Best Leather Cleaner and Conditioner for Couch

Are you looking for the best leather cleaner and conditioner for couches? The durability of your couch is greatly dependent on how you take care of them. The way you take care of them is largely dependent on the material they are made of. Couches are made of different materials that react differently to different stains, spills, and smells. A couch is a place where people normally lounge on and relax. This involves food and stains from people’s clothes gathered throughout the day. 

In times past, couches would be covered with a piece of fabric or sometimes even plastic to keep it from getting dirty. Most older people who grew up in this era still have this type of couch protection, however, nowadays, the couch has been left “naked” and accessorized with one or two pieces. This leaves the couch exposed and prone to getting dirty. But what do you do when you do not want to cover your couch, but you also want to keep it clean? Thankfully there are shampoos and cleaners specially made for your couch.

Leather can be a tricky material to deal with. Genuine leather needs to be taken care of in specific ways. People across the world value using leather because of its terrific properties that make it amazing for furniture. It is very durable and expensive as well. For many years it has been made synonymous with luxury. It, therefore, goes without saying that you will want to take good care of your leather furniture.

In A Hurry

Do you need a quick guide to buying the best leather cleaner and conditioner? There are a couple of factors you will need to consider. One of the first things you will need to consider is the type of leather you have on our couches. This will help you pick the appropriate cleaner, one that is safe and will preserve your leather. Also, think about how cheap or expensive it is and if it is sustainable. Since you will need to keep cleaning your sofas, you do not want a cleaner you can not afford. 

You may also want to find out how it smells. Some smells are too potent and may affect people in the house with allergies. Natural products are usually the best bet.

Tanner's Blend - Leather Cleaner & Conditioner

Top Pick

We did our research and found our favourite pick to be Tanner’s Blend – Leather Cleaner & Conditioner. It is perfect for the rejuvenation of dried-out leather and it is also good for use on the go. It will clean, condition, and polish leather furniture, leather car seats, leather shoes, leather wallets and more!


Lexol Leather Conditioner

This conditioner is designed to be a remedy for those times when the leather becomes dry. To fully conditioner leather you require for it to be cleaned before this condition. If I don’t write this restores your leather to a condition that could be mistaken for you. And have a good think about this condition it is it goes a long way. When done right this can last years. There is a liquid base that is contained within this conditioner. This is the one that works to penetrate the surface of the liver pause. Once this is done there is deep conditioning to ensure that further cracking and premature ageing is stopped.

One of the favourite features for this condition that is a fact that it does not leave any greasy residue. There are no harmful chemicals included in this conditioner. Unlike some conditioners, it does not contribute to the drying of the leather over time. What you get instead is a strong and beautiful finish on your liver. They use is not limited to just your sofa. You can use it for footwear, furniture, handbags, briefcases and so on.


  • It is free of hazardous chemicals.
  • It does not leave a greasy residue.
  • The effect can last for years after use.
  • It does not contribute to the drying of the leather over time.
  • Can be used on all leather products.


  • Does not come with a decanter.


Tanner’s Blend – Leather Cleaner & Conditioner

Do not be put off by the size of the packaging. This small tube packs a punch. If it is not large enough you also have the option to buy the lodge a 6 ounce one. This is a leather cleaner conditioner and polish your cream. It is designed to reduce the night any sofa that is drying out. It works by penetrating the pause of the leather and moistening it from the inside. That is where the conditioning comes into play.

Not only can use it on leather furniture. It can also be used on leather car seats, leather shoes, wallets, bags and much more. what sets this cream apart from other conditioner is the fact that it is backed by 8 generations of the tannery experience. Beyond rejuvenating dried out leather you can also use it for cleaning or polishing your leather. It provides your products with that polished finish that we all like. You may want to be aware of the fact that light leathers may be left slightly darker in shade when you use this product on them. That is not necessarily a bad thing. It’s just worth knowing what you’re getting yourself into.


  • The tube makes for ease of application.
  • It has a lovely smell to it.
  • Can be used on all sorts of leather products.
  • It is reasonably priced.


  • Still to establish how long its effects last.


Hide Bracer Leather Cleaner Conditioner

This is a conditioner that takes leather upkeep back to its roots. This is a time when leather used to be maintained through soap and groundwater. The mirror is contained within this water did a great job of treating the leather. Today such water is not as easy to find. It certainly is not the sort of water that comes out of our taps. By making use of the hide bracer leather cleaner conditioner you will be able to extend the life of your leather products. It works to prevent the leather from developing adult colour, becoming dry and cracking.

If by the time you buy this your leather is already in a terrible condition using this product will work to rejuvenate it. There is a very delicate pH which is suitable for leather treatment in this product. One of the beauties of it is how simple the treatment is. There are no limitations when it comes to the products on which you can use this conditioner on. You can use it to condition leather furniture, shoes, gloves, bags, sandals and so on. Whatever let the product you have this hide bracer condition a cleaner will provide you with a great service. The manufacturers have been working with leather for close to 3 decades. I would say that is plenty of experience to provide you with a high-quality product.

Finally, you will also be pleased to find that this Hide Brance is effective at reflecting home for UV rays away from your leather. These are the reasons that usually lead to dull-looking leather. Once used, and if used regularly this product to ensure that your leather looks great for years to come. This is a product that is developed in the US.


  • It is a product developed in the USA.
  • It is very easy to use.
  • It provides UV protection to your leather.
  • Can be used on all sorts of leather products.
  • Does a great job in the cleaning process as well.
  • It does not leave a residue.


  • Requires caution when used on light coloured products.
  • Longevity is still to be verified.


Leather Hero Color Restorer Complete Repair Kit

If you want to throw the proverbial kitchen sink at your letter product this is the set to do it with. This is the leather hero colour restorer complete repair kit. It comes with something to re-finish recolour renew your leather. Each of the 4 m works to create a perfect blend on top of leather dad has started to look rough tap. 

They are several colours that you can choose from. This is the sort of versatility that allows you to pictures the right set for the colour of leather they are looking to treat. The common problems of leather becoming too dark after using one of these conditioners is alleviated by being able to choose the right colour for yourself. Each kid comes with a colour restorer a white restorer a form dauber brush the concentrated leather cleaner and a finisher. You also get a microfibre cloth as well as directions of how to use all these things.

This product is developed and manufactured in the US. You will be sure that it is a non-toxic product that you can use on also delay the project. You can clean it up with water after use. It does not cause any cracking on your leather material. Perhaps the best part is the fact that there is a money-back guarantee if you’re not happy with the product. The risk factor, in this case, would be if it were to damage your product money back will just not be enough.


  • This kit includes various items in it.
  • It comes with full instructions.
  • There is a dauber and a microfibre cloth included.
  • You can choose the product based on the colour of your leather.
  • It does not damage your leather.
  • There is a money-back guarantee.
  • This product is made in the US.
  • It is non-toxic.


  • Does not do much on leather that if too far gone.


Leather Refinish an Aid to Color Restorer Kit

We finish this set with another kid that is made in the US. This leather kit is provided to you with full instructions. Not that it could be that confusing to use it. They are two bottles that are provided one is a 2 ounce one and the second one is the forms one. The two rounds one comes with a concentrated cleaner conditioner. This is what you would use to start off the cleaning process for restoration. The second bottle is the rescue and repair kit. This is what you would use to treat faded and worn leather material. It leaves your liver with a polish looking finish.

All in all, this is quite an easy kids to use. You also be happy to know that it is non-toxic in fact you can clean it up with water after you’re done using it. there is no need to have specific clothing set aside for a time when you’re using this kit. It does not rub off onto clothing or leave any particularly nasty stains.

They are various sets that you could choose from. These are divided by the sort of the colour of the leather they are looking to treat. This is always a good thing it. It ensures that you get the right shade for your leather. It means that they are fewer chances of discolouration or darkening of colour during the treatment process. The sponge applicator those provided is such a touch of class.


  • It comes with a sponge applicator.
  • You get a complete set of instructions.
  • There are various colours to choose from.
  • It does not stain clothing.
  • It is very easy to use.
  • Gives a lovely, glossy finish.


  • Some users have reported issues with it being sticky dry.


Buyer’s Guide

Is coconut oil good for leather?

Coconut oil has great properties that are good for leather. In the same way, it revives your skin, coconut oil is great for rejuvenating leather as well as to buff out small scratches and fading. Use a dry cloth to work the coconut oil into the leather and then let it penetrate for 10 minutes. After this, you will want to wipe away any excess oil with a clean dry cloth.

Can you use baby wipes on leather sofas?

Several people tend to switch to leather couches when they have children. This is because they are easy to clean and wipe down any spills or accidents. Since they are easy to clean you must use the right products on your couch. Using household products and even the seemingly harmless baby wipes can be very harmful to your leather couches. Baby wipes will break down the protective layer applied to the leather that helps it repel dirt and fluids and keeps it from drying out. Stay away from the wipes. Simply use a damp (not wet) cloth to remove any spills or stains. You need something with absolutely no chemicals. 

What is the best way to clean leather?

The rule of thumb with cleaning leather is to clean it regularly with a good leather cleaner and conditioner. You will want to use a soft cloth or microfiber cloth to remove dust. Then you can use a damp cloth and wipe it across moisturizing soap and lather. Do not rinse it, but rather buff the couch. When removing spots from leather, always test any cleaning method on an out-of-the-way spot first. If you have a few spots you would like to take care of then dip the tip of a cotton bud into some alcohol and rub the spot. You can remove ink this way. Leave it overnight and wipe it off with a damp cloth. 

Is vinegar OK for leather?

You can use vinegar to clean your leather couch and to keep the material supple. For example, if you would like to remove road salt from your couch, use 1 part water,1 part white vinegar. Take a cloth and dip into the solution, then blot over the leather lightly to remove the salt. This may have to be repeated several times to clean the entire surface. When you finish they should look almost like new. 

How do you moisturize leather?

You can moisturize the leather in different ways. You can use baby soap and vinegar. Add one tablespoon of natural baby soap and a few drops of vinegar to one quart of warm water. Dampen a cloth in the mixture, wring it out well and wipe down your couch. Allow the furniture to air dry when finished.

How do you make leather cleaner and conditioner?

You can make your leather cleaner using a quarter cup of olive oil, half a cup of vinegar and a spray bottle. Mix the two ingredients and shake the mixture well. Now you can spray the couch and wipe it down. If you want to scent it, then you can add a few drops of your favourite essential oil. 

Final Thoughts

Leather is a great material for couches and has continued to grow in popularity over the years. This is because of several different factors including how easy it is to clean and how durable it is. However, durability can be compromised when you use a cleaner that breaks the fabric down. We have reviewed the top leather cleaners on the market and we hope this will help you find the one that suits you best. Happy shopping!

Learn How Floating Sofa in Your Living Room Works

Gone are the days of lining up your living room furniture against the walls. The modern home designers come with innovative ideas every now and then. One such idea is the floating couch.

Floating furniture in your living room is one of the best ways to maximize the space. You might have seen homes using this trick in an amazing way. But how to do it effectively is the main problem.

Don’t worry. It is not a hard one. Have you come across the Free Hug Sofa?

We will see how to float couch in your living room the best way in this article.

floating couches in the living room is an amazing idea to maximize the space

5 Advantages of Floating Couch

There are certain reasons as to why you should place a floating sofa in your living room.

Let me tell you that the advantages of using floating furniture are many. It is not just about maximizing the available space. It is more than that and we have them listed below.

  1. More Space:

    To start with the entry path of your home, using floating benches, shelves and other furniture can help you free up your floor space and can also add to the illusion of more space in your room.

  2. Attractive Design:

    Unlike fully covered cabinets and shelves, floating shelves are much simpler. They are open and hence the items kept upon them look more attractive when properly decorated. Along with its beauty characteristics, it is also useful for small spaces.

    Unlike regular sofas which consume most of your floor space, the floating sofas and couches will get your dining room a splendid and attractive look and it would create a mirage of a spacious room.

  3. Easy to Handle

    Suspended or floating cabinets in your living room add to a better elegance than a floor cabinet. Such cabinets look compact and precise and hence are much easy to handle. Unlike floor cabinets, you can fit a floating cabinet across any wall height according to your need.

  4. Conversation Seating

    One of the best advantages of floating your couches is its conversation friendly design. After the space factor, this is one reason most people go with floating furniture in their living rooms.

    If you place sofas closer, I am sure that people will listen to you with at most attention. This is a great way to increase the intimacy with your guests.

  5. Better Movement

    The placement of sofas in your room directs the path to move around the room. Floating sofas are really helpful in such cases especially when your room is not so large.

    With the furniture floated, you can easily move around in your rooms. This design will give more space between furniture or behind the furniture, making it very easy for people to move around.

    Proper light arrangements along with it would make it more attractive.

We don’t recommend each and everyone to float couches in their living room.


You need to do it only if your living room demands it. There is no meaning in floating a couch in a spacious living room. People float furniture when the existing arrangments don’t offer any of the above advantages.

So, make sure that you have any of the above problems before taking a decision.

How to Effectively Float Furniture – 10 Ideas

A captivating sofa floated at a perfect angle in your living room can add a glorious touch to the view of your living room.

We have a list of 13 different ideas on arranging your living room with a floating sofa and are listed below:

tips on floating furniture in living room
  1. Floating sofas helps us to create multiple seating arrangements, all in one cozy room.Placing a small table near the fireplace and arranging the sofas around it would certainly give you an amazing roundtable conversation experience.
  2. Placing some chairs near the glass window of your living room would make a perfect place to read newspapers along with a cup of coffee on a Sunday morning.
  3. A proper view outside the glass barriers of your room can alter your mood even in its worst phase. Allow your floating sofas to give you a peaceful experience by arranging them in a proper angle towards the view outside.
  4. If you have your room arranged with multiple functionalities then floating a sofa amidst your room can make it more organized.For eg. If your living room has been designed for gaming purposes on one side and has a TV area on its other side, then floating a long length sofa facing towards the TV can lead to a better arrangement of the functionalities.
  5. If you have a room long enough for seating arrangements to be done on any professional occasion, then a proper way for people to sit can allow more people into the room.
  6. Floating two long sofas facing each other with a coffee table in between and two cozy chairs at the other ends of the table can allow more than ten people to fit in that place. This will yield the best results if you use similar kind or sofas from the same manufacturers.Now you have the rest of the room left for accommodating others. Make the seating arrangements accordingly.
  7. A spectacular staircase can add a marvelous look to your room and when the staircase is floated, you can have a complete satisfaction with its looks. They are designed to be lighter than the regular staircases and more efficient when it comes to space management.
  8. A compact desk for working purposes can be floated between two beds in your room. This would allow you to both works and rest together. Unlike a regular working table, this would save more space.
  9. A floating bathtub in a living space beside an exotic garden view can provide you with a stunning experience rather than place the bathtub in one corner of your bathroom
  10. If you want to go for floating furniture combos, then I would suggest floating two chairs facing each other with a glass table in between and a sofa behind the table facing a TV placed on the wall.

Ready for Floating Sofa in Living Room?

Floating a sofa is undoubtedly a miraculous way to maximize the space in your living room. There has been a trend of innovative concepts in the living rooms and this one has stood out amongst them.

The five reasons given by me will tempt you to float your comfortable sofas in the living room. But, please do check that your home demands it. If so, make use of those ten awesome floating ideas. Do let me know how do you feel after floating the furniture.

9 Simple Hacks to Make Your Couch More Comfortable

hygienic sofas are comfortable to sit

Have you ever wished that you could make your couch more comfortable without spending hundreds of dollars?

Well, we all have!

But the worst thing is that expert advice on this is not easy to find.

You don’t have to worry! We have you covered.

In this article, I’m going to explain to you on how to make a couch more comfortable with nine easy to follow hacks. The best thing is that I can guarantee you cent percent success rate without emptying your pockets.

how to make a couch more comfortable

The 9 Brilliant Ideas to Make a Sofa Bed More Comfortable

What’s the very first thing you do in air-conditioned furniture shop? Pretty sure you’re tempted to sit on the cozy-looking sofa/bed in spite of the bold sign “Do no sit”. Perhaps you end up rubbing your palm against the silky soft fabric.

Ever wonder why is that? The answer is clear and straightforward. That’s because ‘comfort’ is the very first thing we subconsciously consider.

However, even comfortable couches can become uncomfortable over time. It’s not stamped anywhere that they wouldn’t lose their plushy charm. Your precious couch may sink more or cushions never break-in and remain hard.

Don’t worry! You don’t need to throw away your couch instantly! Several tips can make you reconcile with your precious bae.

So grab your pen and list down the things making your couch uncomfortable. Mark the work cut out for you. We’ve sketched out the tips to walk you through the comfort-enhancing steps.

1. Get Rid of Hidden Things in Your Couch

Sometimes, there are hidden things in your couch sponsoring discomfort. Those things can be small pieces of cardboard or plastics. Remove the unfixed cushions and see if you spot any.

If your couch is not new, this step is still valid. Disassemble your sofa and search for objects gone underneath the sofa. You can even let your kids do the task, making them feel like detectives.

There are chances of your kids’ toys lying there in isolation. Surprise your children by giving their lost toys back.

2. Double Check on Balance

Check if the legs are adequately screwed and balanced. The comfort is also based on whether the screws are tight or not. Sofa must at least bear the weight of people it promised to accommodate.

Nobody likes to sit on the wobbling sofa. It should not be prone to destruction while people sit on it. Lest it will invest in the impending embarrassment, you may never forget for the lifetime.

Ensure that you have correctly installed the legs. Place it upside down to double check it. Keep your eyes fixated on the holes provided for legs’ installation.

Is their size perfect? Does it even go with the screws the sofa comes with? If not, drill those little buddies and correct each of them.

Now, tighten every screw properly before placing it deftly against the floor. Congrats! The probability of your sofa turning into rocking couch has plummeted!

3. Don’t cramp for style!

Our excitement shoots to the highest degree while swiping sofa pictures on Pinterest.  It’s hard to leash our bedazzlement upon seeing plush couches with décor pillows. We inevitably want to try the look on our couches as well.

But here is the big picture! Don’t throw a large number of pillows on your innocent couch. It may give it a look, but only after compromising on comfort.

Indeed pillows make couch comfortable; especially when your back is pushed against its softness. However, too much of anything is wrong and uncomfortable.

Having a large number of pillows take up a lot of space. You are unable to sprawl all over your couch in that situation. Neither can a lot more people sit together.

Putting fewer pillows for this case is wise. Less will be enough to give look and comfort without space-constrains.

4. Choose throw pillows of your choice:

pillows to make sofa more comfortableWe’ve already discussed too many pillows can cramp your sofa. However, fewer pillows are also necessary for both look and comfort. Let’s see how to make a couch more comfortable with throw pillows!

The first thing is, the type! Yes, the comfort of people varies. Some like stiffness in couches while others prefer sinking in.

Same is the case with throw pillows as well. Hunt down your favorite ones online or drive out to your closest store. Make sure to choose one of your choices.

You may be the person who dreams for fluffy objects or stuffed toys. In that case, change your pillows to more fluffy ones. Choose the colors that would make you happier.

I highly recommend you to read this article to know more about this: How to arrange pillows on a couch.

5. Don’t Ignore Throw Blankets!

We all love to prefer coziness while we read or binge-watch. Nothing’s better than enjoying a warm cup of coffee on cold rainy nights. We opt for agile methods to make our couch more comfortable in those situations.

What one easy method could there be? It’s simple and gives welcoming vibes! Yes, introduce a modern but very comfortable throw blanket!

The good thing about it is that it gives a nice touch to your uber-chic couch. During Netflix nights, you can drape it around you for the optimum comfort. It brings an aesthetic beauty which is doubled with thrashing rain outside the sprayed glass windows.

6. Re-stuff those cushions:

The top producer of comfort in case of sofas is cushioning.  It’s extremely uncomfortable if sofa sinks displeasingly or has springs bulging out of it. One way to diminish such discomfort is doing some work on cushions.

Here is our humble advice! Don’t be disheartened or depressed if your sofa turns out to be stiff and uncomfortable. Restuffing couch cushions is very easy to do. With this, you can make it the comfiest and plushiest being.

This is the reason why ‘detachable cushions’ in sofas is a plus point! Sometimes, you are provided zippers or other kinds of opening to allow re-stuffing. This trait can transform entire vibes your new sofa emits, enhancing ‘welcoming attitude’.

Don’t think fluffiness is only limited to young children’s bewildering excitement. Introduce it to your cushions for the sake of extra and cozy comfort. Do it once in a while as cushions are prone to lose their fluffiness with long-term use.

However, you must not be hasty! When sofas are new, they are stiff. Give it some time to break into its extent.

You should not think about re-stuffing before that break-in period is passed. It’s always instructed to rotate or flip cushions/mattresses after months. This is to let them wear out evenly.

7. Change those tear-jerking, depressing upholstery!

You know it’s time to utilize those muscles when your couch’s upholstery wears out. The fabric may give gloomy, dirty look or fray out. It may lose its tightness or smoothness.

Sitting on such a damaged sofa is extremely uncomfortable. You may feel like low-spirited human being paving their way to sulky, pesky alley. At this rate, you must fix or change your upholstery.

You should know that changing the entire upholstery requires some extra cash. It’s worth a shot if it can transform your room into a lively and warm one. Your sofa bed will be new, and unfamiliarly more comfortable!

Choose upholstery according to your room’s theme for more elegance. However, we’d advise you to just fix it when there’s no need for change. Grab thread and needle if it is torn from the corner.

It will be unwise to keep using unfixed couch if its frame is damaged. Why? Firstly, it is highly uncomfortable, and secondly, its efficiency falls down.

Sofas with damaged frames cannot bear weight it once promised to. It is possible for it to possess an ugly, noticeable look. You can fix it with glue if it’s damaged from the back.

Make sure you do not do new experiments if you’re unable to fix it. Just simply call the expert or drive it to the store. You may find a number of upholstery shops that do the job.

hygienic sofas are comfortable to sit8. Don’t Ignore Sofa Hygiene:

Sometimes stained patches look hardened and are a source of providing discomfort. The spilled liquid can also give it stinky odor. This won’t let anyone sit comfortably or relax on your couch.

You have to wipe the spills with water. Next, let it properly dry o that it does not leave a bad smell. Make sure you have cleaned it as instructed on the manual.

Don’t use detergents on the fabric it is not designed for as it can damage it permanently.

9. Increase Comfort with Increase in Height:

This method may sound bizarre, however, it is relevant for many. In lavishing cafés and modern dining rooms, couches are used along with chairs. In that case, couches with more height are favored to suit it with the table’s height.

If you’ve already bought the couch but wants to try the same, don’t fret. We’ve some tips which will let your couch have the preferred height.

·       Add new legs

This method is a piece of cake. Order the legs which are taller than previous ones. Make sure you have proper screws.

Put the sofa upside down and unscrew the legs. Now place the new legs and secure them tightly! Make sure the ordered legs don’t carry any flaw.

·       Casters

Focus on casters which can make your sofa look bigger. They also help in securing the sofa’s position and does not let it wobble.

Last but not least, I would also suggest you get good quality couches from the leading sofa manufacturers. This is one way to ensure that your couch lasts long and provide you enough comfort. You can see a list of top rated sofa brands here:

Summary of the tips to make couch more comfortable

1. Remove Hidden things

2.Balance the legs of the couch

3. The style is not everything

4. Use Throw pillows

5. Use blankets

6. Restuff cushions

7. Change Upholstery

8. Maintain proper hygiene

9. Increase the height for more comfort


Before you fasten your seatbelts to learn how to make your sofa bed comfortable, understand the problem. There are many hacks and tips that can resolve discomfort issues. Our article highlights some of the most commonly used techniques.

I’m sure that even if you buy the most comfortable sofa ever, it will one day have some issues. But these tips are there to help you with those hard occasions.

Try creative ways for introducing more comfort into your living rooms. Use fluffy pillows, comfortable and cozy upholstery and properly stuffed cushions. We have sketched out the tips to give you the most comfortable time with your sofa beds.

We hope we have helped you well. Let us know about your thoughts in the comment section. We’re glad to hear from you guys!

How to Fix a Sagging Couch : Tips to Restuffing Sofa Cushions

How to fix sagging couches is one of the tough tasks of every home lover. We have it covered for you here

Whenever we buy a couch, we hope for it to last a lifetime. Unfortunately, that never happens. The wear and tear play spoilsport. Moreover, this can lead to a lot of frustration. And the frustration couples when the problem is the sofa in your living room.

What if I tell you that you can forget all these hard times. We are going to give you the tips on how to fix a sagging couch.

After all, who wouldn’t love a smooth and cozy couch? A comfy yet stylish looking one would be something which anyone would love to flaunt.

How to fix sagging couches is one of the tough tasks of every home lover. We have it covered for you here

The Transition from a Stylish to a Saggy Couch

Sagging is very common. You can’t escape from it.

Even the most elegant looking sofa set face problems with sagging. Once you understand the reasons, it will be easier for you to come up with a plan of action.

Why Sofas Sag? – The Reasons behind Couch Sagging

Irrespective of the brand or make, all sofas do sag. Let me tell you that almost all the causes are general in nature.

Let us see them one by one:

Case 1: Too Much Pressure

Being the comfy looking and brand new sofa it was a few years back, you wouldn’t have been able to resist flopping down on the couch to watch some TV.

You may have felt cozy and warm, but it apparently did more harm to the furniture than you imagined.

When you do so, you put pressure on not just the cushions, but also the springs.

Cause 2: Having a Sweet Spot

Huh?? Well, sounds ridiculous but it’s true!

Who would have thought having your favorite spot could cause more obvious sag?

Apart from your bed, the couch is the next place you spend the most time in. So, the more time you sit flopped down on one particular spot in it, the quicker and more obvious the sagging becomes.

Cause 3: Normal Wear and Tear

Even the best-maintained furniture gets subject to wear and tear, maybe a few more years compared to a shabbily maintained one. The springs could get rickety or the foam inside the cushions may eventually lose their fluffiness.

Reasons for Couch Cushion sagging

So, What next?

You might have purchased that couch from the top sofa manufacturers out there. Yet, a few years down the lane the same sofa has become not just shabby and squeaky, but with one side sagging down.

There is no choice other than tucking it away unless you want visitors to see it.

Maybe, the sofa still looks great. However, you find yourselves sinking down the moment you settle in.

Admit it. Couches, be it cloth or leather, are not spared from wear and tear.

So, what do you do? Invest in a new sofa?

While you may feel it’s better to buy a better couch, we bring you a few reasons to stick with the old one.


It’s a known fact that buying a new sofa costs a small fortune. In fact, if you have half the money, you can use it to recreate the sagging couch into a  brand new one!

Not only is this option cost-effective, but it will also give you more satisfaction once you look at the results.

Change it the way you want it

What can be more satisfying than being able to do things your own way. Nobody can understand what suits the style of your living room better than you.

From the down or foam inside the cushions to the cloth or other simple couch accessories, you call the shots. You get to decide what goes where.


Even if you plan on investing in a new couch, how long do you think it will last? If you are someone who feels the number of years the couch lasted was not worth the money, revamping it is the best solution.

Besides these, coming up with your own hacks is nothing less than fun, and more convenient!

Let’s  fix it!

Things You Need to Fix Sagging Couch

  • Pliers
  • A set of nails and screws
  • Spring stretchers
  • Wood/plywood
  • Glue
  • Down or cotton for the cushions


Check for the Cause

Inspect your couch to find out the reasons for the sag. Is it a bent spring, or are the cushions not able to support your weight?

Remove all the sofa cushions and turn the couch over so that you can have a closer look. Is it rotting wood or a weak frame causing the problem? Be careful with the fabric, while removing it to check the springs.

Now that you have understood the problem, it’s time to fix it!

A weak frame

If it is the wooden frame which is broken or weak, you will need wood and screws to replace it,  which you can buy at a hardware shop. Make sure you take the correct measurements to be on the safe side. You can also nail in a  piece of plywood between the frame and cushions.

You may also replace broken plywood with hardwood. Secure it with glue and let it dry completely before the next step.


You can use pliers to bend the twisted springs back to the shape of the rest. Repairing the springs before it’s too late will save you time, money and energy.

Reattach the spring clips to the wood using the spring stretcher and new screws.  Use a staple gun to pull the fabric and staple it to the frame.

However, if you find any  broken springs, it would be best to let a professional repair it


Most couches sag because of a sagging cushion. If that’s the reason behind your sofa sagging, you have very little to worry.

There are very easy fixes to this. You can get away from this by cushion stuffing in easy to do steps.

How to Restuff Couch Cushions

As I have told earlier, restuffing couch cushions is very easy.

Let’s see how we do it.

Restuffing couch cushions is very easy to do.

Note: You can get top quality cushion stuffing materials from online. You might require these items. But the best thing is that they are not heavily priced.

  • Sofa Cushion Support using Plywood

    One way to solve couch cushion sagging is by using plywood. For this, you will have to remove the cushions from the sofa. Then place strong plywood to fit the area and put the cushions back on the sofa. This is one of the easiest ways to provide sofa cushion support.

  • Couch Cushion Filling

    The second way to restuff couch cushions is by filling the cushion with foam or clothes. This one demands more time and expertise from your end.

    Don’t worry! This is not that hard if you follow the proper steps.
  • Check if the cushions feel soft or firm. If it is soft, then probably you need to fill your sofa cushions with more foam. You can fill your cushion with foam, cotton or even cloth.

This article from WikiHow will give you more information on this.

Now that you know the steps to get rid  of that sagging couch, here are a few tips to prevent this from  happening:

  • Don’t sit always on one side. Keep the weight distributed
  • Keep flipping the cushions once in a while. It helps!
  • Replace the filling within your cushions often
  • Always check for weak springs

If you follow these steps frequently, along with checking the frame occasionally, a sagging couch shouldn’t be bothering you any time soon! What ’s more, with a few finishing touches, it might look even better!

How to Arrange Pillows on a Couch: Pillow Arrangements & Decoration Tips

The definitive and comprehensive guide to how to arrange pillows on a couch

Let’s imagine you’ve finally witnessed your favorite sofa delivered at your doorsteps. You’ve just sliced open the box and taken out fluffy cushions and pillows. Even the touch looked cozy and comfortable!

Your effort for digging up the best sofa in town was finally paying off (If you haven’t found one yet, we recommend you to read Comfy Sofa Studio’s top Sofa Reviews). So while being proud of the purchase, you realized the guests were coming over! But wait-    you forgot one thing to Google!

“How to arrange the sofa pillows?”

Wait-don’t panic. To answer your query to the point, we’ve written this article. We’re sure your search won’t waste your typing efforts and of course, internet’s bandwidth!

The definitive and comprehensive guide to how to arrange pillows on a couch

How to Arrange Pillows on a Couch?

Yeah, I know it. We all know about it.

A sofa without pillows is as boring as non-spicy, flat-flavoured stew brewing up in the hot pot. Even Wikipedia says pillows are not just for comfort, but for decoration too.

You need to add little spice and texture before letting your guests judge it.

That’s why most of us prefer to have stylish and complementary pillows on our couch. But buying a nice pillow won’t solve the problem. You need to arrange it in the best possible manner.

But, arranging these pillows is definitely a headache. You don’t have to worry about this anymore. We have the task sorted out.

Below are some of the tips on how to properly arrange and decorate pillows on your sofa.

General Rules of Pillow Arrangement on a Sofa

Following are some of the major tips on how to decorate with pillows. Our guide will walk you through all the steps for transforming your sofa in real beauty! Let us go into the world of glittery lands!

Tip 1: Give a Bold Base

Always come strong”.

That’s the motto you need to apply in your everyday life. Yes, even when it comes to styling your couch.

The first thing you need to do is to create a strong base. Place two larger cushions on the two extremes of your couch. The size of the pillows maybe around 20-22 inch. But this is just a general guideline. I will tell you that you should pick pillows based on the dimension of your couches. You can either measure your couch or if you’re lazy enough, you can read our guide on average couch dimensions here.

What comes next is the pattern and color! If you’re still swiping down the online store, listen carefully to our advice. Limit down the patterned-pillows to only one pair and order solid color for another.

See the stack of your cushions, which one is darker? Place the solid dark cushions at the edges and the patterned ones inside. The pillows resting at the edge must be the same.

Tip 2: Nothing but another Layer of Cushions!

“Never be scared of another layer”.

Make sure after adding a base, you do add another layer of cushions. Now this one could be done by introducing two same patterned cushions inside. You can also choose different patterns but they must have the same feel.

You can also go with the Moroccan pattern having a lighter base. It wouldn’t be wrong to place the same sized cushions too as another layer. Make sure they accentuate the look instead of depicting an act of camouflage.

Tip 3: Miss-Match is the new cool!

Mismatch pillow arrangements on couch is trendy

One thing to always reverberate is not to buy the cushions with the same color! That’s the first answer to ‘how to mix and match pillows on a sofa’. Yes, it may sound crazy, but who doesn’t love little craziness in sombre lives?

Let’s suppose your couch is orange. What color of the cushions must come to your mind? Light orange or some different shades of orange? Of course not.

Choose turquoise or dark sea-green as the solid color for the ends. Now hunt down the different patterned pillows to keep in the middle. A pair of cushions with a white base and different blot-like patterns will be even more delightful!

Tip 4: Odd One Out is Important:

Now it’s time for our little guy! If you’re going for 3 layered arrangement policy, don’t ignore this being! For this cushion, look for something smaller.

Rest of the part is played by hunting something different and cute. Again, look at the stack of cushions you want to buy or have already purchased. Is there something that stands out?

If yes, that is the one. This odd-one-out strange creature can be strange in shape as well. Even the cover can be different, like sequins or cute bright velvet.

One thing to ask yourself is, “Are you arranging cushions on both sides”? If not, they should be placed in descending order. The means, this odd cushion should be sandwiched between the other two if it’s larger.

However, if it’s uniquely shaped, place it in the 3rd position.

Tip 5: Odd is Gold!

While arranging the pillows, go for odd numbers

“Go for the odd number of pillows!”

People often wonder about placing how many throw pillows on a sofa. Our answer would be, go for the odd numbers! Odd-number pillow arrangements look professional and not too overcrowded.

In the modern-day, odd-styling is preferred as it gives a deep posh look. It’s advised to go for 3 or perhaps 5 pillows arrangements on a couch. 3 pillows also look great but preferably be placed at only one side.

Tip 6: Maintain Justice:

Justice is dependent on the number and size of cushions. You have one large cushion but two same-sized smaller cushions. What must you do?

Our advice would be, place the bigger one at one end and the smaller ones together at the other. This is the best arrangement for such oddly sized cushions’ delivery.

Pillow Decorative Ideas for Different Life Styles

The above tips would have given you some insights on how to arrange pillows on your couches. Depending upon your lifestyle, the pillow decorations and arrangments varies.

Let’s see them:

1. For The Urban Chick Style:

Modern and urban pillow ideas for couches

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Are you’re a college student or someone who loves living a brisk-risky life? Or perhaps, you imagine transforming your living room in the bold-independent style. Think it over your perfectly blended coffee, this style is definitely for you!

For this one, you have to go a little crazy! Introduce classy, bold and uber-smart patterned cushions for your sofa. You can also opt for face pictures, polka dots, and zebra-lined patterns.

2. For Decent but Elegant Style

Elegant pillow style decoration

This one demands simplicity. You cushions are preferred to have the same color. The difference may lie in their shade and fabric.

Whatever the color of your sofa is, choose the opposite hue. If your sofa is plain white, choose decent shades of blue for cushions. Yellow and black also go well with white couches.

3. For Cute Style

Cute and colorful pillow decoration on couches

The cuteness of the sofa is always enhanced with fluffy or furry cushions! Make sure you’re favoring bright colors like pink, white, light blue or perhaps yellow.

If you have a blue couch, place white, pink and yellow patterned cushion. Try taking the white one as furry while pink as floral and yellow as Zic Zac patterned. This color choice will guarantee the cute and stylish look.


Sofa without pillows looks empty. However, throwing some pillows on it without showcasing creativity is pretty useless in itself. That’s because pillows are there for enhancement and not degrading the look. Moreover, this is one of the easiest ways to make your couch more comfortable.

We hope our guide provides creativity plans for home décor with pillows.  That involves questions ranging from how many pillows on a couch to how to arrange pillows on a couch! We’re positive our answers won’t leave you hanging amidst tiresome sofa shopping.

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How to Paint a Leather Couch: Things to know about Leather Sofa Paints

If you are wondering what to do with the dingy or shabby looking leather sofa in your living room, this article is just for you.

By the time you are done, you will be looking forward to giving it a new and funky look! We will discuss everything you need to know about how to paint a leather couch

The first impression is always the best impression, isn’t it? Well, that holds true of your house too! In this case, it’s always the living room. We all want to have the best couches in our living rooms.

More than just coziness, leather furniture is more preferred for not just their sleek and elegant look, but also because they are easy to clean.

But what if yours is in a bad shape?

The Debate: Painting Vs Buying New One

You come to your living room and notice your couch looking all shabby, with some paint chipping off. Luckily, the leather hasn’t come off yet.

After a bit of pondering over, you arrive at a solution- Buy a better one, of course! But, what if you were told that painting it would be a better idea?


Before getting started on the basics of leather furniture painting, here are a few benefits;

Here are the advantages of painting leather couches.
  1. Easy on your wallet

If you have already bought a swanky looking sofa before, that too leather, you might know how pricey it is.  A can or two of paint would certainly not cost that much of a fortune.

  1. Modify your living space

Painting and revamping the dingy old couch will let you pick the perfect style to suit both your sofa and the drawing room. Plus, it will make for a much livelier place.

  1. Satisfaction

There is nothing more disappointing than buying an expensive and stylish leather sofa, only to find that it doesn’t gel in with its surroundings. You can instead choose to change the old one into something new, which will leave you more satisfied!

  1. Convenience

Not only is this solution more fitting in your budget, but also a more convenient one. You can pick and choose the paint you want, or even change your choice if needed, all at your convenience!

Leather Painting

There are a variety of fabric and leather paints available nowadays. However, if you are looking at leather, it would be best to go with the latter.

The next step is to find out the best brands.


An overview of the best leather couch paints to buy

We bring you a few of the best brands of leather paints available online, along with an overview.

Angelus leather paint

This is the most popular and highly recommended paint for your leather furniture. The acrylic-based leather paint comes in a range of colors. Some of the qualities include;

  • No peeling and cracking of paint when dry
  • Water-based and hence perfect to clean up
  • Also perfect for decorating and staining smooth leather


With a rating of 4.5 out of 5 in Amazon for some of it’s products, this brand has got excellent reviews for its adhesiveness after drying, along with a glossy finish. No chipping or peeling off.

Check the Best and Latest Price of Angelus leather paint

ReLuv leather paints

This is another popular brand which works on all kinds of leather, from furniture to clothing and accessories. The highlights are:

  • Best at repairing faded leather and scratch marks
  • Good finish
  • Doesn’t change the texture or feel


With no negative reviews, Reluv has been recommended as best for repairing faded leather, along with coloring it.

While these two are the most popular brands, there are a few more like leather clinic and scratch doctor leather color restorers, which have lesser ratings.

Check the Best and Latest Price of ReLuv leather paints

Let’s now go on to the next step.


Now that you have got an idea of the few brands of leather paints and related products out there, let’s go through what you will need when painting your couch. Remember, it’s always best to go for high-quality brands.

  • Leather preparer and deglazer
  • Leather paint of your choice (Some come with small sample bottles so that you can test it)
  • A few paint/sponge/foam brushes
  • A leather acrylic finisher
  • Painter’s tape and lots of it!


Prepare the space

Start by placing a drop cloth under the couch. Clean it and brush off any dust or dirt from the surface. If it is a chunky piece of furniture which can be dismantled, it’s better to do so first.

The next step is to seal off other parts of the furniture with painter’s tape, to avoid paint dripping on to the area.

Apply the preparer/ deglazer

Along with cleaning, this also lets the paint adhere to the surface of the couch when dried. Take time and apply it all over the surface with a rag. A bit of the color may come off, but it shouldn’t bother you when you look at the after pictures!

If you are working on a couch with a glossy or vinyl sealant, this step becomes more necessary. If it’s a suede leather couch, ignore this rule.

Grab that paint and brush!

It is highly recommended that you use a sponge or sponge brush for applying the paint. Most of them come with a thin consistency, so you should apply at least three coatings. You can use a small thin brush to paint over the seams and creases.

 Apply a coating first and allow it to dry, which may take 1-2 hours. Only then proceed with the next. Remember, patience is a virtue!

After the final coating, give it more time to dry before you use the finisher. It is better to wait around 6 hours.

Finally, the finisher

You can either opt for a glossy finish or flat/matte finish. While a glossy finish is more stain resistant, the latter is a more cost-effective option.

A matte finish also gives a more natural leather look. Apply it with a foam brush all over the area.


So, don’t you think this is a much better idea?

Painting your couch does have its benefits. It is not just cost-effective, but also pretty fun if you have someone to help you! Now that you know the basics, why don’t you try it out?

10 Couch Alternatives: Unique & Creative Ideas for No Sofa Living Room

Some of us can’t even think of our living room without a sofa. But not me! Why? I know how amazingly one can design a living room using couch alternatives.

That might sound a bit exaggerating. But it is true. Even you might have seen your friends’ or families’ room with an alternative living room seating design.

Tell you what, these designs are one of the best ways to give a unique and creative appeal to your living room. There were many instances when I was bored with the existing sofas in my living room. There is a higher chance that you might also be in the same situation. But it’s going to change once you read this article. We have got 10 brilliant ways you can design a couchless living room.

There are a hell lot of stylish designs and alternatives which will raise the standard of your living room to a whole new level.

We will see some insights on no sofa living room design which will give a new ambience to your home.

If you’re ready, let us go ahead and see how you can design your living room without a couch.

  1. Floor cushions – The Easiest Alternatives to Couches

Floor cushions are beautiful additions to any living space. This is the easiest way you can go for a couchless living room. They not only give a cosy warm atmosphere but also are very easy to assemble and put in to use.

Sofas might take a lot of space and is not very easy to move or re-arrange the room more often due to their huge size and weight. Perhaps if you too feel the same about your living space it is high time you should invest in a few floor cushions.

Compared to other alternatives, floor cushions are ultimate comfort companions for you as well as your pets. Most importantly they won’t let you spend a lot of bucks.

  1. Bubble chairs – Best for Personal Space

Bubble chairs are much in trend these days and they offer super comfy personal space for you. Although these are bit costly, they are destined to change the complete look of any room.

The crystal clear bubble-shaped design is the high point of this chair model. They also come in hanging models. These types of furniture are good as a personal space. You can comfortably sit in these reading books or taking a short nap.

Choose one of these to bring an ultra-modern chic look into your home.

  1. Seating at the window – Most Practical Solution

The most practical sofa alternative seating at windows is cost-effective as well as space-saving. One must think beforehand about having a window seat because seating space must be made for placing the cushions.

They provide a calm reading space by the window with fresh air and abundant light. Space can also be transformed into a dining space by adding a table near it.

Flexibility is a key factor in a seating arrangement at the window.

  1. Hammocks – For the Kid in You

When it comes to alternative seating ideas Hammocks are something we can really consider. They bring a childish feel to the room too.

Add a few cushions to the hammock and tada! Your living room has transformed into a hippie paradise. If you are following a boho theme this would be ideal for your room.

Add a few dream catchers in the room to bring out the feel even more for this super comfortable living room arrangement.

  1. Chaise Lounges – Elegant and Stylish

chaise lounges for alternate living room seating

Chaise lounges are stylish pieces of furniture. They can be placed in any rooms. If you don’t want a sofa but want the nearest alternative to it chaise lounges can do the trick for you.

They might be a bit costly. But the important thing is that chaise lounges give an elegant appeal to your living room. With a few pillows, they can add more colour to the room. An afternoon nap or a reading space, a lounge serves the purpose.

If you pick a chaise lounge intelligently, it can be a permanent replacement to even top quality sofas.

  1. Modular seating furniture – For Spacious seating

Modular seating solutions are another great way to try no couch living room. They not only replace a conventional sofa but also brings out the best of your home space as it is custom made for the room.

You don’t have to settle for a sofa half-heartedly in this case. Modular seatings are elegant, modern and something you should try at your home.

We recommend this style to people who are looking for a spacious seating arrangement.

  1. Oversized chairs – Close to Sofas when it comes to Functionality

Oversized chairs provide one of the best couch alternatives. They don’t take up space as much as a sofa but will serve relatively the same purpose.

Arranging a few oversized chairs in your living room will provide a good space for a small gathering or family holiday. They are available in a wide range of varieties to suit your tastes.

As I mentioned before throw a few pillows for more comfort and your living room can never feel the lack of a sofa.

  1. Wooden basket – Natural and the Stylish Alternative

A classic wooden basket would be the best sofa alternative if you’re looking for a style statement. I was impressed by the style. They bring a natural look into the room. Adding two or three cushions will make it more comfortable.

Who would complaint swing back n forth while enjoying your hospitality? I am sure it will be a hit will your guests.

  1. Beanbags – Affordable and Comfortable Alternatives to Couch

I am sure that adding bean bags will bring more fun to your living room. These sofa alternatives are affordable as well as super comfy.

Beanbags are available in various sizes shapes and colours to fit your taste. As the name suggests it is a bag that can be filled with beans. The only maintenance you need to do is refill the beans once every six months or so. But that’s not a hardship for most of us.

  1. Bird’s Nest – Nice Creative Alternative

bird's nest for living room without a sofa

A bird’s nest is a creative alternative for a sofa. They are adventurous, fun and whatnot. As the name suggests the shape of this furniture is that of a bird’s nest and true to its name it has cushions in the shape of eggs.

If you have kids at home this would be a great addition to a home. So buy one and jump into it and sleep like a baby bird.

Conclusion: Loved Our Ideas for Living Room Without Sofa?

We have seen 10 awesome ways to design your living rooms without couches. Yeah, that’s something most people don’t do. But when done right, these designs are going to make a great impression in your living room.

Many modern homes are looking for no sofa living room design ideas nowadays. Interior designers and decorators are coming up with tons of nice ideas on couch alternatives every day.

We are very glad to help you out with some of the best ones though!

How to Measure a Couch: Sofa Measurements Guide for You

How do you buy the best sofa? You go through all those nice resources available online and find the one matching your need. That sounds very easy. But there is one step where you might fail. Yeah, you guessed it right. Measuring a sofa is a tedious task.

But don’t worry! We have here a good guide on how to measure a sofa. With this, you can easily measure your sofa’s dimension and do whatever you want. This will be very helpful when you’re planning to buy a slipcover or when you move the sofa from one place to another.

General Tips before You Start Measuring Your Sofa

  • Accuracy is everything when it comes to measuring a sofa or couch. Make it a point to note down the measurements in either inches or centimeters. Don’t confuse yourself by using both the measurements. Stick to one unit.
  • Sofa covers come in a wide range of fabrics. Even polyester and spandex. Some may shrink on use. Some of them are stretchable and comes with ties for the best adjustment. So opt for the ones which stretch if you want more comfort for a larger cushion and sofa arms.
  • Seek out another person’s help while measuring your couch for slipcovers. It is always better than a single person struggling with a tape measure and a long sofa.

Materials required to measure a sofa

  • Measurement Tape
  • Pen
  • Paper
  • Using a tablet or smartphone for noting down the measurements is also a good idea

How to Measure Couch: Steps Explained

When you are ready to purchase a slipcover for your sofa, making it sure to measure everything first is very much required. How to measure a sofa can be a troubling question. If you don’t know it and start taking a measurement, the chances are that you’re going to mess it up.

But let me tell you that measuring a couch is not a hard job.

So chill!!!

We have listed below the essential measures to be taken before buying a sofa slipcover. So here is the sofa measurement guide you need!

A pictorial representation on how to measure a couch

  • Step 1: Take arm to arm length

The first measure you should take is from left arm to the right arm. Measurement must be taken from the outside of one arm to the outside of the other arm.

This is the largest length of the sofa cover.  Note it down on a piece of paper.

  • Step 2: Measure the height of the arms

Next thing we want to measure is the height of the arm. You should start by measuring the front first, applying the tape measure down and measuring up.

  • Step 3: Measure the width of the sofa

The next measurement you want to take is the width of the sofa starting from the front to the back.

  • Step 4: Measure the height of the cushion

The last measurement you have to take off your sofa would be the height of the cushion. Applying the tape measure down to the floor into the top of the cushion.

  • Step 5: Measure of seat cushions

Check out the frontal area below the arms of the couch. This is where you measure the cushion width.

Start taking the measurement from one side to the other. Make it a point to note down the widest point as it ensures the best fit for the sofa cushion.

We hope the video will give you more details on sofa measurement for slipcovers:

Having all your measurement of the sofa will help you shop for the sofa slipcovers next time.

The one way to get the correct measurement of your sofa is from the manufacturer itself. But even the best sofa brands might fail in giving the exact dimension.

I hope the guide has helped you in finding the correct measurement of your couch to get a nice slipcover.

How to Dye A Leather Couch: 7 Steps to Leather Furniture Dyeing

We all know how good the leather couches are. We will be short of words to describe the comfort they offer, the premium look they have and what not.

Although it is very easy to find the best leather sofas, they are a bit on the other side when it comes to money. The one way to get away from this is to buy an old leather sofa and dye it.

The situation is more or less the same even if you buy a new one also. The chances of your new leather furniture losing its charm is not that distant.

You need to dye your leather sofa to make it more appealing. Although it sounds a bit unpleasant, the best thing is that this task is not a hard one. It is very easy and anyone can do it. We will explain to you How to Dye a Leather Couch the best way in this article.

Materials required to dye a leather sofa

Although there are a lot of methods available to dyeing a leather furniture, We will explain the one using acetone. This method doesn’t require a lot of items and is one of the easiest ways to dye leather sofas.

The materials you require are given below:

  • Acetone – This is required to deep clean the leather prior to dyeing
  • Cloth/rag – To clean and wipe off dust and excess dye.
  • Spray bottle – to spray water
  • Water – to moist the leather before applying the dye.
  • Leather Dye –To color the sofa
  • Sponge – to apply the leather dye
  • Leather finisher- for the final satin finish

How to Dye a Leather Couch: Step by Step Guide

Step 1:  Prepare Sofa and  Yourself for the Task

Picture showing a man cleaning his leather sofa after dying it with red color

The first step is to prepare your sofa and yourself for the task. Finding an open area and placing your sofa will make the whole process very comfortable.

You must prepare the sofa for dyeing by cleaning the dirt, oil, and dust with soap and water. It is important to never soak the leather. So dip a cloth in soapy water and wipe off the whole sofa.

Moreover, the most important thing is to prepare yourself for the task.

If you’re are an enthusiast like me, you will love this one. Otherwise, just understand that this process will take a while and it might even get messy.

Step 2: Deep Cleaning the Leather Couch

The wiping process with water will not deep clean the sofa. It is very important to deep clean the leather sofa so that it will have a nice finishing at the end of dyeing.

We will do it with Acetone. You can use normal nail polish remover for the same. We normally use Mountain Fall, which does an excellent job.

Dip a cloth in acetone and rub it all over the sofa. This will deep clean the leather and prepare it for dyeing. The important thing is that you need to wait 30 minutes for the acetone to evaporate.

Step 3: Moist the Couch

After the deep cleaning, we need to moist the couch.

Why is this important?

Go back to school days and try to recollect your lessons on surface area and volume. The moist leather is better at absorbing the dye rather than a dry one.

So take water in a spray bottle and apply it to the leather making sure you don’t soak the sofa. Normal water is more than enough for this step.

Make sure that you don’t overdo it.

Step 4: Applying Leather Dye

Now comes the most important part- dyeing your leather couch. But, it is as easy as the above steps.

Its always recommended using some of the best leather dyes available. They don’t cost much. We recommend using Fiebing’s Leather Dye. We will discuss more on top leather dyes for couches later in the article. The thing is that if you use low-quality products, it might affect your skin and also will have a negative impact on the leather couch you are dyeing. You can use leather dye solvent to lighten the color of the dye.

Moreover, you can’t apply a lighter dye on a darker leather couch. That means you can’t apply a light green on a dark green leather sofa. Keep this in mind while selecting the dye for your leather sofa.

Its good to wear a pair of gloves to protect your hands before applying the dye on the leather with a sponge.

Now, how do you apply the dye?

Make it a point to apply the dye in small patches at a time. Spray water over a small patch and apply the leather dye over it. You can use the same spray bottle for misting the couch. Try to apply broad and long strokes.

You should check whether the dye is applied evenly. If you find any sparse areas, apply more dye.

It is important to continue this method for the entire sofa for a more consistent look.

Step 5:  Removing Excess Dye and Applying More Coat

Rub off the excess dye with a dry piece of cloth and let the sofa dry for 1 to 2 hours. You should not wish to achieve the finished look with the first coat.

You can apply the next coat of dye once the first coat completely dry. Wait another 2 hours for this coat to dry before applying the next coat of dye. A minimum of 5 to 6 coats is required to attain a perfect look.

Step 7: Final Finishing

Once the last coat of dye has dried apply a finisher to the couch as the final touch to obtain a glossy look. More than the look, the finisher will protect your dye and make sure it will last long.

You need to spray the leather finisher directly on the couch. Then rub the couch using a cloth soaked in water. Make sure that you don’t use the same cloth as in Step 1 and 2. You need to use a clean one.

Things to note while dying a leather Furniture

  • It is important to use a well-ventilated area to do the dying. This is extremely important if you are an asthma patient or have allergy issues. A garage or an outdoor space would be ideal for you.
  • To get the perfect dye you can mix two or more color. For example to get a darker brown you can mix a black dye to it.
  • Always wear a pair of gloves to protect your hands. You must remember to take this precaution as Leather dyes are pretty strong and not so easy to come off.
  • Always remember not to soak the leather while cleaning the sofa. It is always ideal to make use of a spray bottle to moist the sofa.
  • You can place old clothes beneath the couch for a stable working position. It will also protect the floor from the furniture dye stains.
  • It is better for 2 people to do the work than doing it alone.
  • You should never skip the drying time between the coats of dye. It will affect the final look. 

We hope that we have given some insights about how to dye leather couch.

However, we have often seen customers having many doubts about leather couch dye.

So, we will go through some of these questions below.

Can You Dye a Leather Couch? (Stupid Question, though)

This is one of the most asked questions when it comes to leather furniture dyes. The answer is Yes. You can dye a leather couch.

I have noticed that many of the customers are worried about the reactions the leather couch might have after dyeing. Leather dyes are chemicals and there are chances of a reaction when applied on the leather.

So, the best thing to do is a testing. You can apply the dye to a small portion of your leather couch before dyeing it completely. Its the simplest trick to test whether you can dye your leather sofa or not. If there’s no reaction, that means you’re good to go.

On the other hand, it is always best to check the chemical combinations of the dye you are buying. Almost all the products will give details of its chemical combinations and likely reactions.

What are the Best Leather Dyes for Couches

The best thing about leather dyes is that they don’t cost much. Even the best leather couch dyes won’t make you poor. That is why its good to choose the best ones while dyeing your leather furniture.

Some of the best rated leather couch dyes are listed below:

How much Dye Should You Buy?

This is another tricky question. You shouldn’t be short of sufficient quantity of dye once you start the work. If that’s the case, you’re going to have a hard time with half dyed leather sofa.

So, how much leather dye should you require?

It depends on the size of your leather sofa. Two 4- Oz bottle will be more than enough for a normal couch.

That’s it.

I wish we were able to answer most of your questions on leather furniture dyeing. If there’s anything more you need to know, please ask in the comments section and we are more than happy to help you out.

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