How to repair chesterfield sofa

How to dismantle a chesterfield sofa What will you need? Phillips Screwdriver Flathead Screwdriver Pliers Wrench Allen Wrench Process Remove cushions The first thing that we want to do is remove all the cushions from the sofa and place them on its back. We do this so that we’ll see all the partitions that we … Read more

How to clean a chesterfield sofa?

Are chesterfield sofas challenging to clean Chesterfield sofas are notoriously easy to clean. This action is an excellent way to ensure that an expensive piece of furniture continues to look admirable and in good condition for an extended period. By doing this, you’ll prevent any dirt from getting onto the sofa, therefore, allowing you to … Read more

Shabby Chic Chesterfield Sofa

This linen Shabby Chic Chesterfield sofa is perfect if you always have people over, it is big enough to accommodate visitors and the space it provides will allow for ample breathing space as well. If you’re a lazy bugger, then you might as well use it for regular naps or late Friday night net-flix binging … Read more

Jasper Classic Victorian Chesterfield Review

Let’s say you’re making a cake, you want that elegant taste, with a pinch of sophistication. Let us not forget a few tablespoons of class, pizazz, and voila!. That is exactly what this sofa is. It is that cake that will have you tasting all the stated ingredients.  The pleasure and the explosion are unimaginable … Read more