Best Way to Dust furniture: 4 Easy Steps

One of the most annoying things that you can’t avoid n matter how hard you try is dust. Dust is everywhere, it’s actually shocking how you find dust in certain places, it doesn’t even make sense. 

Now you are probably here because you have had it with dust and you definitely need a way to clean your house especially your furniture right?

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Well here I am to the rescue, I am going to walk you through a short and simple process on how you can dust your furniture leaving it spotless. So here is a list of a few things that you will need:

Now dust is not friendly, especially if you have hay fever it will leave you snorting like a pig all day. Now besides cleaning it, what is the best way to make sure that you minimize the accumulation of it? That’s one question we have to answer so that you know exactly what to do after cleaning it. 

Well, dust is usually a result of a dry room. You could buy yourself an air purifier that will keep the room moist and the dustout. Cleaning stinks we all know this so why not make it easy on yourself by leaving a dust cloth in a cabinet in each room you dust frequently which is also another alternative instead of having to wait a whole week or month to dust it off. Anyways let’s move on and see how best we can clean this dust off our furniture. 


Now dust though it looks weak and harmful is actually one of the most harmful elements out there. It could cause many health problems. It is very harmful especially to people who already have issues like asthma, hay fever, or general chest problems. 

Even if you don’t have them inhaling a lot of dust could lead to some of these problems. So be sure to use a face cover when taking care of your dusty furniture make sure to try as much as you can to not inhale the dust especially if the dust is white as that could be mixed with a lot of particles that you don’t know of. 

So since we are checking not only for a way to dust furniture but the best way to dust furniture let us go through this simple process that will not only keep you safe but will keep your furniture looking exquisite.

Stage 1: Splash Water

One trick from grandma is that when cleaning dust off of something always splash a little water so that the dust is more grounded and won’t filter to other parts again.

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However, be careful when splashing water as too much can instead create mud and you’ll end up creating stains. The best way is to use a water spray bottle. Always be sure to start from top to bottom. Pushing the dust down instead of up. 

Stage 2: Sweeping or Vacuuming 

Now this will work especially for fabric tops, if you have a fabric sofa and you want to remove the dust you could start by sweeping with a broom until your feel you can’t sweep any dust off anymore.

Then when you are done you can use your vacuum cleaner to remove the extra dots of dust that the broom could not reach or could not tackle. 

vacuum cleaner

Make sure again to start from the top going down as starting from the bottom could make you splash the dust-up to the too and as you clean the top you push the dust back down again. So just to avoid this make sure to start from the top going down. 

Stage 3: Remove excess dust with a Duster

Now that we have removed the most part of our dusty dirt, we are going to remove the rest with a duster the way we normally do it. Take your duster and just dust off the surfaces making sure to remove any particles where you feel you are unsure of.


This will also help you set up order on your cabinets and remove some hidden dust bunnies and dust mites that your broom would not have seen before. 

Stage 4: Final Wipe

Here we come to use the microfiber cloths. You can add any furniture oils and conditions as you wipe through especially if you feel like using a scenter in the process. Now you find that at this point there is very little dust or no dust at all and that should make you very happy. 

microfiber cloth

Microfiber cloths are for overall dusting and removing and tough notch stains that may be stuck on your furniture. You can also use microfiber cloths to wipe a scent on your furniture like lemon fresh or furniture oils as it is soft and will not scratch anything at all. 

Final Solutions

So as I said before there are ways to permanently make your dust attacks better in any home or in any room. If the room has still dry air, more dust will accumulate with or without your consent. So the best way to get it is to allow air to move freely in any room. Do not let a room get stuffy, open the windows regularly, and let air in and out. 

Secondly, you could get a fan, air purifier, humidifier, or air conditioner. These all have one thing in common, they keep the air in a room moving and at times moist making it hard for the dust to settle you will also find that at times, just regularly wiping and dusting furniture will make it a lot easier for you when you have your thorough cleaning. 

So the best way to get rid of dust is to make sure that you don’t give it the chance to build up. So this is the best way and also the easiest way to dust your furniture. I hope you make great use of it. Be sure to check out our How to Clean Sofa Upholstery a home post.

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