3 of the very best outdoor furniture brands

One of the hardest things for any furniture store is creating a brand existence. One that will actually become a common name worldwide. There are so many stores out there so many designers who have failed to create this brand image and that’s why it seems as if there are multiple designers that we know nothing about. 

Well, today we are going to be checking some of the best Brand names for outdoor furniture. When you hear rattan the first thing that pops into your head is Outdoor right! Well, next time you hear any of the designers below you should be able to think of the best and luxurious forms of relaxing. 

The brands we are going to be looking at today are the best out there. The harder to pronounce the better it is. So let’s see what we have. 

Best brands out there


This designer here has been inspired by nature. ‘Crafted for people’ is the mantra used behind closed doors for this designer’s branding. Mantra is the driving force behind every Oasiq design. 

Aesthetics, nature, and beauty not forgetting symmetry have all played a part and have been found in nature. They are often attributed to the alluring qualities of the Oasiq designer which reinforces this natural form with simply elegant outdoor furniture that contributes to the feeling of well-being and connects people to the beauty of their surroundings. 

So if you enjoy a luxurious setting in your backyard or garden then this is it. Oasiq combines traditional craftsmanship with state-of-the-art technology to create premium outdoor furniture that satisfies even the most discerning customer. 

The Belgian designer produces everything in house and ensures that there is great attention to detail on every cut of steel, joint of teak, hand-weave of synthetic wicker, and powder-coated finish. 

Which will obviously attract your aesthetic mind and eye? Their commitment to excellence can be traced back to their development of fine leathers, sturdy metal components, and durable textiles for equestrian sports. 

Oasiq collections have helped create harmonious settings in gardens, on terraces, and beachfront decks worldwide. So what I can say about this is that if you are looking for something that will attract the mind and eye and give you a peaceful moment that is filled with relaxation and luxury then this is definitely it. 

Brown Jordan

Brown Jordan is consistently recognized as one of the premier manufacturers of outdoor furnishings. Every outdoor piece of furniture tells a unique story of talent and innovation. An object, a style, or a landscape can become a powerful source of inspiration for the designer. 

Their iconic award-winning designs combine their innovative modern ideas with premium materials and traditional production techniques to create high-end patio furniture.

Each hand-made cast aluminum table and chair undergoes a rigorous finishing process to ensure that they not only look beautiful but can withstand the elements for years to come. 

Brown Jordan has a wide variety of styles and product categories from which you can furnish your deck, poolside or garden. So if you are looking for something that will definitely set your outdoors from every other outside yard then this is definitely the one you need. 

Brown Jordan has a homely look and feel that will fit right in with everything. Giving you that relaxing feel that we all want when we are in touch with our natural side. Connect and meditate in a beautiful Brown Jordan and see why this brand has made it on the list of one of the best. 


If you’re looking for luxury indoor-outdoor furniture that is durable, Sifas is the brand for you. With contemporary designs that have achieved international acclaim for their ingenuity in blending form and function. 

Their collections are among the most expensive on the market, but they use the finest materials and modern manufacturing processes and back them with an unprecedented 10-year warranty. 

With ingenuity and modularity, I have to say this brand definitely deserves to be at the top of all brands out there. Each piece of high-end patio furniture is crafted from lacquered aluminum, marine-grade stainless steel, tempered glass, and PVC coated polyester to ensure that it looks great with very little maintenance. 

You will find the sofas and lounge chairs are covered in colorfast Sunbrella fabric. Sifas is long-lasting, but it’s stylish too meaning that you not only get durability but style and decor as well. Why neglect the outdoors with shabby furniture when you can make your outdoors just as beautiful as your indoors? 

Agatha Ruiz De La Prada lent her unique colorful style to a special line of chairs and tables, and the Kwadra collection has won international awards for its contemporary eco-friendly design. 

With Ingenuity and modularity, you have definitely won yourself a resort in your own yard. Go big or go home, and this is doing it big at home. So what do you think? It should definitely win an award right?

Final Thoughts

Well there you have it nothing makes a home better than the right outdoor furniture and with these three brands, it’s exactly what you get. You get not only your money’s worth but more of a resort or recreational space in the comfort of your own home. It’s like creating your own little Hawaii in your backyard. 

Would you really pass up such a chance! Definitely not. These three brands have been the most popular but not the oldest there are other brands out there that deserve the title oldest, but for your modern outdoor patio furniture, these are definitely what you need.

So this is my time to leave you to ponder on these brands and check on them on your own and figure it out as well. What I know is that these brands are highly incapable of disappointing you. Placement is important. Here is a post that will help: Best Place for Patio Furniture.

They are the best for a reason and after long and thorough research they definitely made it on my list for a reason. So check them out and enjoy yourself!!

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