Chalk Paint for Furniture

Chalk Paint for Furniture

Country Chic Paint

Are you looking to spice up your walls or furniture with that chalk matte finish? Well, do I have the paint for you. Let’s talk about the best chalk paint which is this Country Chic paint that comes to you in Wandress. 

Its a quart (32 oz) but can come in a smaller container at quart (16 oz). One of the best things about chalk paint is the distressed matte finish that will have your furniture looking as good as new and your walls looking as elegant and pale as a normal wall should look. 

This paint is suitable for furniture, home decor as well as crafts in the case that you are an artist or toymaker. You will also find that is eco-friendly hence you won’t have to worry about any unpleasant or dangerous fumes that may make you drowsy. 

I have to say while I was looking at this chalk paint, I noticed that the container comes with a set of instructions. This makes it as read as you go. You don’t need to seat down and research how to work with this specific brand of paint. 

The best part of it comes in many different colors and is suitable for almost everything in your household. So what are you waiting for? Let us get sticky and get painting.


  • Come comes in different colors
  • Is easy to use and easy to wash off
  • Leaves a beautiful matte finish
  • Can be used on furniture, crafts or walls
  • Is eco friendly 


  • May not last as long as your usual latex paint


So as we all know chalk paint, it has a way of making things pop in a subtle way. It’s your go-to paint when you need to paint something that you don’t need shining all over your house. 

This chalk paint from Country Chic maybe your best friend in that case. It has the ability to make anything blend with your decor so if you have any old furniture that you want to revive. If your dusty walls need a bit of an up game then here is exactly what you can use. 

This pain will transform not only the space that you will be working with, but will manage to bring about a new change into your home thoroughly. 

This shade in particular is able to blend in with any room, be it a dark or bright room, this wanderess shade will definitely give you the result you aim for. 


Well this very specific paint comes in 2 common sizes. That is this quart (32 oz) and the half-pint which is quart (16 oz) as well it comes in several different colors. You will definitely find the one that is right for you. 

Depending on the surface you want to paint over. You could end up with more paint than you would have needed to begin with. 


Well the best thing about chalk paint is that it has an amazing soft and smooth feel. Unlike most paints out there, this Country Chic chalk paint has an almost definite smooth look unlike most chalk paints. 

You see what sets this paint apart from the rest is that this specific brand comes with a built-in primer and top. So as long as your surface is clean, best believe this chalk paint will do the rest for you. 

It is formulated specifically for furniture and home decor, but with the way it is used you can even use it on certain art projects, maybe help your kids with that woodwork project or maybe you generally like arts and crafts then this paint is definitely the way to go. 


This eco-friendly chalk paint comes to you as an all in one chalk paint. This means that as it was being formulated they found ways to make this paint last longer than your regular chalk paint. Hence it comes in with a built-in primer and tops making it more durable. 

This enhances its ability to stay on a surface longer than expected. It will definitely not disappoint you or the area you would have painted over. Fact that it is eco-friendly definitely awards it a few points in its ability to stay on the surface. 


This specific size and brand will cost you roughly $28 plus maybe a few extras in terms of shipping. Now the question you are asking yourself which we always do in such cases. Is it worth it? Simple answer is yes. 

This isn’t any ordinary chalk paint. I would refer to this as the chalk paint. Fact that it has so many benefits that set it apart from a regular pint of chalk paint makes it seem cheaper and definitely worth it. Most paints have fumes that are toxic and can make you drowsy. 

This one however does not, it is eco-friendly and I am certain even if you have kids, it will be all well in that house. Secondly, this brand brings a built-in primer and top, for such a price you won’t have to go to the hardware shop to get another can it’s all in there. 

All you need is a clean surface, a brush and you are good to go. So if you ask me, yes it is definitely worth the buy. 


If you are looking to shape up your home with color, if you are into crafts and decor then i believe this is the one you will always want to have in your cupboard at home. From its affordable price to its ability to last longer than your regular paint. I’d definitely urge you to go for it. 

You will not regret this and that’s the best part about it. It will perform to standard and leave you very satisfied. So yes, go ahead and hit that buy button and enjoy the wonders of this Wanderess shade. Save some money with the Best Affordable Furniture Stores by considering these stores.

Best Chalk Paint for Furniture

Best Chalk Paint for Furniture
hemway chalk paint can

Hemway Chalk Paint

Are you looking for the best chalk paint for your furniture? Let me introduce you to the best paint I know about furniture. Here we have a litre (35 oz) of beige matte finish wall and furniture paint. 

Perfect for that dresser that you have been meaning to work on. Available in 14 colors this chalk paint will certainly change the look on any piece you use it on. It’s one of the best paints out there and it will definitely be worth your while. 

Using this paint to renovate or generally paint any surface will leave you with a matte finished, classic distressed look and a smooth flat surface that will have you wondering why you hadn’t done this earlier. For your furniture, this will definitely be the best paint.

This decorative paint can be used on walls, furniture, or even certain crafts that are made for wood. Perfect if you are renovating as it will bring a new shine and look into your home.

Unlike most chalk paints this one will rarely require and preparations such as priming and sanding. As long as your surface is clean you are good to go. You can use it both indoors and outdoors and it will impress you just as much on any end. So let us move on to the deeper details. 


  • Doesn’t require you to prime and sand the surface meaningless work
  • It has a beautiful matte finish
  • Comes in different colors
  • Is smooth and harmless


  • With time the paint will start to wear off


Well, one thing is very obvious about this paint. It will leave your home with a classic bling that will definitely make us note the difference. This beige paint brings with it a neutral and calm setting that will definitely brighten up your room or your furniture. 

Hemway Chalk Paint ON A BRUSH

That dresser you want to paint will end up looking like a glorious piece from a fairytale. The paint will add an expensive glamour that will have you thinking that the dresser was way better than you expected it to be. 

The best part is that this paint comes to you in 14 different shades and colors. So depending on the style you are trying to build up you could get yourself a beige classic look, or if you want a more sophisticated and deeper look you could find a dark shade from the available ones. 


This Hemway paint comes to you at 35 oz which is about 1 litre. That should be enough to paint that dresser or that table right. You are recommended to use a brush with this paint as it will lessen the chances of you wasting and spilling the paint everywhere. 

But normally you will find this paint at 1 litre however it is possible if you ask around well that you may find either bigger or smaller containers. In a deeper sense, depending on what you want to use it for, you may as well just estimate how much you actually need and buy the containers you think will fit to avoid any trouble at all. 


So our main source at the moment and our main aim is to find that chalk paint that would be the best for your furniture however this particular brand is just as good for your walls as it is for your furniture so don’t worry about it all. 

All in all upon using this beautiful beige chalk paint, once dried up you will see your surface dry up to a classic, smooth and beautiful area. Generally, this paint is quite thick and if it’s too thick for you you can dilute it with a dash of mineral spirits. 

However too much could make the paint less potent. On the bright side, when you are done painting and it has completely dried up you are left with a beautiful and amazingly smooth, soft, and matte surface that will make you very proud of yourself. 


Well, Hemway is all about the best, and the best is what you will get out of it. Made with the best raw materials out there. This Hemway chalk paint has been formulated to last long enough on your walls or on your furniture. 

Worried about it peeling off? Don’t they make this paint with your expectations in mind? The last thing I would dare you to think of is this paint disappointing you because that is one of the least likely things to happen. 

So don’t worry and don’t stress yourself this paint has your back and I have its back. Worry not, be comfortable, be trusting, and let this paint show you that it is there to stay. 


On a regular and normal day, you would likely expect to find this paint going for roughly $90 plus a few extra charges on shipping. Is it worth it? Of Course, it is worth it. We are talking about the best for your walls, the best for your furniture. 

How could and how would you not want it. The best part is that you can turn it around, get a different color, and get a different setting in your room. Plus it’s safe for children and that alone makes it so much better than anything we would have expected. 


All in all, I guess if you have kids and a large space that you want to paint, this paint is definitely the way to go. Chances of disappointment are very slim to none and trust me when I tell you that the end result is one to die for and will definitely leave you with more than what you were expecting. In the event that you have an accident while painting, here’s How to get chalk paint off

Chalk paint is generally the best form of your furniture. Best off it doesn’t require you to take on any sanding or priming as long as you have a clean surface you are good to go. What’s the wait, get your 1 litre of paint and get shining. Be sure to check out our Holmsund Ikea Review.

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