How to Reupholster a Settee

Reupholstering a settee Tools to use Pliers. Regular and spring-loaded needle-nose. These will help to pull out the more challenging staples and nails. Upholstery staple remover. This tool will be helpful to remove the upholstery staples. An empty container to collect the nails. This container will help prevent you from accidentally losing any of the … Read more

How Can I Restore My Leather Sofa Naturally?

Many people are on the lookout for products that use natural means to restore their leather surface. Natural leather restoration products can be made from ingredients such as neatsfoot, beeswax, or aloe. This article will look at the best options that you can consider to restore your leather sofa naturally. Have you tried one of … Read more

Can Baking Soda Clean Fabric Sofas?

Are you wondering if a simple baking ingredient like baking soda can clean your fabric sofa? Many couch owners want a straightforward method to clean their sofa. Baking soda has high acidic quantities that mirror even those of vinegar, which is why it can be effective in cleaning fabric sofas. These sofas are notorious for … Read more