Ektorp sofa cover

The Ikea Ektorp is a great sofa to have. That is until it has become quite dirty. A good sofa cover is one way to keep it clean. What sofa cover is a good one? You will find out shortly. Ikea cover for Ektorp sofa Are you in need of something that is simple and … Read more

How to chalk paint a dresser

Do you want to chalk paint your dresser but you just don’t know how? Well, stress and fuss not. I am going to show you the best way to chalk paint your dresser leaving it as smooth, as beautiful, and as amazing as you would want it to be.  You ever lean against a wall … Read more

Painting over chalk paint

So you want to paint over that chalk painted furniture piece now is it? You know how everything seems hard at first until you actually do it and realize that it was not even as hard as you thought. Well just like painting over white chalk. Now when you look at a chalk painted surface … Read more

DIY chalk paint recipe

Have you ever come across a wall that has this paint that you feel you can just lick off? I remember as a kid I’d lick those types of walls and I’d be left with some color on my tongue. Of Course, I am now older and I know better. I’m sure this childhood experience … Read more

How to get chalk paint off

So remember that table that you love so much until you see the paint start to peel off? Well, chalk paint has a really good tendency of doing that after some time especially if it was not done right the first time. So I am guessing you are here because you want to find a … Read more

Best way to paint wood furniture

You are obviously here because you want to know the best and probably the easiest way to paint wood furniture right? As always I am going to give you the best instructions in the easiest of formats and we are going to do an amazing job at it.  No more unsatisfactory results. Follow this guide … Read more

Best way to paint furniture

You know how it is nowadays, there are so many DIY tutorials that you even forget that there are professionals who are hired to do certain things that you just DIY away. So talk to me, you are here because you want to paint furniture right? Perhaps you are painting Sofas for your Garden? Be it … Read more