believe that it is definitely worth the ho and your disappointment with this sofa when you buy it will be close to zero. So go ahead try this sofa and grow old with it. Make it your favorite spot in your home.

Cosmo Mid Century Modern Leather Match Gold Accent Club Sofa

Considering getting the Cosmo Mid Century Modern Leather Match Gold Accent Club Sofa? Are you looking to bring style and gusto to your home or office? This sofa right here may just be your best option. Think of a sofa that can be both visually appealing and just as comfortable for your body. 

This is a sofa that offers support in the most luxurious way possible. Like all club chairs trust me, this sofa is set to have heads turning and people rushing to sit on it. It has a classic look that allows it to fit in and blend with almost any interior you set it in.

Bring a little bit of Mad Men into your home with this dashingly dapper Cosmo Sofa. Upholstered from a buttery-soft leather match, this unique piece comes in (2) classic Mid Century hues that Navy and Cognac. 

The Cosmo sofa features slinky gold legs that create a striking accent against the rich leather, and will seamlessly blend into your preferred decor. A low, club-style profile makes Cosmo a perfect piece for creating an elevated atmosphere without sacrificing modern comfort




When we talk about looks I have to say that this sofa definitely deserves a high five, if only it had arms. This two-seat leather sofa comes with an elegant and sophisticated aura that could dim up any hype in the room and set an exemplary form of control.

The dark colors dim the accent in a room and make it seem like a boring set-piece but that is quickly overlooked because of the booming class and elegance that it will bring to you. This sofa comes in navy blue or brown cognac making it very acceptable in almost every set up out there. 

It chooses to feature more of a natural set up, every color that exists either influences a natural warm feeling or it gives out a calm balanced aura that will definitely make you home seem calm and very peaceful.


You will want this sofa to be more of a loveseat than a regular sofa. It comes at a cute size that will definitely have you drooling and wanting to snuggle up on it every day. Unlike any other sofa, you will have out there, you find they all come in different shapes and sizes. 

This one comes in one definite shape and in a full space-efficient size. With this cosmo sofa, you will find that it looks like a regular sofa, to be specific it can classify as a two-seat sofa or a loveseat sofa. 

It comes at a reasonable size so that it can fit with any room size and room shape. Here we have the two-seat sofa that comes at the following measurement with a dimension of (Hx W xD):34.2″ x77.1″ x 32.6″.


When it comes to comfort I think I have to applaud this sofa. You will find that not only did they design a sofa that would offer you amazing comfort but they also decided to make everything else suited to comfort and support you. 

The seat cushions are supportive and medium-firm; however, the major comfort flaw with this sofa is the back cushions. While the number of cushions varies depending on the accents you throw in otherwise the whole back tends to be quite flat and the thickness is constant when compared to the seat cushions. 

If you were looking for a sofa to cuddle up on or snuggle up and read a novel then I guess we have found it. The sofa does not come with any covers but you can definitely have ones custom made that are removable and easy to wash.


When it comes to price, I know for a fact that leather will never disappoint. Being a natural material it will last longer than all other synthetic sofas and it will still look just as good as the day you bought it. With a strong wooden frame, this sofa will be the heirloom of your family. 

Coming to you with a steady and sturdy feel what more could you ask from this sofa. As we all know leather is waterproof and stain-resistant. When it comes to cleaning you do have to be very careful as too much water could ruin the natural look of the leather. 

At the same time, it would be wise to use a leather conditioner just to keep it moisturized and shining. Plus adding a scented leather polish would really help with the leather smell.


You know how under normal cases regular leather sofas tend to be a tad bit pricey. Well, this leather sofa like the rest of the sofa is just like that. Coming with a high price tag. I have to say that it is expensive but can be affordable depending on how you are willing to bend your budget. 

However looking at the style, durability and to some extent even the size of the sofa, I would say that this sofa could definitely cost more and we wouldn’t mind at all.


When it comes to the sofas, what matters the most is that your needs are met and you are comfortable with the sofa you have. I would recommend this sofa to anyone who would want a luxurious feel of comfort in their home however it isn’t a state of emergency nor is it a must. 

The price does come a bit too high and if it isn’t suitable for your budget then you should not stress yourself one bit. Besides the high price, I am certain that you will fall in love with everything else about this sofa. 

From its looks to the form of comfort and style that it will serve up in your home. This is the sofa you need when you want something simple but you still want to show off the classic taste that is in your mind.

Carter Modern Reclining Leather Sofa

Considering getting the Carter Modern Reclining Leather Sofa? We should really give credit to the French, they are the ones who practically came up with the idea of reclining seats. The first model may not have been as modern and futuristic as the recliners we have nowadays but still, recliners have become a sensation to almost everyone out there. 

It can be an armchair or a sofa that has a pushback or layback design that allows it to recline to the back, it can have an integral footrest.

Or according to wiki, it’s a sofa that reclines when you lower its back and raise its front. The good thing about recliners is that just like sofas they can come in different shapes and sizes.

This leather living room sofa is a modern and contemporary take on the staple living room furniture. This gorgeous leather match couch is upholstered in beautiful wear-proof leather, with bold and sleek lines and curves making it a great statement piece. 

This 3 seater couch has a reclining functionality on both end seats and is perfect for a large living room, guest room, or game room, providing you with a cozy and comfy place to lounge about in your free time. 

Expertly crafted by the best in the business, the seats are oversized and overstuffed, giving it an extra-plush feel. Get this striking piece of living room furniture to your home and enjoy a new focal point for your home decor today.




Coming to you in dark grey, black, and brown with a leather upholstery this beautiful reclining sofa is both pleasing to the eye and the body as well. It has this modern touch to it but the lonely cater it resembles adds a bit of sophistication. 

Like it is definitely the sofa you’d expect a lawyer to be sitting on as they work their case at home. If they need a relaxing moment they can just recline and take a breather. It has a glimpse of minimalist and contemporary lines and would be perfect in any room given that the lighting and accent in that room support its shade. All in all, this sofa would definitely be a good piece in your home.


This is a reclining three-seat sofa that comes in a size that is applicable to almost any room it is set in. In general, it is small enough to be put into even the smallest of rooms. At the same time, it is small enough to stand as an aesthetic chair in a large room as well and with its reclining feature, it will not be as easy to ignore. 

Coming at a dimension set at 83W x 40.9D x 39.7H inches clearly you can tell that those naps that you love will be more than possible now. Now even though the set directions are clear it is wise to remember that if you have a reclining sofa it is best that you create an allowance to make sure that once it reclines there’s still space to move around.


So with this reclining sofa though it is very comfortable it does have a few materials that will surprise you. For starters, the frame is made from plywood, fiberboard, Steel and Solid wood. We have the back cushion having been stuffed with Hollow polyester fibers and non-woven polypropylene. 

The upholstery material has Polyurethane foam , High-resilience polyurethane foam better known as cold foam and we also have laminated wadding that comes with Hollow fiber polyester wadding, Non-woven polypropylene. The Total composition of the sofa is leather which explains the smooth feel of it and the amazing texture it will have on your skin.


This beautiful reclining sofa comes made from strong and resistant materials. If you ever doubt it then let me help you take that doubt away. The leather material is durable and the color has a modern look. 

The cover then becomes very easy to keep clean as it is waterproof and stain-resistant. Coming to you with a 10-year limited warranty why would you ever doubt such a piece? Leather is generally known to last at least 25 years and with such making and designing this sofa is definitely going to last you a long long time. 


For a reclining sofa, in this case, it is a bit expensive but it still is worth the price. It is made from some of the strongest resources that exist and that 10-year warranty definitely guarantees that this sofa will last you a lifetime. 

So yes, it may be a bit pricey and if you are looking for a low budget sofa then this is definitely not the one you need. However, if you are looking to add an extra piece be it to the bedroom or any room you would love to use to relax and all I think this sofa is the best one there is. It’s a simple sofa and as small as it is, it could definitely make a big difference.


After all that has been said about this sofa. This reclining sofa that is, who wouldn’t want it as a secondary piece in their home. I mean I wouldn’t recommend it as a start-up sofa for a family. 

However if its the case that you are living alone and you just want to create a cozy space say maybe to work on or something then I think I would say it is the one you need in your home. 

This sofa is designed to please the aesthetic eye at the same time to cover and support your body as it will shape the contours of your body leaving no body part unsupported. Clearly, if you are looking for a secondary piece, then this is definitely it.

Nova Elegant Convertible Leather Sofa

Considering getting the Nova Elegant Convertible Leather Sofa? Convertible sofas have become a popular trend in the furniture world as of late. However, very few convertible sofas can play a role that this sofa can manage to play in your life. This is an elegant sofa that will clearly add a gush of sophistication to your home. 

If you have ever thought about changing your home lifestyle into something with depth and a heavy meaning then this may just be your chance. Coming in an exquisite design, with flamboyant colors this sofa is definitely the sofa you need in your home.

It comes in very beautiful colors and of course a beautiful design that will have you drooling all over your living room floors. The best part is that this sofa is convertible and can fit in even in the smallest of spaces. All you have to do is just find the right angle to set it in. 

In a few words let me just say that if you are looking to add a little bit of pizzazz to your home. Well this sofa is definitely your biggest contender. Look no further because your search is done. 

This elegant Nova Sofa comes as a sofa that is easily convertible from sofa to accent chairs, and smoothly fits into even the smallest of spaces. Nova is upholstered in Top Grain Leather Match and soft fabric, sits on a finely-crafted, low profile wooden frame, and is available in (3) classic shades to best match your decor. So all you have to do is find that that clearly matches your set and you’re good to go.




When it comes to looks this Nova Combines both luxury and comfort. It is an elegant piece of sofa that will have you literally drooling over your own interior. With this sofa, you can change any room you set this sofa into something more amazing and spectacular. 

Coming to you in three different shades with brown, black, and a white one that had grey arms, this sofa can definitely do things you would have never imagined to your home. It comes with a seamless design that can allow it to cut through as a classy modern sofa as well as a hippy fun sofa. 

You can even further decorate it with more accented pillows and rugs just to add a bit of flavor if you feel as though it is too flat. It comes as a regular sofa in a picture but once it is in your home you will then be able to tell that it is not a regular sofa at all. 


With size, this sofa can be termed as an average sofa. It comes as a two-seat sofa but can obviously sit in more than two people at a time. It is not the largest sofa in the world but it can definitely not fall under the category of a loveseat. 

It is a sofa that was specifically designed to suit both large spaces as well as small spaces. You will find that with this sofa, even a small bedroom can accommodate it and if you feel that it is too wide you may as well separate the two pieces and work with them as accent chairs instead. 

Setting both of them at different angles to suit the living space. Now it comes at an overall dimension of (Hx W xD):31″ x 89″ x 32″ with each accent chair holding its end at (Hx W xD):31″ x 44.5″ x 32″. As you can see it can and will work as the perfect sofa for both cuddles and lounging.


Comfort can never be an issue when it comes to leather sofas. Definitely there is magic with the leather because never will you ever find a leather sofa that is uncomfortable.

However, this sofa comes with top-grain leather which is almost close to genuine leather hence you may feel it a bit rough on your skin but all in all, it will still be smooth on your skin. 

In terms of weather temperaments, leather is generally a cool material and at first sight, it may come off as cold but within a few seconds, it will generate some heat. Being made from hardwood this sofa is quite steady. 

It is not the sofa you may feel like sitting on at the edge in fear of toppling over. It is a good sofa that will definitely bring about change to your home and give you the firm and supportive comfort you need.


Leather is generally believed to last 25 years in its natural form. So this sofa is set to last you more than 25 years given that you take care of it well. That is by providing a moisturizer and conditioner to your leather and avoiding sharp objects from cutting though on the sofa.

With all this being said you may start questioning the frame. With an upholstery ad durable as top grain leather of course the frame will be just as durable and just as strong as the rest of the sofa. 


Betting on how much you’d be willing to spend for a sofa that can last you until your baby is in college, this sofa definitely deserves to be worth so much more.

Although it doesn’t come off as the cheapest sofa in the universe. With a will, you can make a plan and have this sofa in your home. 


When it comes to design, comfort, and durability this sofa is definitely one to be nominated for an award. Mixing luxury and comfort which very few sofas manage to do, this sofa can definitely be what you need. Now even though it is not the cheapest sofa on the planet it is definitely worth ann the cents you could put to its name.