Best time of the year to buy furniture

So you are wondering when it will be the best time to get yourself some furniture over the year right? What we mean by best is when you can get the best furniture at the cheapest prices. Do not worry I have you on this one. 

Today I will be looking at different times in a year where furniture is most likely to be low and you can get the best furniture at the cheapest and lowest prices and possibly why it will be cheap at that time.

So you better read through this article and when you are done you will definitely know which month should be your target month if you want to buy furniture. 

Let’s talk business for a while. We all know that at some point businesses need to restock, they need to let the old stock go, they need to make room for new stock and all that. At times people don’t really go for furniture especially when they have a lot to deal with so for most companies to make it work they have to reduce the prices to a certain level so as to attract more customers and get things moving. 

Now what they don’t know is that there are smart people like you and me who actually plan on these things so that we get the best at the lowest of costs. That’s the business mind, when they start fleeing, attract them with something they can not resist, and what’s better than cheap prices to attract us. So moving on now. 

If you don’t want to wait for a certain time in a year you could always save up until you have enough money but that is always scary because by the time you have all that money someone richer could have already gotten that specific piece you were waiting for. I know right! Karma hurts at times. 

So anyway, instead of waiting for that specific period or that recession you could always check on new companies that have promotions to help have their products get into the market these are usually at a low price so you can definitely get that couch at a low price and still be as happy as someone who got it at a high price. So now that I have told you reasons and facts let’s look at the important factors now. 

July: Overall Best

Now things circulate depending on the company and the market, but July has to be the major winner in this case. So we all know that bringing your furniture in snowy conditions is difficult.

If you notice in winter we are all usually slobs, lazy and we are just avoiding anything that takes up too much energy, and trust me in winter energy will be low. You find that as it is hard to actually get your furniture in winter because of the hustles and all.

It’s a well-known fact that people rarely go out to buy heavy-duty furniture in winter and these companies notice so they do what they do best when they realise that the market is fleeing, they attract you guys back and hence we have the low prices, discounts, promotions and so forth.

If you are smart this will definitely be the time to go about and get that sofa and coffee table. Even the staff will be the friendliest to you because they know you are one of the few returning sheep.

So July is my number one best time of the year to get yourself the furniture that you want. Promotions, discounts, sales this is when they are at their highest. 

January: Second Best

Now with January, we all know what happens in January after that Christmas and all those parties that you hosted. Many people are at that spot. Waiting for their next paycheque because well, the holiday was very very expensive and quite edible.

You got yourself that huge turkey, some new clothes, and a vacation in the Bahamas then bam! It came crashing down in January. 

Well then, January is actually the second-best time to buy furniture because most companies realise that their market is running low on juice so they lower prices to make things more affordable for people who know that they will be on a tight budget. 

Besides that its post-Christmas Sales, promotions and all and most people prefer to start a year with new stock so they would rather find ways of getting off the stock from last year without actually incurring a loss.

So we have black Fridays, promotions, discounts and the regular low pricing. However, some companies aren’t as desperate in January as most of them actually close down for the holiday so July still wins this bid.

August: Third and Last

So we all know that the best things usually come when its off-season right. Well at the end of each season especially summer and winter the furniture showroom usually hits the jackpot. You find that you get better discounts and better deals as retailers will be trying to make room for the new season stock. 

So if you want to buy anything and it’s almost at the end of the year then August is your last chance and you better grab it or you will have to wait for those Christmas deals. As I stated before most businesses like clearing out stock because they will probably want to try out a new product or something like that. 

So they look for the right opportunities and just at the end of summer or end of winter makes it the best jackpot for them. So August is the last best time of the year you are likely to get furniture. 

Well, so it’s really all up to you to pick a time that is most convenient for you to go and get that coffee table that you have been wanting so bad. I always say this, however.

At times while you are waiting and hoping that you get that table, the day before they set that discount or promotion someone will buy that same table you have been waiting for. Some call it bad luck and some call it Karma. However, pick a time and go get that table. Enjoy!

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