How to clean a cloth office chair

How to clean a fabric chair Water-Based Solution Method: Use the brush attachment for the vacuum and remove any debris from the chair. Be consistent in your movement and move slowly until your cover the whole surface. We are using a natural water-based solution to help preserve the fabric. This mixture will combine six tablespoons … Read more

How to choose a comfortable office chair

How to find the right office chair? Adjustability Choosing the correct level of adjustability that you require will be important in your journey to find the right office chair. Certain chairs have a limited stroke range, and this means that if you are too short or too tall, you may not be able to achieve … Read more

Can office chairs be regassed?

Can you regas office chairs? Yes, it is possible to regas your office chair after using it for an extended period. The procedure involves replacing the gas cylinder appropriately. This action will help reset it and negate any of the current defects. It is also important to service your gas chambers well to prevent safety … Read more

IKEA Accent Chair Reviews

No need to worry about your couch looking raggedy all of the time. We’ve done all of the legwork for you and handpicked the highest rated and best selling IKEA Accent Chairs to help you find the perfect piece for your living room. STRANDMON $229 Made from a combination of plywood and polyurethane, this chair … Read more

Best Desk Chair for Back Support

Considering getting the best desk chair for back support? Then follow through with this guide, and by the end of it, you’ll have a list of your own to choose from. I’m sure that makes it rather easy right? Back support is crucial for any office or desk chair. Because people spend hours in them, … Read more

Best Chairs for Upper Back Pain

Are you considering getting the best chair for upper back pain? Well here we have a list with some great options that may be able to suit your every need and help you with your back. Upper back pain can result from many things, including straining yourself while working. Or even maintaining the wrong posture … Read more

Best Office Chair for Tailbone pain

Considering getting the best office chair for tailbone pain? Well, you’re on the right track then. Getting standard office chairs may be a good plot and plan since those suit everyone. For someone with tailbone pain, it is best to get something that is adjustable. Get a chair that you can change to suit your … Read more