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Are you looking for the best handheld steam cleaner? Cleaning is not everyone’s cup of tea. Most people prefer to spend less time doing it but with the best result possible. We all want to live in clean spaces. If you can clean and thoroughly sanitize at the same time, then you have hit the jackpot. But this is not always possible especially with the busy lives that most people lead nowadays. Everyone seems to be on the go in one way or the other. 

Steam cleaners are a great and convenient way that came onto the cleaning scene not too long ago. It is a growing trend because of the numerous benefits you get from using them. Steam cleaning mostly uses water and hence knocks out the need for chemicals. This makes them more eco-friendly than their counterparts. 

They are also safe for you and your family as well as your pets. Steam cleaning also helps you get rid of allergens and kills germs as well. In addition to these health benefits, steam cleaners also get your home looking like new. One of the common problems faced when using these is when you need to clean a place that is far from a power source or some hard to reach places. Big cumbersome cleaners may not do the trick, and this is where you will need a handheld cleaner. 

A good cleaner will have a couple of key features such as an angled jet nozzle to reach tricky corners. And for stubborn stains, you will do well with a cleaner that has a scrubbing pad. You will also find that some of them come with a water tank that is detachable and allows you to easily refill it. The best handheld steamers, also come with a handy indicator light which lets you know when the steam is ready.

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Do you need a quick guide to buying the best handheld steam cleaners on the market? There are a few factors you will need to consider to make an informed buying choice. Handheld steam cleaners are convenient and very easy to use. They are also the best steam cleaners to use in a car or in hard to reach places. You will need to look at the cleaning pads which are usually made from microfibre and to freshen floors. Also, check on the anti-calc filters which let you use the normal tank water if you live in an area with hard water. 

Make sure that it has twin tanks that can be refilled while in use so that you get constant steam. For streak-free windows and glass surfaces, your steam cleaner will need to have a squeegee. Also, make sure that it has an upholstery tool to tackle stains and also keep sofas and chairs looking refreshed.


We have done our research and found the best handheld steamers on the market. Our favourite pick is the Multi-Purpose Handheld Pressurized Steam Cleaner. It is chemical-free and can be used on multiple surfaces. It also comes with 9 accessories that you will most certainly find useful.


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Multi-Purpose Handheld Pressurized Steam Cleaner


If you’re looking to make you cleaning chemical free this may be the way to do it. One of the first safety features that you will notice is a lock close to the handle that comes with the. You have that additional peace of mind knowing that accidents are kept to a minimum. For the size of this cleaner, it is quite powerful. It uses 1050 W of power. And produces steam as hot as 250 to 270 Fahrenheit. 

You will not need to be reminded that this is a handheld steamer. The size of the steamer allows you to carry it from one place to another with ease. This possibility is further enhanced by the availability of nine accessories but you could change between. Having nine accessories means that you can clean surfaces and things with the most appropriate to. There is a hand to trigger that allows you to release and stop the pressure, giving you much needed control. Speaking of safety, there is a child lock function on this steam cleaner. 

To minimise the restriction that is corded steamer would pose, there is a 9.8-foot power cord that is attached to the steamer. You also get a funnel and a measuring cup to make the feeling of this steamer quite easy.


  • There are 9 accessories included.
  • It is very easy to refill.
  • Does not take too long to heat.
  • There is a trigger to control release.
  • You get a funnel and a measuring cup.
  • The power cord is 9.8 feet long.


  • It is not cordless.
  • Child lock button could be more conspicuously placed.

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Hoover Steam Express Handheld Steam Cleaner


Hoover is a brand that does not need any introduction. They have been around for as long as most of us can’t remember. This little device is an enhanced handheld steam gun that is really good at dealing with tough dirt and grime. The size of it makes it a lightweight and very easy to use. As with the other Steam cleaners on the list, you will be pleased to find that this one does not take long to heat up. The days of cleaning with harsh chemicals are behind you.

Although some users may use the softer detergents, there is the need to. The powerful steam that he is produced by this cleaner is sufficient for most cleaning jobs. This device comes with additional components that will help with the cleaning job. The matter what you’re dealing with as far as how much reach you need this will do us a good job. As with other products from this brand, this one comes with a 12-month guarantee as minimum.


  • It is very easy to use.
  • Comes from a reputable brand.
  • Heats up in little time.
  • Comes with a range of accessories.
  • It is lightweight.
  • Requires no chemicals or detergent.


  • The guarantee can be confusing to redeem.
  • Quality of the accessories could be better.

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MLMLANT Handheld Pressurized Steam Cleaner


Another device that looks quite similar to the Hoover one that we’ve looked at above is the MLMANT handheld pressurised steam cleaner. There are no prizes for guessing what it does. The name gives it away. It is a steam cleaner that is incredibly quick at heating up. You need only give it about four minutes. This is a multipurpose cleaner that does not require any chemicals or detergent for the purpose of cleaning. For its size, it is quite a powerful little machine. It takes 1050 W of power. The tank size is 350 mL. The pressurised steam comes out at a temperature of just over 250 Fahrenheit. This is something that is to stay in for up to 20 minutes after you heat it up. That is provided that the tank is also full.

There are no limits as to what you can use this for. The only thing that you may need to take into consideration is that’s the surface you are cleaning can take the heat. This device comes with 11 accessories that you can use interchangeably depending on what are you cleaning. For those things that need a long-distance reach, you may use the longest breakup. This is a horse that allows you to extend your reach.

For that additional peace of mind that you may require for a brand that you did not know too well. You can rest easy courtesy of the 30-day money-back guarantee. If you’re not satisfied with your purchase the manufacture of promises to give you 100% of your money back.


  • This is a very powerful steam cleaner.
  • It comes with various accessories.
  • It takes minimum time to heat up.
  • You can use it to clean all sorts of surfaces.
  • The water tank is of a reasonable size.
  • The power cable stretches close to 3 metres.


  • The quality of the accessories could be a lot better.
  • Durability concerns have been raised.

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VonHaus Multi-Purpose Handheld Steam Cleaner


Speaking of brands that do not require an introduction this is one of them. This is a multipurpose handheld steam cleaner. You will not need to add any detergent to it in order to clean also to services. It is especially effective for getting rid of that dust mites, mould, grease, stains and all sorts of grime. To help you with efficiency and accuracy they are several attachments or accessories that come with this cleaner. 

For its size, it is quite a powerful little cleaner. All of its power is what delivers The hot pressurised steam that you get out of it. You will need to wait about eight minutes before you it’s ready to use. That is how long it takes for the cleaner to heat up. The tank is about 250 mL. It is quite a lightweight device which allows you to move around with it and which places I would have otherwise been difficult to reach with conventional cleaners. The power cable is 3 m long that gives you some room for movement. 

One of the things that are marketed with this device which you don’t often see you with some advice is its ability to work on garments. There is an attachment that makes this quite a straightforward process. To give you a bit more control of safety and output there is a button that is within reach from the handle. The tank is quite straightforward to empty and to re-fill. The emptying may be necessary if you finish cleaning and have water still in the tank. While you may be able to leave it in, emptying the tank is great for durability. 


  • This is a powerful steam cleaner.
  • It is lightweight
  • Using it is fairly straightforward.
  • There is a range of attachments included.
  • Can be used on garments.
  • Has some safety features.
  • It is easy to use.


  • Takes 8 minutes to heat up.
  • The screw-top could be better made.

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H2O HD – Premium Steam Mop & Handheld Cleaner


If it was all looks and presentation this would be a winner. They are very few steam cleaners on the market that come close to this device for good looks. It is simply quite a statically pleasing. This is a and all in one cleaning system that is suitable for all sorts of household cleaning tasks. You can use it for the carpets, drugs, grime, marble, ceramic, mirrors, windows and so on. Part of this is courtesy to an extensive range of accessories that are included in the set. They allow you to give your house a deep cleaning that is just as thorough without the use of chemicals.

Not only are you able to use this as a regular steamer or Hoover of salt. You’re also able to lighten the load by making use of the one-click quick release system. It turns it from a regular steamer into a handheld one. The lightweight version gives you longevity of use without fatigue. It also allows you to move more liberally. This device uses 150 W of power. The three settings that you can engage to maintain control of your device. These are the cleaning setting, the sanitising and the deodorising one. I would say they’re all quite self-explanatory. But for those who need more information, the cleaning one is the setting that you would use for a purpose cleaning. The sanitising one is the one that you would engage for a bit of lightweight cleaning. And finally, the deodorising one comes in handy when dealing with pets messes on your rug or carpet.

The tank is easy to remove and re-feel. There is a one-button click system that allows you to put it out and refill it once re-filled you insert it back onto the machine and get it heated up again.


  • This is a good looking device.
  • It can be switched from full steamer to a portable one.
  • It is quite easy to use.
  • The tank is easy to remove and to refill.
  • It is very easy to pack away for storage.
  • It does not require much time to heat up.
  • You can monitor water levels while using it.


  • Overheating cases have been noted.
  • Some accessories feel flimsy.

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Buyer’s Guide

What can you clean with a handheld steamer?

Germs, dirt and dust mites including bed bugs, are found all around us every day. Any good handheld steam cleaner should be able to help you get rid of these. You can clean ceramic, vinyl, laminate, granite, marble, hardwood floors, and it’s also great for sinks, stoves, countertops. 

You can steam blast your oven, refrigerators, kitchen, floor, living room, windows, and mirrors. You can also use it to clean toilets, tiles, shower curtains, bathrooms, pet toilets, cat litter boxes, car seats & rims, grill, BBQ, kids toy, mattresses, linen, duvet cover, fabric & Sofa Material. For a refreshed look as you step into your every day, you can steam clean your clothes as well. Use the steamer to remove germs and wrinkles from clothes, curtains, suits and delicate gowns that can not withstand the pressure of a conventional iron. 

Do handheld steamers kill germs?

One of the best benefits of steam cleaning is that it eliminates germs. 

When steam penetrates surface pores, it removes dirt, debris, bacteria, and other tiny elements with hot vapour molecules. These vapour molecules are so hot that they kill even the strongest pathogens like E. Coli and Salmonella from your home’s surfaces.

Can I put vinegar in my steam cleaner?

You can use vinegar to clean and disinfect your spaces. Simply add it to the water and clean it away.  This will give you the best cleaning results for really dirty areas, Put vinegar on limescale areas first and then hover the steam cleaner over it.

Can you put bleach in a steam cleaner?

Bleach is a great way to clean surfaces. However, because of its chemical composition, it is not a good idea to put under certain conditions such as steam. It can get very dangerous when used under the amount of pressure provided by the steam cleaner. Using it in a steam cleaning machine can cause serious health issues and it can damage the actual machine.

Is steam cleaning better than shampooing?

The shampoo is the older way of cleaning carpets. It has a lubricating agent that protects the carpet from harsh bristles. It also makes use of the lather that the shampoo makes to help loosen the dirt on the carpet. However, it does have the disadvantage of leaving behind a sticky residue that winds up being counterproductive. Steam cleaning, on the other hand, uses mainly water to do the heavy lifting. 

A steam cleaner dislodges dirt by blasting hot steam through the carpet. When the dirt is dislodged, the water and the dirt is vacuumed. Steam cleaning also removes germs, mildew spores, and mould. The two methods have their merits and demerits, however steam cleaners have an edge over the shampoo cleaning method. 

What is the difference between a steam cleaner and Shampooer?

The difference between the two is that a shampooer uses detergent water, whilst a steam cleaner uses water and the power of heating it. 

Final Thoughts

Steam cleaning has such amazing benefits, it is a no brainer when you are looking for an effective way of cleaning and sanitizing your space. The great advantages of a handheld steam cleaner speak for themselves. We hope that our top picks help you find the one that works for you. Happy shopping!

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