Best Reclining Sofa Reviews 2022:​ Quality Recliners for the Money

Best reclining sofa reviews to enjoy you relaxation time Have you ever wished that you could find a peaceful relaxing asset but found yourself sitting on the same old shabby couch? Well, this is the situation for most of us.

What if I told you that the solution here is very simple?

Get a reclining sofa and you will forget those hectic hours you spent at your workplace.

You might be probably wondering now.

“How do I get the best reclining sofa?”

Well, it turns out that we have the perfect solution for you. We have made a thorough market survey to find the most comfortable reclining sofas that can make a change in your life. Yeah, this whole article is all about them.

And, if you’re in a hurry to find those high-quality recliner couches, the table below is all yours:

Our Top Picks

Best PicksSofaPrice
Editor's Pick: Best & Comfy Recliner
Seatcraft Omega

  • Power Recliner
  • USB charging ports
  • hidden in-arm storage
  • Lighted cup holders
  • Check Latest Price

    >>Read Review<<
    Customer Choice:Best Manual &Power ReclinerHomelegance 9700

  • Power & manual Recliner models
  • Plush microfiber upholstery
  • Highly comfortable
  • Check Latest Price

    >>Read Review<<
    Most Comfortable Recliner for FamilyAshley Furniture Signature Design - Hogan

  • Manual Recliner
  • Polyster upholstery
  • Perfect for any home decor
  • Check the Latest Price

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    Best Dual ReclinerChristies Home Living Bill

  • Manual Recliner
  • Premium Polyster upholstery
  • Contemporary Style
  • Check the Latest Price

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    Elegant and CheapDivano Roma Bonded Double Recliner

  • Lever action recliner
  • Plush bonded leather upholstery
  • Check the Latest Price

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    Best Reclining loveseatHomelegance 9636

  • Lever action recliner
  • Microfiber upholstery
  • Check the Latest Price

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    Best for Small Spaces
    Serta Palisades

  • Dual recliner
  • Fabric
  • Storage space
  • Check the Latest Price

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    Best for classic and traditional lookDivano Roma Classic

  • Dual recliner
  • Soft linen Fabric
  • Overstuffed cushions
  • Check the Latest Price

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    Best Reclining Sofa Reviews

    Some of you might have found the recliner of your choice from the above table itself.

    But, it’s always a good idea to know about them before finalizing your choice. That’s why we have provided you with in-depth reviews of our top picks.

    1. Seatcraft Omega Recline Multimedia Sofa: Editor’s Choice

    Seatcraft Omega is our top pick when it comes to recliners Check the Best and Latest Price on Amazon

    A trendy and multi-functional reclining sofa, giving lavishing look to your lounge. Comes with applauding features to support your easy convenience. Indeed one of the best power reclining sofa in the market.

    Seatcraft Omega makes its way to top-rated reclining sofas for its techy and gaming console feel. Upholstered in leather Gel, providing pure leather persona. The stance of top grain leather makes it durable and exquisitely elegant.

    Another interesting fact about Seatcraft Omega is that this is the best option you have if you’re searching for a good leather reclining sofa out there.

    Seatcraft is known for producing innovative and high-quality entertainment furniture items. This sofa holds a key place in their market value.

    The recliner integrates powered headrests which are adjustable with the push of a button. What uplifts the mood is that it offers a fold-down table. This cool feature facilitates two USB charging slots along with two 110 volts power outlets.

    Still not excited?

    Well, the centre table also features overhead light! All that participates in throwing a small booming party night either alone or with your small group of friends! Of course, you can have a movie night with a sibling or spouse having a bucket of popcorn and cola on the table.

    This recliner couch set itself is a mini theatre. This is sponsored due to the hidden in-arm storage and tray tables for each seat. This punkie-luxury also provides the lighted cup holders.

    It is based on a contemporary style. You can enhance the look with additional sleek chairs, completing the beauty of your furniture.

    • Very comfortable leather
    • Powers function properly
    • Perfect electric movement speed
    • Enhanced convenience due to storage capacity
    • Additional comfort due to USB power charging ports and power outlets
    • Excellent workmanship and smooth operation
    • Heavy, requires two people to move it around

    Due to its exceptional facilities and convenient features, Seatcraft Omega holds the top spot when it comes to reclining couches. It is incredibly cosy for party and movie night. Surprisingly, it’s also great for studying instead of cluttering your room with books and pens.

    What makes it lie among the best power reclining sofas is its incredible features. The sofa gives a unique and convenient spot for hanging out, unlike many other power sofas. Its mini-theatre look speaks volume for its quality.

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    2. Homelegance 9700: Customer’s Choice

    Homelegance 9700 is one of the best reclining sectionals to buy

    Check the Best and Latest Price on Amazon

    With this product, Homelegance provides extra comfort with overstuffed arms. The seats and backs are upholstered with high-density foam. Even with the look, this sofa gives a cosy feeling.

    Homelegance 9700 is available in different colours and materials as well. The plush microfiber increases the comfort in your living room. This three seated top quality recliner sofa is perfect to have your family chit-chat or spend time together.

    The side area, however, is covered in faux leather. The sofa is imported and without a doubt enhances the environment. Not only for living rooms, but it is also great for placing it in your art rooms.

    This sofa uses both power and manual release mechanism for reclining. Yeah, both the options-power and manual reclining are available for you. It requires a gentle pull for a comfortable and relaxing reclined position. The sofa also offers tufted designing on covers that goes perfectly with the heavy-cushioned arms.

    You have the option to attain Corner wedge in order to give this collection a luxurious sectional look. One thing to focus on is that if you have pets, you have to use it properly.

    • Extremely comfortable
    • Sophisticated reclining sofa mechanism
    • Good quality material
    • Easy assembly
    • Very soft
    • No sagging with over a year use
    • The material is a bit thin which would not be too good if you have pets.

    It can casually be called as one of the super comfortable reclining sofas because it is extremely comfortable, very soft and plushy. The sofa is designed to increase the charm of your novel-reading and binge-watching nights.

    We will say that this sofa is worth every penny for its optimum comfort.

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    3. Ashley Furniture Hogan : Most Comfortable for Family

    Ashley Furniture Hogan recliner Check the Best and Latest Price on Amazon

    Elegant yet comfortable reclining sofa making its way to the top 3 in this list. It’s available in Mocha Brown color which integrates manual reclining features.

    Ashley Furniture is actually one of the brands on the market when it comes to recliners. They are a top rated manufacturer of sofas and other furniture items. It is obvious their recliners will be regarded as best reclining loveseats or couches.

    This Hogan recliner is based on the contemporary style and provides eternal comfort with textured microfiber. What can you do next? Obviously, you can throw some pillows for the exquisite and modern look.

    The cosy and comfortable sofa is incomplete without its plushness. This sofa brings this all. You get the optimum plush comfort with its extra padding and heavy cushioning.

    It is upholstered in polyester which has High-resiliency foam. This is supported by a corner-blocked frame. The design and cut are clean and beautiful that can surely bring your guests in awe.

    Coming to the most important part, the reclining functionality! Yes, it is easy and pulls tab reclining motion will make you easily lean in your preferred comfort.

    The good thing about this affordable recliner is that it’s huge! This trait is specifically important if you have a family. You can always welcome a bunch of guests for tea-party with its inclusion.

    The product requires assembly but the good part is that it comes with the all the necessary instructions. You can set it up in no time and have your room decorated for the urban look.

    • Large and very comfortable
    • Comes with super soft pillows
    • Firm cushioning to hold it up tightly
    • Great for people having issues with a sleeping flat at night due to health problems
    • Because of its width and heaviness, it requires two people to lift it up
    • The chair in recline position may show a gap between the seat and back cushion.

    This sofa set is nice and elegant. Its comfort and reasonable quality favor its stance here. You can even place it in your drawing room because of its looks

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    4. Christies Home Living Bill : Best Dual Recliner

    Chrisities Home Living Bill is a nice recliner sectional

    Click Here to Check the Best and Latest Price on Amazon

    This amazing dual recliner provides a clean look without compromising on its elegance. On top of its squeaky-clean persona, it’s quite comfort-looking. The contemporary style makes it have a cosy warm feeling.

    Christies Home Living Bill is constructed with select hardwoods. The reinforcement is done by the heavy-duty steel rail system. Additionally, it has a corner-blocked frame.

    This sofa provides the dual manual reclining mechanism. It functions smoothly and does slide forward when you recline it. You don’t require to have it two feet out from the wall.

    The sofa is covered in a durable premium polyester fabric. The pocketed coils are encased in foam and are wrapped in Dacron fibre on top of the sinuous spring system.

    What’s important is that this affordable sofa has dual manual reclining mechanism integrated with softly padded footrest. It’s suitable for entertainment with your family. The design and style are made in a way to match it with any theme or room décor.

    Overall, the couch is firm, comfortable and sturdy. In fact, the fabric is nice and soft for the best part. You can always curl up on it for the most comfortable evening after a tiring day of work.4

    The sofas are heavy and require easy steps to set it up. You can swiftly return couch to its upright position after reclining.

    • Material very easy to maintain and clean
    • Has solid metal frame making it children and pet-friendly
    • Great quality sofa with a noticeable sturdiness
    • Simple assembly
    • Comfortable and plush
    • You need to use your heels to shut the foot part

    This indeed is close to best recliner sofa for a reason. Particularly because it is well received by the customers with over 98% voting it as 5 stars. Credit goes to its cozy comfort and the sturdy built!

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    5. Divano Roma Double Recliner: Best Leather Reclining Sofa

    This stylish sofa from Divano Roma holds a top place in our recliner reviews

    Check the Best and Latest Price on Amazon

    A beautiful instalment from Divano Roma Furniture featuring a plush 3-seater reclining sofa.  Utilizes the bonded leather material for premium quality and sleek look. Integrates the best leather recliner features into one complete package.

    This double reclining couch is a wise choice for living rooms. The reasons are its urban-chic look and the relaxing convenience brought by the reclining mechanism. It is important to note that only end seats recline.

    This lavishing rustic looking sofa features overstuffed arms with seats and backs upholstered with high-density foam. The sofa, on the other hand, is upholstered in durable and soft handpicked bonded leather.

    Reclining mechanism is purely based on the lever action. Its smooth and easy operation easily brings you to a relaxing position. Without a doubt, this recliner couch set provides extra comfort to the whole family.

    You are required to do the minor assembly by yourself. Great for having a small party at your house. It can accommodate 3 people easily with two seats reclining and returning to sit-up position easily.

    You have to put the couch about 6-8 inches from the wall so that you can fully recline. One great point about this small leather recliner is that it can be dismantled. This is particularly important so that it can easily be moved around.

    • Sturdy
    • Easy assembly
    • Transport-friendly.
    • Durable and can last at least 5 years
    • Reclining functions perfectly with the pull of a lever
    • The appealing design and appearance
    • Not too cosy as you won’t be sinking in it

    The stylish look and functionality make this one of the most sold furniture in the market. The bonded leather gives you the feel of pure leather and enhances your environment.

    It is elegant and cheap. The sofa is highly popular among the customers for its relaxing capabilities.

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    6. Homelegance 9636 Laurelton

    Homelegance Check the Best and Latest Price on Amazon

    A beautiful and elegant sofa lighting up the cosy environment. Available in soft brown and grey colour to give it the luxurious look. The upholstery is done with the beautiful yet trendy textured plush microfiber.

    This sofa from Homelegance has motion reclining feature to offer versatility and convenience. The lever-action mechanism leaves two sides reclining which can easily be propped up back to their position.  This provides you with one of the best affordable addition to your living rooms.

    The soft upholstery deserves a separate section for its praise. This comfortable recliner is the best choice for those who favour cosiness and cute plush look. You can even place this in your teen’s room for perfect comic + chips night.

    One thing about this recliner couch set is that it’s great for pets. It brushes up well and does not collect lint and dog hairs as well. It repels them on the other hand.

    If you’re a light person, it’s great to go. When the sofa is not in the reclined position, it can act as a rocker which is a plus point. The collection has all the features which you may want for your cosy comfort.

    Easy seat back assembly is required. You have to put it at least 8 inches away from the wall if you want to fully recline. You can also match its cuteness with matching loveseat and glider recliner chair. The loveseat that comes with this sofa is one of the best reclining loveseats you can get.

    One thing to note about this product is that it has a locking system. That is in order to have it on full upright or reclined position, you need to lock it.

    • Firm but extremely soft
    • Great and not too deep centre console and cup holders
    • Smooth and shiny, easy-to-clean surface
    • Comes with back unattached
    • Great quality and comfortable
    • Resilient and lay perfectly flat
    • Reasonably priced
    • A gap between armrest and backrest when reclined
    • Bringing the footrest down may not be too easy to lock in place

    The reason why it makes it to our top list is because of its extremely soft fabric. The sofa is very firm though, which is the plus point for many who don’t want their sofas to sink in.

    It is considered as a good investment by a majority of the customers.

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    7. Serta Palisades Reclining Sectional

    Serta Palisades is one of the best quality reclining sofa to buy

    Check the Best and Latest Price on Amazon

    A modern and elegant sofa with a top-notch look.

    One of the prettiest and best reclining sectional sofa. It gives a soft tone and touches in your drawing rooms.

    This sofa is a complete package. The reason is its beautiful sectional look which can prompt a beauty avalanche. Come to think of it, it is actually a smart choice as it can transform your whole drawing-room into the 21st-century modernism.

    The right side is more of a reclining sectional with chaise. However, the left side fully reclines to give the optimum relaxation. Lay yourself flat while loosening your tie after a hectic routine.

    The setup for this sofa is easy and only takes 15 to 20 minutes. If you’re ordering online, it arrives ready to assemble in two compact boxes. Recliners for small spaces like this can well-fit in your apartment and save your space.

    The chaise opens upward which reveals hidden storage. Included among the best reclining sectional sofas which are not huge or plushy. This is because it is designed to maximize seating in a small living space.

    The seat is supportive and comfortable just like the back cushions. They are soft and doesn’t hit the back frame. The upholstery is done with a soft corduroy-like material.

    This compact recliner for small spaces can accommodate two people easily without over cramping them.

    • Very comfortable
    • Fits well in small rooms or apartments
    • Compact and functional
    • Supportive seats and soft back cushions
    • Solid and sturdy
    • Not too deep and may not be too comfortable for taller people

    Important tip:

    If you’re buying Serta Palisade relcliner from online site, you have to read this out.

    The seat cushions are vacuum sealed and are also squished down. However, as soon as you’re going to cut open the plastic, it immediately starts expanding. Therefore, before you cut the plastic, keep upholstery covers ready. In this way, you can easily slip the shrunken cushion in and zip it up before it expands.

    Also note that you have to leave the last side unzipped, for the most part, to pull in more air for cushion filling.

    Overall a great choice and unbelievably noble-looking reclining sectional with chaise. You can even place it in your drawing rooms. This is designed to be placed in places with space constraints for enhancing the look.

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    8. Divano Roma Furniture Classic Recliner:

    Divano Roma recliner is the best reclining loveseat for couples

    Click Here to Check the Best and Latest Price on Amazon

    A sleek and smart recliner sofa for the clean lounge look. It favours a noble look for beautifying the rooms.

    This sofa is based on classic style having a posture of oversize and overstuffed reclining sofa. Covered in soft linen fabric upholstery. Both backrest and armrests are overstuffed for extra comfort.

    The dark Grey color provides pure modern look. This recliner for smaller space offers great placement-versatility. You can match it with bright themes to give your home ultra-noble look.

    This secures the 8th place among the best quality reclining sofas. Its compactness even brings more charm to it. Smooth reclining functionality makes you easily fall into your comfortable position.

    This three seated sofa has a double recliner. However, the middle seat does not recline. The sofa offers wider space for a smooth and cosy experience.

    • Functions greatly
    • Good quality material
    • Good option for areas with limited space
    • Firm but comfortable
    • Quality fabric
    • Great assembly process
    • full recliners on both ends
    • The material is not very soft
    • Not many color options

    This sofa stands on top for its good looks. If you’re looking for comforting convenience with a handsome face, this is the right guy! This sofa can fit your small rooms and can give you immediate relaxation.

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    9. Ashley Furniture- Tafton Reclining Sofa

    Ashley Furniture Signature Design

    Check the Best and Latest Price on Amazon

    Another installment from Ashley who makes the best reclining sofas and other furniture. A contemporary style sofa set that booms cozy welcoming vibes.

    Perfect for placing it in your living rooms to have comfortable and polite reading nights.

    This sofa is dark brown in colour having a dual-sided reclining feature. It’s deftly designed with simple pull tab reclining motion. With its cosiest upholstery, your living room can become a melting pot of comfort.

    The upholstery is of polyester covering high-resiliency foam cushions and pillow-top armrests. The exterior upholstery is of faux leather vinyl.  It’s finished with a sturdy corner-blocked frame along with the metal reinforced seat.

    The cool part about this is dual textures. That’s invested by the mixture of soft polyester and faux leather. You can flaunt this style in front of your family.

    The contrast of texture and shades gives a marvellous aura to your living rooms. If your room is spacious, you need to try this wide asset. It won’t leave the awkward empty space alone in your room.

    The sofa requires minor assembly and all the tools required are included. This sofa’s biggest trait would be its warm welcoming feeling. It is especially good for having a warm coffee or soup on feverish days.

    • Comfortable and cozy
    • Supportive
    • Easy to clean
    • Manageable and comes in two pieces
    • Well-built and easy assembly
    • Carries a chemical-like smell

    One of the coziest sofa on the list. It offers a high-class comfort for the whole family. Perfectly suitable for placing it in living rooms.

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    10. Coaster Charlie Motion Reclining Sofa

    Coaster Charlie Casual Recliner

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    A nice couch with a casual touch. Emits warm and welcoming greetings to the friends and family.

    This gentle-looking couch is upholstered in brown safe velvet fabric. The smooth velvet touch gives an enchanting feeling. It indicates its effort to offer an applauding warmth and relaxation.

    Not only that it is rich in providing comfort through the fabric, but it also includes a recliner. The armrests are extra-padded. Moreover, the channelled back sponsors exceptional support.

    The sofa is made up of plywood and does require assembly. It incorporates high-density foam cushions and pocket coil seating. It can be seen as an asset for exterior designing.

    Before you scroll down, let’s imagine how this sofa would feel like. Yes, grab that magazine beside your table and sprawl over this comfy recliner. Just like you imagined, it literally feels like you’re sitting on crushed velvet.

    • Very soft upholstery.
    • Breaks down after normal use
    • Very comfortable
    • Easy assembly
    • footrests are a little short

    The sofa is all if you favor the soft and comfortable upholstery. That’s definitely for someone who loves sliding the foot against cozy covers. It’s simple and can fit your lounge or sunrooms easily.

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    11. Bonded Leather Double Recliner Sofa

    Bonded leather recliner Check the Best and Latest Price on Amazon

    A contemporary styled couch having the touch of smart and comfortable design. Upholstered in bonded leather, conquering hearts with double recliner feature.

    The style of this sofa is based on a casual plush bonded leather sofa. Your backs will be protected with the heavy cushioning and reclining feature. It is important to note that only end seats recline.

    It is available in the form of both brown and black small leather recliners to have a rustic and smart look. That’s essentially a great point from interior-designing perspective. Brown sofa will give rustic urban feel while the black recliner will provide the posh look.

    This sofa has overstuffed arms. The seats and backs are upholstered with high-density foams. The reclining part is performed with easy operation.

    The sofa space is enough to accommodate three adults. However, you need to place it very close to the wall. Then you can pop out the footrest and lean down into a full recline being 6 inches apart from the wall.

    The back is not quite tall when the recliner is brought back and the seat is upright. For taller people (above 6ft height), the head will be above the back. Although the neck would easily rest on heavily cushioned back.

    The recliner is comfortable too. It slides all the way out as back reclines all the way back. It is a great option for watching movies peacefully.

    • Very Comfortable
    • Easy and fast assembly
    • Great quality
    • Compact
    • Sturdy
    • Footrests are not too close

    A gorgeous and typically one of the best leather recliner that can perfectly match with any theme. It functions smoothly and gives a great piece of comfort and underpriced luxury.

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    Yeah, that was a long long review. You might be confused which sofa to buy. Are you?

    I think the below table might be of help.

    The Best Quality Reclining Sofa: Comparison Table

    Sofa nameTypeSeating capacityMaterial
    Seatcraft Omega Multimedia SofaContemporary, full powered recliner3 -seaterLeather
    Homelegance 9700Contemporary styled with Lever action reclining motion3 -seaterLeather or Microfiber
    Ashley Furniture - Hogan Manual recliner2-seater. Can accommodate more than 2Fabric
    Christies Home Living Bill Contemporary, dual recliner3-seaterPolyester Fabric
    Divano Roma Bonded Leather Double Recliner Double Recliner3-seaterLeather
    Homelegance 9636Contemporary styled with Lever action dual reclining, 3-seaterMicrofiber
    Serta Palisades Reclining SectionalSectional, dual reclining, full recliner on left3-seaterFabric
    Divano Roma Furniture Classic ReclinerContemporary styled, double recliner3-seaterFabric
    Ashley Furniture- TaftonContemporary styled, dual side recliner, pull tab reclining motion3-seaterPolyester and Faux Leather V inyl
    Coaster Charlie Motion Reclining SofaMotion Reclining Sofa3-seaterVelvet
    Bonded Leather Double Recliner SofaDual recliner with lever action mechanism3-seaterBonded Leather

    Importance of Reclining Couches in Homes

    I suppose some of you might be thinking why do we need a recliner couch. What's that make them different from other sofas. Some of you might even have the curious doubt: Is sitting on a recliner bad for your back? Nope, they are not at all bad. We will see how.

    Let me tell you that recliners are not just a way of having a fun time while reading your favourite books.  Moreover, they are not just to relax while sipping a glass of juice. This is what we have learned from the TV shows we have watched!

    However, in reality, the recliners’ importance is much more than that. Reclining sofas are one of the most comfortable sofas. They pose as an integral part of today’s furniture business. That’s prompted due to the health issue and the need to find a peaceful relaxing asset.

    Why should you get a recliner couch

    A Comfortable Place in the Living Room

    One thing about recliners is that it is designed to soothe the human body. For this, they offer a comfortable back and footrests. Headrest specifically is designed intelligently to soothe the neck area.

    The back of the chair is also designed with great focus and effort. It is for relaxing the spinal cord region of the body. With footrests, a person can lay his legs flat in order to relax with ease.

    There can be certain variation in how footrests work for recliners. It is at the bottom and can be pulled out if you push the backrest with force. In some cases, that is pulled out manually.

    In some chairs, that work is done through an additional lever. It is pushed downwards in order to pull out the footrest.

    Great for people with health issues

    A recliner chair is very essential for old people. That is because it enables them to sit with ease, unwinding their recliner chairs. Older people have frequent back pains which makes it difficult for them to sleep in a bed.

    Back pain is usually triggered for some when they lay on an old and very sinking bed. Another reason is the incorrect sleeping position. The recliner can resolve such issues as you can sleep with the adjustable position.

    Recliners also allow you to lay flat against the sofa.  With footrests, you can stretch out the leg. At once, it can soothe the whole body.

    For people with Hectic routine

    It is actually a good idea to introduce recliners in your house if you indulge yourself in hectic work. After a tiring day, one can give their back a small break. Just with the easy motion of comfortable and best reclining couches, you can lay with ease.

    The time spent on a recliner rather than on firm non-reclining sofas can relatively be more beneficial. It can quickly heal your pain as compared to a normal sofa.

    How to Buy a Good Recliner Couch Set: The Ultimate Guide

    How to buy most comfortable reclining sofa for your living room- buying guideWe all agree on one thing, buying a recliner is not rocket science. However, you still require checking on some things before you click on the “buy” button or turn on the engine. There are several things you need to answer:

    1.       Will my room accept it?

    For any furniture shopping, this question must be answered immediately! You must never buy any couch before you jot down your room’s styles. Even the top reclining sofa brands would fail if their sofas don’t match with your style.

    Check if the recliner would match with the room. Modern, traditional, based on such themes, opt for the new recliner. It won’t be fair to treat your recliners only as a medical asset.

    Write down your room’s dimension. Make sure the new recliner’s addition doesn’t cramp or leave awkward spaces in your room.

    2.       Who is going to own it?

    As irrelevant as it sounds, it’s essential to understand who will be using the chair. Firstly because you wouldn’t want to spend a fortune on what would be useless. Secondly, because these recliners come in different heights, frame, and weight.

    Exactly for this purpose, while buying a recliner, keep all these specifications in mind. Can it fit the person perfectly? Will it be comfortable for them?

    Some recliners will be too small for people who are over 5’9. It is exceptionally important to double-check whether it will be suitable or not. This plays a major role in defining the comfort for the user.

    3. Where are you going to fit it?

    It is important to know if your recliner will get enough space or not. Some chairs recline completely all the way back. This requires enough space between the wall and the couch.

    4. How expensive is expensive for me?

    Dear shopaholics! Do we know what’s the saddest moment in life? Loving something before finding out it is way too expensive!

    Same is the case this time as well. Know your budget before googling the recliner. Get enough information to avoid being fooled for expensive or inexpensive recliners.

    Here are some additional things you must remember, the types of recliners.

    Types of Recliners:

    There are three categories of recliners which are discussed below.

    • The Traditional Two-Position Recliner:

    This recliner comes under the category of affordable recliner couch set. It offers full reclining feature by pulling out the footrest. You’ll also find these in leather but they’re not 100 per cent covered in it.

    It is affordable, also because the outside part and side panels are covered in vinyl. This one does not comprise on its look and makes it reasonable. It is also comfortable as well.

    The bad part is, its styles and fabric choices are not enough. Moreover, the warranty is also limited to a few years. However, they still emerge as an affordable and good choice.

    • The Rocker Recliner and wall-saver

    This is one of the most popular recliner types, sweeping the recliner market. As its name suggests, you can rock the chair without having to recline all the way back.

    The reclining angles vary. With the wall-saver feature, you can place your recliner close to the wall. It will look even good for smaller rooms as it avoids unnecessary empty space.

    It is also available in the leather and vinyl combination. The good part is, it offers s variety of styles and colours. Also, the reclining mechanism integrates different types of handles depending on the user’s priority.

    You can have more than the 5-year warranty on this one. However, it is more expensive. You may have to keep pushing the footrest to get back the upright position in some cases.

    • The Push-Back/Flex-Back Recliner

    This one is the most stylish sofa. It's a good quality recliner sofa that is totally covered in leather.

    Only back reclines and so you have to place your foot onto an ottoman. It is more expensive and posh. It also offers a variety of styles and versatility.

    Other Things to Focus on

    Recliners are no more old-fashioned grandpa chairs. They’re much more than that now. Understand what additional features you may want.

    These features may include USB charging sockets, massagers or even mini theatre equipment. Know your budget and act accordingly. After doing that, test your sofa at all costs.

    Read about the product online if you are buying through the site. Go for the best reclining couch reviews as considered by the customers. Evaluate whether their priorities and likes coincide with yours or not.

    Check your comfort. Don’t buy the fabric you find difficult to clean. If you have pets, check for pet-friendly fabric that lasts longer. If you’re the style-freak, don’t compromise on that either.


    Whether you’re searching for a comfortable recliner for you, understanding the budget, your room’s theme and user’s requirement is mandatory. The quality plays an important role but buying a reclining sofa would be fruitless if they don’t accommodate the individual needs.

    We have sketched out all the 11 best top rated recliners in our article. Read it out and select the ones that best match with your needs. We are sure it can give you a memorable reclining sofa experience.