Best furniture stores CT

So are you looking for the best furniture store in CT, well look no further because what I have here for you is a list of some of the best furniture stores in CT that will impress you and blow your mind out. So are you ready for this journey because it is going to change your life and change your home as well. 

Be prepared to know not only the best stores but way to get the best deals in furniture and I mean quality furniture, not that furniture that will disappoint you in not less than a year. So let’s look at some of the stores that we have here in CT and I’m sure it will help you decide on the furniture you want and where to get it. 

Ashley HomeStore

Ashley HomeStore is committed to being your trusted partner and style leader for the home. As we all know Ashley Homestore is actually popular worldwide for its amazing services in providing the best furniture out there. Well here they are, here at your doorstep what are you waiting for? 

The commitment it has to serve its customers has made Ashley HomeStore the best furniture retailer in North America with more than 1000 locations worldwide.

No matter which Ashley HomeStore location you visit, you’ll find stylish, quality furniture that’s just right for any room in your home. That includes many of the top mattress and comfortable pads. 

Ashley Sleep is one that offers superior comfort without the premium price tag. In fact, every Ashley Sleep mattress is subject to more than 200 quality control tests because a great mattress makes a difference in your quality of sleep and even your quality of life. 

Your home is more than a house. It’s the daily moments and experiences you share that make it uniquely you. At Ashley HomeStore they celebrate being home with you.

Their locally owned and operated Ashley HomeStores are passionate about bringing their customers the best value in furniture and mattresses for their homes. So, why not give it a try it definitely deserves one. 

The Rustic Barn

This store here will help you to achieve your dream home. The Rustic Barn, Killingworth, CT

Perhaps your ideal interior design style is a contemporary rustic look. The Rustic Barn offers exactly this style with dining tables and benches, accent tables, and decor. 

Each item is handcrafted to your specifications and is constructed from reclaimed barn wood that has been sourced from throughout New England. Because each piece of sourced wood is different, no two pieces are alike, with unique characteristics resulting from the past life of that specific piece of wood. 

Furniture crafted by the Rustic Barn certainly brings a warm feeling and history into your home. fulfill your Home Décor wishes and desires. You can even check out their unique, stylish and quality furniture range.

Plus the team there is constantly updating their inventory so best believe you will get the best and most modern trending furniture. They are always the best and they will be offering you the latest looks in home furniture fashions at great prices. 

Fairhaven Furniture, New Haven

You will surely “fall in love with furniture” here, and there’s no wonder why when there are bright designs and well-made furnishings. With designs pulling from all types of styles, you can expect the best of the best when it comes to customer designs, quality, and service. 

Basically, they offer good, better, and best mattresses by quality brand names to match any budget. When you visit this store you will find that you won’t actually know where to start, let the interior designers on-site help you with your quest to have a unique and luxurious home. 

It’s a fascinating shop and you will actually be enthralled by their expertise. Their selection of rugs, lighting, accessories offers the perfect complement to your pieces of furniture.

It’s time to make your house a home! While on that note, if you are a stylish person then trust me when I tell you that this shop will help you find exactly what you are looking for. So go and give it a try and you will see that it is exactly what you need to get that start-up style in your home. 

Universal Hotel Liquidators

So let’s say you are looking for inexpensive and cheap furniture in New Haven, Connecticut. You could be a college student or you just recently moved out and you are still trying to find your balance.

Well, here we are. I have brought to you the best choice you have in buying your furniture. These guys have a great resource in Universal Hotel Liquidators. 

The company was founded in 1999 and it has a 75,000-square-foot warehouse in New Haven that is operated like an old-fashioned factory outlet. They basically have thousands of pieces of hotel liquidation items bought when upscale hotels renovate, redecorate, or close. So it’s like going to a sale of some of the best furniture sets out there. 

You could probably be thinking like most of these guys probably gave away some old furniture and it wouldn’t last a year, might I remind you that no hotel would buy cheap furniture. So trust me, it’s all good. So this is how they work, with their fleet of 10 trucks and 75 employees, Universal Hotel Liquidators buys the hotels’ liquidated assets and stores them in their warehouse. 

They then offer them to the consumers at cheap discount prices. You will find that the furniture ranges from complete bedroom sets, paintings, desks to televisions, lamps, mirrors, and office furniture.

Whatever you want for your home you will probably find it with these guys. Located at 855 Boston Post Rd 855 Boston Post Rd, West Haven, CT 06516 these guys are definitely worth the try. 

Final thoughts 

Well, now that we are done I guess now you know what I was talking about. I know that there are a lot more shops in Connecticut but I just decided to give you a rundown on only the best because I want the best for you and I know you want the best for yourself.

So go through the stores and I’m sure that one day you will have the courage to go and visit the store and finally get exactly what you want, enjoy. We have also written a post on the Best furniture stores in Atlanta.

Best furniture stores Charlotte NC

Charlotte is a beautiful name, just as beautiful as the place itself. Are you looking to move here and you’re wondering if you will find any furniture store that will be worth your money? Well think again, I am here to show you some of the best well-known furniture stores that will probably leave a hard knock impression on you. 

Charlotte NC is a beautiful area in the United States, and if you are moving there let me give you a word of push. Your life will never be the same again. It will only be better and greater.

Now back to furniture talk. You are probably wondering how you are going to refurbish your home there or maybe you actually want to start from zero. Well, let me tell you something here. Charlotte has some of the best furniture stores. Best of most of them are branches of furniture stores that are known worldwide. 

So if you are here wondering the best move to make, worry not. If you don’t trust me well enough look them up they are known nationwide, in fact worldwide as the best stores out there. 

Cotswold Marketplace

Cotswold Marketplace should be deemed the go-to spot if you are looking to buy furniture in Charlotte. So let me start again. For all your furniture and home decor please be sure to visit Cotswold Marketplace. They feature over 50 merchants in their 8,000 square foot space. So that gives you a wider variety of furniture to choose from. 

Ranging from different brands to different styles I am certain you will find exactly what you are looking for even if it is the rarest type of furniture out there. This retail design center is a favorite among Charlotte interior designers, so trust me, in fact, you should already know that it’s the real deal. Plus a bonus is that they are pet friendly so take your dog with you. 

Located At 200 N. Sharon Amity Road this beautiful store offers contemporary, transitional, and mid-century products from top-notch makers, and its inventory includes fabric sectionals, headboards, wooden storage units, outdoor conversation sets, and lighting systems. 

This store sells everything and anything that will definitely fit into your home and give it an amazing style. Their trading hours are as follows from Monday-Saturday 10 am-5 pm. So make a date with your pet and visit them and see what they have to offer and what they can do for you. 

View their website


Ikea is one of the most affordable furniture shops known worldwide and as it turns out they are beginning to become popular by each day. This is one shop that makes it possible for you to furnish and refurbish your home within the desired price range. 

It is the shop that makes anything possible so buckle up because I am about to take you through a wild ride. With Ikea, you will find that some of the best and well-known designers such as Lori Dennis throw an Ikea piece in the mix when designing an interior. 

You will also be pleased to know that each furniture piece from a set series that Ikea sells is designed by a different designer making all their products unique and beautiful. you’re looking for high quality, heirloom furniture.

Ikea i is a brand name. You will not be disappointed with the furniture you buy here. Though it’s mostly small. You can buy unfinished furniture, or even mix and match parts to create your own customized furniture. 

They come with, rugs, lighting, bedding, textiles, and accessories that are also available to complement any furniture purchase. There are also plenty of efficient storage solutions for the entire home. So if you want to work with a tight budget then visit Ikea and trust me you will be far from disappointed. 

View their website

Value City Furniture

Located 9527 South Boulevard in Charlotte, NC 28273 is this amazing furniture store known as Value city furniture, and just like its name, I should say the furniture is definitely valuable. My advice is to visit Value City Furniture for quality furniture for your living room, dining room, bedroom, home office, entertainment areas, and even your kids’ rooms. 

If you don’t want furniture alone you can also find in Value city some accessories and accent pieces that you will find very attractive and you will find them fit and suit for every room that I mentioned above. The store is basically located in South Boulevard in the Carolina Pavilion shopping center next to Target. 

The best part is if you don’t actually feel like going there in flesh you can go there virtually. You can shop online or stop by and they will still offer you the same services to help you furnish the home of your dreams.

They offer different services such as Pick-up, Delivery, and Financing. I have to say that they really are the best and they do have an abundance of affordable set picks that can last you a season or two. 

View their website


One of the most attractive things about Macy’s furniture store is that you can find something for every room in the house. If you’re hunting for a certain furnishing trend, you’ll find the latest pieces at Macy’s. If you are looking for apartment furniture for small spaces well then you will also find it there. 

Just because you have a small space to fill up doesn’t mean that you have to scale down on style and Macy has been the exemplary store to prove that. They believe that you can scale down the size but upgrade style with furniture such as a space-saving daybed, kitchen table, or apartment sofa. If you are on the lookout for leather or even mirrored furniture Macy’s store has it all. 

When it comes to style be it traditional, transitional, and modern furniture, Macy’s has something for every taste. They help you make a home at your own pace and with your own style. So if you are planning to go there they are located at 6845 Northlake Mall Dr, Charlotte, NC!

View their website

Final thoughts

Well, these aren’t the only furniture stores that you will find out there. The list goes on and on but I just wanted to give a quick tip on the best out there. I know you will find the best of what you want in one of these stores and trust me you will not regret it. 

So buckle up and enjoy the trip. Make sure to make a thorough decision and don’t rush yourself. You could end up using your money on something than seeing a better piece later on. Enjoy your shopping!

Best furniture stores Cincinnati: Our 3 Favourites

Looking for the best furniture stores in Cincinnati, then let me show you what this beautiful place has in store for you. Whether you are on the move or you want to relocate to this beautiful area and start afresh Cincinnati has some of the best well-known Furniture stores and trust me when I say that whatever you are looking for you will find it. 

Small or big, bright, or dull these furniture stores will give you all of it. Today I am not going to look at the best furniture stores in terms of popularity. Let’s switch things up and look at the best furniture stores in terms of pricing, quality, and customer service as well as local reputation. 

You’ll be surprised to find that these three stores I am about to tell you about have more to offer than any other that you know off. 

Cincinnati Overstock

Let’s say you are in a rush to buy whatever you need and you really just want to get it done. Well, they have made it possible and can continue to make it possible for you. If you need a good amount of furniture in a very short time frame then maybe you should consider visiting these guys because trust me they can get it done. 

You can be there for like an hour and a half and still manage to furnish your whole house no matter how big it is. I know it all seems impossible but nothing is impossible if you have great staff and a wide variety of furniture that your customers can choose from which is exactly what these guys have. You can order online and go there personally and their staff will help you with whatever you need. 

They have a great selection of furniture starting from bedding, kitchen sets and the best in their living room sets. You can even get yourself a mattress if you want, I mean who will judge you. 

It is one store where you can purchase a full bedroom set online for as little as $1100 or $550 if you are lucky. The sales reps have an amazing reputation because they are knowledgeable and can even make great suggestions for you. Their entire staff is friendly, kind, and precise and you can find them open on Mondays to Fridays from 11 am till 7 pm. 

Visit their website

Bargains and Buyouts 

In association with brands such as Ashleyhome, overstock, Wayfair, and many other reliable furniture this store is definitely not one of the stores you would want to miss out on. You don’t need to break open a piggy bank in order to get the perfect furniture for your house, office, clubhouse, or any other space you may be shopping for.  

Not only is their furniture affordable and reasonably priced, but they also have great financing options, regardless of your credit score. Their main aim is that they want to help you furnish your space in a way that brings you joy and comfort.

You choose what you want, they help you get it. You tell them what you need and they find a way to make and meet those needs. 

They actually want you to come with your own vision even just an inkling and you’ll see that their friendly team will be able to help you find the perfect furniture or decor pieces at an affordable price to bring your dream aesthetic to an amazing reality. They actually help you build your dream into reality so why wait when you can go there now. 

They have one of the largest furniture selections in Ohio, which is why so many love them. You’ll find high-quality furniture at a reasonable price in a variety of styles to furnish any space that you’re shopping for.

So visit them at Western Hills 5150 Glencrossing Way, Cincinnati, OH 45238, Trading Hours: Monday – Friday: 10 am-8:30 pm, Saturday: 10 am-8 pm, Sunday: 11 am-6 pm. 

Visit their website

Algin furniture

Algin Furniture store is one of the best furniture stores located in the heart of Downtown Cincinnati. They serve the Cincinnati area and have been serving it since 1966 with office and home furnishings for over 50 years now. Algin Furniture started out as Elgin Typewriter Co that specialized in selling typewriters & guns but that all changed and now they are one of the most competitive furniture stores in Cincinnati. 

They have 7 floors of furniture at Algin Office that carry in the new & used home and office furniture, as well as vintage Mid Century Modern furniture. You can go and tour their 7 floors of furniture, and trust me you will not regret it because well you never know what you’ll find. 

Algin Furniture also is known as Algin Retro Furniture is located on the corner of 8th and Main and it carries a large variety of custom sofas and chairs, as well as dining room furniture, Mid Century Modern reproductions, upcycled items, and local art. 

They don’t just sell furniture but they play a role in uplifting artists locally and helping them get a brand in society as well and if that doesn’t already earn them points then I don’t know what will. 

Anyways besides them just having a great social record, they sell some of the best quality furniture and at very affordable prices. Their staff has to be some of the friendliest and have experienced so if you are unsure about a certain brand you may as well ask and get help. 

Visit their website

Final thoughts 

Well I figure after such a review you will think that’s these are the only stores in Cincinnati but no. What we have here is a list of the best stores worldwide. If you think I’m lying you can look it up. They have the best customer reviews and the best part is that they have branches all over.

So look and check them out, let’s see if you’ll ever be disappointed again. These shops deserve the highlight. Not only have they gotten a good rating for the products they provide but their services are top-notch and the way they address their customers just sets them apart from all the other furniture stores

Flottebo Sleeper Sofa

Let’s talk new and innovative which is exactly what this sleeper is. The design is a bit unusual but I blame it on my unimaginative mind. What we have here is a new look, on something we already know off. Who knew you could design a sleeper sofa in a completely different way. 

Anyways what won’t change is that with this sleeper you manage to watch movies or talk to a friend you can even read a book or take a break with the family, email, or sleep.

This sleeper here creates a space for everything in your life. Coming through with moveable cushions this Vissle purple sleeper sofa makes your room comfy and it is the perfect piece for sitting on and lying down.

This sofa is comfortable regardless if you want to sit, lean back, or lie down. It comes with a side table but those are sold separately and are optional. The loose back cushions make it easy to adjust the seat depth and back support. 

You get support in the right places with the help of individually wrapped pocket springs that work independently and closely follow your body. The sofa quickly and easily transforms into a comfortable and spacious bed, all you need to do is remove the cushions. The large storage space under the seat has plenty of room for things like bedding. 


  • Can easily transform into a bed and a sofa
  • Is very comfortable and suitable for large spaces 
  • Has a unique design
  • Can be rearranged in different ways


  • The material used is not waterproof or stain resistant 
  • The design is quite specific hence cannot cut across design lines


As I have stated before, the design is a bit peculiar but again I blame that on my lack of imaginative skills. The sleeper has a  unique and non-traditional design line that is balanced by its decorative cushions. 

Sadly it cannot cut across any transitional lines so it’s best suited for modern and futuristic decors. An achromatic accent would make this sleeper come to life in the most attractive way so I suggest a neutral background if you want to make it work with this sleeper. 

One of the things I believe you’d like most about this sofa is the versatile cushion and the fact that they can be placed anywhere depending on the situation. It generally looks pretty good for a sofa and could easily pass off as a designer. I applaud the design in being ever so minimalist with subtle details. 


Flottebo comes in two common sizes, we have the 90cm and 120 cm. With a width of 200cm, I would say that this piece of furniture won’t be the most ideal one for a small room. So let’s say it is not ideal for small spaces like studio apartments, or those startup rooms.  

It might not be the most practical in terms of space. However, it could be the perfect addition for offices or large studios as it does seem like a nice waiting room couch. The best part about this sofa is that if you place it in the middle and you have a waiting room couch for 6-8 people. 

Place them on the edge and it’s a giant movie lounge, so literally you can make it into anything to suit your space. This Vissle purple sleeper stands at the following measurements; Height including back cushions: 31 1/8 “, Width: 78 3/4 “, Depth: 47 1/4 “, Seat depth: 36 1/4 “, Seat height: 18 1/8 “, Bed width: 47 1/4 “, Bed length: 78 3/4 “.


I like the fact that with this sofa you can sleep, sit or even lindown and the amount of comfort you feel is still the same all around. Now the interesting bit is that at first glance the cushions may seem to be a bit uncomfortable and stiff. 

But once you take an all for the team and actually take time out, you’ll find that the sleeper is super comfortable in and out and that you should definitely stop judging a book by its cover. So you can easily lean on them comfortably while being engrossed in a movie on a lazy Sunday afternoon. The Polyurethane foam of the mattress makes it fairly comfortable after all.


When it comes to durability I know for a fact that Ikea can never fail you. This sofa bed will last you a long time and will definitely set things out for you. The materials used in its construction help keep it sturdy and strong and allow it to endure the heaviest of use. 

The sofa frame is made from molded layer-glued wood veneer and adhesive resin as a coating. You will find the mattress filled with polyurethane foam 2.0 lb/cu.ft with the wadding being 65 % viscose, 30 % polyester, 5 % modacrylic. The fabric upholstery is non-woven polypropylene with a pocket spring unit of steel. At this rate, everything used on this sofa should last you more than ten years. 


This uniquely designed sleeper will cost you just about $499.00. If you are on a tight budget of course you could either decide to save up on more or go for another choice right. However, this sleeper is a tad bit pricey. 

I mean the design is unique, it does have some semantics that one would love in their home, and the fact that it is dual functional just sets a nail where it is supposed to be. I feel however that to some extent, for a sleeper the price is slightly high but with all leading factors, the price may be the best suit for this ‘designer’ sleeper.


If you are wondering whether to buy this sofa or not, the final choice is really up to you. I would recommend this sleeper if you have a beautiful home with futuristic decor and you want to add something more decorative. 

I would also recommend this sleeper if you feel like you have a larger than you want to fill up. At the same time if you have a studio apartment or you just recently moved I would advise you to start with necessary pieces. This piece here is more of a luxury sofa.

IKEA Kivik Sectional Sofa Review

Are you looking for an exquisite sectional sofa? Then you’re in the right place because what I’m about to show you is this beautiful Kivik sectional sofa that will bring amazing change to your home and offer you a generous sitting space in your home. 

This sofa will not only bring a new shine to your home but will also change so many things in your home. I’m talking about bringing a new shine to your house and giving style to make things so much better than what they already are. So follow through with me through this journey and see what this sofa has in store for you. 

This sofa is a generous and comfortable sofa that comes with a soft, deep seat and comfortable support for your back. The seat cushions come with a top layer of memory foam that moulds to the precise contours of your body and regains its shape when you get up. Meaning that this shape will definitely not lose shape at any cost no matter how big or heavy one person can become this sofa will definitely stay in shape at all costs.  


  • Is a comfortable piece of furniture 
  • Comes with generous sitting space 
  • It comes with a 10-year guarantee
  • Is easy to clean and maintain 


  • Is not waterproof or stain resistant


Let’s talk about the modern setting you have in your home. This sofa expands through so many lines cutting across traditional, modern, and contemporary lines of design and style and will definitely sit well in your home and blend in with any light that you have available. 

This sofa comes in 5 different colors, we have loud colors such as maroon that will definitely brighten up any room and change so many things in any room. At the same time, we have subtle colors such as yellow and the likes that will definitely make your room more sophisticated and quiet down. 

The chroma grey color will blend in with anything at all and will set your room to a different dimension definitely. So when it comes to aesthetics this sofa will definitely be pleasing to the eye as well as pleasing to the mind. Creating a cushion for you that will definitely fix so many things for you. 


So with this kivik sectional you can cuddle up in the soft comfort of this generously sized sofa. With its design, low armrests, and memory foam that adapts to the contours of your body it’s capable of inviting many hours of naps, socialising and relaxation. 

The best part about this sofa is that you can place the chaise longue section to the left or right of the sofa, and switch whenever you like meaning you get to create any design you want in your lounge. Plus it comes with a 10-year guarantee so no worries. 

It is generally a big sofa that will fill up a lot of space in the house. So if you have a small space this sofa may not be the best idea for you. A the same time if you have a large tv room and you really want to chill with your friends or just play games with your mates I think this could be a winner.


We have the back and seat frame made from fibreboard, plywood, Non-woven polypropylene, Solid wood, Particleboard, and Polyurethane foam. The seat cushions are made with highly resilient polyurethane foam and polyester wadding.

The Back cushion comes to you filled with polyester fibre balls. Looking at the frame of the sofa we have the leg being made from Polypropylene plastic and the retarding fire-liner being made from 100% cotton. 


If you are looking for a sofa that will last you a lifetime then this sofa is definitely it. The linen covering is non-woven polypropylene. How could we not mention the Zig-zag springs made from steel with metal parts to make them stronger than you think. 

So you can imagine the amount of comfort that this sofa will bring. The soft, comfortable, and firm feel that it has will definitely be what you need in your home. All in all its an easy maintenance sofa that will not cause problems.


If you are on a low budget then this sectional may not be your best choice. However, it goes for a minimum of €1 280 which makes it even better because now you know that once you buy it it will all be to your money’s worth.

If you love the comfort and you are a dear fan of good spots in your home then I believe and think that this sofa should be yours and you would not regret letting out a single cent. 

What I love most about this sofa is its ability to blend in with any home and its modest look. You won’t even think that it’s that expensive but at the same time the quality of the framing and its construction all say the same. If you love expensive looks then this sofa is definitely not for you but if you like getting a furniture piece that plays the part then this sofa is it. 


Would I buy this sofa? Definitely, if course I would, why wouldn’t I? I’m already planning on it. From the quality to the pricing I think both terminals tell a good story about this sofa. With washable covers I think having it in any home would be a blessing in terms of looks, comfort, and durability. So definitely why not go for this sofa. 

It has to be one of the strongest and most reliable sofas out there. With a 10 year guarantee, what else could you be missing from this package? Though I have to say assembly will require more than a single pair of hands it shouldn’t take you more than an hour to set the whole thing up. So enjoy your shopping and have fun

IKEA Farlov Sofa Review

This is your best friend for movie nights and also the room’s centre of attention. They clearly tried to think of everything you could ever need when relaxing when they made this sofa. 

From the spacious comfortable seat cushion to the rounded armrests and soft covers this sofa will definitely be the new best friend. 

It comes with pocket springs that follow your body, the top layer of fibre balls and the soft, embracing feeling makes the sofa inviting and comfortable to relax in, for as long as you like.

The tall legs in solid wood make it easy to vacuum or reach toys and other things hiding under the sofa. It has yarn-dyed fabric with natural hints of flax that give the cover a texture that both looks and feels crisp. 

It’s the perfect addition to any household. Its white color is very neutral and calm giving it the ability to blend in and fit in with the rest of your furniture pieces. Its overall view is a rectangular shape with cornered ends giving it both the classic elegance you will love as well as the chic simplicity to blend in with literally anything. 

This could be your best contender yet but before we come to that conclusion lets just see what else this lovely sofa has to offer.


  • Is very comfortable 
  • Can seat more than two people even though it is a two-seater
  • Has an elegant look and style


  • Can easily be stained
  • Is not waterproof


It comes in various colors ranging from caramel, white and three other colors that are black and beige, so you may as well pick the one that goes along with your own style and one that will suit your interior quite well.

It is a sofa suitable for the living room especially in small-apartments or studio apartments, but it would also add a chic look in your study or in the hallway. 

However, if you really want to bring out its true value, this would make a perfect addition to your bedroom. It’s generally a long sofa and can manage to accommodate up to 3 people or more depending on the sitting arrangements. If you want, you can make it a bed for yourself and take those long slumbers while your favorite movie is showing on the TV. 


You have to know the appropriate size for the room it’s intended for, the colors that will blend with space, you also have to be very specific on the quality of material you need, the durability (groans) it’s such a stressful task, like high school all over again. 

The decision you make will have a long-term effect, now I don’t mean to scare you but imagine walking into a room every day for the next 25 years and looking at that one mistake you made all because you didn’t take your time in thinking it through. 

So this sofa comes at the following measurements: Height including back cushions: 88 cm, with the Width: 218 cm and the Depth: 106 cm, Free height under furniture: 15 cm, Armrest height: 61 cm, Seat width: 191 cm, Seat depth: 64 cm, Seat height: 48 cm


Let’s talk about comfort which is exactly what this sofa has in offer for you. But the question is how much this sofa can give you and what it was made from initially. So looking at the sofa it was made from Particleboard, Plywood, Fibreboard, Solid wood, Polyurethane foam, and Polyester wadding. All this is the overall view you get. 

The legs are made from solid beech, stain, and clear lacquer. The frame is a three-seat sofa that also has Particleboard, Plywood, Fibreboard, Solid wood, Polyester wadding, Polyurethane foam. The Seat cushions have Felt liner, Polyester wadding, Polyester fibre balls, Polyurethane foam plus Highly resilient polyurethane foam also known as cold foam. 

The back cushions are polyester wadding and fibre balls that also come with springs. Such a sofa will give you more than the subtle art of comfort. If you sit on this sofa I bet you won’t want to stand up. 


This Farlov sofa has a wooden frame that is covered in luxurious upholstery. It’s a very comfortable feel, be it you want to sit, lounge, or take a nap or even sleep to the fullest. Being made from premium resources I should tell that this sofa will probably last longer than you. 

Made from durable materials plus a 10-year guarantee should definitely show you how strong it is and how confident the manufacturers are with their sofa. So yes definitely this sofa is durable and can never fail you.


It’s basically a multi-functional settee that is suitable for normal sitting, reading, watching TV, and for taking your regular afternoon siestas. It comes with an ergonomic design in which it is upholstered, with sponge coating and linen covering. 

For the price it holds, this 2-seater is a grab, it’ll make for an incredible addition to your interior, it will last you long and the fact that it doesn’t sit directly on the floor makes it an even better piece if you’re serious about cleaning. 

So if you’re looking for something that will add style and comfort to your home, something that looks expensive will have a simple classy style, then you should definitely go for this sofa. 


If you’re looking for something classic with a plush of tradition and a pinch of modern then this sofa here is for you. It’s the perfect sofa for families who enjoy sitting together or if you are a fan of having friends over and bonding. 

Plus the comfort is definitely worth it so I say give it a go. You can’t regret such a sofa. So I am going to leave you to make that choice but as you can see such a sofa is not only high quality but also its strong and very cozy. Be sure to check out our Klippan Sofa Review.

3 of the very best outdoor furniture brands

best outdoor furniture brands

One of the hardest things for any furniture store is creating a brand existence. One that will actually become a common name worldwide. There are so many stores out there so many designers who have failed to create this brand image and that’s why it seems as if there are multiple designers that we know nothing about. 

Well, today we are going to be checking some of the best Brand names for outdoor furniture. When you hear rattan the first thing that pops into your head is Outdoor right! Well, next time you hear any of the designers below you should be able to think of the best and luxurious forms of relaxing. 

The brands we are going to be looking at today are the best out there. The harder to pronounce the better it is. So let’s see what we have. 

Best brands out there


This designer here has been inspired by nature. ‘Crafted for people’ is the mantra used behind closed doors for this designer’s branding. Mantra is the driving force behind every Oasiq design. 

Aesthetics, nature, and beauty not forgetting symmetry have all played a part and have been found in nature. They are often attributed to the alluring qualities of the Oasiq designer which reinforces this natural form with simply elegant outdoor furniture that contributes to the feeling of well-being and connects people to the beauty of their surroundings. 

So if you enjoy a luxurious setting in your backyard or garden then this is it. Oasiq combines traditional craftsmanship with state-of-the-art technology to create premium outdoor furniture that satisfies even the most discerning customer. 

The Belgian designer produces everything in house and ensures that there is great attention to detail on every cut of steel, joint of teak, hand-weave of synthetic wicker, and powder-coated finish. 

Which will obviously attract your aesthetic mind and eye? Their commitment to excellence can be traced back to their development of fine leathers, sturdy metal components, and durable textiles for equestrian sports. 

Oasiq collections have helped create harmonious settings in gardens, on terraces, and beachfront decks worldwide. So what I can say about this is that if you are looking for something that will attract the mind and eye and give you a peaceful moment that is filled with relaxation and luxury then this is definitely it. 

Brown Jordan

Brown Jordan is consistently recognized as one of the premier manufacturers of outdoor furnishings. Every outdoor piece of furniture tells a unique story of talent and innovation. An object, a style, or a landscape can become a powerful source of inspiration for the designer. 

Their iconic award-winning designs combine their innovative modern ideas with premium materials and traditional production techniques to create high-end patio furniture.

Each hand-made cast aluminum table and chair undergoes a rigorous finishing process to ensure that they not only look beautiful but can withstand the elements for years to come. 

Brown Jordan has a wide variety of styles and product categories from which you can furnish your deck, poolside or garden. So if you are looking for something that will definitely set your outdoors from every other outside yard then this is definitely the one you need. 

Brown Jordan has a homely look and feel that will fit right in with everything. Giving you that relaxing feel that we all want when we are in touch with our natural side. Connect and meditate in a beautiful Brown Jordan and see why this brand has made it on the list of one of the best. 


If you’re looking for luxury indoor-outdoor furniture that is durable, Sifas is the brand for you. With contemporary designs that have achieved international acclaim for their ingenuity in blending form and function. 

Their collections are among the most expensive on the market, but they use the finest materials and modern manufacturing processes and back them with an unprecedented 10-year warranty. 

With ingenuity and modularity, I have to say this brand definitely deserves to be at the top of all brands out there. Each piece of high-end patio furniture is crafted from lacquered aluminum, marine-grade stainless steel, tempered glass, and PVC coated polyester to ensure that it looks great with very little maintenance. 

You will find the sofas and lounge chairs are covered in colorfast Sunbrella fabric. Sifas is long-lasting, but it’s stylish too meaning that you not only get durability but style and decor as well. Why neglect the outdoors with shabby furniture when you can make your outdoors just as beautiful as your indoors? 

Agatha Ruiz De La Prada lent her unique colorful style to a special line of chairs and tables, and the Kwadra collection has won international awards for its contemporary eco-friendly design. 

With Ingenuity and modularity, you have definitely won yourself a resort in your own yard. Go big or go home, and this is doing it big at home. So what do you think? It should definitely win an award right?

Final Thoughts

Well there you have it nothing makes a home better than the right outdoor furniture and with these three brands, it’s exactly what you get. You get not only your money’s worth but more of a resort or recreational space in the comfort of your own home. It’s like creating your own little Hawaii in your backyard. 

Would you really pass up such a chance! Definitely not. These three brands have been the most popular but not the oldest there are other brands out there that deserve the title oldest, but for your modern outdoor patio furniture, these are definitely what you need.

So this is my time to leave you to ponder on these brands and check on them on your own and figure it out as well. What I know is that these brands are highly incapable of disappointing you. Placement is important. Here is a post that will help: Best Place for Patio Furniture.

They are the best for a reason and after long and thorough research they definitely made it on my list for a reason. So check them out and enjoy yourself!!

How Long Should a Couch Last?

Nobody will disagree when I say that the average life of a couch is very crucial while purchasing one. 

Moreover, none of us will be willing to buy a couch if its life expectancy is very short.

But did you ever wonder how long should a couch last?

Well, it depends on a lot of factors. The main one being how much money you’re willing to spend on it- on buying and maintenance.

Here is a quick overview on how long does a sofa last based on its actual cost:

  • Highly Expensive Couches ($2500 and above): 20+ Years
  • Expensive couches ($1500-$2000): 15-20 Years
  • Mid-range couches ($1000-$150): 10-15 Years
  • Lower midrange couches ($500-$1000): 5-10 Years
  • Inexpensive Couches (less than $500) : less than 5 Years

We will see what are the other factors that decides when you should replace a couch. 

Factors that Determine How Long Should a Couch Last

It may be hard to imagine anything other than your toothbrush or that packet of milk powder coming up with an expiry date.

Most of us will be shocked to know that even the couch in our home also have an expiry date.

While many agree with the average 7-15 years life for your couch, I have to tell you that it varies. So just because the couch you have bought has seventh birthday doesn’t mean you need to get a replacement as soon as possible.

Let’s look at the different factors which influence its expiry date:

  • Frame
  • Fabric
  • Seating support
  • Filling
  • Nature of use  

Factor 1 : The Frame

The saying ‘the first impression is not the best impression’ has never been more true! The quality of a sofa goes way beyond its appearance. And it all starts with its frame.

That’s right! The sturdier and more sound the frame, you can rest assured that yours’ is a good bargain.

The different types of material normally used are plywood, Softwood, and hardwood. The best bet is kiln-dried hardwood, as the process removes all moisture from the wood, which will help it to stay in shape and be sturdy for a long time.

Softwood can bend or break easily, while green wood and knotted wood are prone to more cracks. Be wary of plywood frames which do not have much layers to it. A  11 to 13 layer frame would be a best bet.

Finally, particle board frames are a strict no-no. Last but not the least, how the pieces are joined together also matters. The joints should be perfectly glued, dowelled and screwed, rather than being just stapled together.

Factor 2: The fabric

You may have probably heard a lot about leather on sofas because that is one of the most preferred and most durable. But it is not the only one! Some fabrics are expensive and well maintenance but have its own advantage.

If you are a beginner, let’s first go through the basics. Sofas come furnished in two kinds of fabrics-natural and synthetic.

We have linen, wool, cotton, silk and leather under the former category while polyester, Nylon, Olefin, Acrylic, and Vinyl fall into the latter.

 Wool and leather are the best natural fabrics to ensure a long lasting couch which is as resistant to staining, wrinkling, fading, and pilling. While cotton and linen are great choices, they are not as resistant to staining or wrinkling.

Polyester is the most commonly used when it comes to synthetic fabrics., mostly blended with other materials.

In case you are not that into sofa fabrics, it’s always easy to have a look at what the fabric of your couch is. Long story short, the more durable and more quality the fabric is, the more years it will stay in your living room.

Factor 3: Seating support

In fact, seating support and sofa fabric complements each other.  If you are someone who is looking at purchasing a good quality couch, this is one of the things along with the fabric which you will check most probably.

If you already have one, ask yourselves the following questions.

Does the couch support your weight? Does it get back to its old shape once you release any weight? Does the back support feel comfy enough?

The spring system gives you a better idea of the seating support. It could either be an S-type spring system or eight-way hand tied. If the support feels great, then you can expect a long lasting buy.

Factor 4: Cushion fillings

The quality of cushion filling goes beyond its ability to lull you to sleep! If you have already been reading everything on couches, you probably know that polyester, down, feather and foam are the most preferred filling materials.

 Foam is the best and most preferred stuffing you can use on cushions since they not just give you comfort but also a level of support.

You can expect that comfortable ‘sink in’ feeling with the other materials, but they are more high maintenance and require frequent fluffing and refilling.

Factor 5: The kind of use

You can’t expect something which is treatedmore like a trampoline by the kids and the dog to last more than seven years. Likewise, you can certainly expect a not so regularly used sofa to lastprobably eight years or more.

How to Make Your couch Last Longer?

You may just be new to sofa aesthetics, but that’s fine! You don’t need to be an expert or have the perfect couch to make yours last longer. With these easy-to-do maintenance tips, you can easily change even your mediocre quality couch into a longer lasting product!

a. Cleaning

b. Refilling the cushions

c. Flip’em often!

d. Checking the frames periodically

e. Painting

a. Cleaning your couch

If you are not cleaning your couch often, don’t expect it to be spick and span. Being the most prominent furniture in your living room means it gets not just loads of attention but also dust and dirt.

Vacuum and clean your couch thoroughly, at least once in 2 months. If you have a bunch of kids and a dog, then it’s best to make it more often.


  1. Use the upholstery attachment on the vacuum cleaner to suck up the dust and dirt from places you can’t reach.
  2. A lint roller or a bristle brush can help dislodge stubborn dirt, lint, hair or fur which is stuck to the sofa fabric.
  3. Last but not the least clean the exposed wooden or other parts of the sofa with a specific solution for it.

After you are done with the pre-cleaning, start with a fabric preconditioner, based on the fabric of your couch. You can find out what detergent you can use by simply checking the tag which comes with your couch

  1. (W):  use a water-based detergent with a steam vacuum
  2. (WS): you can use either a water-based detergent with a steam vacuum or a dry-cleaning detergent.
  3. (S):  use only a dry-cleaning detergent
  4. (O): Organic. Clean with cold water
  5. (X):  Just vacuum or bristle brush alone, or call a professional service for shampooing


Apply the solution on a rug and first dab it over a surface not easily seen.

Wait for some time and dab with a tissue to see if there is any discoloration.

 If not continue dabbing the rug on all portions of the sofa.


  • Prepare a mix of water-based solution and water
  • Apply it on a rug and test it on a surface as done previously
  • If there is no discoloration or damage, pour the fabric shampoo into a steam  vacuum
  • Apply the nozzle of the vacuum and move it across the sofa in a grid pattern, pressing the button which releases the shampoo
  • Releasing the button, move the vacuum across the sofa again, sucking any excess shampoo
  • Let the couch dry naturally

You could even get rid of any spots or stains on your sofa by using a dry-cleaning solution purchased online. Just apply it on a rug, test it first and continue dabbing it on the specific areas. It’s best to clean the stain as soon as a spill happens.

Once this is done, your couch should be squeaky clean!

b. Refilling the cushions

Sofa and seat cushions are key for comfort. But once you start sinking in too much, it’s time for action! You can choose your own stuffing- be it down, foam or cotton.

 But the best bet for a firm yet comfortable cushion seat is a blend of down and foam. Foam will keep it firm while the former will offer the comfort.

Remove the seat and back cushions

If you plan to refill the cushions with foam as well, take the width, length and height dimensions of the cushions. Cut the foam according to the measurements.

Open the zipper on the back of it.   

Insert the foam folded in half and add on top of the existing stuffing.

(Note: In case the earlier stuffing is completely damaged, replace it entirely with multiple stacks of foam folded in half. You can make it just foam or add down or cotton if you want.)

c. Flip the cushions!

Remember the familiar dent on the sofa from sitting too much on a particular sofa? If you don’t want that to happen, it is wise to flip the cushions often.

Doing so would help equalize pressure on all sides so that there’s nosagging. Ever thought of this earlier?

d. Check frames and springs

Doing so would help equalize pressure on all sides so that there’s nosagging. Ever thought of this earlier?Check frames andsprings

                      You ought to check the frames once in a while. You may not check it for years, only to find later that it has given away causing the ultimate break down. Now you have no other option than to replace your cozy old couch!

It’s better to be safe than sorry, right? Check the sofa frame for any signs of loose joints. If you feel the need, tighten up those screws.  Not just the frames, you need to be sure that the springs are still intact.

The more sturdy the frame and seat support, the more years added to your couch!

e. Painting

Last but not least, give it a makeover! It not only gives a breath of fresh air to your furniture but is also fun!

Maybe it’s already a few years old and the color has started to bore you. Suddenly, you want a brighter looking color. Or, it may be just that the sofa just looks a little dingy despite having a good structure.

In that case, giving it a color makeover is just the solution. Let’s see how.

  1. After you have decided on the couch to be painted, cover any exposed wooden parts you don’t want to paint by using painter’s/masking tape.
  2. Prepare the couch for painting. You can either vacuum or steam clean before painting
  3. Apply a deglazer or preparer on the sofa.
  4. Prepare the paint. You can either have a mix of exterior paint of your color with 16 ounces of fabric textile medium. You can also make your own chalk paint by mixing 1 cup latex paint, ¼ cup of calcium carbonate and 1/8 cup of water.
  5. Once the paint is ready, spray the sofa with water before painting.
  6. Start by applying paint on small sections of the sofa, one after the other. You can either use spray paint or use a brush to apply it evenly. Let the previous coat dry before adding on to the base coat of paint.
  7. Make sure that there are no clumps of paint stuck on the fabric by rubbing the sofa with a white towel.
  8. Top it up with a finisher, if required.

(Note: You need to make sure that there is enough ventilation and open space while working with paint)

When to Replace a Couch?

There are times when you have done all these steps and everything you can to add a few more years to your sofa, but nothing seems to work. Then the only way out is to buy a brand new one.

It may be a family heirloom or you may just not want to part with it. But there are certain warning signs which tell you it’s time to chuck it out:

  1. The sofa gives out a creaking sound everytime you sit on it
  2. You can feel the frame while sitting on it
  3. It feels shaky/ It looks ready to give away
  4. The fabric is torn beyond repair (No amount of painting or refilling can save it)
  5. It hurts your back

If this doesn’t feel like your couch, then no need to worry at all! Your sofa has many more years to go! You can use a few of the tips above to make it look even younger.

As said earlier, an average lifespan of a couch is 7 to 15 years. So, show some more love to your couch and it will last longer! Till then, happy lounging! What is the Best time of the year to buy furniture? Just follow that link to find out.

Revamp my Microfiber Couch

This is a quick tutorial on how to clean your microfiber couch I’ve had my couch for about three years. It’s a microfiber. It is a sectional chaise lounge and mastering ottoman it had a lot of sagging a lot of Waring’s hair. I’ve lost stains family who I don’t know if let people eat on my couch but like six fingers little one stuff like that.

So I needed to revamp it if you will um it was dirty and I was so scared to touch it I did not want to ruin it I don’t know I paid someone to clean it because I felt like what if they ruin it you know it’s such it’s a big piece of furniture and it’s expensive I can’t I mean it’s not the photo I can’t you know mess it up and go get another one it’s not replaceable like that anyways I tried a couple other things I was petrified results paint to my office I bought this resolves multi fabrics at Walmart. 

And I guess to try it on the fabric first so I tried it on the pillow that matches my couch on the back of it’s the same fabric same material. In it rush huge white paint so I wouldn’t recommend using stuff like this unless you test it for seeds that tested because then what the heck would you do if you were in your couch so anyways after that I was really scared so I went to youtube I found a really great video how to tutorial whatever you want to call it on her finger house when I put the link below. 

I’m not going to give all the details you can watch the video and see how I did it or you can watch our video her video is more explains it more mine is just kind of a video fall in her direction so pretty much I just used my vacuum I use school light and I poly build to fill the cushion so keyboard can you get their interested okay guys this is what my couch looks like now this is my living room.

So I have the big microfiber sectional with the chase to chase couch right there chaise lounge. I guess it’s called and then we have the microfiber ottoman so let me get closer and as you can see everything’s pretty much brown or some shade of brown in red. So I’m going to try to incorporate some more colors because this was how I decorated like three years ago and I want to update it a little anyway as you can see the couch it’s dirty has all kinds of nasty stains on it and look at the way the pillows are they’re just they’re old and yucky.

I tried to clean them and see how the cushion is it’s just really saggy, and I got lots of stains all-around can you can see him, so this is my before and then even on the Ottoman there’s lots of stains and stuff so this is my before so I’m going to go ahead and clean and do everything and then I’ll show you this step so if you guys are interested watching okay this is what I’m using to clean the couch just my vacuum.

I bought some polyfill you like this area I brought some polyfill at Walmart that huge bag was eight dollars so I thought that was a good deal and then there I have my wool light in water. It’s warm water and then on my vacuum I’m gonna use this end of my brush to clean the back to clean the couch in all the corners and put it here on there and get all the junk out now I’m just going to vacuum all the cushions I took all the pillows off just going to vacuum all the cushions with the brush side of the vacuum get all the loose dirt and whatever junk is on there. 

And then I’m going to vacuum on the inside of the couch, so this one is what it looks like now after I vacuumed it got all the junk off there were all kinds of loose dirt. You can see how my lines see all these really deep stains that’s what I’m really trying to get out it’s they’re freaking nasty so. I did the automated all the cushions and all the back now I’m going to start with my warm water, and we’ll light solution and a light-coloured rag when I purchase a couch.

I remember they told me um if you’re going to clean it with a light rag are the same colour rag. Because I’m not sure if the colour runs or something I’d it shouldn’t work on towels, but anyways so I’m going to start cleaning the cushions, and I’ll show you halfway through that okay so here’s an Ottoman. 

I did you can tell the colour difference and the couch and the ottoman and when I wet it you got a lot darker, but you look at the water it’s so frickin gross it’s like black so that’s nasty, so I’m going to change the water and start on the rest and I’ll show you when I’m done with that here’s all the cushions clean. Radley oh it was such a workout if you want a good workout plan your cup have come pure white it’s so it was so dirty. 

I mean filthy like so disgusted that I haven’t done this sooner and I need to do this like twice a year or something to get it really clean and gets all nasty so now I’m going to fill the cushions. And the weird thing about my couch is the Christians don’t come off see they’re attached they’re sewn. I have a little tear over there, but they’re sewn in, so the zipper is underneath. So I’m going just to unzip it and start stuffing. 

And I want to show you this water from just the big chaise lounge look at the water filthy I know it’s so gross now look at the couch the back cushions they’re like the stuff they look so awesome. They look like they did when I bought the sofa not so saggy and I used about 75% of the bag of the polyfill fitzy oops um so now.

I’m just waiting for the Christians to dry and I’m going to put everything back, so it looks really nice now compared to what it was. It’s like full now it was like completely flat, and that’s how it should look, and it looked when I bought it.

Still waiting for it to dry but it’s looking better and better every minute I haven’t seen any stains yet on the left from the previous stain. So we’ll

see how it turns out my house is in shambles. Now they like threw stuff all over she was making a fort when I was trying to clean you.

So the couch is easy to clean. It didn’t take me that long I would say maybe an hour. And I want to have total with drying and everything. They’re not really great I’m delighted the results feel lovely it looks like, so refreshing your living room. It looks like that’s how our cups look spoon bought it so the next thing I need to do is buy some more throw pillows and because our pillows have gone down the drain. The little big red ones really expensive do like $20 a piece I got a mess Steinmart okay um but I’m going to look at Walmart and Ross see what I can find.

I wanted to add a pop of colour mission trip boys or teal or something like that. With the wrist anyways I hope this helps.

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