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Are you looking for the best leather sofa cleaner n the UK? Leather is known for its opulence and luxurious feel and look. It simply subtly states sophistication, which is sturdy and here to stay. There is something about the way leather furniture looks that makes you feel like you are in the lap of luxury. 

Kings, emperors, and lords have for centuries, used leather to cover their furniture. From the moment man began to realise how valuable the hide of an animal was, this luxurious material has been developed and tanned to suit different needs. 

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Today, people use leather to upholster furniture. One of the major reasons for this popularity is that leather is durable. Sure, it looks great, but its beauty goes far beyond what the eye can see. Leather is well respected because of how well it can stand the test of time, and at the same time feel very soft to the touch. 

The way it handles and regulates temperature also makes it a favourite for seating material. In this article, we take a look at how best you can care for your leather sofa. There are various cleaners available on the market today, (including some DIY hacks that you need to steer clear of).

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Do you need a quick guide to buying the best cleaner for your leather sofa? There are a couple of things to keep in mind. Think about the sofa you want to clean and what type of leather it is covered in. Make sure the leather cleaner is compatible with it. Some tanning processes require that the leather be cleaned in a certain way. 

This will determine to a great extent, the type of cleaner you will get. Also make sure that the leather cleaner you get, is within your budget range There is no point getting a cleaner you can only afford as a once-off, and yet the manufacturer advises that you use the cleaner more often than just once. 


We have done our homework and found our favourite pick to be the Natural Chambers Leather Balsam Conditioner and Restorer. It can condition and restore the life of the leather. It is easy to apply and if your leather has lost some of its lustre or colour, this cleaner will rejuvenate it for you. This version of cleaner is unscented and therefore can allow your sofa’s natural leather smell to come through.


Our Reviews

Natural Chambers Leather Balsam Conditioner and Restorer


Chambers leather is a company with a great reputation in providing conditioners and restorer for aniline and semi-aniline.

Leather balsam conditioner is one of the products offered by the company and it is quite suitable for restoring the original colours of the leather sofa.

The most wonderful thing with the conditioner is that it tends to melt down easily without affecting the original colours of the leather seats.

Besides that, it helps improve the lifespan of the leather sofa, car seats, and bags. It is one of the reasons behind their popularity in the market right now.

Also, the conditioner does not leave a sticky residue on the leather sofas but help results in a softer feel and good sheen.

Another interesting thing is that the application is quite simple and easy. The package comes with an instructional guideline on how to apply on leather sofas.

The conditioner has a lavender and vanilla scent which is natural. The good news is that the scent has no negative impact on pets and skin.


  • Help restore the original colour of the leather sofa
  • Improve the lifespan of the leather
  • Application of the balsam is easy
  • Tend to be unscented
  • Ideal for pets and skincare


  • Quite expensive for some people
  • Do not regenerate fade colours on the leather sofa

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Leather Cleaner & Conditioner 2 in 1 Formula


Syntech is a great brand when it comes to the production of leather cleaners and conditioners. The company has been in the industry for several years and it is the reason behind its popularity.

The cleaner and conditioner 2 in 1 formula is one of the products offered by the company and it can remove tough grime on the leather surfaces.

Besides that, the conditioner can penetrate, soften and lubricate the leather surfaces to bring out that softness and supple.

That’s not all. It is quick and easy to use. The instructions that come with the package are quite clear and simple to understand.

The most interesting thing with the cleaner is that it helps to bring out that natural feel and also restore a new appearance on the leather seats.

Unfortunately, the cleaner and conditioner is not suitable for use on suede and napped leather. But, it is worth the value of the money. 


  • Have the ability to remove tough grime on leather surfaces
  • Help to soften and lubricate leather for supple and smoothness
  • Bring the natural feel and restore a new appearance
  • Relatively affordable
  • Easy and quick to use


  • Not suitable for use on napped leather
  • Leaves sticky odour on the leather surface
  • Result in the formation of black marks

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Complete Leather Care Kit


Furniture Clinic is among the major companies in the production of leather care products. The company has been in the industry for over some decades now.

Complete leather care kit is one of the main products offered by the company and it is dedicated to offering ultimate cleaning duties on leather sofas.

The cleaning package comes with conditioner, sponge, and instructions on how to use it on the leather. It is the reason why it is quick and easy to use.

The good news about the conditioner is that it can work on a variety of leather colours without causing any negative impact.

Besides that, the conditioner can remove the toughest stains on the leather and add a protective layer that can repel stains.

Also, it helps to bring out a new appearance and a luxurious aroma on the seats. The cream helps to re-instate the smell even in old sofas.


  • Suitable for all leather types
  • Work on all colour of the leather
  • Quick and easy application
  • Ability to remove tough stains
  • Gives a luxurious leather aroma


  • Relatively too expensive to acquire
  • Some people complain about damages done on the sofa
  • Have the ability to remove armchair colour

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Leather Cleaner by Leather Honey


Leather honey is a small business owned by a family and it has been in existence for over 50 years. It is among the most trusted businesses for offering leather cleaners and conditioners.

The leather honey cleaner tends to be non-toxic to leather, faux leather, rubber, and vinyl plastic. Therefore, it can be used on furniture, car interior and apparel without causing any negative impact.

The conditioner comes in a concentrated formula and it is recommended to dilute before using it. This implies that a standard package can serve for a long period hence saving on the cost of purchasing quite frequently.

The most wonderful thing with the leather honey cleaner is that it can remove the toughest stains on the leather surfaces.

Besides that, it is made according to the guidelines of the United States which means that it is safe on the skin and even on the pets. 


  • Made according to US guidelines
  • Concentrate formula goes a long way.
  • Quick and gentle to clean leather
  • Extremely easy to use
  • Help to restore the original colours on the sofas


  • Not suitable for removing tough stains
  • Comes on the high end of the pricing scale
  • Leaves the leather with batches after some time

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Dirtbusters leather cleaner and conditioner with deodorising treatment


Dirtbuster leather cleaner and conditioner has been in the industry for over some decades now. The cleaning product is offered by a Dirtbuster Company which is a giant brand.

The conditioner has the ability to deep clean leather sofas, car seats, jackets and saddles among many other leather products.

Besides that, the deodorizing feature help to get rid of any germs present on the leather during the cleaning process. It is the reason behind their popularity in the market.

Another interesting feature is that the cleaner contains natural oils that offer perfect protection on the leather sofa surfaces after application.

Also, the cream oil help to restore the appearance by fostering natural mid-sheen which is non-slippery.

However, the leather cleaner and conditioner is not suitable for suede and napped finish leather sofas. It will result in the formation of batches making them dull and ugly.

Also, the price might be extremely high but it is worth the value as seen on the leather restoration regardless of whether new or old. 


  • Suitable for deep cleaning
  • Has the ability to get rid of germs on leather sofas
  • Cream oil protect the leather after application
  • Gives the leather a natural sheen and non-slippery finishes


  • Limited to suede and aniline leathers
  • Makes the leather jackets appear dull and rough
  • Tend to release a bad odour
  • On the high end of the pricing scale

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Buyer’s Guide

What household products can you use to clean leather?

Cleaning your leather does not have to break the bank. There are a couple of household items that you can use to clean your leather and do a pretty darn good job too. Vinegar and olive oil can be used to clean leather furniture. Simply dab vinegar directly over soiled area, dry it off then apply a dab of olive oil to a soft cloth and buff the leather. This will keep the material soft and supple. 


You can also use a very mild soap or dishwashing liquid as a general cleaner. a bowl of warm water and a couple of squirts of the soap can clean basic dirt and dust. Make sure to vacuum the sofa first to remove loose debris. After this, dip a soft cloth into the warm soapy water. Make sure the cloth is wrung thoroughly before you wipe the sofa down. After this, buff it dries immediately with a soft cloth. 

How do you get a stain out of a leather couch?

If the area is heavily soiled, simply put a drop or two of the solution directly onto the damp cloth then rub the soapy cloth over the stain. You can now wipe the leather again with a damp cloth and buff till its dry.


Is vinegar safe on leather?

Vinegar is safe to use on leather and it can help clean it. It is important, however, not to use it directly. Soften it slightly to ensure that you do not dry out your leather. Vinegar can be a very strong cleaning agent. You can mix it with linseed oil and make a leather conditioner. 

Can you use baby wipes on leather sofas?

It is easy to think that baby wipes can be used on leather sofas. If they are good enough for a baby’s skin, surely leather can withstand them, right? Wrong. Baby wipes are coated with a chemical to keep them soft and moist which has been designed to be used on human skin only.

Baby wipes will breakdown the protective layer on leather that is used to repel dirt and keep the leather moist. This layer also prevents the leather from cracking and peeling. Using baby wipes will wear your sofa down faster than it should. When the leather is weakened and cracked, it is more susceptible to staining from clothes. 


What is a natural cleaner for leather?

If you are a nature lover or you simply prefer using all-natural products around your home, then the cleaner you use on your leather sofa does not need to b any different. There are natural ways to clean leather sofas. 


The first thing you can do, to clean your leather sofa, is to use olive oil and a towel. If it is your first time using the method on your sofas, then make sure you try it out on a small inconspicuous place first, just in case your leather does not quite like the solution. Here you are watching out for any discolouration in the fabric or any slight change whatsoever. You can now use a damp towel with a bit of soap to clean the leather. Make sure to squeeze the towel of any excess water and make sure it is damp and not wet. Then wipe down the leather gently until the stains and spots are removed.

Final Thoughts

Leather is an absolute pleasure to have. It adds an effortless grandeur to a room and an air of luxury most fabrics fail to deliver. Be good to your leather and it will be good for you. You must know how to take care of it well and get the most and best out of it. The right leather cleaner will keep your leather and preserve it too. We hope our review helps you find the perfect fit for you and your leather sofa. Happy shopping!

Best Leather Cleaner and Conditioner for Couch

Are you looking for the best leather cleaner and conditioner for couches? The durability of your couch is greatly dependent on how you take care of them. The way you take care of them is largely dependent on the material they are made of. Couches are made of different materials that react differently to different stains, spills, and smells. A couch is a place where people normally lounge on and relax. This involves food and stains from people’s clothes gathered throughout the day. 

In times past, couches would be covered with a piece of fabric or sometimes even plastic to keep it from getting dirty. Most older people who grew up in this era still have this type of couch protection, however, nowadays, the couch has been left “naked” and accessorized with one or two pieces. This leaves the couch exposed and prone to getting dirty. But what do you do when you do not want to cover your couch, but you also want to keep it clean? Thankfully there are shampoos and cleaners specially made for your couch.

Leather can be a tricky material to deal with. Genuine leather needs to be taken care of in specific ways. People across the world value using leather because of its terrific properties that make it amazing for furniture. It is very durable and expensive as well. For many years it has been made synonymous with luxury. It, therefore, goes without saying that you will want to take good care of your leather furniture.

In A Hurry

Do you need a quick guide to buying the best leather cleaner and conditioner? There are a couple of factors you will need to consider. One of the first things you will need to consider is the type of leather you have on our couches. This will help you pick the appropriate cleaner, one that is safe and will preserve your leather. Also, think about how cheap or expensive it is and if it is sustainable. Since you will need to keep cleaning your sofas, you do not want a cleaner you can not afford. 

You may also want to find out how it smells. Some smells are too potent and may affect people in the house with allergies. Natural products are usually the best bet.

Tanner's Blend - Leather Cleaner & Conditioner

Top Pick

We did our research and found our favourite pick to be Tanner’s Blend – Leather Cleaner & Conditioner. It is perfect for the rejuvenation of dried-out leather and it is also good for use on the go. It will clean, condition, and polish leather furniture, leather car seats, leather shoes, leather wallets and more!


Lexol Leather Conditioner

This conditioner is designed to be a remedy for those times when the leather becomes dry. To fully conditioner leather you require for it to be cleaned before this condition. If I don’t write this restores your leather to a condition that could be mistaken for you. And have a good think about this condition it is it goes a long way. When done right this can last years. There is a liquid base that is contained within this conditioner. This is the one that works to penetrate the surface of the liver pause. Once this is done there is deep conditioning to ensure that further cracking and premature ageing is stopped.

One of the favourite features for this condition that is a fact that it does not leave any greasy residue. There are no harmful chemicals included in this conditioner. Unlike some conditioners, it does not contribute to the drying of the leather over time. What you get instead is a strong and beautiful finish on your liver. They use is not limited to just your sofa. You can use it for footwear, furniture, handbags, briefcases and so on.


  • It is free of hazardous chemicals.
  • It does not leave a greasy residue.
  • The effect can last for years after use.
  • It does not contribute to the drying of the leather over time.
  • Can be used on all leather products.


  • Does not come with a decanter.


Tanner’s Blend – Leather Cleaner & Conditioner

Do not be put off by the size of the packaging. This small tube packs a punch. If it is not large enough you also have the option to buy the lodge a 6 ounce one. This is a leather cleaner conditioner and polish your cream. It is designed to reduce the night any sofa that is drying out. It works by penetrating the pause of the leather and moistening it from the inside. That is where the conditioning comes into play.

Not only can use it on leather furniture. It can also be used on leather car seats, leather shoes, wallets, bags and much more. what sets this cream apart from other conditioner is the fact that it is backed by 8 generations of the tannery experience. Beyond rejuvenating dried out leather you can also use it for cleaning or polishing your leather. It provides your products with that polished finish that we all like. You may want to be aware of the fact that light leathers may be left slightly darker in shade when you use this product on them. That is not necessarily a bad thing. It’s just worth knowing what you’re getting yourself into.


  • The tube makes for ease of application.
  • It has a lovely smell to it.
  • Can be used on all sorts of leather products.
  • It is reasonably priced.


  • Still to establish how long its effects last.


Hide Bracer Leather Cleaner Conditioner

This is a conditioner that takes leather upkeep back to its roots. This is a time when leather used to be maintained through soap and groundwater. The mirror is contained within this water did a great job of treating the leather. Today such water is not as easy to find. It certainly is not the sort of water that comes out of our taps. By making use of the hide bracer leather cleaner conditioner you will be able to extend the life of your leather products. It works to prevent the leather from developing adult colour, becoming dry and cracking.

If by the time you buy this your leather is already in a terrible condition using this product will work to rejuvenate it. There is a very delicate pH which is suitable for leather treatment in this product. One of the beauties of it is how simple the treatment is. There are no limitations when it comes to the products on which you can use this conditioner on. You can use it to condition leather furniture, shoes, gloves, bags, sandals and so on. Whatever let the product you have this hide bracer condition a cleaner will provide you with a great service. The manufacturers have been working with leather for close to 3 decades. I would say that is plenty of experience to provide you with a high-quality product.

Finally, you will also be pleased to find that this Hide Brance is effective at reflecting home for UV rays away from your leather. These are the reasons that usually lead to dull-looking leather. Once used, and if used regularly this product to ensure that your leather looks great for years to come. This is a product that is developed in the US.


  • It is a product developed in the USA.
  • It is very easy to use.
  • It provides UV protection to your leather.
  • Can be used on all sorts of leather products.
  • Does a great job in the cleaning process as well.
  • It does not leave a residue.


  • Requires caution when used on light coloured products.
  • Longevity is still to be verified.


Leather Hero Color Restorer Complete Repair Kit

If you want to throw the proverbial kitchen sink at your letter product this is the set to do it with. This is the leather hero colour restorer complete repair kit. It comes with something to re-finish recolour renew your leather. Each of the 4 m works to create a perfect blend on top of leather dad has started to look rough tap. 

They are several colours that you can choose from. This is the sort of versatility that allows you to pictures the right set for the colour of leather they are looking to treat. The common problems of leather becoming too dark after using one of these conditioners is alleviated by being able to choose the right colour for yourself. Each kid comes with a colour restorer a white restorer a form dauber brush the concentrated leather cleaner and a finisher. You also get a microfibre cloth as well as directions of how to use all these things.

This product is developed and manufactured in the US. You will be sure that it is a non-toxic product that you can use on also delay the project. You can clean it up with water after use. It does not cause any cracking on your leather material. Perhaps the best part is the fact that there is a money-back guarantee if you’re not happy with the product. The risk factor, in this case, would be if it were to damage your product money back will just not be enough.


  • This kit includes various items in it.
  • It comes with full instructions.
  • There is a dauber and a microfibre cloth included.
  • You can choose the product based on the colour of your leather.
  • It does not damage your leather.
  • There is a money-back guarantee.
  • This product is made in the US.
  • It is non-toxic.


  • Does not do much on leather that if too far gone.


Leather Refinish an Aid to Color Restorer Kit

We finish this set with another kid that is made in the US. This leather kit is provided to you with full instructions. Not that it could be that confusing to use it. They are two bottles that are provided one is a 2 ounce one and the second one is the forms one. The two rounds one comes with a concentrated cleaner conditioner. This is what you would use to start off the cleaning process for restoration. The second bottle is the rescue and repair kit. This is what you would use to treat faded and worn leather material. It leaves your liver with a polish looking finish.

All in all, this is quite an easy kids to use. You also be happy to know that it is non-toxic in fact you can clean it up with water after you’re done using it. there is no need to have specific clothing set aside for a time when you’re using this kit. It does not rub off onto clothing or leave any particularly nasty stains.

They are various sets that you could choose from. These are divided by the sort of the colour of the leather they are looking to treat. This is always a good thing it. It ensures that you get the right shade for your leather. It means that they are fewer chances of discolouration or darkening of colour during the treatment process. The sponge applicator those provided is such a touch of class.


  • It comes with a sponge applicator.
  • You get a complete set of instructions.
  • There are various colours to choose from.
  • It does not stain clothing.
  • It is very easy to use.
  • Gives a lovely, glossy finish.


  • Some users have reported issues with it being sticky dry.


Buyer’s Guide

Is coconut oil good for leather?

Coconut oil has great properties that are good for leather. In the same way, it revives your skin, coconut oil is great for rejuvenating leather as well as to buff out small scratches and fading. Use a dry cloth to work the coconut oil into the leather and then let it penetrate for 10 minutes. After this, you will want to wipe away any excess oil with a clean dry cloth.

Can you use baby wipes on leather sofas?

Several people tend to switch to leather couches when they have children. This is because they are easy to clean and wipe down any spills or accidents. Since they are easy to clean you must use the right products on your couch. Using household products and even the seemingly harmless baby wipes can be very harmful to your leather couches. Baby wipes will break down the protective layer applied to the leather that helps it repel dirt and fluids and keeps it from drying out. Stay away from the wipes. Simply use a damp (not wet) cloth to remove any spills or stains. You need something with absolutely no chemicals. 

What is the best way to clean leather?

The rule of thumb with cleaning leather is to clean it regularly with a good leather cleaner and conditioner. You will want to use a soft cloth or microfiber cloth to remove dust. Then you can use a damp cloth and wipe it across moisturizing soap and lather. Do not rinse it, but rather buff the couch. When removing spots from leather, always test any cleaning method on an out-of-the-way spot first. If you have a few spots you would like to take care of then dip the tip of a cotton bud into some alcohol and rub the spot. You can remove ink this way. Leave it overnight and wipe it off with a damp cloth. 

Is vinegar OK for leather?

You can use vinegar to clean your leather couch and to keep the material supple. For example, if you would like to remove road salt from your couch, use 1 part water,1 part white vinegar. Take a cloth and dip into the solution, then blot over the leather lightly to remove the salt. This may have to be repeated several times to clean the entire surface. When you finish they should look almost like new. 

How do you moisturize leather?

You can moisturize the leather in different ways. You can use baby soap and vinegar. Add one tablespoon of natural baby soap and a few drops of vinegar to one quart of warm water. Dampen a cloth in the mixture, wring it out well and wipe down your couch. Allow the furniture to air dry when finished.

How do you make leather cleaner and conditioner?

You can make your leather cleaner using a quarter cup of olive oil, half a cup of vinegar and a spray bottle. Mix the two ingredients and shake the mixture well. Now you can spray the couch and wipe it down. If you want to scent it, then you can add a few drops of your favourite essential oil. 

Final Thoughts

Leather is a great material for couches and has continued to grow in popularity over the years. This is because of several different factors including how easy it is to clean and how durable it is. However, durability can be compromised when you use a cleaner that breaks the fabric down. We have reviewed the top leather cleaners on the market and we hope this will help you find the one that suits you best. Happy shopping!

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