Linnmon Alex Desk Review

The Linnmon Alex desk is a durable-looking 201cm x 61cm white desk. It has been designed to accommodate up to 2 people. The assembly of the product is fast and straightforward, and this is because of the lightweight fibreboard used to create the frame of the desk. The edges of the table have been reinforced with plastic trims, which will help prevent moisture from entering the product. 

This means you can expect this product will not rot or corrode over time. You can assemble the legs of the table in a versatile manner, and this means you can plant this table anywhere in the office safely. They have fully covered the back of the table, and this means that visitors will not see your legs. The table has been coated in acrylic paint, and this is a lively paint color that will not be difficult to clean. 

For an in-depth review of the main features of this desk, feel free to keep reading. We shall look deeper into the frame, filling, paint, legs, and table drawers. We hope to review these to give you a solid verdict on whether to buy this product or not. 


The frame on the linnmon desk is made from particleboard. Particleboard is a very eco-friendly type of material. To manufacture this type of wood, you combine a wide range of wood chips and synthetic resin and glue them together. Once they have glued them together, they flat press all the wood chips to form particle boards. 

This solution is eco-friendly because it does not promote the wastage of wood that is not being standardized. The compression of this wood will lead to it being more compact and solid, and it will also prevent it from quickly becoming rotten and therefore provide less value for money. One of the main disadvantages of this wood is that it is known to expand quite quickly. 

This is if you are to make use of this desk in a damp environment. Fortunately, the designers of this disc have added plastic edging to the sides of all the particleboard. This means that it is unlikely that moisture will find its way into the table, therefore, prolonging the life of the desk. 


The filling of this disk is made from honeycomb structure paper. This is another excellent material that is highly environmentally friendly. It is made from what is known as corrugated cardboard and can therefore be used to strengthen and reinforce many different furniture items. 

To demonstrate the strength of this product, you will often find it in crash helmets worn by cyclists. You can find it in a wide range of shapes and strings, but it is excellent for reinforcement in general. Another incredible advantage of this type of material is the fact that it is very light. This means that you will not have too much trouble transporting it to your office or bedroom when you buy the desk. It will also not be challenging to set up.


The paint used on this furniture is acrylic. This paint is notoriously easy to clean and will not give you any trouble with maintenance. If you wish to clean this table, all you need is a damp cloth and a bit of water. The paint is also very lively and bright; therefore, it can bring a bit of life to a modern workspace. 

Legs of table

For added strength, the manufacturers have made the legs of this table from steel. This should give you quite a bit of power when it comes to the table’s weight capacity. It will also prevent the legs from rusting over time. This is quite a handy feature because it will prevent you from losing any gadgets if the legs accidentally break. It has been made corrosion-proof by the addition of polyester powder coating. Not only will this prevent the steel from expanding, but it will also prevent any rust.


The drawers of this product have been designed so that they do not come out, and this will secure the contents of the drawer quite nicely against coming out. This means that if you have children who sometimes sneak into the office, they cannot accidentally throw all your gadgets on the floor. It is made from the same type of material that the rest of the desk is made from. It has also been covered in acrylic paint; therefore, it is elementary to wipe away any dust accumulating over time.


There is no warranty for this product.


You could say that the price charged for this product is justified. This is because it is made from very durable materials that will not quickly rot. It is pretty eco-friendly and has been built to protect the environment. The legs of the chair are made from steel and will not rust over time. The paint material used to coat this furniture is elementary to clean, providing the consumer with an easy maintenance routine.


In conclusion, this is a beneficial product for an upmarket office or workspace. It brings together all the modern aspects of furniture, such as being eco-friendly and low maintenance regime. The frame of this product is very durable, and it is made from particle boards that have been corrugated to prevent any unnecessary rot. 

Therefore, the table is very compact and solid, offering the user good versatility in terms of where they can store this table in the office. The sides of the table have also been reinforced with plastic to avoid any moisture penetrating the table. The filling is also quite impressive and has been made from honeycomb structure paper. 

This means that it is very durable and will provide you with additional strength in terms of the weight capacity it can handle. The acrylic paint used to coat this is also good value for money because it will not fade over time and easily be cleaned with a damp cloth.

Looking at all these features in conjunction with each other, it is safe to say that this is quite a reliable disk, and therefore, we would recommend it for entrepreneurs with small workspaces.

Stockholm TV Bench Review

The Stockholm TV Bench is a 164 x 42 cm walnut veneer item of furniture. It offers the user an ergonomic design that is both child and pet friendly. The materials used are high quality and eco-friendly. It has a protective coat of clear acrylic paint to prevent rot or scratches from getting onto the table. 

This also helps provide a simple cleaning regimen. It has three drawers that come out very smoothly. These have been fitted with electrical outlet holes. This will allow safe passage for cables leading out of the table. It weighs about 23 KGS making it very stable if you wish to add essential gadgets on top of the product. The legs can be adjusted to adapt to uneven floors. 

For more information regarding the materials used on this product, its storage capabilities and other valuable features, continue reading. We shall also look at why the price charged is justified and provide you with an overall verdict on the table. 

Materials Used

The manufacturers of this product have made it from a combination of different Woods. It is made from particleboard which is a combination of wood chips that have been compressed. It is therefore fully recyclable. The eco-friendly nature of the product is quite attractive especially given that it is combined with a Walnut veneer. This is quite an expensive wood that provides a natural colour and aura to the product. 

The clear acrylic lacquer used to coat the product gives it a lovely natural shine. It also ensures that the product will be straightforward to clean when you need to. At most, to clean this product, you will only need a damp cloth and mild cleaner. The edges of this wood have been lamented with paper foils to help integrate with the amino plastic resins. This means that all the wood grains in the product will be enhanced. This is very common in domestic furniture that has been made with engineered chipboards, i.e., fiberboard or particle board. The legs in the product are made from solid ash, which is a well-known durable material. It is also staining resistant, which means that it will not get dirty even though they are very close to the floor.

Storage Facilities 

When purchasing a product like this, apart from the quality used to make the materials, the amount of storage available is also essential. Apart from being a surface to hold your TV, the product is also supposed to provide you with space to store other things. The full size of this product will provide you with a length of 164 centimetres by a width of 42 centimetres. 

This is big enough to hold a large TV and any additional electrical items you wish to display for usage. It weighs just around 23 KGs meaning it is just the right balance of durability and heaviness. It comes with three separate compartments that will allow you to store various things. These are smooth draws that you can pull out with very little noise or obstruction. An impressive advantage of these shelves is that they have been laminated so that they will not develop any creaks over time.

Useful Features

This is a beneficial product that has been designed with electrical outlets at the back of the item. This means that you can safely guide the electronic cables away from the central area of the room. This will prevent children and animals from wreaking havoc on them. The shelves are fully adjustable, which means that you can adjust the heights of the table. It is also a pretty helpful feature for people that have uneven floors. It is a unique item of furniture that is naturally hardwearing. 


There is no warranty provided for this product. It is essential to ensure that you use the relevant fixing devices when you are placing this product close to the wall. These do not come with the product and must be purchased separately. This is since various walls come with different materials and therefore need other fixing devices. 


The price you are expected to pay for this product is a little bit steep. We can say that it is justified because they have used very high-quality materials to form the composites of this table. It has a very distinctive grain pattern that is unique. This is nice for people that do not want to walk into someone else’s home and see the same table. 

It has been protected with a coat of lacquer, and this has several advantages. You should be able to clean this table with a mild detergent easily. It will also prevent unnecessary scratches from getting onto the product, which is friendly for people with pets. It has fully adjustable shelves, which is quite rare to find a product like this on the market.


In conclusion, this is a lovely product to purchase despite the hefty price required for it. The design is very ergonomic and natural therefore providing your living room with a warm feeling. It is friendly and pleasant to come home to because of its distinctive grain pattern. 

This means that it is unique and not very likely to be seen in other people’s homes. It is made from durable materials such as walnut and particle boards. This means that it is a very eco-friendly product that has come from recycled materials. It comes with a natural shine due to the protective coat of clear acrylic lacquer that has been added to the table. This will help to ensure that any pets or animals you own in your home cannot scratch this product. 

It has quite a wide surface, about 142 centimetres long. This makes it big enough to fit a wide range TV. It also comes with three fully adjustable shelves underneath the main surface. Advantageously they have also included holes at the back of each frame to guide the electronic wires to the outlets safely. Based on all the information provided here, it is safe to say that this is a product that we would recommend for people looking to add a natural warmth to the living room.

IKEA Accent Chair Reviews

No need to worry about your couch looking raggedy all of the time. We’ve done all of the legwork for you and handpicked the highest rated and best selling IKEA Accent Chairs to help you find the perfect piece for your living room.


Made from a combination of plywood and polyurethane, this chair is 100% recycled. It is effortless to clean with a vacuum and comes with a non-removable cover. It is made from corduroy fabric that is very comfortable and cosy. You can expect a 10-year warranty with the purchase of this product. It has an excellent abrasion resistance of up to 50,000. The legs on this chair are made from solid Beechwood that can handle a reliable amount of weight. The chair has fantastic back support and comes with two armrests. It comes in four different colours.


The composition of this chair is 100% polyester. This is one of the reasons why it is pretty easy to clean with a damp cloth. The fabric itself is 55% cotton which adds a substantial amount of comfort and cosiness. The frame of the chair is made from solid beech and highly resilient polyurethane. This should help prevent rot even in damp conditions. It comes with two armrests that are pretty high up, allowing for a comfortable recline. It can withstand abrasions of up to 30,000 cycles. A 10-year warranty further backs this up to provide you with peace of mind.

EKERÖ $129

The frame on this product is made from recyclable particleboard, meaning it is eco-friendly. The supporting fabric on this chair is 100% polypropylene which is quite durable and safe to breathe over time. It comes with a reversible back cushion that will allow you to gain additional back support as you need it. This versatility will enable you to position it to your liking. The material feels very firm when you touch it due to the polyester fabric. It can survive up to 35,000 abrasion cycles and comes with a 10-year warranty. 

KOARP $179

This is a solid wood chair that is made from a combination of highly resistant polyurethane foam. The legs on this chair are made from stainless steel and polyester powder coating. This will help prevent rust and rot from occurring in the chair. The back panel is 100% nylon and nonwoven polypropylene. This means that it is both comfortable and safe to be around. The zig-zag springs within this chair are made from steel and can support quite a heavyweight. It has a low centre of gravity, allowing you to feel connected to the earth and comfortable at the same time.


This is one of the more expensive options that you can purchase on the market. It has been made from plywood and particleboard, meaning it is both reliable and eco-friendly. It can turn your home into a calm and natural space. The seat cushions have been designed to offer excellent resilience. This means that even after consistent usage, it is unlikely to deform. The legs on this chair have been made from solid Oak material mostly. They also have a little bit of steel and Oak veneer. This makes them quite durable.


The seat cushions on this product are made from polyester wadding combined with polyurethane foam. You can therefore expect excellent back support from these cushions. The product’s frame is made from a combination of solid pine and fiberboard, which is 100% recycled. It is effortless to clean, and this can be done with just a damp cloth. The cover on this material is a high-grade chenille quality which gives the area a positive sheen and feels. It has a fixed cover that cannot be removed and comes with a 10-year warranty.


The frame on this product is highly durable because it is made from a combination of steel and polyurethane. This is a cold foam that can handle on its own up to 65 KGS. The cover is made mainly from polyester that has been recycled. At the base of the chair, you can expect solid Beechwood and polyamide plastic. It has a very sophisticated look that is based on classic chairs. It only comes with one base cushion, and the rest of the back support comes from the chair’s frame. It has two open armrests and is close to the ground.


The fabric on this chair might appear like genuine leather, although it is made from a combination of polyester and polyurethane. This material is not necessarily straightforward to clean as you will require upholstery shampoo. The frame of the product is made from plywood which is very durable and reliable against rot. This has been further cemented with a particle board which is compressed wood. The legs of this product are made from solid wood and are stain-resistant.


This is a very cozy chair that will hug the user as they sit. The frame is made from plywood and solid Beechwood that is of high quality. On the seat cushion, you can expect polyester wadding that is a highway tolerance. The interline is 100% cotton for improved back support. The interior frame of this product is made from steel and polypropylene plastic. This mechanism can recline into three different positions adding versatility to the chair. If you need to clean this product, you can easily remove the cover and put it in the washing machine. It has been made children-proof. Therefore, it is safe for the home.


This is an extra-wide armchair that will allow the user to sink deep into the chair as they sit. This adds extra comfort and good neck support due to the steel springs they have included in the product. The chair has been made with a hard-wearing cover that brings together a host of materials such as cotton and polyester. It is machine washable and, therefore, relatively easy to maintain in terms of cleanliness. You can expect that the core pocket of Springs will be able to maintain its design and strength over time. It is made from a combination of plywood and solid pine, making it quite durable.

Micke Desk Review

The Micke Desk is an environmentally friendly and affordable desk for modern workspaces. It features a white fiberboard construction that measures 78cm x 52cm in size, providing plenty of space to stay productive while saving money on the desktop!

This desk is made from a combination of well-blended wood chips. These have been compressed and varnished to avoid rot, corrosion, and bugs!

The architecture of the Micke Desk will allow you to hide cables out of sight securely. This makes it safer for compact workspaces as it may prevent someone from falling and hurting themselves. The legs of the table are made from steel and can support up to 17kgs. 

This is decent for the price charged and what is required of the desk. If you need more space, the design allows the user to combine another desk to create additional space. The paint used on the table is acrylic and very easy to clean. You will only require a damp cloth to get rid of the most common stains you will encounter. 

If you wish to learn more about the strengths and weaknesses of this product, then hang around. We shall be breaking down the top aspects of the Micke Desk. This is to provide you with a verdict on whether the product is worth purchasing or not. Shall we begin?

Wood Used

The materials used to make this product are pretty impressive. It comes from particleboard and fiberboard that forms the tabletop, sides, and bottom of the table. Particleboard is a type of material that is also referred to as chipboard. Many different manufacturers use this type of wood product to recycle wood safely. 

It is made from various wood parts such as wood chips or any synthetic resins that will bind well. Fiberboard is another type of material that has good recycling capabilities. It is made from a combination of different wood plant fibres taken by the manufacturer and compressed. This compression makes the wood much more resistant to corrosion and rot. 

They also become much easier to preserve chemically, which means that you do not have to worry about termites or other insects eating this wood. Another great advantage about this is that it is very light; therefore, you will not need that much assistance when setting up the table.

Paint Used

Ikea has used acrylic paint to coat this item of furniture. This paint is well known for its wide versatility and adhesive qualities. This means that it is pretty popular among people who perform beautiful crafts and mixed media work. This paint is well known for providing nontoxic attributes, making it an excellent choice for any workspace that requires a desk. If you were going to spend on average 8 hours sitting on this desk, then you would want it to be as healthy for you to be around as possible. The colour is also very bright and welcoming, making it an excellent option for a modern workspace.

Weight Capacity

The legs on this product have been made from steel. This makes them quite sturdy. You should be able to handle about 17 KGS of weight on this table at a time. The legs are pretty versatile and can be mounted on either side that you prefer. This makes it very friendly and easy to keep sockets out of sight from any visitors who might come to visit you. The shape and design of the product will allow you to easily combine different tables with adding additional weight capacity and working space. 


The maintenance of this product should not be too difficult, given that it has been designed with a nonstick surface. This will be a welcomed application for people who like to maintain a tidy environment. To clean this desk, you should attain this by wiping it clean with a damp cloth. You will not require a wide range of dangerous chemicals to clean this desk. This is nice for people who do not want the toxic smell provided by cleaning chemicals floating around the office.


Unfortunately, IKEA has not mentioned a warranty that comes with the purchase of this product.


This is one of the more affordable domestic desks that you can purchase on the market today. It offers excellent quality for money because of the product’s durable materials and low maintenance. It is made from materials that have been recycled, which means that you are not damaging the environment. It performs all the responsibilities of a domestic desk quite well. The material used to make this product is highly resistant to corrosion and rotting.


To conclude this article, it is fair to say that we would recommend this product because of its excellent usability. The product is very charming and modern. It offers the user a lightweight option to consider adding to a domestic workspace. The product’s architecture is brilliant and will do well to keep the user safely away from any sockets and cables. 

These might end up causing you problems if you accidentally trip over them in the office. You should be able to mount this table in any direction you want, making it sufficient for people who do not have massive workspaces. Unlike many other desks, you will not entirely pull out the draw on this product. 

This should help you avoid dropping or breaking essential gadgets. It is a very ergonomic product that has been designed to offer a lower carbon footprint. This is very nice for people who want to purchase eco-friendly products. They have managed to reduce the carbon footprint by making use of fiberboard wood. This means that most of the product is made from recycled wood chips. 

It is an excellent product to purchase for a home workspace. It is also a perfect option to purchase for companies that do not have big budgets. If you look at the product, it offers many positive features, which is why we would recommend it.

Holmsund Ikea Review

What you have here is a sofa bed. The Holmsund sofa is basically a sofa that quickly and easily transforms into a spacious bed. The best part is that you can turn the living room into a bedroom in just a few minutes. So if you ever have unexpected guests, you don’t have to worry about giving up your bed or having to start from scratch to find them a place to sleep. 

Holmsund Ikea

The sofa comes with storage space under the seat which is very easy to access and has room for bedding, pillows, and a good selection of records, books, or even movies. The cover is made of extra durable polyester with a dense texture. It’s quite comfortable on your skin so don’t worry yourself too much about all that. 

So you will find the storage space under the chaise. The lid can stay open on its own so you can safely and easily take things in and out without having to worry about it snapping on your poor fingers.  The best thing about the Holmsund is that it has loose back cushions. 

You can even angle the loose back cushions any way you like, and adapt the seat depth and back support to suit your needs. The chaise which is the second-best thing comes with the best solution.

You can place the chaise section to the left or right of the sofa, and switch whenever you like. So literally you can explore that creative kind of yours. It comes with 5 back cushions all for your comfort. 


  • It is a very comfortable sofa
  • It comes with loose back cushions which you can easily adjust to suit your needs
  • It can easily convert to a bed


  • As it is a sofa bed, it requires more space and allowance


This sofa is generally an updated sofa bed that comes with extra throw pillows, wedged armrests and a higher price tag. It is almost like the Ikea Friheten and just like the Friheten sofa-bed, the Holmsund comes in two different configurations. So you will find it as a 3 seater sleeper sofa or as a sectional sofa-bed with a chaise of course. 

Each configuration comes with hidden storage space as well. So you will find that for the 3 seater, the storage will be located underneath the seats. As for the sectional sleeper, true storage will be located underneath the chaise. What’s mostly aesthetic about this sofa besides its cushions and classic manner is the chaise.  Fact that you can place it on either left or right of the sofa, and switch it anytime just makes it worthwhile. 


Like any other series, you find it in different shapes and sizes. With Holmsund you can find that whether You are looking at the three-seater or the sectional you will find that the sofas are not humongous at all. In fact, they all come at a reasonable size so that they can fit with any room size and room shape. 

Here we have a three-seat sectional that comes at the following measurements; Height including back cushions: 37 3/4 “, Backrest height: 26 “, Depth chaise: 59 1/2 “, Width: 90 1/2 “, Depth: 35 3/8 “, Seat depth, chaise lounge: 47 1/4 “, Seat depth: 23 5/8 “, Seat height: 17 3/8 “, Bed width: 55 1/8 “, Bed length: 80 3/8 “


So generally this sofa’s legs are quite short, giving the Holmsund sofa the impression of sitting on the floor itself. Which is unlike the Friheten sofa bed, which clearly shows off its legs proudly. The Holmsund is really deep. 

With throw pillows for a backrest, you could literally make a nest out of the sofa and so if you are very tall you will find this sofa to be very comfortable. The armrests were well-placed and comfortable, the again they are quite lean do sitting on them may be a big risk to you and the sofa. 

When it comes to comfort the Holmsund is rather a specialised taste. The padding is firm, without being hard. If you like sitting on your sofa and not on your sofa, this is probably not for you. The bed is a double or full size, not quite a queen-size bed. So I would advise you appropriately for your sheets if you use them.


When it comes to durability, Ikea is always ahead of you. Holmsund comes with a 10-year warranty for all its sofas. The covers are made to last at least 50 000 cycles while normal covers usually work for at least 15 000 cycles. 

The frame for the whole sofa is Made from Solid Wood, Plywood, Fiberboard, Particleboard, Polyurethane foam 1.2 lb/cu.ft., Non-woven polypropylene, Polyester wadding” and some steel. Different fabrics are made with different materials including polyester, polyester, cotton, and linen blend as well as a polyester cotton blend. 

The back cushions are made of polyester fiber balls. The seat cushions are constructed with high-resilience polyurethane foam. All this leads to the fact that if you sit on the sofa when you stand up it will retain its shape. 


Going for $799, I would like to say that the sofa is a bit pricey, then again I am someone who values content and quality and I have to say this sofa has certainly managed to convince me that it should actually be worth so much more. Considering that it is a sofa bed. In which case you will be getting a sofa and a bed for the price of either one of the two in some cases. So no, the price suits it perfectly well. 


When it comes to the Holmsund sofa, I think what matters the most is that your needs are met and you are comfortable with the sofa. I would highly recommend this sofa to anyone who would want a luxurious feel of comfort in their home. If you are to prepare a guest bedroom that offers a flare of elegance then this is truly the way to go. 

However, it isn’t a state of emergency nor is it a must. The price does come a bit too high and if it isn’t suitable for your budget then you should not stress yourself one bit.

If this isn’t quite what you are after, make sure you check out our review of the Simple Armless Chaise.

IKEA Knopparp Review

If you are looking for a small scale sofa that is not only pleasing to the eye but is rather comfortable and durable as well then I guess you can stop your search. Knopparp is a small sofa with a big impression and that fits perfectly wherever space is limited. You will find that it is smartly designed and is a perfect lightweight. 

knopparp sofa grey

It is that sofa that comes with a comfortable padded cover and uses fewer materials hence is environmentally friendly and very good for our beautiful planet earth. This Knopparp sofa is very durable thanks to the metal construction and strong supporting fabric.

So you really don’t have to judge its durability based on its size because it can probably outlive all the other big sofas you probably have. 

Thanks to the innovative construction used on this sofa they happen to use fewer materials and foam when making it at the same time they found a way to ensure that the comfort was maintained.

This is generally a sofa with small dimensions making it rather easy to work with and to furnish with, even when space is limited. 

Which is exactly why it was designed as a small scale sofa. Its cover is made from knisa fabric which is polyester that has been dope dyed. It’s a durable sofa that will not disappoint you in terms of looks, feel, and price as well. 


  • Is a sofa designed especially for limited spaces 
  • Is durable and lightweight at the same time
  • Is very easy to clean and maintain 
  • Because of its lightweight, it is very easy to move around


  • The material used is neither waterproof or stain resistant


Well just by looking at this beautiful sofa you can tell that it will add an amazing flare to your home. It comes with a cornered shape that makes it rather fit into the classic modern style.

However, due to its small size, you will find that it will also work in a minimalist zone and because of its colors grey and bright blue, it would work well in a contemporary setting as well. 

Besides the attractive design, this sofa also has a low price and is very good from an environmental perspective. It can be packaged so smartly that it could be taken home on a bus and be easy to assemble, robust, and easy to keep clean.

With this sofa in your home you are guaranteed and a very humble and modest setting. The result is a sofa that exudes honesty and more of what you see is what you get. 


As I already stated the sofa is a small scale sofa. Perfect for limited spaces but it is also perfect if you are looking to add a humble piece to your large home. It doesn’t have to always be the living room but any bedroom or foyer could work with this sofa as well. 

It comes at the following measurements Width: 68 1/2 “, Depth: 29 7/8 “, Height: 27 1/2 “, Height under furniture: 8 1/4 “, Armrest height: 27 1/2 “, Seat width: 64 5/8 “, Seat depth: 21 1/4 “, Seat height: 15 3/8 “, Armrest width: 1 5/8 “. From this, you can obviously tell that it is best suited for small spaces or houses that are still trying to manage comfort even in limited spaces. 


The sofa is generally small but rather very comfortable. Made from 100 % polypropylene as the supporting fabric with the armrest frame as well as the top rail back and front rail being steel epoxy/polyester powder coating. The sofa feels soft, sturdy, and strong. 

The footing is polypropylene. Back and seat filling polyurethane foam 1.5 lb/cu.ft. If you are worried about your skin, rest assured this sofa will bring a warm soft caress as you sit because the cover is polyester wadding and non-woven polyester fabric. 


So we have already stated that this sofa is durable. At the same time, it is easy to keep clean as its cover is removable and can be machine washed. It’s very easy to bring home if you choose to carry it on your own. The packaging is literally just over one and a half meters in height and weighs 50 lbs. 

Coming to you with a 10-year limited warranty should really tell you more about this sofa. The cover has the ability to resist abrasion and has been tested to handle 40,000 cycles. 15,000 cycles or more is suitable for furniture used every day at home. Over 30,000 cycles mean a good ability to resist abrasion. It also has a lightfastness level of 5-6 out of 8 which means that you have a long way to go before it starts to lose color. 


Coming to you at a price of $149, I think this sofa should have actually cost more. Size isn’t all and clearly this sofa has managed to prove that quite well. It is not only comfortable but it is also durable and very much aesthetic. To anyone who gets this sofa, they can never regret such a purchase. So yeah, the pricing is quite perfect at such an affordable price you will be getting this amazing small scale sofa. 


I highly recommend you to get this sofa especially if you are living in a limited spaced area and you are generally on a tight budget. The sofa is very much affordable and will probably offer you better comfort and service as compared to other sofas out there. 

At the same time if you are living in a big house and you need an extra piece of furniture I would highly recommend this sofa because not only is it pleasing to look at, you will also feel an amazing rush of comfort when you sit on it be it in the living room, foyer or even your bedroom. So what are you waiting for? Be sure to check out our Kuka Sofa Review.

Ikea Stockholm Sofa Review

So let’s talk about classic sofas, literally, this sofa will make you feel less of a human. The way it stands and the way it stands is almost as if it’s challenging your ability to stand tall and proud. 

Ikea Stockholm Sofa

Dressed in soft velvet this sofa comes extra deep and wonderfully spacious. It is the perfect sofa for families because if it’s the spacious attribute. At the same time if you just want to add a tone of class to your home then this sofa is exactly what you need. The look, the accent, and even the style says it all about this sofa. Disappointment is far from reach with this sofa. 

The velvet touch is part of the deep expensive look and is all you need for this sofa to make your home into a lavish castle. It also has a lot of loose cushions that give comfort and support, for however you prefer either to sit or lie down. This is the sofa to long for and enjoy for years.

It comes with a sandbacka cover that is made of velvet which, through a traditional weaving technique, gives the fabric a warm, deep color and a rich surface with a dense pile and light, reflective shine.

You will find that the seat and back cushions provide comfortable support for your body and easily regain their shape because they’re filled with high resilience foam and polyester fibers. 


  • Comes with reversible cushions
  • Is very easy to clean and maintain
  • Has a beautiful classic look that will style up your home


  • Color may start to fade from the cushions
  • Is not waterproof or stain resistant


Coming to you in two colors; the dark blue and the light grey, this sofa has definitely won a spot in my heart. The velvet reflects light in a characteristic way which may make the color appear as if it changes. Small fibers may appear on the velvet. 

It happens naturally and they disappear over time and can also be removed with a lint roller. You can even turn the back cushions so they wear evenly and last longer, as they’re reversible and have the same fabric on both sides. 

What is so inspirational about this sofa is the different ways you can use the sofa and the places it can be put. The generous size with all the pillows and the big seat cushions make it easy to adapt the sofa as needed.

So get this sofa, change your home and be able and ready to lie down, sit down and put up your legs, sit alone or with others, eat, sit with the computer, or just rest. It’s all up to you. 


This sofa is generally big and I would say it fits perfectly in big rooms like a tv room or a reading room in your home. If you have a big hall room in your house that you may just want to use for relaxing then this sofa is definitely for it. Or a tea room for your guests. 

This sofa would work perfectly because of its spacious attribute. So if you have a small hoe or you want to fill up a small room, this sofa is too big in terms of size and aesthetic to place in a room. Its look and size would overwhelm everything in that room. 

Check the following measurements and you will understand what I mean. Width: 89 3/4 “, Depth: 44 ⅛ “, Height: 28 3/8 “, Armrest height: 28 3/8 “, Seat width: 74 3/4 “,Seat depth: 38 1/4 “,Seat height: 18 1/8 “


After such a sight, how would you think this sofa would disappoint when it comes to its comfort. This sofa is not only comfortable when it comes to sitting and lying down. But the smooth velvet feel on your skin would be one to die for. Trust me when I say that there is definitely more than just looks when it comes to this sofa. 

You will find that this sofa will follow through with your body no matter which position or posture you decide to take. The cushions made with high resilience foam will not give in easily so don’t worry about the sofa losing its shape after you sit on it.

Of course, like anything you buy, it needs time to break so the first days the sofa may tend to be a bit stiff, but after about a week it will definitely change. 


Well, when it comes to durability I have to say that you may find some marks that may appear on the velvet usually disappear in time. With your hand, you can gently stroke in the direction of the pile or use a clothes brush. You can also use the vacuum cleaner with the soft nozzle. 

The felt pads underneath protect the surface below against scratches. This sofa comes with a 25-year limited warranty. So I guess you know what that means. It will definitely last you a long time.

The velvet cover that I have come to love has the ability to resist abrasion and has been tested to handle 35,000 cycles. 15,000 cycles or more is suitable for furniture used every day at home. Over 30,000 cycles mean a good ability to resist abrasion.


Going for $1 699, this sofa could be a life-changer for you. From everything I have seen about this sofa, I would love to say that this sofa is defined as worth your money. Of course, if you are on a tight budget it isn’t a do or die case. However, I believe that saving up for such a sofa would be a great idea. 


All in all, I would say that this sofa is a great idea if you plan on extending the furniture in your home. This sofa has proven to be that one sofa that will change so many things in your home.

The Velvet look, the classic feel, what else could you possibly want in your home. Though pricey I think it has proven to be worth such a price. 

I mean with a 25-year limited warranty I think this sofa will do more good than harm any day in your home. 

Ikea Balkarp Sleeper Sofa

Sleeper sofas have become a common feature in homes lately. Mostly because of their double functionality at the price of one functionality. Sleeper sofas are now more practical than a regular sofa because they really can save you from a lot of hassle when you decide to have guests over. 

ikea balkarp sleeper sofa

Today we are looking at the Ikea Balkarp sleeper sofa. It’s known to be Ikea’s cheapest sofa after the Solsta and I’m guessing that really doesn’t give it a good impression at all. However, there is always light at the end of the tunnel so buckle up and let me tell you what I figured about this extremely affordable Ikea sleeper. 

So there is basically not much to say about this sofa. It is more of a futon that comes with an adjustable back so you can decide whether you want to sit up straight, lie down, or actually sleep. It comes with a simple design in which it looks like any regular futon. 

The only difference is that it is from Ikea. Coming to you in Knisa black I think this sleeper would make the perfect addition to a start-up apartment or a studio apartment in the case that you have friends over and you may actually need a second bed. Besides all that it easily converts to a bed so there won’t be much of a hassle there. 


  • The sofa can easily convert to a bed
  • Is comfortable and safe to sleep on
  • Is easy to clean and maintain


  • The sofa looks like a regular futon with no distinctive features


Well as I said before, there is really not much to say about this sofa because it is a regular futon and the only distinctive feature is that it is from amazon.

Anyways, the black color helps it to fit into any style in terms of interior decor. So whether you are going for the contemporary look or the classic look this futon will still fit the part quite well. 

Just by looking at it, this futon has one padding which may seem a bit uncomfortable. Also, the legs are not slanted to allow for it to stand at a directive angle and support all bodily weight without breaking down.

You will find that this sleeper will work well in almost any room you decide to put it in and almost any way you decide to accent it will definitely work. 


As a futon, you cannot imagine it to be a big sofa or anything. This futon is the perfect size for start-up apartments and will definitely fit in any room and in any space.

So if you are looking for something you could probably use in a small apartment either as an actual bed and sofa or just as extra bedding and seating in your home then I believe we have found it. 

The following are it’s measurements in case you would want to make sure. Width: 67 “, Depth: 33 “, Height: 32 “, Seat width: 67 “, Seat depth: 18 “, Seat height: 15 “, Bed width: 39 “, Bed length: 67 “. 

So as you can see from these measurements this futon can fit into any room, although as it does convert and fold out to make a bed it would be best if you also counted for allowance in the case that it may be uncomfortable in a room once you fold it out. 


As a sleeper sofa that easily converts to a bed, you would definitely be wondering what it feels like to lay on such a futon from Ikea. Well for once the price does somehow determine the comfort.

This Balkarp sleeper has thin padding which would be comfortable at first sit however if you continuously sit on it the padding may start to lose shape. 

Also sleeping on it as a bed for long hours may not be as comfortable as you think it would be. Given that already when sitting it is not as welcoming as you would think.

However, like extra bedding in your home for a guest, I think this futon would be okay for a one night rest not as a daily dose because I am certain you will wake up with aches all over. 


Besides, it’s slight lack of comfort this futon may not be one of Ikea’s strongest sets. It’s made from 100 % polyester which we all love and adore when it comes to the feel on our skins. 

The back seat as it stands as a futon is polyurethane foam 1.5 lb/cu.ft., Polyester wadding, Non-woven polypropylene, Particleboard, Plywood, Solid pine. 

The Legs are Steel and have Epoxy/polyester powder coating. It also has galvanised steel to hold it together. However continuous use day and night may result in it lasting a tad bit less than expected. The covers fade with time which is very much unlike other Ikea products. 


Going for $129, I would say this futon could have cost a tad bit less but it is still a good price. I mean it also comes in Vissle grey, the same product just a different color.

However, at least there is a change in color. I feel that if this futon were to cost more, I would not recommend it. Already known as the second cheapest Ikea sofa, I believe it is at the position for a reason


All in all, I would say if you are hoping to buy an actual sofa that you can use in your home day and night as extra bedding or seating. I would not recommend this sofa.

However, if you are on a tight budget and you just need something to get you by for a while as you save up for something else then yes I think this futon could be a lifesaver and your lighthouse in such a case. 

Although I wasn’t as impressed by this futon, it still does deserve props on its practicality and functionality. So to some extent, I’d say give it a try.

IKEA Sandbacken Sofa Review

IKEA Sandbacken Sofa Review

Here we have a sofa bed that was designed to bring maximum comfort to you whether you are sitting or sleeping. This sleeper sofa has soft back cushions and a resilient seat with elastic foam that allows you to both sit and sleep comfortably. 

The best part is that when it is bedtime, it quickly converts from sofa to comfy bed and you can finally dream on and let go of the tension and stress of the day. You find that when you get this sofa you get to sit comfortably thanks to the resilient foam and springy seat. Unlike other sofas, it doesn’t easily give in when you sit on it.

 At first, you will feel a firm setting that will obviously need a few bounces to break in. Once that part is done the sofa is yours to overuse and abuse. I say overuse and abuse because this sofa is capable of retaining its shape the moment you stand up. 

In the long run, the sofa is less likely to lose its shape even after the heaviest is usage. It also comes with an ottoman which can use as an extra seat or as a comfortable extension of the sofa.


When it comes to looks this sofa may have a bit of an odd design. The frill it has gives one that feeling as if it is a sofa with bangs. It may look good but you still don’t know how to take it. All in all, it is a beautiful sofa that will add a flair of life to your home. 

The fact that it is a sleeper sofa definitely added points for it on my end. It is a sofa and a bed at the same time and the best part is that now you don’t have to give out your bed when guests come over. The ottoman is a nice touch because it allows you to take a simple nap in the case that you actually don’t want to sleep. 

If you want to place the ottoman on the right or left side, or detach it from the sofa and use it on its own all that is possible. The ottoman has an extra storage space under the seat for blankets or other things that you want close at hand.


When it comes to size, it is very important to note that this sofa is designed for medium-sized rooms going up. It could probably fit in your room but a problem comes that it needs allowance and after all that, it may crowd up the room leaving a very unsettling feel. 

So as a sofa bed obviously you know that at some point the sofa has to stretch out and become a bed and if your room isn’t as big enough that may turn out to be a big flop.

So to clear up on those problems here are the measurements for this sofa; Width: 83 1/2 “,  Height: 27 1/8 “, Min. depth: 30 3/4 “, Max. depth: 58 5/8 “, Seat depth: 27 1/2 “, Seat height: 13 “, Bed width: 55 1/8 “, Bed length: 78 3/4 “. So from those, I am certain you can match up and see the way to go. 


When it comes to comfort I have to say this sofa definitely takes the medal. Let’s start off with the general look of the sofa. It has these armrests. The height of the armrests is pretty good but they are quite lean and non-existent, so you cannot have a person sit on it during a family get-together nor can you rest your head on it comfortably for a 5-minute power-nap even. 

You will find that the arms are too lean to fully support your head so that will make them a tad bit uncomfortable and could probably cause some neck problems when you wake up. The mattress has high resilient foam that makes it quite firm.

The best part is as you rest or sleep this sofa’s mattress is going to follow up on your body and support every contour and angle so no aches and stiff necks when you wake up. 


Like all Ikea products, this comes with a ten-year warranty. The materials used in its construction are generally the best out there. The cover is strong and even though it is not waterproof or stain resistant it will not fail you no matter how many washes you decide to take on it. 

The cover has a lightfastness level of 5 (the ability to resist color fading) on a scale of 1 to 8. This cover has the ability to resist abrasion and has been tested to handle 25,000 cycles.

A cover that withstands 15,000 cycles or more is suitable for furniture that should withstand everyday use in the home. According to industry standards, a lightfastness level of 4 or higher is suitable for home use.


Going for $429 I would say that this is a good deal for a sofa. Given that it is a sofa and a bed at the same time you could probably save off for a while on getting a bed either for you or for the guest bedroom. It’s a comfortable sofa for sitting and sleeping and for such a price I would say that it is a very good deal. 


Well, final thoughts are always the hardest. I think this sofa comes at a fair price given the services it is guaranteed to offer plus the durability that comes along. Getting a sofa is generally a risky thing to do because you never truly know if it is the one for you.

However, I do recommend this sofa if you are looking for a start-up sofa. I mean it is a sofa and a bed at the same time. You can save up for more later on and get yourself and full-on bed.

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