How to Reupholster a Settee

Reupholstering a settee

Tools to use

  • Pliers. Regular and spring-loaded needle-nose.

These will help to pull out the more challenging staples and nails.

  • Upholstery staple remover.

This tool will be helpful to remove the upholstery staples.

  • An empty container to collect the nails.

This container will help prevent you from accidentally losing any of the nails.

  • A stool on wheels.

Reupholstery of a settee is a long and tedious process that will require you to work on different parts of the sofa. This stool will help maintain a decent amount of convenience when working.

An antique armchair undergoing an upholstery repair
  • Compression gloves.

To avoid any harm coming to your hands, it’s essential to wear a pair of protective gloves. This action will prevent you from cutting yourself or dealing with any unpleasant splinters from the wooden frame.

  • Face mask.

This move is not fully necessary, but it can help protect you against eye damage in the event of a flying staple.

Removing the fabric

Thoroughly inspection of your antique sofa to determine the most optimal method to remove the upholstery. The base of the upholstery is a prime place to start. The best way to begin is with the sofa flipped over. Use the staple removing tool to perform this activity, but be careful to prevent damaging the sofa’s structure.

It will be vital to record where each important piece you take off came from. This plan will save you a lot of time in the future when you are now installing the new upholstery. Drawing diagrams or keeping notes is an excellent way to do this.

Antique sofas are often uncovered and therefore easier to inspect. Before reupholstery, you will need to fix any damaged internal sections of wood. These sections include padding, wood, and chrome paint.

Choosing the suitable replacement fabric


Depending on the amount of traffic your sofa is likely to experience, it is vital that you have a fabric that can handle everyday wear and tear. A meaningful way to determine the durability of a sofa is through the manufacturer administered double rub taste. This is a test that uses a frequent back and forth motion. The manufacturers do this to imitate what the sofa will be experiencing in its everyday life. These can range from 10000 to 100000 double rubs. You will also need to take into consideration stain resistance and UV protection.

Young professional decorator choosing the best upholstery for the armchair


Upholstery is not easy to clean, and therefore you must choose one that you are comfortable maintaining consistently. You need to be aware of the manufacturer’s instructions and be prepared to do them often. This maintenance will help keep your sofa in good condition and maintain its value.

How to reupholster a settee bench

  • Tear off the old upholstery

You’ll need to put the bench on its back. Using a star or flat screwdriver, begin to remove all the screws that keep the upholstered bench tight to the base.

  • Stain the bench wood

We then want to stain the wood underneath the upholstery to preserve it for the long term. This will prevent insects or moisture from causing this wood to decay over time.

  • Attach Foam

Next, spray the bench with a heavy coat of contact adhesive. Attach the foam and make sure it is evenly distributed. This action will help to secure the foam in place.

  • Add new fabric

Adding the new fabric will be relatively simple if you remember how the old one was placed. You will need to measure enough material and then cover the entire bench. Add staples to the base of the fabric and ensure that these are very tight.

How to reupholster a French settee

reupholstery process to renovate chair cushions with cool grey linen, diy and furniture flipping

Painting the frame will help to bring some life to the entire project. You can choose a color you like or go with a traditional varnish. It is easier to do this when all the material has been stripped because you can also protect the internal sections of the chairs.

Removing the old reupholstery

The first stage that we will attempt is to remove all the current fabric so we can replace it with the new option. You will need to deal with all the nails, buttons, and staples. Attempt to do this procedure very slowly and carefully while noting where you have taken off the pins from. This stage is best performed by using a staple remover and a pair of pliers.

Sorting the webbing

  • You will need 2inch rubber webbing.
  • Clips that can secure the webbing. You will need two for each strap.
  • A tape measure will help you to have accurate dimensions.
  • A carpenter’s square will be helpful to cut the strap at 90-degrees.
  • A sharp scissors or pocketknife
  • Help from a friend

Thorough cleanup

Replacing the fabric after many years, you will undoubtedly find a lot of dirt. This will require you to perform a thorough clean of the sofa. Using a water and vinegar solution in a ratio of 2:1 will help clean the chair. This way, the upholstery redo is also very hygienic and sanitary.

Adding fabric

Measure & cut your fabric. Correctly cut the amount of material you need to reupholster. It is normal to add an extra 10cm to the amount you measured because this will allow you to make it tighter.

Redoing the fabric

Meticulously staple the new fabric to the edges of the chair. Any excess can be cut off with a sharp pocket knife or scissors.

Is it cheaper to reupholster or buy new furniture?

Is my table worth reupholstering

If the furniture frame you currently possess has not been shattered or damaged, then it is worth it to reupholster the item. It will not be challenging to complete this process, and any local workroom professionals can do so. This will be a much more sustainable method to preserve your furniture in the long term. Financially, you will get more money for the table if you wish to sell it after being reupholstered.

Do I need to reupholster my furniture?

Choosing whether or not to reupholster your furniture can be quite a contentious decision. If the material has begun to fall apart, but the solid wood frame remains strong, then it is a good time for you to preserve this sofa through upholstering. If you wish to make yourself more eco-friendly, you can reupholster it with sustainable materials. 

Cost of reupholstering

Every item of furniture is produced uniquely; therefore, the standard cost of reupholstery will be relative to the materials you choose and the professionals you go to. Materials on the market that can be used for reupholstering can range from $12 to $200 a meter. The more expensive the material you use, the more often the quality is higher. 

Upholstery Price Guide

For chairs

You can expect to pay up to $1000 when you are reupholstering a chair. This amount is for the premium material that is designed. It has mainly to do with the size of the chair, the fabric, and the extent of the damage repair required. You can usually purchase upholstery fabric for $30 – $60 per meter. 

For Sofas

It will set you back between $600 to $1800 to refurbish a couch or a sofa. This price is estimated similar to a chair depending mainly on the finishes and labor you use. You can expect labor charges between $50 to $100 for every hour worked.

Upholstery Estimate Chart

To successfully estimate your upholstery requirements, you will have to measure all the cushions’ length and width on the piece. Ensure the show gets enough information to cover both the front and back sides. You must remember to provide yourself with an additional inch on top of your current measurements. This action will help to account for the seam allowances. After this, you will want to measure the solid wood frame to provide for any areas that are covered in fabric. Once complete, you will need to divide each measurement by 36 successfully.

Factors Influence Reupholstery Costs?

Labor Costs 

This skill and quality offered by the laborer that you choose to perform will influence the reupholstery costs. Some workmen are much more expensive than others because of the job they can do. It is possible to minimize these costs and do it yourself, although the process is not very straightforward.

Material Type 

Higher quality materials will be more durable but also more expensive. These will have an impact on the reupholstery costs that you choose. As mentioned earlier, the material cost can range from $12 right up to $200.

Frame Damage

If the frame has suffered any damage, the reupholstery cost will be higher. This cost happens because additional work time will be required to mend any damaged wood.

Leather Upholstery Cost

You can expect to pay between $30 to $60 per yard when reupholstering a chair that is made from leather. You will notice that it is possible to buy leather cheaper than most materials because it is not woven. It usually comes in much smaller pieces and allows you to purchase the required amount.

Loveseat Reupholstery Cost

Love seats are much bigger than regular sofas and therefore require more material. The average loveseat will need between 8 to 12 yards of fabric to be successfully reupholstered. This furniture should see you paying between $500 to $2000 in total. Do not forget that a love seat is much deeper than a regular sofa because it is made for two people.


You can expect to pay between $200 to $600 to reupholster your headboard with exclusive fabrics. The bed size behind the headboard will most definitely impact the total price you pay for re-upholstery. It should take about two to three hours for a qualified artisan to finish reupholstering your headboard.

Bar Stool

Bottles do not come with quite a lot of material and will cost you around $60 to $100 to reupholster. If the barstool comes with swivel options, you will require about one to two yards of upholstery fabric.

Sofa Cushion

Sofa cushions are the easiest to reupholster/replace. A new sofa cushion will cost you between $35 and $60. You will not require more than one yard of material to upholster a cushion fully. 

Cost to reupholster six dining chairs

Depending on the quality of material chosen, it will cost you between $300 to $1,500 to fully reupholster six dining chairs. It will be much cheaper if the dining room chair only has a single cushion. You will pay around $50.

How long does it take to reupholster a couch?

Depending on the intricacies, it can take 5 to 25 hours to reupholster a couch fully. If the professional is willing to take their time, it might even be a whole month before the chair is complete.

Can you reupholster a leather couch?

Leather is sold in much smaller quantities than regular material because it doesn’t have to be woven. Therefore it is much cheaper for you to reupholster a leather couch because it takes less time.

How Much Does It Cost to Reupholster Furniture Yourself?

Reupholstering furniture will become a lot cheaper if you do it yourself. The standard of reupholstery will be much lower, but it will be more affordable. It can cost between $60 to $100 an hour for labor cost to reupholster furniture. Given that it can take between 5 to 25 hours to complete Lee refurbish a couch, you would be saving a maximum of $2500.

What fabric to use for upholstering a chaise lounge

The material you choose will have to do with the decor you want and your budget. Many people prefer leather because it is cheaper and more accessible to the source. It is also a more reliable and durable material that works best in summer

Reupholstering vs. Buying new furniture

Reupholstering is a great way to buy new furniture because you won’t be able to sell your old item for an increased fee. You can then use this money to contribute towards buying new furniture. Many people prefer this route because it allows them to keep up with the modern designs currently on the market.

How do Professionals Clean Upholstery?

We all know you can use a vacuum to clean upholstered fabric, but it’s not always ideal, nor is it always effective. This may leave you with the question, How do professionals clean upholstery? Here are some tips to help you do a better job of cleaning upholstered fabric. You should make sure you have the Best Upholstery Cleaner.

Vacuum the surface

Professional cleaners start by vacuuming the entire piece of upholstery. This removes annoying or surface-level pet hairs that would take forever to do by hand or with a brush. Using a vacuum on low suction, they will use short strokes from side to side to go over the entire surface of the upholstery. This generates enough heat at a low enough suction level such that the fabric is not destroyed, but the dirt is loosened and sucked up.

Get Rid of Dust with a Brush

Once we have completed the vacuuming, we will then brush over the sofa. This will help get any of the areas that we missed on the initial surface clean with the vacuum. It will also help deal with any tough dirt and hairs that are stuck into the upholstery.

The upholstery you are dealing with will have a significant impact on how easy this process is. For example, some materials are well known to hold dirt to a greater extent than others. With these materials, the professionals will have to spend double or triple the amount of time on this stage.

If Dirt is Heavy

At this point, we will deal with the hefty dirt that requires a heavier solution. The main advantage is that professional cleaners are trained and knowledgeable, and they know which types of cleaning solvents to use on your particular kind of material. They didn’t correlate this data and spread the upholstery down with it. 

Mix water with soap

The most basic solution that you can use to create a solvent used for light cleaning involves soap. Within a spray bottle, you will place 1/4 cup of vinegar, three-quarter cups of water and a tablespoon of soap. This makes you on its own should be enough to deal with common household stains. Dishwashing soap is excellent to use on the fabric. You will want to avoid any soap used for human beings, and this is because the chemicals used to clean skin and material are not necessarily good for each other.

Wet the Upholstery

It is not possible to perform a deep cleaning without wetting the upholstery. The whole purpose of cleaning upholstery is not just to remove stains but also to refresh and rejuvenate the furniture. Therefore, using the solution mentioned above, which involves vinegar, should also be enough to wet the upholstery. If, however, you are planning on using more harsher chemicals directly on the fabric, then it might be best to spray over the furniture with water only.

Use a soft, dry cloth to wipe the area gently.

The professionals will then get a soft and dry cloth to go over all areas they intend to work on top stains. The fabric must be dry so that any dirt will stick to it. It is also essential that this is a soft cloth to prevent any material from being worn out. An example of this would be to use a harsh cloth on suede. Performing such an action would not only possibly discolour suede but will no doubt also reduce its overall quality and lifespan.

Use a vacuum cleaner with a soft brush attachment to clean the fabric.

One of the main advantages of using professional cleaners is that they have precisely the proper equipment required for most types of upholstered fabric. One of the most common and essential attachments is a soft brush on the vacuum cleaner. After they have wiped down the area with a soft and dry cloth, the professionals will then use the vacuum cleaner again on the now moist surface. Combining this with the brush attachment will help to deep clean the fabric. Essentially, the cleaners will be trying to go deeper and deeper into the material with each stage. 

Is professional upholstery cleaning worth it?

This is purely based on how clean you need an area to be consistent. If you are a Doctor Who sees 20 patients a day and sits on the same sofa couch, then it is probably a good idea to get it professionally cleaned once a month.

This is because the amount of traffic passing through there is very high. Imagine countless numbers of pets, children and adults sitting on the same upholstery. To maintain a sufficient level of sanitary conditions, it is essential that professional cleaning is performed. In this regard, it becomes worth it. 

For in-home furniture that has much less traffic than a doctor’s waiting room, professional cleaning is still worth it, but only if it’s been a long time. It would be recommendable that if you have the budget for it, you can take your upholstery for professional cleaning about once a year. At this point, fine dust would have gathered to warrant paying the fee for deep cleaning. 

Even so, during the year, you would have most probably been cleaning the upholstery on your own to the best of your ability. However, if you have just purchased second-hand furniture, it is best to get it professionally cleaned. You never know what the previous owners might have been doing on this furniture and the level of hygiene involved.

How often should a couch be deep cleaned?

If it is just to use this couch in your home and you live alone, then depending on how messy you are, you might not need to deep clean your sofa for a few months. If, however, you are very much against any germs

Being in your house, then you could look too deep clean your couch about once a month. Once again, the most important thing is that it’s all about traffic. If many people sit on the sofa, then it is likely to get dirtier much quicker. If the traffic is much less than the amount of time required before you deep clean, the couch will be automatically extended.

How do you clean upholstered fabric?

We all know you can use a vacuum to clean upholstered fabric, but it’s not ideal, nor is it always effective. There are many other ways to clean your upholstered furniture. It will make the process more efficient and do a better job of cleaning your fabric. Here are some tips to help you do a better job of cleaning upholstered fabric.

Whether you have a couch, chair or a bed in your home, you want to keep it in pristine condition. Unfortunately, upholstered furniture is a real challenge to keep clean, especially if you have pets, kids, or a messy lifestyle. This is especially true if the fabric is stained, has food particles, or is otherwise not that clean. It also helps to have a great upholstery cleaner.


Vacuuming is an excellent option to effectively clean upholstery. Many people enjoy the benefits of this method because it offers a friendly alternative to rejuvenating your fabric-based furniture. It is both a simple and easy task to complete. When cleaning your vacuum, the key is to suck out all the dirt. We want to grab hold of the upholstery attachment and set it to a minimum.

This will be important to handle delicate fabric. When vacuuming the upholstery, ensure that you only use short strokes. We want to apply a sustained amount of pressure to a surface when using this method. Combining short strokes with this technique will increase both heat and suction. It is best for materials that are well known to hoard dirt more than others. This includes suede, velvet and corduroy.

Spot Cleaning

Cleaning spots off upholstered fabric requires a little bit of investigation. Most different types of furniture will have cleaning codes that will offer you premium advice on the best way you can handle any spots that have appeared on the fabric. It will tell you the different stains that you can easily clean with something as simple as water. However, what is expected is that with all the types of fabric that have been upholstered. 

In this situation, you must do a simple spot test on only part of the fabric that is not easily visible to you or any visitors. It would help if you tried to clean this spot with either water, vodka or vinegar. It is always advisable to go down this road before using any heavier chemicals, as these can lead to discolouration.

Steam clean the fabric

Steam cleaning upholstered fabric is a safe way to go about the procedure. This is because it is unlikely that water will harm any delicate fabrics. The steam works very well because it heats up and loosens the dirt particles until they can be easily brushed off or vacuumed out.

If you have a steam cleaner, then this is a convenient time to bring it out. Steam the stain for five seconds at a time and then dab it with a clean cloth to pull off the dirt. If you are currently not in the position of a steam cleaner and a minimal surface needs to be cleaned, you can try using your iron. Irons have a steam function that is also quite powerful.

Professional Cleaning

The professional cleaning of upholstered fabric is reasonably necessary sometimes, especially if you have the budget available. This is something that you can consider doing after an extended period, such as once every year. This is because the amount of work and consideration involved in deep cleaning your upholstery it’s pretty significant.

You will have to be very aware of any microorganisms that could be living deep within the fabric. Professional cleaning is recommended for upholstery that is used by a lot of people. Office furniture in the waiting room at a doctor’s office is an excellent example of this. Upholstered fabric such as this will often not suffice with just surface cleaning. Professional cleaners have the necessary equipment and solvents to bring your upholstered furniture back to a brand new state.

Best methods for keeping your upholstery clean

  • Vacuum and Dust the fabric.

It is good that you make an effort to clean the fabric once every two weeks to prevent it from getting very dusty and dirty, and this will lessen the cleaning workload and improve the hygiene of your home/office. 

  • Rotate the cushions

This is an effective way to spread out the time in between cleanings for your upholstered fabric. If one section of your cushions has become dirty, it is OK to flip it to the other side. Doing this will mean that you can clean the entire cushion when it is time to clean instead of dealing with the dirty side.

  • Regularly apply a fabric protector.

A fabric protector is an excellent way to go to maintain and clean your upholstery. It becomes beneficial in the long term when you notice that slight discolouration has taken place in your fabric. It will also become conductive when it is time to clean. Instead of the dirt forming directly on the fabric’s surface, it will begin to start on the cleaner. When it is time to clean, all you have to do is steam and wipe the fabric protector with the dirt, and it will come off.

Can I put upholstery in the washing machine?

Some items of upholstery can go into the washing machine whilst some cannot. To make this distinction, you must go and check the instructions placed on the upholstery sticker. This information will often contain critical indicators on what temperatures the fabric can handle before discolouration takes place.

If it says that you can place the upholstery in the washing machine, then be sure to adhere to the temperatures prescribed. If the upholsters you have purchased do not have this indication, it is best to know what kind of material you’re dealing with before trying.

How can I clean my fabric sofa naturally?

One of the best recipes that you can use to clean your sofa naturally is also one of the most effective. You will need about 1/4 cup of vinegar, a three-quarter cup of warm water and one tablespoon of dish soap. When putting this concoction together, place it within a spray bottle and ensure that you lightly glaze over the soiled area.

You should notice that the dirt should become looser within a few minutes, and you will be able to scrub this off with a soft cloth. This option is the one that you should start with before you move on to any heavy chemicals. This natural mixture can often deal with common house stains.

How do I clean Upholstery myself?

Furniture is quite an important activity to maintain the hygiene of any household. Factors such as children and pets make this extremely necessary to prevent unnecessary illnesses. The furniture in your house will require some technique to vacuum successfully. Seeing as you’re trying to sanitize your home, it is a good idea to do it regularly. If possible, it’s best to try weekly or biweekly. You may want to consider the Best Upholstery Cleaner.

You will be able to get through this process much easier if you use the various vacuuming attachments that come with the modern vacuum. For example, when dealing with leather, you will use the dust brush accessory. This will no doubt go a long way in assisting you to get everything correct during vacuuming.

Vacuum the furniture

When vacuuming furniture, you need to move in a consistent motion that alternates from side to side. This is because we must apply enough pressure to a specific surface to fully clean and sanitize it. This higher frequency is only achieved by using side-to-side short strokes. As you get more comfortable doing this activity, each stroke should begin to overlap the last. This is a valuable method for successfully handling all the dirt that has been ingrained within the upholstery. Materials such as velvet and suede will require extra pressure to provide a thorough clean.

Use a cleaning solution.

Many articles across the Internet will tell you a million different cleaning solutions for upholstery. Try to reduce the noise and go for something simple. Most of the chemicals used are pretty harsh and dangerous; therefore, you must be pretty savvy about what you choose. The solution I will describe here is favorable because it is heavily watered down and is not likely to do much damage. To create this, you’re going to need some rubbing alcohol in the amount of about half a cup. We will combine this with half a cup of white vinegar and 1 1/2 cups of cold water.

Use a fan to dry the solution.

As mentioned earlier, the cleaning solution will have some chemicals in it that are pretty harsh. If allowed to sit on the upholstery for a very long time, some discoloration can occur to the material. It is therefore essential that we try and dry the solution after cleaning very quickly. If you have a fan in your house, then place this fan facing the piece of furniture to allow the solution to dry much faster.

Use a mild detergent.

Mild detergents are an excellent alternative to use instead of putting your furniture through very harsh chemicals. A natural homemade mild detergent is something everybody is trying out these days. A solution that you can try out would be half a cup of baking soda, half a cup of cornstarch, and a small amount of water. 

When mixing all these solutions, add just enough water until a thick paste has formed. Place it over the stain which you wish to clean. Once it is dry, you can then vacuum it off. Baking soda is a very mild cleanser, and therefore, it can easily take care of acidic dirt and odors. The cornstarch in the mixture is very useful for absorbing additional moisture, oils, and smells.

Use a soft brush

A soft brush is reasonably necessary when dealing with costly fabrics that have a suede-like nature. Items such as suede and velvet require a soft brush. This is because you do not want to damage or pull off any of the susceptible fibers. Soft brushes are not challenging to find and will last you for quite a period. About six months to a year. In this time, we should be able to clean upholstery to your heart’s content.

How can I clean my fabric chair at home?

The fortunate thing about a fabric chair is that it can be cleaned simply. If you combine one cup of warm water with 1/4 cup of vinegar and one tablespoon of dish soap, you will have a mild and straightforward formula to easily clean fabric at home. You will need a soft brush that you can dip into the mixture and peruse over the entire chair. It is best to try and perform this activity outside because the sunlight will help dry the couch much faster. Allowing the fabric to stay wet will lead to a rotting smell floating through your house.

How do vinegar and baking soda clean upholstery?

This is one of the cheat codes for cleaning upholstery and dealing with tough stains. The mixture is so efficient because baking soda reacts with vinegar, and this reaction is quite acidic and is strong enough to quickly break down the particles within any grease or grime. The paste that you form by mixing vinegar and baking soda should be pretty thick. After that, all you will simply have to do is place this paste on the stain that is giving you trouble. Place it in a bucket of water, and then you should notice the next day that the stain is completely gone after a good wash and rinse.

Will rubbing alcohol clean upholstery?

Rubbing alcohol is a solvent which means, by extension, that it is an excellent choice to choose for cleaning. If you wish to take this method, you will require a bottle to spray the rubbing alcohol out of. You shall also need a see-through or non-colored sponge, which should help prevent any color from getting onto the upholstery off the sponge. Once you spray the rubbing alcohol on the upholstery and scrub it, you should notice the stains becoming lighter. Be very careful not to overdo it because you can expose your couch to some unfortunate discoloration.

How to Clean Sofa Upholstery a home

Are you trying to clean your sofa upholstery at home? Let me guess, you do not know what you are doing or you are just not sure of exactly what to do next. Well lucky for you I have a few tricks up my sleeve that will definitely help you with your problem.

colourful upholstery sofa

Now unlike cleaning out your clothes, or your jeans, sofas are more delicate and need precise care. Messing it up with just a splash could ruin the whole look. I know that’s scary, but look on the bright side I am here to guide you through the process of it all. 

Cleaning a sofa may be a bit tricky if it’s your first time or if you are used to hiring the services to do it for you. At a time like this when most businesses are closed down, it would be best to set yourself and learn to do it on your own.

So firstly cleaning a sofa is not even hard, tricky yes, but hard no. You just have to know what you are dealing with. So for example, you can’t be using bleach on a leather sofa. At the same time, you cant be wiping out on a fabric sofa. You just have to know the right tricks when dealing with it.

So we have four stages that we are going to follow through. You will find that within stage 2 your sofa will already be looking different. So let’s start off, shall we?


Stage 1: Identify sofa fabric

Now before you even try anything you have to at least know what you are dealing with so that you know the right methods to use. Failing at this stage will result in unpleasing results that will probably make you wonder why you ever thought about cleaning the sofa in the first place. 

lady carrying a mop

So the first thing you should do is to determine what type of material you are dealing with beforehand. This will help you figure out the best method to use when cleaning and will likely avoid damaging fibers and fabrics on your sofa. We have different types of fabrics and fibers from the natural ones such as cotton, linen, silk, synthetic materials like polyester, microfiber and vinyl; lastly, we have all-time classics; leather and suede.

Different fabrics require different cleaning methods and detergents. So you can follow the care instructions below. You will find these normally on the cushion tags if your sofa has them. Or you might as well have them in the instructions booklet under maintenance. 

1. S: Clean only with a dry cleaning solvent. Do not use water;

2. W: Use only water-based upholstery cleaner. Do not use solvents;

3. WS: Use water or mild dry cleaning solvent. Cushion covers should not be removed and dry cleaned;

4. X: Use vacuuming or light brushing only. Do not use water or solvent.

Stage 2: Pre-cleaning the sofa

When it comes to pre-cleaning the sofa we are mostly removing unwanted physical dirt like lint, pet hair, dust and so forth. This Is quite easy as there are a number of things you can use for this. Firstly you can use a sweeping broom. This is to just remove particles like breadcrumbs or dust and hairs from the sofa. 

vacuum cleaner, broom and bucket drawing

You can use a Vacuum cleaner to make sure that all hairs and dust and swoop right off your sofa leaving it dainty and sparkly. Using a vacuum is faster as more effective as you can use it to suck dirt right from the inside of the couch in case there were a few pieces that fell in.

Lastly, you can use a duster or a cloth to just wipe off all the other stuff. Maybe a few remainders from the vacuum. Using a cloth will help as you can use a scented swab to leave a sweet or fresh smell on your sofa. And lastly, we move to stage 3 where we now do the real work.

As I had said before, around stage 2 your sofa will already be looking better than before so if you are satisfied with how it is right now there is no need for you to move to stage 3. However, if you feel like you just want to, then be my guest. 

Stage 3: Stain Removal

When it comes to removing stains it is a bit tricky. Some stains become permanent while others just require a quick dab. The best tip to follow for future cases is that whenever you spill something on your sofa, deal with it immediately it will save you so much time and effort. 

vector of cleaning supplies

However, let’s say your kid or your pet left a stain on the couch and you didn’t see it. Could be blood, vomit, pee, coffee or juice. If it dried out and left a mark it is going to be slightly harder to remove but it is not impossible. The good news is that removing the unwanted stains is entirely possible when using the right tools and cleaning solutions. 

One thing to remember is that the sooner you tackle the stain, the higher the chance of successfully removing it and saving the cushion covers you have.

The best way to clean stains out of a couch is to make your own sofa cushion cleaner from natural ingredients you have in the kitchen. But be careful, some household products can be dangerous if you use them in the wrong way. To be safe make sure to always test the solution on the invisible piece of the material, to make sure it does not damage or discolour your furniture upholstery. 

Solutions you can use

When removing vomit, blood, urine or any stain with a stench:

1. Use a clean rag to soak up as much of the stain as possible.

2. Apply a mixture of 4 parts water and 1 part distilled white vinegar on the stained area.

3. Use a cloth to scrub the stain out of the couch.

4. Sprinkle some baking soda over the urine spot and cover the area with a cloth for at least 6 hours to let the stain dry completely.

5. Spray your favourite fabric freshener on the affected area to remove any unpleasant odour.

When removing beverage and fruit stains

1. Soak up the excess liquid with a towel or a clean piece of cloth while the stain is still wet.

2. Mix two cups of cold water with one tablespoon bleach-free liquid dish soap. Using a white towel apply the cleaning solution on the spot and scrub it gently.

3. Wet a clean towel with cold water and blot the area to remove the soap.

4. Apply a dry cleaning solvent on the stain if the above method does not fully remove it.

When removing food and greasy stains

For old oil stains or those greasy stains on your cushions, the first step is to try to absorb them from the fabric as much as possible. You can do this by using baking soda or cornstarch. Place any of these items onto the stain, and let them soak out the grease for about 15 minutes and voila, just rub it out and your cushion is as good as new.

Final Thoughts 

Voila, it was and is easy right. Cleaning a sofa doesn’t even require an algorithm. Most times a little dusting is good enough. Hitting the stains maybe a little bit of trouble but a lot of home remedies can work. So good luck with your sofa!! If your Sofa is Squeaking we have a guide for you. We also have a guide on How to Clean Microfiber Couch.

Best Upholstery Cleaner

Are you looking for the best upholstery cleaner?

The furniture we use today has come a long way from when it was first invented. Take for example chairs. In times past, a chair was whatever you could sit on and not much thought went into the comfort involved. Attempts were made but not all were successful or appealing to the eye. As the years have gone on, people have found ways to make hard furniture soft and luxurious, by way of upholstering it. Upholstery is a way of covering furniture with padding and fabric. 

This padding that makes the furniture so comfortable, needs to be cleaned and taken care of. Whether it is a sofa, a car seat or a carpet, you need to get rid of dust mites and germs that tend to inhabit your favourite seat. Regardless of how clean you may think your environment is if you do not clean it often and thoroughly enough, then you are simply harbouring germs. 

Different fabrics are used in upholstery and each one needs to be taken care of differently. Some fabrics do not do well excess moisture or some that need to be hung out to dry. However, if you know you can not hang it out to dry then you will need to find a way to clean the piece of furniture without water. There are various ways to clean upholstery and that is what we will explore in this article.

In A Hurry

Do you need a quick guide to finding the best upholstery cleaners? There are a few factors you will need to consider before you commit to a brand. Firstly, if you are not sure about the cleaner you have gotten, then you will need to test it on a small piece of the fabric that is in an inconspicuous place. This way you avoid using a cleaner that may ruin your fabric. 

You may also want to read the label on the fabric and see if there are any precautions that you need to take. Be careful to follow these instructions. The manufacturer may not be spot on with everything but when you know the exact fabric used, it is easier to avoid mishaps whilst cleaning.


Our top pick is the Bissell Big Green Professional Carpet Cleaner Machine, 86T3 ​



Bissell Big Green Professional Carpet Cleaner Machine, 86T3


The big green machine is exactly what this is. This is a cleaning machine that was developed to give your upholstery a deep clean. The aim of the manufacturer when developing this project was to create a cleaning machine that would be ahead of the rental carpet cleaners the word currently on the market. 

One of the first things to change was the placement of more powerful motors. The brush was also in largest. Instead of going with a small brush they’ve gone with a much larger brush that he is able to get rid of that that is deeply imbedded.

They’ve also couple go on with at tooting system. The allows you to have two separate containers of water. The first one is the clean water one which filters through to the dirty water once it has cleaned your upholstery. It is easy to empty the containers ones you use the map. You can empty it into your sink all the toilet. Durability also came into play. The manufacturer wanted to ensure that this product will be stronger than the previous product that they made.

Another touch of class is the fact that it comes with To complimentary bottles of deep cleaning formula. This puts you in a position where you can use your cleaner as soon as you get it out of the box. There is also a five-year warranty on the product.


  • Does a great job on deep cleaning carpets
  • Has a hose connection for upholstery cleaning.
  • Can be used straight out of the box.
  • It comes with 2 bottles of deep cleaning formula.
  • Comes with two tanks.
  • It is easy to empty the tanks.


  • Some users have reported issues with the overflow indicator.
  • Not made for collecting dirt.
  • One of the units does not perform as well as rental version when it comes to spraying.

Check Price and Reviews on Amazon

PurSteam Handheld Pressurized Steam Cleaner


Perhaps you after something a little more portable. This may be the right one for you. According to the manufacturer, the components used on this project are all of the premium quality. It is a very fast and efficient little machine. It’s incredibly easy to set up. 

They are various little pieces that you can connect to do various things. All in all, you get nine pieces of accessories that all can be added or removed according to the task that you are tackling. The mechanics behind this product is that of a hot pressurised steam cleaner. This ensures that you will not need any chemicals for your cleaning process.

The results that you get from the steamer include the cleaning of grime, Greece, stains, bedbugs and other unsavoury items. The steam is so hot that most bacteria and germs are eliminated. I would say all but, I cannot say that with full certainty. What we like the most about this cleaner is that it is lightweight and portable. You can clean high surfaces are as well as the low ones. There is a 9-foot long cord that allows you to connect this device and use it from a distance. Heating up the steam doesn’t take much time either. You only need about 3 to 4 minutes to achieve steaming heat. 

There is no restriction as to what you can use this for. You can use it to clean your upholstery. You can use it for floor cleaning. You can use it for cleaning your carpet and other pieces of furniture. You may also take it outdoors and use it for cleaning things such as the barbecue.


  • This is a lightweight and portable cleaner.
  • It has an exhaustive range of uses.
  • It comes with a very long cord.
  • There are 9 useful accessories included.
  • Only takes up to 4 minutes to heat up.
  • It is very easy to set up.


  • There are several cases of malfunction reported.
  • Durability is questionable.

Check Price and Reviews on Amazon

McCulloch MC1275 Heavy-Duty Cleaner with 18 Accessories


Perhaps the previous selection wasn’t quite professional looking for you. As much as we might deny it looks do matter. After all, this is something that’s going to be in your home for a while. The list you can be is good looking. This is another heavy-duty cleaner that comes with 18 accessories. 

He delivers and all-natural cleaning that does not require the use of chemicals. Instead, you get to use pressurised steam. You can use it for cleaning floors counters appliances windows your car. In all honesty, The only limitation to what are use this for is your imagination. What is useful for really is getting rid of grease grime, stains as well as mould. This is part of what makes it very useful when it comes to dealing with your upholstery.

The pressurised steam is effective at getting rid of bacteria and all sorts of other nasty things that tend to grow in upholstery. You’ll also be pleased to find that this comes with a 48-ounce water tank. With the size of the tank, the heating speed is not quite as quick as the one above it. However, eight minutes is not much of a wait for a good clean. Once it is heated up you can use it for cleaning for up to 45 minutes. This is where the large tank size comes handy. With all the accessories that you get with this, a new world of use cases is open to you.

Another thing that’s worth mentioning is the fact that you can use this to reach up to 15+ foot due to a very long barcode it also has a 9-foot steam hose which allows you to manoeuvre and get to places that would’ve been otherwise impossible to reach. The pressure that the steam cleaner produces is 43 psi. 


  • This is a very powerful cleaner.
  • It comes with a long hose
  • The power cable is also very long.
  • It requires no chemicals for cleaning.
  • There are 18 accessories included.
  • It has a very large water tank.
  • Comes with scrub pads.


  • The steam can be very dangerous.
  • Some parts feel a bit fragile.

Check Price and Reviews on Amazon

Rug Doctor Portable Spot Cleaner Vacuum


Did not many cleaners on the market that that is well known as the rug doctor. This could be down to some incredible marketing can distribution. On the other hand, it could also be a testament to a very good product. The design is one that is made for speed and efficiency. There is an emphasis on a quick cleanup that is easy to set up. There is also an option for spraying onto services which also comes handy for speed and accuracy.

Whether you are cleaning up after the kids or a pet having such a cleaner makes your life a lot easier. There is a motorised rubber that makes the scrubbing part a lot easier. Unlike other cleaners, we would need to use some chemicals or grease, this one what is quite smoothly. It is also very quick which gets you about 1200 scrubs per minute. 

The suction power is also very strong. It is great for getting rid of stains and nasty odours. It is not really as big as photos may make you believe. This is quite a portable machine. One of the better parts about it is the fact that it injects water they soapy out of its tank and then satin back in with stains nasty odours and other particles. There is also the aspect of ease of movement. They are two wheels and then he said that makes it very easy to move from one spot to the other. The tank is removable, which makes it easy to empty and refill it.


  • It is a very portable machine.
  • The tank is easy to remove for emptying or refill.
  • There is a wheel to facilitate ease of movement.
  • It is very easy to store away after use.
  • It has impressive suction power.
  • There is a motorised brush for scrubbing.


  • It is quite loud.
  • The tank cannot stand alone without support.

Check Price and Reviews on Amazon

Bissell Spotlifter Powerbrush Handheld Deep Cleaner


Our final pick is a sport lifter. It comes with a power brush and a code handheld extractor. One of the things that you will appreciate immediately is the 18-inch power cord that allows you to keep cleaning as if you were on a cordless cleaner. There is a Joel motorised brush roll that allows you to clean with twice that action and power that you would get from most cleaners. The average cleaning weeks of this cleaner is about 3 inches. That Allows to you cover A lot of ground is very little time. There is a rotating brush that works to loosen a bit of dirt that may get stuck on the upholstery and other surfaces.

There is a manual spray trigger that you can press to release liquid to softer noon or moisture some of the services that you be cleaning. You can use the brush cartridge to get rid of what you’ve just cleaned up as well as to maintain it. It goes without saying that this is a portable deep clean are based on all of the characteristics that with already mentioned. The suction power is fairly good. The size of the water tank is just about 12 ounces which is where your water will collect as you clean. You may then empty this water once done.


  • It has great suction power.
  • This is one of the top brands in this space.
  • It is portable
  • Comes are a reasonable price point
  • It has a ridiculously long cord.
  • There is a power brush for lifting up dirt.


  • Some water suction issues have been reported.

Check Price and Reviews on Amazon

Buyer’s Guide

How can I clean my upholstery in 3 steps?

Cleaning your upholstery may be because you want to preserve your piece of furniture or perhaps you want to rejuvenate it and restore it to its former glory. There are different ways to do this, and it does not have to be a daunting task or a complicated one either. 

The first step is to suck it all out. Using the upholstery attachment, vacuum in short strokes from one end to the other. If the fabric is delicate, then set the suction to low. The left to right suction technique is especially effective for nappy materials that hold on to dirt. Materials such as suede, velvet or corduroy. Vacuum thoroughly in all the crevices then uses a can of air to blast dirt from tufting and button nooks.

The second step is to removes spots and stains on the fabric. This is where you may sprinkle some upholstery cleaner on the spot as per instructions. Be careful of cleaners with silicone, they clog the pores in vinyl and leather.

The third and final step in your easy routine will be to pour about half a teaspoon of clear dish soap in a small bucket. Then run warm water into the bucket to create a lot of suds. Dip a soft upholstery brush in the suds only, make sure you do not submerge. Sweep the fabric in small sections, with a light touch. Do not soak the fabric. When you are done with the entire piece, wipe it down with a clean damp cloth. Allow the upholstery to dry completely before using it again. 

Can I use a steamer to clean upholstery?

Steam cleaners are used to get germs out of impossible places and some places we tend to forget may be harbouring them. The power of steam is responsible for this. Your upholstery is no different and also needs some help in the cleaning department. Good steam will help you sanitize the piece properly and also deodorize it. 

How often should I clean my upholstery?

Upholstery should be vacuumed or surface cleaned as often as you clean your carpets. Cleaning is important to get rid of the daily dirt, dust, and allergens. Cleaning the surface of your upholstery regularly can go a long way in preserving it.

Can I deep clean my upholstery myself?

Before you think of deep cleaning your upholstery there are a few things you will have to keep in mind. For example, you will need to think about the type of wear and tear it is subjected to. How dirty does it get and how often does it need a thorough clean. If it is in a space where it gets dirty often and needs a deep clean then it means you will have to be doing this more often. Surface cleaning is something you can handle on your own, but when it comes to deep cleaning, its best to hire professional cleaners with the necessary machinery and products for the job.

Final Thoughts

There are various ways to keep our upholstery cleaners. We have reviewed the top ways suggested and recommended by experts and everyday users alike. Each cleaner is compatible with a certain fabric type. You need to stick to the recommended way of cleaning your fabric, which means you need to know the type of fabric you are cleaning.

We hope our reviews have helped you find the best cleaner for your upholstery. Let us be honest, cleaning is not everyone’s favourite hobby but it has to be done. When it comes to your upholstery, not doing it right can cause a horrible stench. The only way to ensure this does not happen is to make sure your upholstery is always clean and given enough time to dry. Happy cleaning and shopping!

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