5 of the Very Best Leather Sofa Cleaner

Are you looking for the best way to clean your leather sofa?

The use of leather has evolved over the centuries. Early civilizations discovered the super material and would use it to suit their lives in that environment. For example, hunters needed protective clothing as they brave the weather elements. The hide of the animals they would hunt would come in handy. 

Some would use leather to make shoes or various clothing items. Early civilizations had discovered that leather was soft and extremely durable. It took a while to get a dent in genuine leather so people realized they could rely on the material. Pretty soon, it was being used to cover different furniture. 

Decades later, people were covering dining chairs in leather, all because of its great properties. These properties can not be found in other materials. It has become the preferred choice for people who want luxury and durability as well as comfort. 

Most fabrics tend to warp out of shape after a while and some begin to sag with wear and tear. Leather is quality guaranteed and it gives the room an extremely classy look. Today leather is tanned in various ways, and these new ways make the leather resistant to cracking, peeling or sagging.

Leather is extremely durable and you will find that most manufacturers of leather furniture or anything made of leather, offer a lifetime guarantee. This is because it is so durable. It is also very flexible which gives it the incredible ability to resist tears and punctures. 

When it comes to cleaning this great material, leather is super easy. You can normally remove stains with just a wipe down.

In A Hurry

Are you in a hurry and want to know what leather cleaner to use? Firstly, you will need to know what you want to clean. Is it just your sofas that you want to clean? If so what type of leather do they have, is it finished or unfinished. Also, ask yourself if you will want to be using the leather cleaner for more than one leather item. This includes clothes and shoes. You will want to make sure that the leather cleaner you get is compatible as all round.

You want to look for a cleaner that you can afford, something that is sustainable for your pocket. We have done our research and found the best on the market.

Leather Max Complete Leather Refinish

Our Top Pick

Our favourite pick is the Leather Max Complete Leather Refinish, Restore, Recolor & Repair Kit. It is made for all your leather & vinyl goods. The easy to use kit comes with 3 Color Shades to blend with. It is great for complete colour restoring and repairing or changing colour. It will not rub off on clothing, and it is easy to clean-up with water.



Leather Honey Leather Cleaner


This is an item that is made out of the concentrated portion. That implies extraordinary worth every four-ounce suppress makes to 32 ounces of calfskin cleaner when weakened with water. The cleaning is delicate on a wide range of cowhide and vinyl, evacuating soil, oil, extreme stains and grime. 

Non-dangerous calfskin cleaner is ideal for each cowhide item, including seats and tack, car insides, furniture, totes, shoes and coats. Not for use on softened cowhide. It is a recipe that is made to work with Leather Honey Leather Conditioner, the #1 top of the line cowhide care item on Amazon. 

The manufacturers trust the product so much that they offer a lifetime satisfaction guarantee. For the best results and ease of use, we would advise that you use a spray bottle to mix the leather cleaner.


  • The product is very easy to use.
  • It lasts very long due to the concentrated formula.
  • A product that breathes new life into leather products.
  • Works on all sorts of leather products.


  • The smell is not to everyone’s taste.

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Leather Max Complete Leather Refinish, Restore, Recolor & Repair Kit

Leather Max Complete Leather Refinish


The bottles may give you the impression that the contents are not of the best quality. Didn’t your mother always tell you to never judge a book by its cover? Well, this is a chance to apply that age-old lesson. Now onto what you can expect. Detailed for all your Leather or Vinyl Furniture. 

This Kit accompanies 3 coordinating Shades of Color Refinish and Restorer. You should simply draw near to your shading and Blend It On no all the more speculating about the shading match. A container of consolidated Cleaner and Conditioner. A Bottle of Black and White Restorer to alter the shade. 1 Sponge instrument. 

Filler for tears or tears and 2 Cotton Tip Swabs for testing and blending. Also, the case can be utilized to blend and match the hues. Closely resembles the first finish. Tidy up is simple and won’t come off on garments. Waterproof and non-harmful and doesn’t utilize heat. Extraordinary for complete shading reestablishing and fixing or changing a shading. 

Since restoring cowhide expertly is costly you would now be able to do it without anyone else’s help. Lounge chair, Sofa, Chair, Purses, Handbags, Furniture all should be possible now, by you. There is hardly anything else that you could desire in a leather cleaner that this does not deliver. The one thing to be wary of is to make sure that your sofa is genuine leather. If it is not, this product is not going to help.


  • It is easy to apply.
  • The restoration results were astounding.
  • Most users’ expectations were exceeded.
  • It is reasonably priced.
  • It gives good coverage.


  • May wear off after a few months.
  • The bottles are very small.

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Furniture Leather Max MEGA Kit/Leather Restorer / 8 Oz Refinish 2 Oz Conditioner

Furniture Leather Max MEGA Kit/Leather Restorer


This is a segment that was defined for calfskin love seats, couches and seats. It does likewise work on all other leather items also. The MEGA Kit accompanies White and Black 1 Oz Bottles to Darken or Lighten your Color and Top Coat Satin Sealant. 

The excellence, all things considered, is that when you are finished utilizing this, you will find that your calfskin closely resembles the first finish. It takes it right back to its previous wonder. This item is water dissolvable until it dries totally. That makes it simple to tidy up. 

You will likewise find that it won’t come off on attire. It is both waterproof and non-harmful. It is incredible for complete shading reestablishing and fixing or changing a shading. This accompanies filler and sponsorship material for full fixes. We all know how much leather restoration can cost. The alternative would be to get rid of your beloved product and replace it with a new one. Or, do the smarter thing, save some money by going with a product such as this one.


  • The product is easy to use.
  • The results that you get are impressive.
  • It is reasonably priced.
  • There are various colours to choose from.


  • It comes in a small bottle.
  • The sealer does not hold as long as we would like.

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Hide Bracer Leather Cleaner

Hide Bracer Leather Cleaner


Our next pick is another US-made product. Let us start by giving you some context into the idea behind it. In the past cleansers with water were utilized to keep up and clean cowhide. Groundwater can contain minerals that can harm the outside of calfskin. 

Numerous urban areas put water through cleansing that contain chlorine added substances that are bad for the outside of calfskin. Cleanser can be soluble and regardless of how delicate the cleanser is, it will dull the completion and harm the fragile pH of cowhide. 

This is why you should utilize Hide Bracer Leather Cleaner Conditioner to broaden the cowhide life and keep your calfskin from dulling, drying and breaking. The simple 1-advance procedure includes a boundary against earth and spills, It decreases bright blurring. Stowaway Bracer is a best in class item for ALL calfskins, anyway not softened cowhide. 

Use to clean and conditions cowhide furniture, bike seats, boots, gloves, satchels upholstery, vehicle, and seats. There is no reasons for your use cases to end here. If you have a leather product that can use a touchup. This is the one to use. You are encouraged to use it several times a year to keep your leather in good knick. It can also be used as part of a cleaning routine. 


  • It is very easy to apply.
  • The results will speak for themselves.
  • This is from a great brand.
  • It does not transfer to clothing.


  • Working with this on dark brown leather can be challenging.

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Weiman Leather Wipes

Weiman Leather Wipes


Weiman leather wipes enable you to clean, condition and secure smooth calfskin finished surfaces, giving UV confirmation and enduring cowhide recovery just ahead of time. From shoes to accessories inside the vehicle, our formula restores cowhide with normal oils while securely emptying soil, soil and advancement. 

Continuously use Weiman cowhide wipes to rapidly and adequately keep up your preferred cowhide decorations, in like manner improving flexibility, leaving your calfskin and sharp appearance. 

Six typical oils soak, mollify and reestablish cowhide while UVX-15 sun security shields it from unsafe effects of the sun. Weiman calfskin wipes are pre-waterproofed wipes that can be truly applied to smooth finished cowhide surfaces, for example, coats, furniture, vehicle insides, bike seats, wallets, shoes and packs. 

Weiman Products is the perfect home, a gastronomic authority, a pro, an enemy of scratch, a cleanse, a nuclear family, skilled and at work that meets the vast majority of the cleaning and cleaning needs of tempered steel. The best quality of cleaning things you’ll discover on the web or in a shop. When cleaning is your treatment, Weiman is your strategy, simply clear away and not a solitary sign on the spot! Weiman needs every one of the surfaces of your home to approach. 

That is the reason they’ve made cleaning things that go past cleaning to improve and guarantee every one of your touchy, difficult to-think surfaces. From treated steel to cowhide to shake, every one of our things is structured explicitly for one surface and one surface specifically, enabling you to accomplish the perfect outcomes your home merits. 

An ideal home is astounding, yet they need it to look more than clean, they need it to look extraordinary! Weiman leaves a gleam of neatness and goes around as a safeguard where a few cleansers don’t approach.


  • It is a very easy solution to use.
  • It is reasonably priced.
  • You do not need to use too much at a time.
  • The wipes are moist.


  • Dries up a little too quickly.
  • Not as thorough as we would have liked when cleaning.

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Buyer’s Guide

One of the biggest selling points of leather is that it is so easy to clean. However, you need to know how to best clean your leather without damaging it. 

If you want to keep your leather looking amazing there are a few things you can do. Remember that since it may have a lifetime guarantee, just like your skin, if you do not take care of it properly, you will see it cracking under pressure. 

The great news is that there are leather cleaners that will make your job so much easier. Stains, spills and all sorts of grease and grime can easily be removed. Regardless of the leather, you want to clean, the right cleaner can rejuvenate it. Most people recommend that you use a good cleaning twice a week on your leather furniture.

You may be asking what leather cleaner is and what goes into it. You are right to want to know this. Leather cleaner is a compound you use to clean your leather belongings, to protect them from weather elements or stains that are inevitable in life. 

  1. Are you looking for the safest leather cleaner on the market?
  2. Perhaps you want something eco-friendly
  3. Or you are looking to rejuvenate leather that has been neglected.

There are different leather cleaners on the market, and they are made of different ingredients. Your choice now lies in what works for you and your pocket.

Who would have thought that leather cleaning is complex as it seems to be? Fortunately, it does not have to be this way. Each of our reviews is designed to offer a small step towards the remedy. For those that still have some questions at the end of it all, that is where our buyer’s guide comes into play. We seek to provide those answers.

How good is a honey cleaner for leather?

Honey is undoubtedly the best way to take care of your leather surfaces. It has been used for decades to condition used leather and to protect new leather. It is made specifically to penetrate deep into the pores of the leather and to bring out the best in your leather. 

With some cleaners, you have to apply it once or twice a week, but when you use honey cleaner, you can go for about six months without having to reapply. A honey cleaner is great because it sits in the leather rather than on it, as most cleaners do. Honey cleaner penetrates deep into the leather. It is one of the most purchased cleaners for leather products.

The downside is that it is a bit costly. But when you then look at how often you use it and the value for your money, it is well worth it.

How do you use a leather cleaner?

The best way to use it is to spray or apply it onto the leather surface and then wipe off with a microfibre cloth. Buffing or wiping gently will do the trick

Can I use my leather cleaner on other fabrics?

Leather cleaners should not be used on other fabrics. You should not use leather cleaners on suede or nubuck. You can use it on vinyl but that is about it. 

Is it possible to over condition leather?

It is possible and can be pretty easy to over condition leather. When your leather seems to be a bit sticky, it is probably over-conditioned. Leather has a good memory and remembers all the spills and stains. It is easy to get carried away when you are conditioning your leather and put excess conditioner. 

However, the leather can only absorb so much before it leaves the conditioner to get sticky on the surface. If you keep at it, you can eventually block the pores. To rectify this mistake, you will have to allow your leather the chance to breathe again. When it comes to conditioning, less is more. You are not doing your leather a favor by plugging it with a lot of conditioner at once.

Final Thoughts

Leather cleaners come in different forms and there are many theories out there. Once you know what type of leather you want to clean, it makes it easier for you to choose the right one for you. We certainly hope that our top picks help you choose the leather cleaner that will keep your leather looking as luxurious as you want it to. Happy shopping!

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