How to buy a sofa

What to look for when buying a couch? Sofa Design The first thing you do must decide what type of sofa you require for your home. There are many different types, but they often fall into general categories. The most common sofa types that exist today are: Traditional: This sofa is found in homes across … Read more

Ottoman Furnish and Decor Tips

Can you use an ottoman as a chair? An Ottoman has enough balance and support to be used as a chair. They are a versatile item of furniture that functions as useable décor. Consumers can use this product for sitting if the weight being applied is between 200 – 660 pounds. That is the range … Read more

Chenille vs Velvet for a sofa


What is chenille This is a trendy fabric that is commonly found in home décor. When designed well, this material offers a boost to the home. It is soft, stunning, and has been in production since the 18th century. Believed to have been created in France, the name also means “caterpillar.”  It got this name … Read more

How to stop dog from scratching couch

Why is my dog scratching the couch? Genetics Digging into furniture is a habit that some dogs are born with genetically. Their ancestors used this as a survival tool for hunting ground-based food sources. These include critters, rodents, or just buried bones. It is most popular with dogs that are closest to the ground. This … Read more

How to clean dog pee from sofa

How to get dog pee smell out of couch Use enzymes to clean the sofa Make sure to soak the stain in an enzyme cleaner for about half an hour. This kind of solution is known to penetrate and eat at the live organisms in the pee. Pee has a distinct smell that is intense … Read more

How to stop dog jumping on the sofa

Dogs are man’s best friend, but let’s be honest: they can sometimes be pretty annoying. While that tail-wagging bundle of energy you love can brighten any day, they can also be a pest. Dogs can be pretty jumpy, and jumping on furniture is just one way they can show their excitement. While we can’t stop … Read more

Chenille sofa cleaning

Chenille and velvet sofas are beautiful, and they give off a luxurious look that will impress anyone that steps onto your furniture. Unfortunately, they are also known for collecting dust and dirt, which can make your living room look downright dirty. Luckily, there are a few simple things that you can do to keep your … Read more

Why is it harder to play guitar standing up?

Playing guitar standing vs. sitting. Many amateur guitarists will struggle to play standing. This technique is more difficult to use and involves many years of practice to achieve success. Sitting is the more comfortable option that allows the player a clearer view of the fretboard. The hanging guitar is likely to provide additional strain on … Read more

What makes a good guitar stool?

How to choose a good guitar stool Style and Comfort Classic guitar stools are a part of the performance aesthetic. It allows you to protect your posture and improve your spine health. These days choosing an appropriate guitar stool requires you to consider how you look and the comfort involved. It will also be essential … Read more