Which brand of the futon is best?

List of futon brands

  • Amerisleep
  • Futon Shop
  • D&D
  • DHP
  • Classic Brands
  • Artvia Home
  • Lark Manor
  • Loon Peak
  • Andover Mills
  • Truly
  • Red Barrel Studio
  • Latitude Run
  • Mercury Row
  • Foundry Select
  • Serta
  • Wade Logan
  • Wayfair Sleep
  • Gracie Oaks
  • Harriet Bee
  • Ebern Designs
  • Wrought Studio
  • Ikea
  • J-Life
  • FULI
  • Exmoor
  • Mozaic
  • Oriental Furniture
  • Ikehiko

Who makes the best futon?

Serta Augustine is one of the most popular futon brand. It is one of the brands that has perfected creating furniture that works well for sitting and sleeping. The tropical wood structure works hard to provide solid and durable legs. It is not the most portable option you can buy, but it is well padded.

Best Japanese futon brands

  • EMOOR Japanese Traditional Futon Mattress.
  • MAXYOYO Japanese Futon Mattress.
  • Luxton Japanese Shiki Futon.
  • FULI Japanese Traditional Shiki Futon

What to consider when checking futon brands

Mattress Type

In the more traditional futon mattresses, you will find textile batting. Some of the new options on the market will be having foam, cotton, or springs. Finding the appropriately matched type view will be critical for you to enjoy a firm mattress. When choosing your bed, you must bear in mind why you will use it. This will help you decide whether you want something flexible or sturdy. For a flexible option, it is best to go with cotton, but if you want something with fewer pressure points, it is advisable to go for a foam mattress.


Before you look for any furniture to buy, you must have an idea of the space available to house it. You might think that the space requirements are more minor because this item is convertible. This is incorrect and may lead you into trouble. So, you must take accurate measurements. Try to ensure that there is at least a meter of space surrounding the piece of furniture. This is a good rule of thumb to prevent you from cramping up a room.

Intended use

The product’s intended use will help guide decisions. This may include portability, strength, and material use. Without answering this question, it will be hard for you to deal with any of the two factors above. How often this mattress will be used will help you decide whether you want a firm or soft bed. If this mattress is going into the lounge, for example, then there is a good chance it will be a sofa for most of the time. In such a case, you might need something sturdier. If this is an outside sofa bed taken in and out of the house to be enjoyed in the garden, you may want a more flexible option.

Price point

Depending on your chosen materials, you can spend from around $250 to over $1000. Materials such as metal are cheaper than hardwood frames. A memory foam mattress will often be more expensive than purchasing a traditional spring mattress.

How to choose a futon?

Choose its function

You need to be aware of the usage patterns around this futon. Is it for daily use only occasionally? You will also need to know whether you will be moving it around or it will be stationary for most of its life.

How does it look?

You will need to choose an option that can exist in harmony with the rest of the furniture in your living space. You should consider how to match the room’s aesthetics. Ponder upon how you want the futon to look, and this should give you an idea of the materials to look for.

How thick do you want the mattress to be?

A thicker mattress is likely to be more expensive and less portable than a thinner one. It will most likely be more comfortable and durable. You need to find the balance between these two factors. If the mattress is comfortable and light enough for you, it is the right one.

How to save money on a futon?

Get your old one to pay for your new one. If you wish to save money on a new futon, then make sure your current one is kept in a breathable space well rolled up when you are not using it. Try your best to preserve it by keeping any dust and insects off. After a few years, when you have now decided to buy a replacement futon, you should get a decent amount of money for the old one.

History of futons

This is a Japanese piece of furniture that is used for sleeping. It was used for centuries by a Cambridge Carpenter designed between Oh no today as the first sofa bed. This was then commercialized and mass-produced by different companies across the world.

The diverse types of futons

Cotton, Foam, and fiber.

How much does a good futon cost?

You can find very high-quality futons in the range of $500 to $750. These are considered the upper-middle-class level of futons.

Where can I find a comfortable futon?

Direct from the manufacturers listed above, Amazon, IKEA, Walmart.

Are Ikea futons any good?

IKEA has a large assortment of futons that are well produced and are one of the most comfortable on the market, such as Friheten.

Are futons worth it?

Futons are comfortable and can assist with any back problems developed because of sleeping on a bad mattress. They are firmer than regular mattresses. So, they provide the user with a higher level of Posturepedic comfort.

Is a futon comfortable to sit on?

A futon is quite comfortable to sit on. They are often used on sofa beds which can convert into a sofa or a bed.

Is a Japanese futon comfortable?

Japanese futons may not be the most comfortable, but they are very healthy for you and your posture. The western futons are more modern and have been designed for greater comfort. Japanese futons are the best futon beds on the market today.

How do you make a futon more comfortable?

A good futon can become a great one with one or two simple changes. In this article, we will be looking at different ways you can use to make your futon more comfortable.

Use a Futon Cover

Adding an extra layer to the futon will help to add comfort and warmth. Manufacturers may have made the futon material hard to make it durable. A futon cover will balance out any harshness coming from the resistant material.

Use a mattress topper

A memory foam mattress is one of the most popular and cost-effective options to improve the comfortability of your futon. These are referred to as mattress toppers, and they are pretty simple to place underneath the futon sheets. Once you are done with them, it will not be convenient to roll them up and put them away. The elastic nature of a mattress made from memory foam is quite durable and will be helpful for years to come.

Use a high thread-count sheet

A high thread count sheet makes your futon more comfortable, especially in summer. It will not cause you to sweat while lying down, thus, improving the quality of your sleep on this item. A high thread count sheet will also provide you with a buffer against any unwanted substances left by the previous user. This is optimal to ensure the futon is always fresh for new guests.

Add Supporting Slats Under the Futon Mattress

Adding support slats under the futon matches is a good way to add supplementary structure to the mattress underneath. When dealing with furniture where people sleep over time, you will notice that the pressure points begin to cave in. So, to counteract this pressure, we can add support to the bottom of the futon. This option is something that can be done as a preventative measure.

Use a Featherbed

A feather bed is traditionally European and combining this mattress with your futon is an excellent way to connect both cultures. This is the equivalent of a comforter laid down like a futon. Usually, you will find a featherbed separated into various sections. This method helps prevent you from slipping down to any side of the bed. They are known for being very soft and warm. That extra layer protecting you from the hard floor will also help improve your posture.

Use an Air Mattress

An air mattress can be very comfortable, seeing as they accommodate the shape and grooves of your body While they are filled with air. Modern air mattresses are reliable and do not quickly deflate overnight if you remain within the acceptable weight range.

Adding this option will increase the gap between you and a very thin futon close to the ground. It will help to mimic a standard mattress. They are easy and practical to inflate or deflate, making them a convenient option for on-the-go sleepers.

Is there a comfortable futon to sleep on?

Comfortable futons exist, but they have to be thick and of high quality. You have to find a healthy option to provide you with a decent night’s sleep. If the mattress does not have a sturdy structure, there is a good chance you will sink into the futon as you sleep. This will negatively impact your spine and shoulders. If you are pretty restless, you may struggle with a futon that provides enough structure. You can also get a great futon bed.

Is a futon good for your back?

Futons are traditionally Japanese. They have always been placed on the floor because of the specific health benefits they provide for your back. After sleeping on a standard bed for some years, you may have developed some problems with your spine due to springs failing within the mattress.

The consistency of a futon makes it suitable for the alignment of your back and shoulders. The hard ground will provide a flat layer to straighten your back. You may feel some soreness and uncomfortable in the short term, but this is good for you. You will notice improvements in your posture and sleep quality.

Is a sofa bed or futon more comfortable?

The main difference between a sofa bed and a futon is comfort, which is affected by height above the ground. The hard floor is the primary structural support you will receive when sleeping on a futon. A sofa bed will support you through the use of a well-designed frame. Over time the structure can begin to lose its shape, affecting your comfort levels. A futon will be consistent for an extended period.

What is the best thickness for a futon mattress?

The recommended thickness of a futon mattress is about 6 inches. This is the lowest acceptable level to remain comfortable.

Can you sleep on the side in a futon?

It is possible to sleep on your side when on a futon, and it may be uncomfortable because all your weight will be placed against the hard floor. Likely, your side will not be able to handle this for very long without becoming stiff. If you plan to use these, you will need to stretch in the morning.

Choose a futon frame.

You should also consider aesthetics when choosing a futon frame. Think about how it will look in your living space. You will need to consider whether it will come with a cover. Make a decision on how you will use it and the size you need.

Consider futon cover materials.

Cotton, wool, polyester, and spandex are the most popular options to choose from. These offer varieties of comfort, durability, and structure.

Choose a futon cover design.

The design will have to be well thought out to complement the rest of your furniture. Choosing between cotton and cotton blends will be your best option. Many configurations are available, and the material is easy to find.

Choose futon mattress

Depending on your needs for the mattress, you will need to select between one that is soft, medium, or firm. A soft bed will help ease you into sleeping on a futon, but will not be suitable for you in the long term. A medium mattress is a good balance between firm and soft, and a firm mattress will be best in a long time for your back.

Is a Futon Good for College? A Student’s Experience

Futons are a terrific way to relax and stay warm when you’re not using your own bed. They’re not just for college students, either. Their plush mattresses and warm coverings make them a great choice for people of all ages. Some futons can be folded up and carried around, making them great for taking to hotels and other places.

Most college students live in dorms, which can complicate sleeping. Some colleges ask students to buy a bed. Most students can bring their beds. But is a futon good for college? That’s what this post is about. 

What is a futon

A futon is a mattress that traditionally is designed with a Japanese style. The most common ones you’ll find have a low lying frame which was mainly created to be laid down on the floor. Of course, over time, you will find that the more modern designs have found ways to add folding features to these futons. 

This offers the user extra versatility in that it can be converted into a futon that reclines. From a space perspective, this is one of the best space savers for small rooms. Once you are done with it, you can easily convert it into a sofa, meaning that you should have one piece of furniture completing two objectives. The portability of this furniture makes it very easy to accommodate more sleepers anywhere in the house.

How it is different from a bed

The mainstream of thought about beds and futons is that history is on the side of futons. Japanese people invented futons and have used them throughout the ages. Beds are a more western invention that borrowed many ideas from this concept. The key when making this decision is to consider all of the factors involved in your intentions for the product. 

If you wish to improve on the posture of your back, then you might be considering a futon because of its added stiffness. If you are planning to buy it for your children, it will help protect them from falling off the bed during restlessness, and this will save you from many three AM trips to the hospital. Futons are also much cheaper than beds, making it easier to purchase for families with more children.

How it is suitable for college

College dorms are notoriously small. Saving space is one of the most important objectives you have to achieve with any piece of furniture that you purchase. Therefore a futon is excellent for providing the customer with extra space because it can be folded up.

This means that you can sleep on the futon during the night and fold it up in the morning, thereby adding all that extra space to your room. You can also turn this into a couch. This should release unnecessary pressure off your student budget. Being able to purchase one piece of furniture that does two jobs will go a long way. 

You should also ask yourself how you are going to move the bed into your college dorm. It will require you to have assistance from a group of friends or family. You may even need to pay movers. This becomes even worse if your college dorm does not have an elevator and is on a higher floor. 

Therefore when you want to move your futon, you will find that it is many times easier than carrying a bed with a base. The same will also be the case when you move out and need to take it with you. It is pretty standard for college students to move out of their college dorm if they find a better place to stay. This will make it easier for you to move.

How to choose the right futon?

The composition of futons makes it relatively easy to roll up. They are quilted, and therefore you will not struggle at all to clean or wash them. These can even be dried up while hanging in the sun. There is no best futon that you can choose because all of them can be customized in a good way for you. 

You can select a futon that comes with all-natural foam, and this one will be much lighter and more compact. If you prefer more structure and stability, you can purchase a futon that comes with coil springs. The main idea is to be well aware of your intentions for the futon before you buy it. Since it is made entirely out of cotton, you should be able to utilize it in the long term for sleeping activities.

Things to consider when purchasing a couch for college?

  1. How long are you staying there?

The size offered to students moving into a dorm room in college is not very big. If you are fortunate enough to have a space that can accommodate a couch, then you will need to know that you are there for sufficient enough time before you need to move. If you have to move and the new room doesn’t have enough space, you may have to sell the couch.

  1. Combine bed and couch

Are you willing to buy a bed that also transforms into a couch? This is something many first-year students consider because it provides a large amount of space to their room. A futon can achieve this because it is pretty versatile and can be rolled up at a moment’s notice.

  1. Material

It is not advisable to go for something expensive if you are moving into a college dorm room. At this point, your coach might be exposed to many visitors, and any stains that accumulate on the sofa will drive down its selling value. Therefore when it is time to pass on the couch, you won’t get what you paid for it.

Advantages of a futon for college

  1. More space for your room
  2. Can take it with you camping/picnics
  3. You can convert it into a sofa
  4. Provides back support
  5. It can be easily transported when you move

Disadvantages of a futon for college

  1. Not very aesthetic
  2. Requires a sufficient amount of cushions

Can You Sleep on Futons Every Night?

Futons are a traditional Japanese bedding style. They are both simple to set up and easy to fold, requiring little space in your home. And if you’ll be spending most of your time on your futon, you might want to get one that is comfortable to sleep on. We’ve rounded up some of the best on the market, so you can find the one that’s right for you.

If you have never slept on a futon before, you might be thinking, “I can’t sleep on this thing.” But some people love sleeping on them. We have covered some Futons for College Dorms.

Benefits of sleeping on futons

  1. It provides back support.

Sleeping on a very soft bed will, over time, cause aches and pain. Your body will use heat to deform the mattress after continuous use. This means the support provided will decrease drastically. This impact on your back means that it will not be in an appropriate position whilst you sleep for many hours a night. Using a futon will allow your spine to realign. You will notice definite improvements that help reduce any back pain.

  1. Cost-Effective

The mattress is organic, and it can therefore save you a significant amount of money without withholding many of the benefits. Seeing as you sleep on the floor, you significantly reduce the box spring and mattress costs.

  1. Safe for children

Children notoriously fall off the bed, and nightmares and restlessness are the most significant problems. Having a futon on the floor will help prevent this problem from occurring, and it will also help train your children to remain in one spot throughout the night.

  1. Portable & Versatile

Once you are finished using the futon, all you have to do is fold it up into a smaller size and place it in the cupboard. It also becomes much easier for you to travel with it because you can make it into such a compact form. You can even take it camping with you because it is so easy to clean.

  1. Durable

A good futon will be able to last you between 5 to 10 years.

Problems of sleeping on futons

  1. Feels too stiff

If you are used to sleeping on a very soft mattress, then the change could be a bit too drastic for you to start sleeping on a futon. Many people report that the futon feels very stiff as compared to a regular mattress on a bed. 

  1. Require Cushioning

You will require sufficient cushioning to maintain the correct back posture safely. Posturepedic mattresses will curve to the natural shape of your spine, but the futon will not. Therefore it will be vital that you use additional cushions to keep you sleeping healthily.

Futon type

  1. Mattress

This cushion is very versatile and can be used in either sitting or sleeping, and it is beneficial and durable. Typically they’re made of either cotton or polyester, but you will notice that these can deflate over time. The pressurized futons with coil springs would be the optimum option to purchase if you can find them. 

  1. Frame

The frame of the futon is the primary structural support that offers the versatility found with futons. When you have a structure that has not been designed effectively, you will notice that it will break much faster. 

If it does not die, then many of the screws can come loose and eventually, one may injure someone by accident. Therefore, it is essential to choose a very sturdy frame and has been created with excellent craftsmanship.

Can you permanently sleep on a futon?

No evidence has effectively proven that you cannot permanently sleep on a futon. Some people have adjusted quite well to this type of lifestyle and do not have any problems to show for it. However, a few people have complained of back pains sustained after continuous sleep on a futon. 

Are futons suitable for everyday use?

Given that this is a very durable type of mattress, it is fit for everyday use. This type of sleeping furniture is prevalent in businesses that offer guests temporary shelter. A guest house, lodge or even Airbnb would benefit quite extensively from something like this.

Is a futon considered a bed?

Many people worldwide consider this to be the same as a bed, and they both have a mattress and a frame to accompany them. The main difference between a futon and a bed is that the bed is much less versatile and portable. 

You would much rather be carrying a futon up ten flights of stairs than you would a bed. Also, you will often be unable to quickly pack up the mattress on top of your bed and transport it, and this is because these have limited flexibility and cannot be rolled up similarly to a futon.

Are futon mattresses healthy?

It is no secret that how well you sleep every night directly impacts your overall health as a person. Therefore the quality of your bed is directly correlated with your sleep. Sleeping on a futon does offer your back excellent support, thus, providing an Ave for people looking to reduce any occurring back pain. This is one of the safest ways that you can go about increasing the firmness of your mattress.

Do futons get bed bugs?

Futons are similar to every type of mattress and are very susceptible to bedbugs. Not many items of furniture that have a fabric in them within your household are safe from bed bugs. The main advantage over a standard mattress in terms of bed bugs is that you can take your futon for professional cleaning. 

It is very portable and easy to pack up. This is not the same as a regular mattress requiring you to invite a professional fumigator to care for the bedbugs. This will also mean that you will not be able to use the bed for a couple of hours whilst you wait for the harmful chemicals to normalize.

What to do to prevent back pain?

Several items cause back pain, and each case is often different. The main characters that affect back pain typically involve how you sleep and your daily posture. If you can deal with these two aspects well, then you are likely to reduce any back pain that you suffer. Ensure that you maintain an upright posture throughout the day that does not allow your spine to become unnaturally curved over time. 

The second thing to do is to ensure that your spine is straight when you sleep at night. You spend many hours sleeping throughout the years, and eventually, your spine can normalize in the wrong position. This requires correcting and can be done, but you must be conscious of the actions necessary.

What Are the Most Comfortable futons to Sleep on?

If you are on the market for Futons for College Dorms or your bedroom, comfort is a priority. There are all sorts of futons on the market, making it difficult to settle on one. Where comfort is concerned, it will always come down to the mattress. Getting this right will guarantee a restful night.

Wire Mattress

A wire mattress is a spring mattress, also referred to as an innerspring mattress. This is one of the popular types of mattresses today because it has been around the longest. It makes use of metal wires throughout the mattress that offers your body an excellent core support system. The metal springs and coils are pretty versatile, and therefore a mattress can be made for a wide range of price points. This makes it quite an attractive option for many different types of people.

The advantage of this mattress is that you can get one for every size of your budget. It also has a substantial feel that allows you to successfully nurture any pressure points that give you trouble. 

The disadvantage of this mattress is that not All people want a firm mattress, and some people may find seeking something a lot softer. It mainly depends on what you are used to.

Foam Mattress

A foam mattress is one of the most convenient options that one can purchase. It has an all-foam construction which means that it has excellent portability. These are also often referred to as a mattress in a box. When they come, they can be easily folded or rolled to form a compact unit.

When unpackaging this option, you will notice that it only requires you to roll it out, and it goes back to its typical shape. It is very soft and not stiff, making it a standout option for people who require soft Mattresses. It is also an excellent option for children because it reduces the chance of falling off the bed. 

The main advantage of this option is that you will easily transport it into the house even if they are tight spaces. If you live on the 10th floor of your building and there is no elevator, you will surely also appreciate such a mattress. Convenience and affordability are prime attractive factors.

One disadvantage of this option is that it is not very durable. The foam is often very light and soft; therefore, even a pet can bite away at it. Often young children will begin to pick at it once it forms a small hole, and after this, it won’t last much longer.

Futon Mattress

A futon mattress is made out of cotton and polyester combined. It allows for a large amount of flexibility, and that is why it is pretty standard in beds that can convert into sofas. Some of these mattresses are designed with a foam filling, and others use the innerspring coils.

Just by looking at this mattress, you will know that it is pretty thin when you look at it side by side with a standard mattress. If you have a small bed and breakfast business that you are running, these are excellent options to consider purchasing for your guests. This is because they strike an interesting balance between being very firm and soft. Their functionality is top-notch, meaning it is pretty versatile.

The main advantage that we can consider when looking at a futon mattress is its fantastic durability. If you do not use them consistently every day, you will notice that they can last between five and ten years. This is one of the reasons why this option is excellent for guest rooms or guest houses.

A disadvantage that you need to consider with this mattress is its firmness. This is one of the firmest mattress types currently on the market, so it is not suitable for everyone. Many people often purchase these and place them on sofa beds.

Can futons be comfortable?

A futon can be very comfortable if that is what you are used to sleeping on. Due to the true nature of the mattress, it can quickly provide a lovely amount of comfort. Over time, however, this mattress can become a bit too firm for the body.

That is why many people have recommended that you use this for occasionally lounging on a sofa bed or in a guest room. This is because these items will not be used daily, and their versatility is much more suited to this anyway. It means that it will be able to accommodate different types of guests requirements consistently.

Can a futon be used as a permanent bed?

It is not advisable to use this over time because it is likely that you will develop some types of muscle pains that are unexplainable. The more that this bed is used, the harder it is expected to become. As the coils begin to break down over time, you will notice less and less flexibility in the bed. Therefore when you’re moving around at night, it can become annoying to sleep on this mattress. The Posturepedic ability of this mattress is relatively low.

Are futons better for your back?

If you have been suffering from back problems due to sleeping on a very soft mattress, then a futon might come as a great relief because the firm nature will allow your spine to remain in place all night. This is only if you are adhering to an appropriate sleeping posture. In the short term, it can do much more good than harm. Over time, you will notice that sleeping in a softer bed may be necessary once you have mastered the appropriate sleeping Posture.

What Mattresses Do College Dorms Use?

We are all aware that for young adults to receive an adequate education, they need an excellent night’s sleep. For this reason, you might be wondering what type of mattress you can expect when you move into your college dorm. This is supposed to be your haven from all of the daily stresses. Having the Best Futons for College Dorms won’t do the job if the mattress is a letdown.

Different college dorms require specific mattress dimensions. Consider the sizes of sheets, pillowcases and pillows that you purchase for your room. You will need to be aware of these when buying any furniture for your dorm room.

Mattress Size

There are different types of Mattresses, and each has its size. To give you an idea of what kind of mattress sizes exist on the market, we will go through each one separately. A Queen mattress has a dimension of about 60″ x 80″ inches. When purchasing a full bed, you can expect a size of 54″ x 75″ inches. A twin XL bed is one of the more extensive options, and this has a dimension of 38″ x 80″ inches. Finally, a twin bed is one of the most popular options and has a size of 38″ x 75″ inches.

Mattress thickness

Across the world, you will find that the average thickness of any mattress ranges between 8 to 14 inches. This is very important to note for a college student because the quality of sleep for you becomes an essential factor in the quality of your schoolwork. Suppose you want to do better in school. 

You would need one of the thicker mattresses that will allow you to fall asleep better easily. Avoiding back pain and muscle problems due to increased sleeping posture will also be necessary. 

We need a minimum of a 3-inch base layer that will allow for additional comfort. A quality mattress size will also have about one to two inches of transition form. This should help deal with any of the shocks that occur to your bed while you move around.

Mattress type

Innerspring mattress 

Far one of the most popular options for a mattress is available on the market today. The core support system of this mattress is made of metal strings and coils. It is, therefore, able to offer you a supportive and firm resting base. It is excellent for dealing with any pressure points that require looking after. If you are looking for a soft Mattress, then this is not one of the prime options you would purchase

Mattresses in a box

This option is by far the easiest to transport. It is very light and has been designed with an old form of construction. They are easily compressible and can be boxed and shipped within an hour. It has an element of memory foam that makes it easy to unpack right back to its standard shape. One of the benefits of this is that it offers a lot of convenience in manoeuvring tight spaces such as Stairways and corners.

Memory foam

This is one of the denser types of mattresses that you can get on the market. It is a very soft mattress that works well to balance out the shape of your body with its very own. This balancing Process takes place when your body heat is applied to the mattress. It, therefore, makes an excellent option for people who move around at night quite a lot. One of the disadvantages of this is that the mattress might sometimes feel too soft for people who are used to firmer mattresses.

How thick are college dorm mattresses?

The most common size mattress that you can find within a college dorm room is a twin XL. Coming with a specification of about 39 by 80 inches, college dorms have decided are sufficient for the average student. Usually, if the college is purchasing this for you, this is the size you can expect to find. If the budget is available, you will often notice that most students opt for a complete XL bed.

Do you need to buy a mattress for the college dorm?

Depending on the type of college that you are attending, some may or may not add any furniture for you—especially mattresses. The main reason for this is either because they do not have the budget for it or because it is Unhygienic. Someone else would have slept on that bed for a year, and who knows what could have happened on top of that mattress. Therefore sometimes it is a good idea to allow students to bring in a fresh mattress that they are comfortable with.

Why are college dorm beds so high?

This should often allow the additional student space underneath their bed to store things. College dorm rooms are notoriously small; therefore, students need to put their suitcases underneath the bed.

Is Twin XL the same as complete?

This is not the case. A full bed has a dimension of 54 by 75 inches, and a twin XL bed has only 38 by 80 inches. This means that the twin XL bed is not the same as a complete bed; instead, it is smaller.

Are all college dorm beds Twin XL?

In some cases, you will find some college dorms with full beds, often reserved for senior ranking college dorm members such as monitors and Wardens. For the majority, especially first-year students, Twin XL beds and twin beds are the norm.

Dillon Wall Hugger Futon Frame

Considering getting the Dillon Wall Hugger Futon Frame? The word futon is a Japanese word originally referring to any round mat or cushion filled with leaves. A traditional Japanese Futon is a group of three products making up a bed. 

Dillon Wall Hugger Futon Frame in Maple Finish

The three products consist of a futon, which is a thin cotton pad, a shikibuton which is a three folding pad that sits under the thin cotton pad, and a Kakibuton which is a comforter that goes on top of the thin cotton pad. 

Choosing between a traditional sofa bed and a futon sofa bed has much to do with personal preference. Each has its own benefits. If you are looking for a more traditional couch look and feel and don’t really care if your guests are comfortable, then a traditional sofa bed, or click clack futon may be the better option for you. However, if you are looking for a versatile, customizable, piece of furniture, a futon will be what works for you both day and night.

Futons are smaller, lighter, and work better in small spaces. Which brings us to this beautiful Dillon Natural Wood Wall Hugger futon. The Dillon Natural Wood Wall Hugger Futon Frame from Strata features a design that comfortably pairs with any futon mattress designed and handcrafted by The Futon Shop. 

The Dillon Natural Wood Wall Hugger Futon Frame from Strata features a design that comfortably pairs with any futon mattress designed and handcrafted by The Futon Shop. The light natural wood finish brightens any room and pairs well with any decor. 

From a kid’s gaming room to an upscale living room, this great design fits in any setting. The Dillon Futon Frame is the most space-efficient wall hugging futon on the market.


  • Has a design that comfortably pairs with any mattress
  • Is comfortable to sit and sleep on
  • Has a sleek design
  • Converts to a bed
  • Is a space-saving futon


  • The mattress is not waterproof or stain resistant



This futon has a very down to earth and natural look which is actually really aesthetic. It is that futon that you can put on a patio or on a slab in your backyard because its natural look will blend in with the background very well.

Available in Black Walnut, Pecan, Maple, Black & Cherry finish this futon can definitely set and make a difference in your home or in your garden. 

Dillon Wall Hugger Futon Frame in Maple Finish

The sleek low profile design of the Dillon Wall Hugger is simple and sturdy, combined with its patented space-saving wall-hugging design, makes the Dillon Natural Futon Frame very popular. 

If you have a modern or traditional home you can definitely find a way to work with this futon. The accent around it has to be more natural for it to fit in well. In case you have a rustic interior this futon here may just be your biggest contender.



Coming to you in either Full W76.5″ x D40″ x H11.5″ or Queen W82″ x D40″ x H11.5″ this futon is generally not as big as a traditional sofa. It can fit in small and large spaces and still have that same natural vibe to it. 

Its size is perfect if you are looking for something to add in a bedroom or in a living room as either a secondary furniture piece or even yet as the primary one. 

Now unlike most futons that require a reclining allowance when turning to a bed this pretty one here doesn’t need any of that. You will find that this futon can turn to a bed without actually having to move from the wall which just makes things easier. 

Now as I said that it can fit in small spaces if you plan on using it as a bed as well. You have to make sure that you have enough allowance for it to stretch.


When it comes to comfort this one here could never let you down. Coming to you in with a full size or a queen-size this futon is both comfortable to sit on and to sleep on.

Being made from High-Quality Imported Hardwood Grown Utilizing Strict Standards Of Sustainable Forest Management this futon is both environmentally friendly and comfortable. 

It’s not bouncy nor does it provide the same comfort that you would get from a regular sofa bed. However, it does not make it any less comfortable.

It is definitely designed to be slept on and sat on so the mattress will offer you some supportive comfort to make sure that when you sleep on it you will not wake up with any aches all over. So don’t worry this futon is much okay when it comes to comfort.


The Strata wall hugger futon frames are all coated with low VOC finishes. Giving them a certain type of natural shine that you definitely love. Available in Black Walnut, Pecan, Maple, Black & Cherry finish this futon is very much durable especially because of the natural construction that was set on it. 

It comes with an easy front opening and closing mechanism and can convert to a bed easily which is exactly what you need. Low VOC finish is safe for Organic Homes. The patented mechanism is easy to understand. You really don’t have to worry about anything when it comes to this sofa’s durability; it is truly a strong one.


For a futon, this one may come off a bit pricey but judging from the way it is separate from the other futons I wouldn’t even blame the pricing they used. However in general it is very affordable and if you want one you can even get it now. 

Contemporary designing may put you off at first but if you have a great imagination you’ll be able to see that this futon has been designed for your home and it will manage to do everything right if you give it a chance.


Well, this brings us to the end, I have to say. If you are looking for a great futon for your home or room. This one here will be your best pick. Give it a try. 

Jetson Wood Futon Sofa

If you are looking for an affordable, versatile, and comfortable solution for overnight guests don’t discount a futon. Perhaps the Jetson Wood Futon Sofa? 

The dorm room staple has gone through quite the upgrade over the past few years. Add character or spice up any room while giving guests a comfortable place to rest. 

When thinking about purchasing a futon there are a few items to consider. With the multiple options and sizes, it is a good idea to have an idea or plan on how and where you will be using your futon. A futon sofa can be a sofa or a bed.

Jetson Wood Futon Sofa Dark Cherry Finish

A futon can be the most comfortable and versatile sofa you have ever owned. A futon sofa purchased with the right mattress can be one of the most usefully versatile pieces of furniture you’ll ever purchase. 

The Jetson Bi-fold Dark Cherry Futon Frame designed and imported by TFS features a simple yet classic arm style. The front opening and closing futon frame make it ideal for small spaces. 

The Jetson Dark Cherry Slider Futon Frame design and imported by TFS and is designed in dark cherry with real cherry red tones. The Jetson cherry hardwood futon frame features a 3 spindle designed to add simple elegance to any room setting. 

The Jeston frame opens and closes from the front so it is easy to operate, even with a thick futon mattress on top. The Jetson pairs wonderfully with any futon mattress handcrafted by TFS and don’t forget that any wood frame made by TFS can be equipped with optional storage drawers.


  • Is very comfortable
  • Includes Pull Out Loveseat extension
  • Easily converts to a bed
  • Comes in different colors to choose from


  • The mattress is not waterproof or stain resistant



When it comes to looks this futon comes to you with a contemporary design that can definitely cut across so many transitional and design lines. Available in Warm Cherry, Dark Cherry, & Java finish this futon will bring a new shine to your home that you will love and enjoy. Welcome, a fresh breeze of sensation with this futon. 

Jetson Wood Futon Sofa Dark Cherry Finish

Why worry about where guests will sleep when this beautiful piece exists. The futon comes with a modern frame that makes it look more like a bench and less of a futon. The design is very appealing especially if you don’t like the whole humble look some futons have. 

All in all, with this look this futon could fit in very well in any room that you set it in but would work exceptionally well on a garden porch or on the patio just so you can see the sunrise and sunset over some drinks and coffee. It really is a beautiful futon and I can assure you that it will not damage the decor in your home. If anything this futon might actually enhance it.



Besides coming with a matching drawer that is if you want one. This futon comes at a moderate size making it fit for any room size. It is a great futon to add to your home if you live in a small apartment but still want style. 

At the same time, it’s a really great piece to add to your home if you are looking to add something with an aesthetic appeal. While direct measurements are not given you can best believe that this futon will do great things for you and your home. 

As a sofa, it can probably take up about two people and as a bed, it would be comfortable for only one person. Which should be just fine if you aim to use it as a guest bed. I mean it’s not like you have overnight guests every night right.


The best thing about this futon is that you can use it as a regular sofa or lounger. Then at night, you can easily turn it to bed without much fuss. It has bed locked positions so you won’t have to worry about it sliding back to being a regular futon while you are sleeping on it. It is an easy and patented front opening and closing operating system. 

Which makes it very convenient for those nights when you are very tired and you just need somewhere to rest and sleep. You will find that the component of the seat deck slides out and legs fold down to form lounge and bed positions. 

It also has a very stable feel so you don’t have to worry about toppling over. So don’t worry about comfort when it comes to this futon all is well taken care of.


When it comes to durability the mark in this futon is very impressive. It has laid down a foundation that we find very impressive. Sustainably grown and harvested tropical hardwood certified for compliance with the International Tropical Timber Organization was used in making the frame. 

Now not only will this futon give you extra comfort but you’ll have peace of mind knowing that the environment was clearly being considered. It has a multi-step, hand-rubbed finish for rich color as well as steel plates on front & back stretcher bars.

Enhanced with patented steel reinforcements that are situated at all stress points. This futon will last you just long enough plus a limited warranty to make things better.


For a futon that is this convenient and aesthetic, this one comes at a very affordable price. It may not be the cheapest but it is definitely not the most expensive. It’s a great futon have and I would say it is definitely worth more than the price it has been set on. 


In conclusion, this is a great futon to have. From the look and style of it, I would definitely state this futon as one of the best. When it comes to comfort it will give you what you need for a long time without causing any stress to your life so why wouldn’t you want something like this in your home? 

Cornerstone Wood Amish Classic Bent Arm Mission Futon Frame Oak

Unlike regular sofas, futons are actually great for long term sleeping arrangements. How does the Cornerstone Wood Amish Classic Bent Arm Mission Futon Frame Oak sound? In this case, you have visitors over and they are staying for like a week or more, at least they don’t have to crowd up on the couch in your living room. 

So if you want to get a futon, at least now you know that it’s affordable, practical, space-saving and multi-functional. This is where it wins over a regular couch. You’ll find that with a regular sofa you can just set it out in the living room and no matter how cramped up you won’t have any issues.

Cornerstone Wood Amish Classic Bent Arm Mission Futon Frame Oak

With a futon, however, if you don’t have enough width in a room then you can’t stretch the bed and obviously it will seize its functionality as a futon. 

Now with this futon right here each full or queen futon frame is American Made with Solid Wood Construction, Mortise and Tenon Construction, and Solid Joinery Hand Made in Pennsylvania by Amish Craftsmen so you definitely know what you are in for. 

This beautiful classic solid Oak Bent Arm mission classic is made to last a lifetime. All of the lumber used by our expert Amish craftsmen is regionally sourced and our responsibly managed forests make our wood truly a renewable resource. 

The trees chosen for lumber are carefully selected by farmers with an eye toward the health of the rest of the trees, and the continuation of their family’s legacy in forestry.


  • Is a very comfortable piece of furniture
  • Can convert to a bed easily
  • Is easy to clean and maintain
  • Has a sleek and modern design


  • Is not waterproof or stain resistant



Well, one thing this sofa is, let us call it beautiful. With its sleek and modern design, this sofa definitely qualifies for an award when it comes to looks. Calling it beautiful may not even be enough to fully explain what this futon is. 

This futon is now available

Cornerstone Wood Amish Classic Bent Arm Mission Futon Frame Oak

However, it is very stylish which is the best way to put it. It has these amazing color prints in the mattress that just brings out the beauty of the sofa. If you are looking for that futon that will transform your home to something amazing then this futon here is what you need in your space. 

It comes contemporary styled but it can definitely work with any interior or even exterior. This is the futon that you will want in your bedroom by the window. 

It is also that futon that you want to see in your hallway when you get back from work. Worse off if you are looking for a futon that you can put on the patio as you enjoy the sunset, this here will give you what you are looking for.



When it comes to size this here is a regular futon that you would find in most futon shops. It will fit perfectly well in any room or any space that you set it in. However, you may have to consider an allowance space seeing as since it converts to a bed it will need to stretch out. 

This futon can be used for seating by roughly two or even three people. However as a bed, I would say it is more comfortable and appropriate for one person but if you want to go ahead with two people, no one can blame. 

Everyone would want to sleep on this futon. So if you have a small apartment or an office you want to fill up. If you have a bedroom you are trying to design or if you just want a secondary furniture piece in your home. This futon right here will do the trick for you.


I always believe that something feels how it looks. So if it looks hard I wouldn’t expect it to be soft. Now when it comes to this futon what you see is what you get. From my eyes, I see a very comfortable futon that will have you napping constantly, and that ladies and gentlemen, is exactly what you will get from this futon. 

Available in full or queen sizes this futon will provide both the look and the feeling. It comes with an Easy Opening & Closing Sofa Bed so you won’t actually take up much time when converting it to a sofa. 

American Made Furniture so you definitely know that it is not only stylish but comfortable as well. This is one of those pieces of furniture that will never disappoint because they are just incapable of it.

Durability and Price

Each full or queen futon frame is American Made Furniture, Solid Wood Construction, Mortise and Tenon Construction, and Solid Joinery Methods. Each frame is hand-rubbed with a natural linseed oil finish to protect and display the natural grain and color of the wood. 

With Natural Hand Rubbed Linseed Oil Finish and no VOC this futon is very safe for Organic Homes. With High-Quality American Oak Utilizing Strict Standards Of Sustainable Forest Management and Mortise and Tenon Construction with Solid Joinery Methods, this futon comes with a lifetime warranty because they know that there is no way this futon could ever disappoint you. 

The best part being that even though it is such a beautiful futon that is not only comfortable but is also strong and durable. This futon still comes at a very affordable price that can’t even distinguish its functionality. Don’t waste any time and get this futon right away. It is definitely worth it.


I guess at this point it’s pretty much safe to say that I approve. This futon has really set a deep and great margin for all of us. I wouldn’t be able to imagine this futon not being in your home. 

From its style, durability and even the comfort it provides this futon is definitely a winner. So get yours now and see your home transform into this amazing sanctuary with this beautiful and functional futon.

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