14 Accent Wall Ideas For Small Living Room

Living in a small apartment or house can make it difficult to create a space that feels like a home. Sometimes you may have a minimal amount of wall space or don’t want to clutter the space with art or decor. But never fear. We’ve got some tips and tricks to help you create a beautiful space on a budget.

The accent wall is a great way to add interest and personality to your home, but it can be difficult to find the right design that will fit in with everything else you have going on. Here are some tips to help you choose an accent wall that works well with all other elements in your space.

Every home needs a focal point, and if you have the space and the budget, you might consider a unique accent wall design to help make the most of your living space in a small room. 


Wallpaper is perhaps the easiest solution for accent walls in a small living room. It also gives you a pick of a wide range of designs. Wallpaper comes at various price points. You can go for a budget option or choose something more upmarket. What’s even better is that you can purchase it from various stores.

Pro Tip: Pricier wallpaper is not necessarily better quality wallpaper.


It’s amazing what a good colorful coat of paint can do to your accent walls. Painting the walls of a small living room can accentuate your room by introducing a bold and vibrant accent color. The accent wall can help draw attention to the focal point of the room. Remember, less is more, so try not to overdo it with too many colors; otherwise, you might end up looking like a walking rainbow!

Wall decals

You can use stickers as accent pieces. There is an incredible range of them available online. You can purchase them to match any theme that you have in mind for your living room. Will it be your favorite quote? Perhaps you will go with something more visually appealing? Whatever the case, wall decals are straightforward to apply. You also have the option to change them at will.

Wood Paneling

Wood paneling is a great accent option. It gives the room a nice rustic and warm touch. Not to mention, wood paneling has been around for centuries which makes it that much more appealing.

If you are not into wall art or accent pieces, furniture may be your best accenting bet. You can easily change them out the next time you need


Adding some texture to your walls can give your small living room a unique look. Textures are great accent pieces. You can accent the walls and even accent furniture. This adds character to a room, and they are also quite cheap.

About anything goes when it comes to accent pieces for small living rooms. Just make sure that whatever you choose fits nicely with the rest of your decor. If you plan on painting or changing the wall, be mindful of the textures that would work with it.


Some of the most beautiful homes have astounding bookshelves in them. Do not let your limited space stop you from bringing a touch of class into your home. The trick is to choose one that matches colors with other furniture. Place your bookshelf away from other items such as a TV.


A chalkboard will not work for everyone. If you are in a home that sees a lot of planning, so on, a chalkboard will come in handy. Don’t worry. Your chalkboard does not need to be the boring black and white one. Get creative with the colors. Find a board that sits well with your design and decor taste.


Plants! Plants! They liven any room that they are placed in. Small living rooms can use one or two plants on a stand adjacent to the wall. You don’t want it to take up too much space.

A Mural

What about having your own mural? Depending on your time and skill level, you may want to use the smaller side of your wall. I would advise you to choose a simple design to start with. Go with one that has very few colors. Once you get the hang of it, you can take things a step further.


Dress your accent wall in some beautiful patchwork. You can get a ready-made one or make your own. A patchwork accent wall makes a statement. It shows that you love to spend time in your room and that you are very creative.


Have you got some lovely heirlooms to show off? Your living room is an excellent location for them. You can place an heirloom vase on the accent wall and surround it with other accent accessories. I would suggest using vintage accent pieces here for best results.

All Glass / A Mirror

If you want to give your room a regal look, go all out with an accent wall made of glass or a mirror. You can use either one in a simple frame format or arrange them together in

Wall Lighting

There is something incredibly cozy about wall lighting. You can take an adventurous approach by adding colorful lights or ones with adjustable brightness. You can install wall lighting in accent walls as well. This would add a warm touch to the room and complement accent wall ideas for small living room  | accent wall ideas for small living room decoration.

If you are building accent walls or any other type of interior wall, consider using cinder block for your DIY project.

Sofa Wall

A sofa wall can make a wonderful addition to your small living room. The accent walls behind it provide the perfect separation from the rest of the room and create an interesting focal point. Depending on the amount of space in your living room, you can add a sofa wall that can be put away when not in use.

Final Thoughts

You can accent your accent wall with a simple, smaller mirror for decoration accent wall ideas for small living room  | accent wall ideas for small living room image.

If you add the right color accent walls to your home, they will accentuate the beauty of your walls and ceilings. Accent walls are pretty and give some easy options when looking to make changes to your home.

Simple Ceiling Designs for Small Living Rooms: How to Make the Most of Limited Square Footage

When you are living in a small space, the ceiling becomes more important. It can make or break the entire design of your room. This is why simple designs are so perfect for this type of living space. In this article, we will be looking at simple ceiling designs for small living rooms and how they complement other features around them. We hope that these simple ideas help you to create a beautiful home! Remember that some of these can be combined!


Bring out your inner Michelangelo by turning your ceiling into an artistic piece. The Sistine Chapel ceiling is a great example of this. Ceiling painting can fit in any budget, and the results are usually stunning. The best part about ceiling painting is that it will never go out of style, so you don’t have to worry about changing your design every few years.

To be mindful of when deciding the kind of design you want to go for is to ensure that it fits on the canvas (the ceiling).

You can get away with using the walls as a part of the designs.

Keep things simple. Remember that this is something that you will have to stare at for a long time.


Another simple idea for decorating your ceiling would be to use simple stencils. A stencil makes it simple to give your ceiling a simple yet chic look. You will also be able to replicate the design across the home.

Ceiling domes and skylights

A ceiling dome or skylight will be ideal for a small space if you have a budget. Not only do these options add an exceptional dimension to your living room space, but they also make it fairly unique. How many people do you know that have skylights in their living room?

Ceiling domes are incredible at giving a small room a spacious feel. If you are fortunate enough to have upward space, then this is probably worth considering.

Paneling or simple wallpaper

If your living room has a high ceiling and there’s not an abundance of light in it, we recommend adding some simple paneling or simple wallpaper on the wall that will give you better lighting. This will also make the room feel a bit cozier.

This simple technique will make a huge difference and should be considered for any living room with high ceilings that are not receiving enough light. You can also add some simple recessed lighting to give the space more dimension in case you want it to feel more contemporary or formal.


There is so much that you can do with lighting in a small space. You are not limited to the ceiling. One of my favorite ideas is the use of spotlights on the ceiling. Better yet, if you can get dimmable ones. I have played around with lighting that accentuates different colors as well. This is perfect for those that want to change the mood of the room through lighting.

Hanging light kit

Hanging light kits are certainly a form of lighting. They deserve their own category because of what they bring to the table. They are perfect for areas that don’t have a lot of space. I remember when my daughter was younger, and she had her own room in our home. It didn’t come with too much square footage to work with, but we could find the right hanging light kit for it.

A simple ceiling design can make your small living room feel larger. Brighten up your space with a hanging light kit.

Ceiling designs

If our Sistine Chapel idea wasn’t quite up to your alleyway, ceiling designs might be. You can look at this as sculpting your ceiling. This is a great method of livening up your living room by adding shapes, figures, and other art forms to the ceiling. Ceiling designs are more simple than many other ceiling designs since you can’t really get too complex with them without the entire thing looking cluttered.

A simple ceiling design for a small living room might be just what your space needs to make it feel bigger and brighter!


Drapes on the ceiling? Yes. That’s not what we’re talking about here, though! We’ve all seen those rooms where the drapes serve as a ceiling to make it feel like you’re outside.

Drape curtains across your ceiling can help break up an otherwise plain and simple space into more visually appealing sections. It will also create more intimacy in the room. You also have the option to make use of natural lighting and minimize it at will.

Decorative molding

I love Decorative molding because it is easy to install. It’s also very versatile in many different styles, colors, finishes, sizes, and shapes! You can find these at your local hardware store for a relatively low price. You will find that it does not have to be pricey either.

Ceiling tiles

Ceiling tiles are not for everyone. They can be simple, but they do require a lot of work and money. You will need to find the right size tiles that you want, which may not always be possible in simple living room designs.


Centerpieces create a focal point. Having the right one in the right size will make your room.


A chandelier can also be a simple focal point. It will require some time and money, but it’s worth researching to find one that suits your taste! You may not have heard of this before, but there is such thing as ceiling fan lights. If you’re trying to save on power bills, this may be one way to do it.

Simple color schemes

If you don’t want to paint your ceiling, simple color schemes are a great way of dressing it up. You can buy lights that will match any shade or type of paint you choose.

Simple patterns for ceiling designs

Some simple patterns for ceiling designs are simple to do yourself with a bit of patience. For example, you can buy some fabric paint and draw your own little design on the ceiling using a stick or something similar (think: chalk).

Large mirrors

If you want more space in small living rooms, one simple way is to use large mirrors. I am not sure if it is the reflection or do we love seeing ourselves? A large mirror will work some magic in a small living room. A pro tip here is not to cover the entire ceiling. It makes the whole room look and feels like an adult film set. You don’t want that.


You have a simple ceiling design for a small living room that you can do yourself with patience. You also consider using large mirrors in a small living room to make it feel more spacious and don’t cover the whole ceiling with a mirror as this will give an adult film set look. Remember to keep it simple! Nothing over imposing.

Ikea Leirsund Bed Base Review

This is a wood veneer bed base that comes with over 42 individual metal slats. These slates are fully adjustable and will adapt to the shape and size of your body. You will get the feeling of your body being cradled as you sleep. It is very ergonomic and natural. 

The feeling of being close to the ground is relatively peaceful. The varnish on this product will help prevent it from splitting unnecessarily. The bendy nature of the base will ensure that it does not break when you move around, regardless of your weight. It is an eco-friendly product that has over 50% recycled materials. With the purchase of this product, you also receive a 25-year warranty. 

For an in-depth review of this product, continue reading below and take a closer look at the look and feel of the product. We shall also discuss the materials used and the assembly process. By the end of the article, you will receive a verdict on whether the product is worth purchasing or not. 

Top Features

Look and Feel. 

This is a very organic bed base that has been designed to make the person feel very connected to the earth as the rest. It has a wooden floor that is topped off with individual metal slabs that can catch your body as you sleep. It is a regular square shape that can fit up to two people. Each of the particular 42 metal slats has been designed to fit comfortably into the wooden frame of the product. It then has an individual slat that runs vertically to the multiple horizontal ones. 

This will be useful in providing additional support to the spine and neck of the user when they are sleeping. Space on the base has therefore been designed to catch every part of your body as you sleep. This is because there are an additional two individual vertical metal slats that are around the shoulder area. 

This should help massage your shoulders as you are resting and provide you with a similar feeling to attending a chiropractor. This is because the design of this mattress has been developed ergonomically to provide you with a Posturepedic sense. It is very close to the ground, quite like what you would find in a traditional Japanese bed mattress. These bed bases are well known for their humility and peaceful nature.


The mainframe and base of this item is a wood veneer. This is a very durable type of wood made from a composite of different layers that have been glued together. It offers excellent durability since it is pretty flexible. This means that even if you apply more weight than stipulated in the manual, it should bend rather than break. 

This is a handy feature for a bed because it needs to be practical. This wood has also been varnished to prevent it from rotting and cracking. Splitting is a significant problem with bed bases which leads to a lower lifetime usage. It has been wrapped with paper foil which is very good for the environment and will be recyclable once the product has reached its entire lifetime. This is an attractive option for people looking to contribute to being more eco-friendly and reducing their carbon footprint. 

The main varnish used on this product is an adhesive resin. This has been coated around the entire bed base to keep insects away from the product. This should help you to enjoy a peaceful night’s sleep without any termites eating away at your bed frame. These bed holders have been designed with synthetic rubber that assists with flexibility. This is what will help your metal slats bend rather than break.

Assembling the base

Assembling this product will not necessarily be a walk in the park, but it is doable. It comes with a complete step-by-step manual that should Provide a chance for any DIY experts to test their skills. There are several steps involved, but all the materials required are provided within the product set. This mainly consists of setting up the bed frame and then screwing and attaching it to the metal slates. You must ensure that this is all entirely done before you put a mattress on. Otherwise, it could be potentially dangerous for you to sleep on.


A feature that many long-term homeowners will be looking forward to is the 25-year warranty that is provided on this mattress. This is a commitment by the manufacturer to show you that it is a very durable product that has been ergonomically designed to last and be eco-friendly.


The price paid for this product is well worth it because the manufacturers have taken the time to include numerous features to allow you the best possible night’s sleep. It comes with over 42 different slats that will be able to catch your body as you sleep. Over 50% of the materials are made from recycled materials, therefore, reducing your carbon footprint. It has specific zones that are fully adaptable to the size and shape of your body. It also comes with a 25-year guarantee which means that you can have peace of mind as you rest that this product will last you for a long time.  


In conclusion, this is an excellent option to consider for people looking to improve the quality of sleep they get at night. The bed base is based on traditional Japanese mattresses close to the ground and offers a calm and adaptable option to a night’s sleep. It has over 42 different metal slats that are fully adjustable, which means that it is not suited to one body. It has individual vertical slats that work to cradle your shoulder and spine, therefore, offering you a Posturepedic option when you rest. 

The mainframe of this base is made from a combination of wood veneer that has been varnished. This means that it is pretty flexible and will bend and not break even if you add excessive weight. This is very practical for a bed. It is a lovely eco-friendly option to purchase, which has been varnished to prevent insects from eating it. 

The main disadvantage with this product is that the assembly can seem quite complicated at first. However, this is still possible with the help of the manual provided. It also comes with a 25-year warranty which is very advantageous and offers good value for money. In conclusion, this is a great option, and we would recommend it for people looking to improve on the way they sleep.

Stockholm TV Bench Review

The Stockholm TV Bench is a 164 x 42 cm walnut veneer item of furniture. It offers the user an ergonomic design that is both child and pet friendly. The materials used are high quality and eco-friendly. It has a protective coat of clear acrylic paint to prevent rot or scratches from getting onto the table. 

This also helps provide a simple cleaning regimen. It has three drawers that come out very smoothly. These have been fitted with electrical outlet holes. This will allow safe passage for cables leading out of the table. It weighs about 23 KGS making it very stable if you wish to add essential gadgets on top of the product. The legs can be adjusted to adapt to uneven floors. 

For more information regarding the materials used on this product, its storage capabilities and other valuable features, continue reading. We shall also look at why the price charged is justified and provide you with an overall verdict on the table. 

Materials Used

The manufacturers of this product have made it from a combination of different Woods. It is made from particleboard which is a combination of wood chips that have been compressed. It is therefore fully recyclable. The eco-friendly nature of the product is quite attractive especially given that it is combined with a Walnut veneer. This is quite an expensive wood that provides a natural colour and aura to the product. 

The clear acrylic lacquer used to coat the product gives it a lovely natural shine. It also ensures that the product will be straightforward to clean when you need to. At most, to clean this product, you will only need a damp cloth and mild cleaner. The edges of this wood have been lamented with paper foils to help integrate with the amino plastic resins. This means that all the wood grains in the product will be enhanced. This is very common in domestic furniture that has been made with engineered chipboards, i.e., fiberboard or particle board. The legs in the product are made from solid ash, which is a well-known durable material. It is also staining resistant, which means that it will not get dirty even though they are very close to the floor.

Storage Facilities 

When purchasing a product like this, apart from the quality used to make the materials, the amount of storage available is also essential. Apart from being a surface to hold your TV, the product is also supposed to provide you with space to store other things. The full size of this product will provide you with a length of 164 centimetres by a width of 42 centimetres. 

This is big enough to hold a large TV and any additional electrical items you wish to display for usage. It weighs just around 23 KGs meaning it is just the right balance of durability and heaviness. It comes with three separate compartments that will allow you to store various things. These are smooth draws that you can pull out with very little noise or obstruction. An impressive advantage of these shelves is that they have been laminated so that they will not develop any creaks over time.

Useful Features

This is a beneficial product that has been designed with electrical outlets at the back of the item. This means that you can safely guide the electronic cables away from the central area of the room. This will prevent children and animals from wreaking havoc on them. The shelves are fully adjustable, which means that you can adjust the heights of the table. It is also a pretty helpful feature for people that have uneven floors. It is a unique item of furniture that is naturally hardwearing. 


There is no warranty provided for this product. It is essential to ensure that you use the relevant fixing devices when you are placing this product close to the wall. These do not come with the product and must be purchased separately. This is since various walls come with different materials and therefore need other fixing devices. 


The price you are expected to pay for this product is a little bit steep. We can say that it is justified because they have used very high-quality materials to form the composites of this table. It has a very distinctive grain pattern that is unique. This is nice for people that do not want to walk into someone else’s home and see the same table. 

It has been protected with a coat of lacquer, and this has several advantages. You should be able to clean this table with a mild detergent easily. It will also prevent unnecessary scratches from getting onto the product, which is friendly for people with pets. It has fully adjustable shelves, which is quite rare to find a product like this on the market.


In conclusion, this is a lovely product to purchase despite the hefty price required for it. The design is very ergonomic and natural therefore providing your living room with a warm feeling. It is friendly and pleasant to come home to because of its distinctive grain pattern. 

This means that it is unique and not very likely to be seen in other people’s homes. It is made from durable materials such as walnut and particle boards. This means that it is a very eco-friendly product that has come from recycled materials. It comes with a natural shine due to the protective coat of clear acrylic lacquer that has been added to the table. This will help to ensure that any pets or animals you own in your home cannot scratch this product. 

It has quite a wide surface, about 142 centimetres long. This makes it big enough to fit a wide range TV. It also comes with three fully adjustable shelves underneath the main surface. Advantageously they have also included holes at the back of each frame to guide the electronic wires to the outlets safely. Based on all the information provided here, it is safe to say that this is a product that we would recommend for people looking to add a natural warmth to the living room.

IKEA Coffee Table Review

One of the most popular furniture types at IKEA is their coffee tables. These are often sold in sets with matching end tables and feature an “open” design in which the tabletop and its base are two separate pieces. The table is often has a drawer for easy storage, and the base is often finished with a different color than the tabletop. Let’s look at some IKEA Coffee Tables.


91cm x 66cm is the dimension for this coffee table. It is made from particleboard which brings together a host of wood pieces that have been recycled and compresses them. This helps to prevent the chair from rotting over time. The sides of the chair have been covered with plastic edging. This will help prevent insects from eating the wood on the chair. It has been filled with honeycomb structure paper that is coated with acrylic paint. This means that the product is 100% recycled and very easy to clean. You will only need a damp cloth to wipe it clean. 


This is a slightly bigger option at 80cm x 140cm to consider. It makes use of separate shelves for better organization. It has honeycomb structure paper on the interior of the material. This helps to strengthen the product. It is the same material that you will often find on a bicycle helmet. The panel of these products has got melamine foil and clear acrylic lacquer. This is one of the laminates which does not come with wood in it. This will help to avoid any scratches from getting onto the table. This is a good thing for owners of pets. 


This is a tempered glass tabletop that will offer the user a straightforward cleaning maintenance regime. This is because it is staining resistant. It is 77cm x 79cm and is made mainly from steel and polyester powder coating. This will help to prevent rust from forming on the product. The legs are fully adjustable and will offer the user a steady balance even on uneven floors. It is an elegant product that needs to be handled with care because the glass used is very vulnerable. 


One of the cheaper options that you can buy on the market today. A bit smaller at 55cm x 55cm, this table offers a very light and easy move option as a coffee table. Despite the lower price you will pay for this option, it is still made from a combination of particleboard and honeycomb structure paper. Therefore, it is an eco-friendly product that is exceptionally durable against insects. It has been made relatively easy to clean, given that it is coated with acrylic paint. They have also combined this with the melamine foil that is weather resistant.


This premium tempered white glass table comes with both a shelf and a drawer for added storage. It is 97cm x 99cm in size and comes from a combination of fiberboard wood and polyester paint. This means that it is fully recyclable and exceptionally durable. The wood has been compressed to form an impenetrable surface that will not rot or attract any insects. It is quite a stylish option that offers people the chance to see what is stored inside. Therefore, it is a lovely table to purchase for display.


This is a solid wood Acacia table about 51cm x 100cm in width and length. The material is very ergonomic and natural. This gives it a lovely welcoming feeling to any household. It has a lot of valuable storage space that it can offer. The fiberboard material used to form the panel is very durable. It is an excellent option if you wish to store magazines for visitors to use in the coffee lounge. This is because it has got see-through holes in it, which are pretty practical. It is durable enough not to break even around children. 


A lovely low hanging table with size dimensions of 119cm x 60cm. It comes with a handy feature that will allow you to sit comfortably on the sofa whilst having a Cup of coffee. The table folds into two halves that can be raised slightly higher. It is an exciting mechanism that adds a bit of style and versatility to the product. This also means it offers additional space. It is made from particleboard which is eco friendly and durable. It has four legs and is very close to the ground, making it friendly for people who like to sit on the carpet.


This coffee table comes as a set of two different tables. One slightly bigger one of 50cm x 50cm adds another smaller one of 42cm x 42cm. These two tables have been sized this way to allow them to be combined from 2 shelves. This is quite a handy and exciting design that consumers will enjoy. It is made from a natural and renewable solid pinewood composite that is relatively easy to clean. The paint job on this product is clear acrylic which is quite bright and brings a modern taste to any living room.


This table has quite an exciting and complex design. It is about 43cm x 106cm in size and comes in one drawer. The rectangle shape of this product comes with a hole on one side to allow you to store magazines safely. This is a welcomed organizational improvement by many consumers. The drawers are effortless to pull out, and are children proof. The wood on this product is made from particleboard with the underframe being Chrome plated. The steel legs offer added durability to any weight put on top of the table.


This is a stylish and modern oak veneer table. It has dimensions of about 91cm x 92cm. It has been made to be quite durable, offering the user a stain-resistant surface that will not require a hefty maintenance regime. The central composite of this product is Oak veneer, although it does have a large amount of particleboard within it. This has been combined with clear acrylic lacquer, which will prevent any rust or rot from occurring. It has a stylish criss cross shelf design that you will not find on many coffee tables on the market.

Ikea Computer Desk | Comparing The Top Picks

If you have been working from home as I have, you may find that your usual desk has become inadequate. That’s what got me searching for an Ikea computer desk. A computer desk is among the most important furniture pieces in our house. While we spend most of our time working at a different place, we need to have our computers nearby. So we want to find a good model that meets our requirements. Several Ikea desks are available, and we have shortlisted several Ikea computer desks that you must see.

MICKE 111cm x 75cm

This computer desk is 111cm x 75cm. It has been made from a combination of particleboard and honeycomb paper. Users looking to be eco-friendly will enjoy this desk. It has been designed to keep your workplace safe by keeping the cables out of sight. It has an ergonomic design that can be mounted anywhere in the room. They have provided an opening at the back of the desk to allow your electronic gadgets to ventilate consistently. The drawers will not come out all the way and therefore can protect what they are storing easily. It has a synchronous design which allows you to combine it with another similar desk.

MICKE 73 x 50 cm

This is a bit of a miniature option that is sized around 73 x 50 cm. The acrylic paint and plastic edging on this product rule protected from being destroyed by insects. It also ensures that you can easily clean this table with a damp cloth. It is perfect for offices that do not have corners because the back has been covered. This means that you will be able to place the desk in the centre of any room. The design of the table will protect your cables because the outlet goes behind you.


Crafted from some very well compressed particle and fibre wood composite, this option comes in a size of 140 X 65 cm. Made primarily for electronic gadgets, it offers the user versatility on where they can place this desk. This is because they have included a panel at the back of the table that commonly directs cables and extensions safely away from the user. You can easily clean this product with a damp cloth due, and this is because it has been coated with paper foil and acrylic paint. 


This particle board-based table comes with three drawers and is about 90 x 52 cm in size. It is big enough to allow the user to store a normal-sized computer within the cabinet. This is made even more possible since the shelves are fully adjustable. This computer disc is finished with an acrylic paint coating that will help to drive it away from the product. This, therefore, makes it an excellent option to consider purchasing for any office or home workspace. The plastic edging on the sides of the table makes this product resistant to moisture and prevents rot. 


This is a very complex and intricately designed computer desk that is a standard purchase for anyone looking to build a gaming station. It has 185 X 74 X 146 cm and is made from steel and polyester powder coating. This means that it will be well protected against any corrosion or rust that may occur. The tabletop section has been made with melamine foil but works as a lamination to prevent scratches from occurring. It has several areas on which you can store items required for the computer. It also has specially built holes to direct the cable securely.

MICKE With Shelf Storage

This desk has been made from fiberboard and honeycomb paper filing and is therefore quite durable and reliable. It has a size of 111 x 75 cm, supported by four steel legs coated with polyester powder. The shelves are fully adjustable, allowing you to make extra room for important things such as books or DVDs. You will be able to safely guide cables out of sight and then close the extension holes. This should prevent you from tripping over them. The ventilation on this product is also reasonably practical and helpful for computers.

MICKE Corner workstation

This is a versatile desk that comes with a magnetic backboard. It allows for a very organized and professional approach to storing to-do notes due to the magnetic mechanism. It is about 100 x 142 cm in size and comes with adjustable shelves. This will be quite a comforting feature for people who need to use either the right or left hand two right. You will therefore be able to manage the space in your office quite effectively. The legs can be mounted in any direction allowing you to utilize your favourite side. It has been made from particleboard and fiberboard, which is 70% recycled. 


120 x 65 cm is the size of this computer desk. It comes in an all-white acrylic paint and has got both a draw and a cupboard. This cupboard is just big enough to allow you to fit a computer in there. The drawers have got a stopper on them that will prevent them from coming out. You can place this disc anywhere in the room because the back of it is covered. It also has an extension hole to allow you to secure the cables of any computer item safely. It is made from a reliable and durable fiberboard that is recyclable.

MICKE (Best Option)

This is a convenient desk that has been designed for cooperative efforts. There is a hole in the right corner of the table that will allow you to secure all the cables coming from your computer. It comes with two shelves that smoothly come out. It has an all-white bright paint job that is acrylic. The size of this desk is just around 142 x 50cm, making it big enough for almost two people. It is just made from recycled wood chips that have been compressed and, therefore, will thoroughly resist a little bit of moisture.


140 x 70 cm.

This is a solid pine computer desk that comes with two drawers and four steel legs. It is an ergonomic design that is quite durable and reliable. The drawers are quite big, allowing you to store what you need. The tabletop has a stunning wood finish that will offer some sparkle to the workplace. It is also staining resistant, making it easy to clean. It, however, does not have a covered back; therefore, where you position, it must be strategic. It is around 140 x 70 cm in size, and this is an adequate amount of workspace for the price offered.

Ikea Nightstand Review

Affordable Ikea nightstands are a must-have piece of furniture for any bedroom, but you should look at the details before buying as with any good purchase. Some models are better than others, so let’s take a look at the four main features you should consider when choosing the perfect one. We’ll start with the most important: size.

IKEA bedroom furniture is available in different heights to suit every need. Tall beds require a high nightstand, while small ones can use a small or medium model. Having the right size nightstand for the right bed is important, as a small nightstand could result in a small bedroom (which is a bad thing).


This bedside table comes with two drawers and offers the user about 35cm x 49 square centimetres of space for the top drawer and the bottom. It is made from particleboard that has been further refined with paper foil. This means that the chest is eco-friendly and will not rot very quickly. It has been well combined with plastic edges to provide moisture from penetrating through the sides. It has been coated with natural teak acrylic paint and can easily be cleaned with a damp cloth. 


This is a white drawer that is 35cm x 49cm in size. It is best suited to be a bedside table. You should be able to store about five pairs of trousers in each drawer. It is made from particleboard material. This means you are purchasing an eco-friendly product. This is because over 50% of these products components come from recycled materials. It is well secured with plastic edges and will therefore not crack easily. It is coated in white acrylic paint that will not fade over time. It has a weight of 18 kgs which makes it a little heavy to transport into the bedroom. 


This is a solid wood drawer that has been made ergonomically. This means that it provides a very natural feel to the room. It is a hardwearing material bedroom that offers the consumer an excellent balance between durability and style. It does not provide the consumer with a large amount of space, but the operation of the draws is very smooth. You should be able to open the drawers very calmly and quietly. It is made from solid pine, and it has been coated with clear acrylic lacquer. This means that it will be easy to maintain with a mild cleaner. 


This is not a traditional bedside draw but is more of a shelf. It offers the consumer about 30cm x 47cm of space to place items. It is a very versatile product that is relatively lightweight and therefore easy to carry around the household. It offers the user a practical option to storing goods that need to be visible. You could therefore use this as a nightstand to store an alarm Clock. It will work well for people who do not have a large amount of space available to them. Does been made from a combination of steel and polyester powder coating, which should prevent it from rusting over time. Cleaning this product will be very simple and only requires a damp cloth.

HEMNES (Best Ikea Nightstand)

This is a smooth and sleek option that offers a high storage surface. The dimensions of this product are 37cm x 80cm.  It has been made from solid pine, which is quite a durable wood that should last you for quite some time. The drawers have been made from fiberboard and foil. This means that they have been compressed and will be able to guard against rot safely. The paint is made from Clear acrylic lacquer. This means that the paint will not scratch easily and will offer the user more excellent durability. 


With this product, you can expect a space of about 46cm x 56cm. The manufacturer has included a pull-out stopper that will make it very useful as a bedside table. This is because you do not want to drop any essential items accidentally. It should be able to offer about 10 T-shirts worth of space. They have been made from particleboard material that has been combined with both paper foil and plastic edging. This should prevent the desk from being impacted by any moisture. The backside of the drawer has been made from fiberboard, which is environmentally friendly. 


 The dimensions of this product are 41cm x 57cm, which is quite expansive compared to the comparable products. It is quite a modern disc that will offer you space to safely place your extension codes and charges. To add to this impressive feature, most of the product has been made from particleboard that has been combined with ABS plastic and foil. This makes it able to withstand small fires that electric cables might generate. The front of the product is made from tempered glass, which adds a nice aesthetic. 


This 48cm x 38cm table dead will offer the user one drawer worth of space. To create additional space, the users have added two shelves to this product. One on top of the drawer and one underneath. These have been made from solid Birch wood that is coated with clear acrylic lacquer. They have attached a leather handle that will offer a touch of style and sophistication to pull out the drawer. You should be able to clean this product with a clean cloth easily.


This traditional bedside table offers the user a small shelf without a door and a much bigger cupboard. It is 41cm x 57cm in size, although relatively, it is much bigger than this. This is because there are no sections within the drawer; therefore, you should hold more clothes. It comes with a cable outlet in case you want to store any electrical items in there. The material used on this product is fiberboard and paper foil. It is a very environmentally friendly product that comes with an acrylic paint job.


This is a very light and innovative product that has gone in a different direction from many tables. It is made from a wide range of other materials such as fiberboards and steel. The coaching of this table is made from acrylic paint. It does not have any drawers but mainly offers the user a surface to place gadgets or books. This product has been built for style rather than practicality. It is, therefore, an excellent option to consider for people looking up to spruce up their bedroom or office space.

Micke Desk Review

The Micke Desk is an environmentally friendly and affordable desk for modern workspaces. It features a white fiberboard construction that measures 78cm x 52cm in size, providing plenty of space to stay productive while saving money on the desktop!

This desk is made from a combination of well-blended wood chips. These have been compressed and varnished to avoid rot, corrosion, and bugs!

The architecture of the Micke Desk will allow you to hide cables out of sight securely. This makes it safer for compact workspaces as it may prevent someone from falling and hurting themselves. The legs of the table are made from steel and can support up to 17kgs. 

This is decent for the price charged and what is required of the desk. If you need more space, the design allows the user to combine another desk to create additional space. The paint used on the table is acrylic and very easy to clean. You will only require a damp cloth to get rid of the most common stains you will encounter. 

If you wish to learn more about the strengths and weaknesses of this product, then hang around. We shall be breaking down the top aspects of the Micke Desk. This is to provide you with a verdict on whether the product is worth purchasing or not. Shall we begin?

Wood Used

The materials used to make this product are pretty impressive. It comes from particleboard and fiberboard that forms the tabletop, sides, and bottom of the table. Particleboard is a type of material that is also referred to as chipboard. Many different manufacturers use this type of wood product to recycle wood safely. 

It is made from various wood parts such as wood chips or any synthetic resins that will bind well. Fiberboard is another type of material that has good recycling capabilities. It is made from a combination of different wood plant fibres taken by the manufacturer and compressed. This compression makes the wood much more resistant to corrosion and rot. 

They also become much easier to preserve chemically, which means that you do not have to worry about termites or other insects eating this wood. Another great advantage about this is that it is very light; therefore, you will not need that much assistance when setting up the table.

Paint Used

Ikea has used acrylic paint to coat this item of furniture. This paint is well known for its wide versatility and adhesive qualities. This means that it is pretty popular among people who perform beautiful crafts and mixed media work. This paint is well known for providing nontoxic attributes, making it an excellent choice for any workspace that requires a desk. If you were going to spend on average 8 hours sitting on this desk, then you would want it to be as healthy for you to be around as possible. The colour is also very bright and welcoming, making it an excellent option for a modern workspace.

Weight Capacity

The legs on this product have been made from steel. This makes them quite sturdy. You should be able to handle about 17 KGS of weight on this table at a time. The legs are pretty versatile and can be mounted on either side that you prefer. This makes it very friendly and easy to keep sockets out of sight from any visitors who might come to visit you. The shape and design of the product will allow you to easily combine different tables with adding additional weight capacity and working space. 


The maintenance of this product should not be too difficult, given that it has been designed with a nonstick surface. This will be a welcomed application for people who like to maintain a tidy environment. To clean this desk, you should attain this by wiping it clean with a damp cloth. You will not require a wide range of dangerous chemicals to clean this desk. This is nice for people who do not want the toxic smell provided by cleaning chemicals floating around the office.


Unfortunately, IKEA has not mentioned a warranty that comes with the purchase of this product.


This is one of the more affordable domestic desks that you can purchase on the market today. It offers excellent quality for money because of the product’s durable materials and low maintenance. It is made from materials that have been recycled, which means that you are not damaging the environment. It performs all the responsibilities of a domestic desk quite well. The material used to make this product is highly resistant to corrosion and rotting.


To conclude this article, it is fair to say that we would recommend this product because of its excellent usability. The product is very charming and modern. It offers the user a lightweight option to consider adding to a domestic workspace. The product’s architecture is brilliant and will do well to keep the user safely away from any sockets and cables. 

These might end up causing you problems if you accidentally trip over them in the office. You should be able to mount this table in any direction you want, making it sufficient for people who do not have massive workspaces. Unlike many other desks, you will not entirely pull out the draw on this product. 

This should help you avoid dropping or breaking essential gadgets. It is a very ergonomic product that has been designed to offer a lower carbon footprint. This is very nice for people who want to purchase eco-friendly products. They have managed to reduce the carbon footprint by making use of fiberboard wood. This means that most of the product is made from recycled wood chips. 

It is an excellent product to purchase for a home workspace. It is also a perfect option to purchase for companies that do not have big budgets. If you look at the product, it offers many positive features, which is why we would recommend it.

Best Sofa for Heavy People

If you are a bit on the heavier side of life, then you might have been struggling to find a sofa that fits your needs. There are many sofas on the market, but they are not all designed to cater to heavier people than average. 

If you are a big guy or girl, you’re tired of sitting on uncomfortable furniture. A sofa can be a great place to relax and unwind, but finding a comfy one can be quite difficult. You might check out a few online reviews and buy a sofa that seems like a good fit for you. But there’s always the possibility that that sofa will end up feeling a bit too small. This is why you need to find a sofa that is designed for heavyweights.

 Amazon Brand – Stone & Beam Lauren

This is a superb Amazon brand option that you can purchase if you are slightly heavier than others. It has been designed to be about 44 inches wide, meaning that you should be able to fit comfortably on the chair without parts of your body hanging out. 

The depth of this product is also quite impressive as it goes right up to 25 inches into the chair. This means that you will not fully sink into the chair for a heavy person because they have made it more profound for you. The comfort of this product is excellent because it has been designed with additional staffing that will protect the chair’s structure from the extra weight load. 

The track arms especially are worth mentioning because they also have additional padding to ensure that the side of the sofa does not break. The fabric is made from a simple silhouette that has been designed and organized to ensure adequate performance and comfort. It is also quite stylish, coming in a Dark Gray color, meaning that it will be a pleasant addition to your living room. 

The frame is made from solid hardwood, which means that it will not rot quickly and will probably last you for quite a long time. The material is staining resistant and completely moisture repellent, which can survive in damp environments. This also means that it can easily stay a little spill of juice while watching a movie. The seats are fully reversible, which means that you can easily switch them to another as one side begins to lose shape. 


  • No assembly is required. 
  • seat depth of 25 inches 
  • solid hardwood frame 


  • Less comfortable backrest.

Vonanda Sofa Bed

This is by far one of the premium options that a heavy person can purchase to feel comfortable in their home. It covers all the tracks regarding durability, versatility, and enough space to fit multiple people. The striking thing about this sofa is that it has a convertible design. This means that it has various options that you can use the couch as. 

You can convert this into an ottoman, sofa bed, sofa, or reclining sofa. These options might be one of the reasons why this is the most expensive option on the list. It is an excellent option for people with smaller apartments who cannot afford lots of furniture in budget and space. The sofa comes fully assembled, meaning that all you must do is enjoy it. 

It can easily withstand up to 440lbs, making it one of the more durable options that you can purchase for a heavy person. This means that there will be little to no potential of you hurting yourself in the event of the couch breaking. The product’s material is fully breathable linen fabric which means that you will not be sweating profusely when you sit on this couch. The material is very calm and functions as a high-density sponge, allowing you to feel comfortable and relaxed while you are in your home.


  • It can change into 4 different shapes.
  • Breathable linen
  • 440lbs weight limit


  • Relatively expensive 

ZINUS Benton Sofa Couch

This is by far the most heavy-duty option that you can purchase on the list. It is a maximum weight capacity of over 750lbs, which means that it will successfully support them regardless of how heavy you or your guests are. It is made from polyester fabric which means that you will feel free when you sit on the sofa because of its comfort levels. It has been made with subtly rounded arms that provide you with a very comfortable armrest while you enjoy the chair. 

Its durable design includes a solid hardwood structure that is supported by foam cushioning. The dimensions of this product have been designed so that as you sit, you will not feel like you are sliding off the chair. It is about 33 inches long, which should be enough to cater to most people. It comes in a beautiful light Gray color with a sophisticated grid tufting on the backrest. 

To get this product up and running, you will not need any tools because everything required to set up the package comes with the product. On average, it should take you about 20 minutes before the entire sofa is fully set up and safe for you to enjoy. The material of this product allows for a straightforward maintenance regime. All you need is a mild detergent and a damp cloth to wipe away the stains because the material has been designed this way. If you do not fully trust the product, you will also receive a one-year limited warranty.


  • 750lbs weight capacity limit 
  • easy care maintenance routine 
  • supportive armrest


  • Requires Assembly.


In conclusion, if you are looking for the most reliable and durable option, the best product you can choose from on this list is the Zinus Benton. It comes with a weight capacity of over 750lbs. This means that even heavier people can enjoy the chase safely without feeling uncomfortable, as though they would break it. 

It is the product that requires the least maintenance on the list and offers the best back-in-arm support. The main disadvantage of this product is that you would have to assemble it before using it.   

Comfy Sofa Studio