Mateo Mid-Century Palm Springs Style Leather Match Sofa

Now before we even start, I want you to imagine classic cars, swaying palm trees, pink flamingos on your lawn. That makes you think of a house in Palm Springs right. Well, Mateo Mid-Century sofa is a Palm Springs Style leather sofa. 

It is reminiscent of Mid-Century Palm Springs and is crafted from hand-selected Top Grain Leather Match. Featuring slanted wooden legs treated with a light stain, it is one of the most coveted pieces that will truly leave you in awe!

Mateo Mid-Century Palm Springs Style Leather Match Sofa

Should I even start on the quality of the sofa? I mean you read it yourself, So watch the space, and let’s look at what this sofa is all about. 

Firstly let’s start off with the basics. This is a top grain leather sofa. Meaning that it is the sofa that you can already count to still be in your life within the next 25 years or so. It is not only well made, but it is visually stunning with its mid-century look and style. 

You can definitely fit it in any room at any point. With the wooden legs, you can easily buy floor protectors if you are worried about your floor being stretched. All in all, it is a long sofa that will transform your home to that elegant and sophisticated style that anyone would want in their home. 

The backrest and the armrests come both lean and at the same level giving your sofa somewhat of a European look. However, that’s not all this sofa is about, the comfort is just as delicious as the stunning setting on it.



Well talk about looks, this sofa has to be one of the most stunning sofas ever created. It comes in black, brown, or caramel, and all colors are perfect and just as stunning for any room and any house interior. 

The sofa is long and comes off as a three-seat sofa but for its length, it could probably sit more than three people. The seat cushions come off with tufted detailing which makes the whole sofa look just as elegant but with a dash of modern class.

Mateo Mid-Century Palm Springs Style Leather Match Sofa

You will find that the back cushions are slightly higher than the backrest giving you more support in that you tend to be a tad bit taller than average people. The sofa whether in brown, black, or caramel beige comes with slanted legs that bring and give it sturdiness and steadiness. 


Well let me just say, this is not a small sofa. However, it still doesn’t qualify to be termed large. In a way it is your average long sofa, that can seat three people or more. It even comes with divided seat cushions probably for proper allocation. 

If you have a small home or small space that you are trying to fill up, I wouldn’t advise you to get this sofa. It actually needs a lot of space for you to comfortably appreciate it. 

You will find that it comes at a dimension (Hx W xD):34″ x 96″ x 33″ which again shows that it may not be a large sofa but it is definitely long and maybe not fit in all rooms unless you decide to set some at a diagonal setting.


Coming to you in top grain leather, one thing I can tell you is that unless you put a fleece or a warm cover on your sofas those winters at first but are going to be harsh on you since leather is known to have a cool natural stance unless you heat it up first which is not advised. 

All in all, this is a comfortable sofa that provides a cool and firm feeling if you know what I mean. I don’t actually think you can find a sofa that has leather and is fluffy so its to be expected. 

The back cushions are slightly softer to allow you to be supported and cozied up at the same time while you enjoy that summer breeze. It is a great sofa that will not hive at any time soon as the frame itself is made from strong and natural wood that should probably last a very long time.


Now let’s talk about durability. Now when it comes to taking care of leather the process is not even hard. Just a damp cloth and you are done. You can even go on to use some leather conditioner to make it smell nice and all. 

As long as you keep it away from direct sunlight and too much heat this sofa is set to last you a long time. Now on the frame, the sofa is made of a wooden frame, natural and strong they say. Unless you have a termite infestation in your home, you are definitely set and good to go for the next maybe 25 or more years.


‘Top Grain Leather’ this is definitely no ordinary sofa, it is that sofa that will transform so many things including you the owner. Jump, sit, or lay down the sofa will never topple. 

It is the perfect sofa to add in any home with any decor even traditional decor as with the right accents you could create something unimaginable in your home. 

After all this, I’m sure you can tell that it is designed to offer comfort and luxury. It does come at a high price but the sofa is definitely worth it all.


Leather comes in four grades, and top grain leather just as the name suggests is at the top. You can even see the grains and some imperfections if you look at it closely. Which is good, that shows you how close it is to be natural. 

I’d highly recommend this sofa for anyone who is looking for a sofa to settle with. That long term buddy that can be an heirloom, anyhoo, try it and I wish you the best of luck.

Abe Old Hollywood Nailhead Trim Velvet Sofa Review

Considering getting the Abe Old Hollywood Nailhead Trim Velvet Sofa but not sure what to expect? If you are looking for a new obsession, or say you want to introduce something new and sleek to your home, then take a look at this sofa. 

Abe Old Hollywood nailhead trim may seem like an ordinary sofa with those nailhead accents, what if I told you that there is more to it than just that. This sofa is a new epicenter for your living room.

Abe Old Hollywood Nailhead Trim Velvet Sofa

It’s that sofa that will take the attention away from anything else in the room and pin it to this one sofa. Trust me when I tell you that with this sofa you can never go wrong. I’m not saying it’s perfect, but it could cut close depending on what you are expecting and what you are looking for. 

It’s that one sofa that looks beautiful. It makes for a little cute showpiece that will definitely have you blushing your way to your seat. 

Do you want a timeless and elegant sofa in your home? Well, you got it. The Abe Sofa is available in several stunning shades you can choose one which suits your every room. It features a spiffy nailhead trim around the borders giving it this icy expensive look that you will love so much. 

You will find that it is upholstered in an exclusive and soft velvet fabric and includes 2 decorative pillows just to make it feel more homely. 

This Abe sofa sits on a sturdy espresso-toned hardwood frame with slightly slanted legs just to make sure that the frame and sitting are steady and sturdy. A truly sophisticated addition to your home is what this beautiful sofa is.



When it comes to looks this sofa is not amongst those that set out to disappoint. In fact, I should say that this sofa is one of the most stylish sofas that have an adequate approach towards modern-day furniture and lifestyles. 

Abe Old Hollywood Nailhead Trim Velvet Sofa

With its Hollywood styling you will find this sofa to be lavish and stylish beyond regular furniture. The nailhead trimming on the borderline if the sofa is definitely what you would love most about this sofa as that is exactly what gives this sofa the right mindset and approach that you may need. 

It comes in grey, black, purple, and red. Allowing you to choose whether you want it to be loud and vibrant in your home or you prefer it calm and lowkey as it blends in with the surrounding.


When it comes to size, we could classify this beauty as a compact sofa. However, it’s not that small to the extent that we could say it’s a tiny sofa. 

It comes with the seat cushion divisions that make it seem as if it is a three-seat sofa, it could work as a three-seat sofa but at the same time, it may be a bit small. 

It comes at an overall dimension of (H x W x D):33″ x 77″ x 24″ with the seat height at (H x W x D):17″ x 70″ x 24 and the backrest height: 19″. It’s the perfect sofa for any small room and would still make a beautiful addition even in a large room.


Well as all new sofas it won’t be as comfortable on the first day. This one here comes as a very firmly built sofa that does not create an allowance for you to sink in at whatever cost. 

You may find that it’s very firm and not very comfortable especially in the first days but with some getting used to it may turn out to be a very comfortable sofa piece. Besides all that you will note that the sofa is quite small which I already stated. 

It may not be as comfortable as other sofas given that you want to take a nap or actually sleep on the sofa, but you should know that the smooth velvet touch is to die for. That could result in you waking up with a few aches and all especially a stiff neck. 

In any room, this sofa will feel right at home and will definitely not disappoint you in terms of sitting. Problems may come in procuring comfort for naps because of their size mostly.


Coming to you with a strong framework and slanted legs for sturdiness. This sofa was not only designed to bring comfort to your home but was also made to provide you with a lifetime friend. 

It is a strong sofa, and not only judging from the size, but it’s definitely that sofa that will last you a long time in your home. Having been made with a strong wooden frame, don’t worry about this sofa breaking on you. 

That is unheard of. However, with the upholstery, velvet is quite soft and very fragile and vulnerable when setting against natural elements such as a fire. Likewise, with sharp objects ut may not turn out to be as strong as you would have thought it to be.


With all this said, it all comes down to the pricing, which some find to be a bit too high for such a compact sofa.

Like all sofas, it has its ups and downs and one downer maybe it is pricing that comes off a little too high. However, if you are looking for a good catch on a sofa without a care in the pricing then this one here may be exactly what you need. 


Well, in conclusion, this sofa deserves a pair of hands really. From its style to its look, why wouldn’t you want such a sofa in your home? With the choice of different shades, it could be the perfect addition to any home. 

All in all, it’s quite a beautiful sofa that will definitely add a fresh breeze to your home especially since it comes with two decorative pillows allowing you to add more of your own decorative features.

Easton Classic Scroll Arm Chesterfield Sofa

Are you looking for a classic to compliment your home? Well then let’s get to it. This Easton Classic Scroll Arm Chesterfield sofa is the one and the only sofa to have if you are looking for something to put by your window or in your reading room so you can cozy up and cuddle with your 65 pounds put and clearly doze off of peace. 

It’s generally a cute sofa that can bring warmth and coziness, especially in a room that you imagine to be calm and peaceful. It’s that sofa that you would want to say you are planning to binge on your favorite series or read your long-awaited novel all night and still manage to nap easily.

Easton Classic Scroll Arm Chesterfield Sofa

It is not a compact sofa and is definitely not the largest breed of a sofa but for a medium space, I’m sure you could work something out with it. 

Now let’s kick it off with the basics. Easton is a classic Victorian Style Sofa that comes with these beautiful scroll arms that are starting to be a trend in all classic sofas. 

It has a tightly-tufted diamond pattern backrest, and button details throughout which just add on to the classic style and feel of it. You will find that it is upholstered in a carefully selected, soft linen fabric that won’t be as aggressive or as annoying to your skin. 

Plus it’s aesthetic and will bring a truly sophisticated gust of fresh air into your home or any room you decide to add it to. The cushions are velcro-attached and can be easily removed making cleaning and adjusting easier for you.



When it comes to looks I won’t say that this sofa can qualify to be a disappointment. It is rather cute for a classic sofa and would complement your interior very well. It comes in two shades of grey, a light one and a dark one both being achromatic make them neutral enough for almost any setting. 

The sofa is generally a classic. It doesn’t have a royal look nor does it look like the sofa you would find in those old classic movies and noirs. However, because if its tightly tufted diamond pattern that comes with button detail the sofa almost resembles the old-time popular Chesterfield. 

Except for the fact that it is not as loud nor is it as majestic as a Chesterfield. Rounded up, this beauty here will style up your home and introduce to you new feelings and new moments. 


Though not as small as any compact sofa out there. This sofa comes to you as a three-seat sofa that has three divided cushions. It can probably seat more than three people but since we are not as sure about its weight capacity sticking to three or four maybe the wisest idea here. 

Lest it breaks and you end up regretting your money. It comes in dimensions of (H x W x D):29″ x 86″ x 33″ and as you can see it is a big sofa but would probably not fill up a room like that. 

Judging from its dimension this sofa is likely for studio apartments and medium to large rooms and can function as the primary seat or secondary seat for extra people. In a small room, it may end up being too crowded. 


When you see a sofa this beautiful with scroll arms, and a tightly-tufted diamond pattern backrest, and button details throughout. The first thing that runs through your mind is obviously the amount of comfort it serves and if it will be worth it. 

It is upholstered in a carefully selected, soft linen and will bring a truly sophisticated gust of fresh air. With its linen upholstery you can imagine that may not have the softest of touches on your skin, nor can we say it deserves the award for being the softest sofa but it will definitely serve its purpose. 

Luckily the back cushions can be adjusted slightly as they are velcro attached and judging from the measurements if you are more to the tall side, taking a comfortable nap may not be as easy as we would have hoped. 


Being made from wood and a material composite of linen, not only does this sofa look great, but it will last just as long. Unlike sofas made from metal frames that may easily squeak and cringe the beauty here can hold it in for the longest. 

If you are a cuddler then that sofa is what you need. It will not squeak or break on you anytime soon. However, I will not claim that it was made and designed for heavy use as a bed and a sofa at the same time. That will probably lessen its life.


For a sofa of its style and size as well as durability this classic comes at very reasonable pricing. You won’t feel cheated nor will you feel as if it deserves more than it’s worth. 

Even though to the eye it is pleasing, questions have been raised on its comfort basing mostly with its height carrying capacity if someone decides to lie down. However, besides all that, this sofa is definitely worth every cent that’s been put to its name.


Well, there you go. The Easton Classic has been revealed. Its pros and cons. Now it’s all up to you to make the decision of buying it or not. I would highly recommend this sofa as a secondary feature in your home. 

Maybe in a library or a reading room just to make sure that you don’t overuse it as it’s not really for heavy usage. Also if you are still finding means of furnishing your home and you ate under a strict budget, letting this one slide wouldn’t be too much of a loss. 

All in all, it’s a good sofa that will be worth your money and worth your while.

Jasper Classic Victorian Chesterfield Review

Considering getting the Jasper Classic Victorian Chesterfield? Let’s say you’re making a cake, you want that elegant taste, with a pinch of sophistication. Let us not forget a few tablespoons of class, pizazz, and voila! That is exactly what this sofa is. It is that cake that will have you tasting all the stated ingredients. 

The pleasure and the explosion are unimaginable which is exactly how this sofa will make you feel. Being a Chesterfield sofa you already know that this sofa is going to send you to oblivion.

Jasper Classic Victorian Chesterfield Bonded Leather Sofa

Leather is naturally a sophisticated material and once used on a sofa it becomes the majesty of all sofas. So imagine having a majestic furniture piece in your home, that’s exactly what you’re looking for right? Well step in and let us see what else you get from this beautiful sofa. 

Jasper is generally your old-time classic Victorian Style Loveseat with beautiful scroll arms that just enhance the elegance and sophisticated aesthetic that this sofa comes with. The tufted backrest with button details is an eccentric feature that will draw you and your guests every time they step into the room. 

You will find that it is upholstered in a finely-crafted, durable, and made-to-last bonded leather which is probably the best look you could ever expect to find on a classic sofa. Trust and believe that this sofa will bring a truly sophisticated gust of fresh air into your home, office, or studio and will never get old to your eyes or to the room.



When it comes to the looks, this sofa is highly unlikely to disappoint. Coming to you in black and grey you can already tell that this sofa was designed to fit modern setups and contemporary ones. In fact with these two colors, you can literally make this sofa work with any interior. 

With such a dogmatic pose this sofa will definitely be the star of the room in any situation. You will find this loveseat to be more than just a regular sofa. The button detailing in the tufted backrest is that look we all want but never know it. 

Jasper Classic Victorian Chesterfield Bonded Leather Sofa

Imagine having such a sofa in your foyer or an office? What else could possibly enhance the classic interior of any room? For a living room or studio, this loveseat will probably make your apartment or home look more expensive than it is and will definitely show off you are fine taste in furniture. So why go for anything less when you can have it all with just this majestic loveseat. 


As a loveseat, you will find that this sofa is not as big as your regular sofas but its also not as small as your everyday loveseat. Coming with a few extra inches off you could definitely have about three people sit comfortably on this sofa without feeling squashed. 

It comes at an overall dimension of (H x W x D): 17″ x 61″ x 21″ with the backrest standing at (H): 11″ and the legs giving off a clearance of (H): 5″. This sofa is perfect for any space whether small, big or large. 

It’s very functional apart from it being a very aesthetic piece it can also work as an extra piece of furniture and fill up an empty space that you feel is too lonesome.


We all know leather to be that cool material especially when it comes to your skin. Worse off if it’s in the winter season. However good thing is that the sofa warms up quickly so just feel the intense cold for a few seconds and boom, let the comfort sit in. 

So apart from all that, it’s no secret that the sofa is a bit low so it would be less comfortable if you are more to the tall side. But that won’t affect how it actually feels. Apart from being sleek and modern, this sofa comes with a strong wooden frame that can not roughly 2 people and with good chancing maybe three. 

However, you would want to watch out on its weight capacity given that its a loveseat. With 100% bonded leather you are guaranteed to enjoy your life with this sofa.


It really is no secret that leather is one of the toughest materials out there. Having been used even on shoes you will find that a sofa made from leather is likely to last longer than a sofa made from fabric. 

It is waterproof so in the case that you spill something a simple cloth will clean that right up. When it comes to cleaning the sofa a leather conditioner is wise or you can follow the manufacturer’s instructions. 

Sadly this is bonded leather which is one of the lowest grades that probably won’t last as genuine leather graded leather. Too much exposure to any weather element could result in the sofa peeling off and of course, it is not proof to sharp objects and depreciation.


Leather sofas are generally expensive because of the leather upholstery. However, with this Jasper classic here, it comes at an affordable price for any regular sofa out there. However, as compared to other loveseats out there, this one may turn out to be a tad bit pricey. So if you are on a low budget, this may not be the best idea. 


For love for anything leather, this sofa clearly deserves a round of applause for the consistency in majestic elegance. Its style is simply its main attraction followed but the upholstery and all rounding up to its majestic appeal. 


If you are looking for something elegant and compact for any room whether it’s at home or at work, then I’d recommend this sofa for you. With disappointment not being completely evaded on some features, this look on this sofa can definitely help you forget that it’s not as perfect. 

Arthur Classic Executive Style Linen Storage Sofa

Are you looking for a classic executive sofa? Well, here we have the Arthur Classic Executive style linen storage sofa. Perfect for any professional settings. Perfect if you want to make any room sophisticated with that elegant allure. 

This Arthur sofa could make a big difference in any home, office, or practically any room. It’s unlike your regular sofas that feel homely. This sofa yells business. It yells professional and elegant. 

If you are that person that likes professional settings. You enjoy a glass of wine after a long day at work and you hate seeing dirt then this sofa is the one for you.

Arthur Classic Executive Style Linen Storage Sofa with Nailhead Trim

It is a modern sofa with a classic, elegant and sophisticated feel, it would probably make you feel as if you are underdressed to be sitting on it, which makes it all the more perfect for you. 

Arthur is a basically a classic executive style sofa with beautiful scroll arms, plush back cushions, and elegant nailhead trim. 

You will find that upholstered in a carefully selected, soft linen, and will bring a truly sophisticated gust of fresh air into your home, office or private practice. Arthur is ideal for smaller spaces due to its multi-functionality.



The name says it all. This is an executive style sofa. With that classic look and with it you can just imagine the sophistication and elegance it would probably bring to any room. 

Coming in white and grey you can already sense that even the color choices are set to bring out the classic form of this sofa. It is unlike your daily average sofa. In fact it is a classic sofa with beautiful scroll arms, plush back cushions, and elegant nailhead trim. 

Arthur Classic Executive Style Linen Storage Sofa with Nailhead Trim

That gives it its natural elegant and sophisticated vibe. You will find that it is upholstered in a carefully selected and soft linen that is not only appealing to the eyes alone but to the whole body as well. This sofa will bring a truly sophisticated gust of fresh air into your home, office, or private practice.


Arthur is that sofa that you will find the ideal for smaller spaces due to its multi-functionality. It is that space-efficient sofa you have been looking for that will make a difference in your home or office. 

It comes with a storage that easily opens at the bottom, and you can store blankets, trinkets, or books and anything else you wish to put away and out of sight but get easy access to at the same time. It comes at an overall dimension of H x W x D: 33″ x 78″ x 31″ with the seat dimensions at H x W x D: 19″ x 66″ x 20″ the armrest level up at H x W: 24″ x 6″ and finally the backrest H: 16″.


When it comes to comfort, how could you even question the feel this sofa will bring to you? It is not only an aesthetic piece that was designed to suit and satisfy your creative mind but at the same time, this sofa was designed to give you and bring to your room, the best comfort known to man. 

The soft feel of the upholstery on your skin as well as the soft but firm feel of the cushions should be enough to make you feel like an executive running your own thing at your own time. 

All in all, this is a comfortable sofa that will not have you doubting your money’s worth. Be it for an office environment, home, or even a mere waiting room this sofa will not disappoint you at all.


Being made from wood and linen which are some of the most commonly used materials when it comes to sofa manufacturers I don’t think you have to worry about this sofa’s durability. 

Just as it is made for that executive feel, it probably wouldn’t want to disappoint the boss. The stitching on the couch is done very well, nothing could positively open up a stitch unless you are of course trying to prove this sofa at all costs wrong. 

Though it isn’t the biggest couch in the world. It is definitely the sofa to play a big part in your life. Whether you are living in a small apartment and it is your man living room couch or it’s in your bedroom or even a private study. Not one day will you sit on this sofa and have it break on you. It simply can’t be beaten.


Who doesn’t want extra storage in their room! If you want that smart look then this sofa is it. The price range is definitely a steal because this sofa is worth so much more but they decided to make it affordable to everyone and anyone. 

It is an amazing sofa to have and I will say that it is definitely worth every cent and more. A lifetime partnership with this sofa will make you feel like a new executive every time you walk into the room. So don’t worry, as good as it looks, it still comes at a very affordable price range.


In conclusion, let us just say that this sofa is ideal for someone looking to furnish a one-bedroom apartment or a studio apartment. It is incredibly comfortable even though it is short in-depth, but it looks pretty and the storage compartment is really useful. 

It is definitely that one sofa that will have you wanting to be at home all day, or even in your office. Just add it to your room and see the gust of elegance that will flow in at that time. You will not be disappointed by this sofa here and that is a promise. 

So what are you waiting for, get yourself this sofa as soon as possible and see your home transform into something magical. Enjoy your shopping!

Misty Mid Century Modern Tufted Velvet Sofa

What we have here is a Misty Mid Century modern tufted velvet sofa. The homemaker in so many homes and apartments out there today. Just looking at this sofa you can feel the comfort that it will bring to you and I mean come on, who wouldn’t want a touch of velvet in their home. 

As we all know sofas are the go-to in any home. Be it you are stressed, happy, sad, or even just in a  nostalgic state of mind, sofas are the first places we think to visit. Either that or your bed, now imagine if you are in any of the above moods and you have a soft welcoming sofa, don’t you feel good already?

Misty Mid Century Modern Tufted Velvet Sofa

So first thing first, this is a modern and normal sofa that comes tufted and as always with button detailing. If you are looking to add a splash of elegance to your home and life then with this stunning streamlined Mid-Century Classic Misty sofa count that dream a reality. 

This sofa is a Loveseat and it comes upholstered with carefully selected velvet and features tufted details throughout. It includes bolstering pillows, and two accent pillows, as well as four beautifully stained, slanted wooden legs for sturdy support. 

It is the ideal sofa piece for any home and is ideal for both a modern look in your living room, as well as a guest- or dorm room. Or anyone looking for a bit of pizazz and voila!! and functionality in their home.



What we have here is our little Misty who has been designed with utmost care and accuracy to make everything about her as appealing to the eye as it is appealing to your home.

This Misty loveseat comes to you in 5 colors, which is a cute turquoise blue, dark grey, white, purple, and navy blue. All colors though varying between dark and light shades are perfectly suitable for modern households with contemporary styles as well as transitional looks. 

Misty Mid Century Modern Tufted Velvet Sofa

This sofa in general apart from being a loveseat would make the perfect addition to any home either as an aesthetic piece or as the main sofa. 

It has lean and flat arms that are just a bit lower than the back giving it a European setup. You will find the legs to be slightly slanted to provide sturdy support. Rounded up in Velvet to give it the mist lush look ever. 


Coming at a dimension of (HxWxD):32″ x 75″ x 30″ this sofa is generally small. However, when described as a loveseat you will find it to be quite perfect. It is designed to hold at most two people at the same time but you may as well add in an if you must. 

It is the perfect sofa to have if you are starting up on your own or if you have a small apartment or room that you want to fill up. Though it is a loveseat, this sofa would work well in an office as it would not take up too much space, and it would be the perfect addition in a bedroom as well, just to compliment the bed. 

If you are looking for something that can save up space and be as functional as any regular sofa then Misty right here is what you need.


When it comes to comfort, Misty is incapable of disappointment. Just by looking at the sofa, you can already feel the comfort that it will bring you. As I stated before, this sofa will have you drooling once it is in your space. 

Made with solid wood, you will find this sofa to be very sturdy and point when set. It is not the sofa that will have you sitting at caution because you are scared if toppling. Instead, the solid frame will have you sitting just fine and feeling welcomed always. 

The soft, smooth velvet on the sofa will have you feeling a warm gush of coziness which is perfect for holding your favorite clients or customers. Should I also mention that it would be the perfect sofa if you are hoping to cozy up to a good movie with your favorite snacks?


Now, as I said before, Misty is incapable of disappointment. That’s one thing that this sofa can never do. Besides looking the part and feeling the part. This loveseat also plays the part. Apart from its good looks and the soft and comfortable feel. 

This sofa is also long-lasting and durable. It is not the sofa that you have to plan to replace within 5 years. If taken care of properly this sofa could grow old with you and could definitely stay by your side even when those backaches start acting in. 

With handpicked Velvet, this sofa may not be resistant to fluids, stains and sharp objects but it is definitely strong enough to withstand heavy usage.


Some say beauty and price work hand in hand. After checking this Misty loveseat you’d think it’s one of those expensive sofas, however, it is not. This loveseat is quite affordable and its price would make it the perfect startup couch if you have just recently moved out or if you are trying to start up your own home. 

Besides the looks and the comfort, this sofa comes at a very affordable price which makes it all the more worth every cent and more.


Well, I have to say, who would have thought that such existed. A sofa is one of the biggest investments you can ever make in your life. In fact, furniture is generally one of the best and biggest investments you could ever make in your life. 

So why not do it right the first time and not have to regret. I’d recommend Misty to anyone trying to fill up a small space, you won’t regret it.

Royal Victorian-Style Velvet Chesterfield Sofa Review


Have you ever thought about transforming your home into a mini palace? Perhaps that is what has led you to the Royal Victorian-Style Velvet Chesterfield Sofa. Looking to make yourself royalty with a single purchase? Well if you thought it was impossible at first, guess what, I’m going to help you make that dream a reality. 

Royal Victorian-Style Velvet Chesterfield Sofa Blue

What we have here today is a Royal Victorian style velvet sofa. With that Chesterfield design. Well talk about class and tradition, this sofa can cut across any design line and fit in almost any home. 

So whether you have a traditional outline in your home this sofa will suit your living room perfectly. The velvet look makes it suit a modern household even though its style is more traditional and historic, but trust me, if you are looking to add a bit of royal flair to your home this is the sofa for you. 

Royal Chesterfield sofa is a classic Victorian-Style Sofa with beautiful scroll arms that accentuate the Victorian style as well as that historic outline. The tufted backrest with button details adds that classic flare making this sofa more suited for any room with any decor. 

Royal Victorian-Style Velvet Chesterfield Sofa Red

It is upholstered in a soft velvet material that is easy on the skin and very soft when it comes to comfort. It also comes with two velcro attached accent pillows for an ultra-plush look. This Royal Chesterfield sofa will bring a truly sophisticated gust of fresh air into your home, and office or perhaps any room you decide to put it in. 


  • The sofa has a warm and comfortable look that will fit in almost any home
  • It is easy to clean and maintain
  • Has a Victorian royal style that will add style to your home
  • Is very comfortable 


  • The Velvet is not waterproof or stain resistant 


Well besides the royal and Victorian-style this sofa comes with, it also comes in different colors for you to choose from. You can find it in black, teal, grey, red and mauve. All you have to do is pick out which one is the best one for you and which one suits the accent color in your room more. 

When it comes to style, no words can ever describe this sofa except say ‘royal’ and ‘classic’. As I said if you are hoping to make your home into a mini-castle or palace then this right here is the sofa for you. 

Royal Victorian-Style Velvet Chesterfield Sofa Black

Coming to you with a tufted backrest that has button detail like any Chesterfield sofa this sofa will not only make you fall in love with it but your guests may become more of permanent residents. 

The beautiful scroll arms are at the same level as the backrest, but it also has velcro attached back cushions which can be adjusted as per required set up. 

All in all this sofa is beautiful, drop-dead gorgeous if I might add. If you have a modern home, this Victorian-style would be an amazing mash-up leaving your home interior with decor so unique, the term palace wouldn’t even describe it.


Overly this sofa comes at a dimension of 27″ x 80″ x 30″, by looking at it with its three-seat cushions you would probably guess it to be a three-seat sofa. However, with its size it could probably accommodate more than three people at a time. 

With its Victorian style, of course, more than three people may decide to sit on it at a time but that’s not something you have to worry about. Generally, it is a small sofa which you can use as a napping spot or a sitting spot either for lounging or for tea with a couple of friends. 

However, I wouldn’t advise you to take full-blown naps on it as you may wake up with a few aches in your bones. It’s the perfect space-efficient sofa for any room, whether big or small.


Just by looking at a picture of the sofa you can feel the comfort, it will provide. Now imagine looking at it in real life, you’d probably drool from the idea or even get goosebumps. However, let’s talk about the comfort you will feel when you actually sit or lie down on this sofa. 

Full with soft fillings in this sofa’s cushions you are guaranteed and soft and nice firm welcome when you sit or lie down. The Velvet upholstery is more than you could ever ask for. It’s like you’d couch to sit naked just so you can feel the warm and soft feel of the Velvet upholstery on your skin. 


Made from velvet and solid wood, this is a strong sofa that will hold for a number of years. The Velvet is not easy to tear but at the same time, it is not strong enough to resist sharp objects. 

So if you want your sofa to last, you’d better make sure you don’t have any sharp objects clawing at it. All in all, the sofa is taken care of and used appropriately should be able to last you a very long time, and it will definitely be your money’s worth. 


It wouldn’t be shocking if this sofa turned out to be very expensive and unaffordable because of its Royal and Victorian look, its durability as well as the comfort provides. However, quite, on the contrary, this sofa is affordable. 

If you are looking for a sofa for a small room and you are under a certain budget this soda could definitely cut it for you. Worth every cent and more it will not disappoint you on any day. 


Well, I have to say, when it comes to style this sofa definitely serves as the best out there. The royal look and the Victorian style is definitely the one if you are hoping to palace up your home. 

I would recommend this sofa especially if you have a small apartment but you still want the best out of the space it can light up any room and any space with disappointment being far from view. 

Sofa without Credit Check

Are you hoping to get a sofa without a credit check? Having no credit and having bad credit can make a company unwilling to work with you. So if you have no credit history and you have bad credit, getting a sofa may be harder than you think. However, dealing with no credit history is easier than fixing a bad credit history. In both cases, you may need to find a solution to build your credit. 

You do need to work to build a good credit history so you can qualify and if they figure that you have a good credit score they will want to work with you. Being blacklisted or having a very poor credit score on your credit profile means that it will make it very difficult for you to obtain a loan or a credit in the future as most lenders including all the major banks will deem you as high risk and will not be able to offer you a loan.

Before you buy anything on credit or before any creditors actually decide to work with you. They usually run a credit check to see if you are liable and worth the risk. So if you have no credit history or your credit is bad, very few will want to work with you because of the risk they will be putting themselves in. So if you want to get a sofa with no credit check at least make sure that your credit history is reliable. 

Steps you can take

With the ever-increasing fraud cases in the world, you will find that most stores are usually very cautious and careful when it comes to their dealings. They normally run background and credit checks of customers to ensure that they are not making a transaction that will result in a major loss for them. 

However, you do not need to worry if you do not have the perfect credit history. There are a few steps you can take that will probably increase your chances of getting that sofa with no need for a credit check. 

Know Your Credit Score

The first step is figuring if getting that sofa that doesn’t require a credit check is your only option. Checking your own credit does not hurt your score and it will actually give you a better idea of how best you can approach your sofa issue and probably you may get it approved for. 

So most people with little or no credit history have what’s considered a “thin credit file”  this means that their credit history contains only a few, if any, credit accounts.

People with thin files often have a hard time obtaining new credit, as their lack of credit history makes it really difficult for lenders, shop owners, and other potential creditors to assess their risk. At least at this point, you have an idea of the chances you have of actually getting that sofa. 

Save up money

Now even though saving up takes a bit of patience, the good thing is that when you save up enough money to buy that sofa you want. There won’t actually be a  need for a credit check. So you can buy your sofa, and not need any credit at all. 

Now you could save money by not buying furniture for your home but obviously you’d soon grow tired of sitting on the floor or worse, sleeping on the ground. A home should be a sanctuary, not a place of discomfort and discontent.

So if getting a sofa on credit seems a bit far fetched. There are a variety of financing options you can take advantage of. For example, you could try applying for a financial loan that doesn’t require a credit check.

For example at Slick Cash Loan, they offer cash loans to all individuals even those who have bad credit because to them a financial mistake does not reflect on your financial capability to return a loan. There are just a few standards you have to meet and you can apply online to get yourself a loan.

Furniture Financing

Furniture financing has been a blessing in disguise for so many people, especially those who have monetary issues and no credit check. These allow you to own the furniture of your choice despite having a bad history of credit. You’ll find that even with poor credit, you can still get financing through a furniture store and still manage to get yourself that sofa you want. 

So, bad credit furniture financing options are possible when you know where to look. The following shops allow you to own the furniture of your choice despite having a bad history of credit. With these stores, furnishing your home is not a dream anymore and you can buy the furniture you love while keeping your budget and comfort in mind:

Ashley’s Furniture

There are very few shops that allow one to buy furniture online even with poor financial history, and these guys are among the very. Ashley’s furniture has what they call Ashley’s Advantage which they clearly want you to take advantage of.

With one easy application, you can style your home the way you want to and pay over time. You can choose an offer that works best for you and well, you get that sofa you have been stressing over.

Dining Room Furniture

These guys don’t even bother with your bad credit history, they allow you to buy your furniture on finance with no deposit. This gives you the opportunity in which you can choose to buy from a large and wide range of dining room furniture without having to go to the bank.

Luxury Home Furniture

With these guys it can take up to only three minutes to get approved for up to $5 000 loan. They have a 90 day buyout option in which you get to enjoy very flexible payment plans and still manage to get yourself that sofa or anything else you might feel as if you need.

So you can easily apply to wait for three minutes and voila, at the same time they have different categories of furniture to choose from all which are popular brands and are of high quality.

Final Thoughts

If you have a poor credit score or no credit history at all, you might think getting a lot of things may be out of the question. However, all is not lost but there are a number of things that you may have to work on if you want it to work. The good news is there are options and shops that don’t require a credit check for you to get what you want. 

When it comes to things like getting a personal loan without a credit check it may not be easy, but there are a few ways to get it done. So if you are looking to get a sofa without a credit check, it may not be easy, but it can and will be done.

Natuzzi Leather Sofa

This here is a high-quality sofa that will bring more than just comfort to your home. With an expensive feel, look and aura, this Natuzzi leather sofa will definitely set your home aflame. If you have an expensive taste in furniture and you will have an amazing feeling when you see this Natuzzi sofa. 

Natuzzi has generally been known to make expensive and equally beautiful sofas that match the billing of course. They don’t only make sofas in leather but I have to say one would have an acquired taste for one of their leather sofas. Coming in a deep natural brown color we have this three-seat sofa but just by looking at its size, you can tell that it can and will sit more than three people. 

It is a high-quality sofa that is set to match a high standard. It is a very nice leather couch and extremely comfortable. If you have this in your home you will have several guests telling you how comfortable they will be on the sofa.

You may even find it to be so comfortable that you will prefer sleeping on it than your blow-up queen-sized mattress.  Plus they always say when you sleep on a Natuzzi  sofa you don’t wake up with any back pain unlike other sofas and that is true



  • It is quite expensive and heavy


Natuzzi Sofas define Italian style by drawing inspiration on their superb designer sofas. From the beauty of form, the harmony of nature, the tradition of quality, and translating it all into comfortable seating that you will never forget. Maybe I just have a strong liking for leather but just looking at this sofa a set of new raw emotions flew in. 

From its elegant natural color that definitely sells out on its leather quality to the shape and the material used. It has a sophisticated look to it that will make your home look expensive. If you are looking for a sofa that could make an incredible centre-piece for your living space. 

You may just have your eyes on a true contender. It has an imposing look of luxury. Fortunately, it is not just in the area of looks that it excels. When you do get to use it, you will realise that this is a well-made product that is worth its place in your heart. 


 At 95 x 42 x 35 inches, you can obviously tell that this is no small sofa. Three grown and mature adults can actually sit and have a very decent conversation while drinking their doses of coffee. I’m not one to disrupt the natural balance of things but with this sofa’s size you can sit up to 4 people or even more depending on their sizes and they would still hold. 

It is that one sofa that can make everything seem small, not only because of its size but as well because of its flare. Now if you are planning to buy an expensive sofa for a small apartment this is not it. You will crowd up your room in terms of space and look because trust me, this sofa is an elephant. 


Natuzzi leather sofas come as tanned. This is done in Italy at their own facilities. Their tanneries have received an ISO 14001 certification for being environmentally conscious. Their designs love and draw inspiration from the environment and for these reasons they strive to keep it clean and beautiful. 

As I have been saying since I started. The Natuzzi sofa is very comfortable and it has a soft and slightly firm sitting. It is not one of those sofas that claim cozyness in link to sinking cushions. You can sleep on this sofa and wake up with no ache anywhere and be energetic and willing to sleep on it again. With leather upholstery I mean what else could you expect. 


Natuzzi Editions generally use squeak-free webbing for their sofas on most models. The seating construction style allows the designers to create beautiful shapes and still maintain consistent tension across the entire seating area. You will find that each soda is a frame that is composed of solid wood, and engineered wood that provides a strong base for them to finish with their gorgeous, long-lasting leather coverings. 

This is all combined to provide you with comfortable, beautiful furniture that will be with your family for many years. So you are definitely assured that this sofa will last long. Besides that, leather is a known material that is popular for not only its elegant look, but it’s easy cleaning and maintenance as well as durability. 


Under normal circumstances, if I see a sofa going for any price of about $500, I would be very skeptical about the worth. However, this Natuzzi sofa is going for a few thousand and I have nothing to say. It is very expensive, that is true, but with everything, there is to know about this sofa I would buy it as well. 

From its look to the natural flared balance, it sets I think I am in great favor of this sofa. I highly recommend it if you are looking for a top-quality sofa with top-notch design. Once it is there in your living room I think then you will notice that it was worth every cent. 


Leather has always been an expensive and elegant material. However, Natuzzi has managed to turn it all around. I mean you don’t know what to appreciate more. The sofa or the material, the design, or comfort. For that, they definitely deserve a win. To me, I will even recommend this sofa to myself. I don’t believe you will be wasting a dime at all. 

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